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Curriculam Vitae Name

: Pranab P kumar


: 10 \ 12\ 1991

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: +91 957 464 4847

Address : Parappurath, Vembilly , Ernakulam,Kerala 683565 Skills: Free hand sketching, Marker rendering, Digital rendering, 3D modelling, Model makeing Softwares: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Rhino, Autocad, Indesign, Sketchbook pro, Keyshot Education: 2008-2010 ST MARY’S HIGHER SECONDRY SCHOOL, Ernakulam 2010-


Nexus stool

Nexus Stool An introduction to Industial Designing by exploring different materials ,joineries and various techniques of manufacturing ,by prototyping a stool as the final output.The prototype contains four different joineries and four different materials. Concept Sketches

Joineries Half lap joint, tenon & mortise joint, Knock down joint and allen Bolt Joint

Final prototype The prototype contains 4 different joineries and 4 different materials, rubber wood, ply wood, metal, and jute.

Accessory Making : Bamboo

Bamboo Cloth Hanger Making accessories with bamboo as part of the course for understanding and exploring the material and its possibilities. A cloth hanger was designed looking at ,satisfying the needs and perspective from both material and the product. The project was focusing on aesthetics also considering its use & other properties of the bamboo. Concept Sketches

Final Prototype

Bamboo Space Divider A space divider is designed using the two keywords- natural & weak.

Initial Sketches

Final 3d model

Form Study

Design Brief An introduction to form by choosing one geometrical shape, manipulating its sturcture and create a form.

Initial Sketches

Final Form Model

Nature and Form

Nature and Form Study of form from nature by taking any living organism, its form, mechanism or other properties and designing a product according to that. INSPIRATION: BULL SHARK The Bull Shark can be recognised by its stout body, short blunt snout, triangular serrated teeth in the upper jaw and no fin markings as an adult. The species has a rather large second dorsal fin and small eyes, and no skin ridge between two dorsal fins. Bull sharks occur in tropical to subtropical coastal waters worldwide as well as in numerous river systems and some freshwater lakes.

Sketches of different poses of bull shark


Form Exploration

Final Form


Final Product : Trimmer

Simple Furniture Design : Vigor Chair

Simple Furniture Design - Vigor Chair A tablet chair for classroom, for the students of age group 18-24.The main objective of the course was to design a furniture as simple as possible from all perspectives, such as users, form, furniture, manufacturing,etc Concept sketches


3D Model

Final Prototype The final prototype of tablet chair is made up of metal and wood. Upholstered cushions for back support and seat.

3D Modelling, Sketches & Renderings

3D Modelling

Automotive Sketches and Renderings

PRANAB P KUMAR +91 957 464 4847


Pranab P Kumar.6th semester industrial design student at National Institute of Design.Looking for a 6-8 week internship