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Paolo Campinoti’s message Dear supporters and friends also for this year we’ll race in the top motorbike class, the MotoGP class. As you know, last year was perhaps one of the worst years of our MotoGP history even though we have won the Rookie of the Year title with Mika Kallio. This year, the Finn rider will have to make the step forward that allows him to always fight among the top eight riders, while his teammate, the young Aleix Espargarò, can be easily near him considering his good results in the last races of the past season. But this year will be very important for us, we will become the first structure that competes in the MotoGP World Championship that also think at the environment and become The Green Energy Team. We are going to use some Pramac’s products, like solar panels and wind turbines that will let us keep down our environmental emissions. I would like to close this short introduction thanking all the companies that have trusted our team. Giving us the important task to keep promoting their brand awareness around the world, as well thanking the new partners that have trusted our project.

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Pramac Racing made its debut in 2002 in the World Championship. Through its collaborations with some of the best manufacturers in the world and having achieved satisfying sporting results from the outset, the team always pushes itself to achieve the most competitive results possible. Pramac Racing trusted in the value of tyre supplier Bridgestone early on, creating a unique association that saw a new approach to tyre development to the one that was used at that time. In 2004, the team became the first to adopt a ‘split garage’ approach with two different tyre manufacturers. On one side was Max Biaggi with Michelin and on the other side was Makoto Tamada with Bridgestone.

At that year’s Brazilian GP, the team took an historic 1-2 with Tamada leading Biaggi to lay claim to Bridgestone’s first ever MotoGP race win. 2005 saw another important step in the team’s history with the birth of a fruitful relationship with Ducati: the first step on the team’s path to become a MotoGP team “Made in Italy”. In 2008, the team achieved two outstanding podium finishes in Brno and Misano and became the only ‘satellite’ team to step on to the podium twice during the season.

The name does not change, philosophy goes to a new thinking way. The Pramac Racing Team, with a story in the MotoGP World Championship nearly to a decade, change skin approached with great enthusiasm to what is one of the biggest global problem: the preserve of the environment in which we live. In this sense, the team owned by Paolo Campinoti, Pramac Group CEO, will become the first structure that competes in the MotoGP World Championship that also think at the environment and become The Green Energy Team. It will not be just an image matter, the colors will be visibly different from those of the past seasons, but there will be a series of activities that will try to keep the environment in which we live as "green" as possible. In this sense, the Pramac Racing team will use within their facilities on the MotoGP circuits, products that decrease the production of pollution energy and will organize a series of initiatives for our environment.

“An important step toward the world, our world, to help in maintaining its shine.” Paolo Campinoti – Team Principal Pramac Racing Team "It’s a great honor for us to begin this important project. We hope that this can help to rise up awareness among millions of fans and followers of MotoGP, and not only, to be respectful for the world in which we live. We want and we can make a difference, every one of us, and during this season our Green Energy Team will try to make the difference with various eco-friendly initiatives." Question: How this project was born? Paolo Campinoti: Last year, in terms of sporting success, we were not very satisfied. After the various podiums achieved in the past, last year we didn’t feel like the protagonist, but this year, however the races will go, we want to make the difference. Our riders will give the best on the track, and I am confident that we will reach good results as well as for the Team. Q: Which are going to be the main eco-friendly activities? PC: Among the main activities we will use on our paddock properties, trucks, hospitality and pit canopy, Pramac solar panels and the wind turbines designed by Philippe Starck for Pramac that will produce energy for the hospitality and the boxes of Pramac Racing Team. Where possible we will also use some recycled or recyclable materials. We have already scheduled major initiatives for this season.

Date of Birth: 8.11.1982 Valkeakoski Residence Town: Monaco Heigth/Weight: 165cm / 58kg Class: MotoGP Team: Pramac Racing Interests: Iceracing with motorcycle, fitness, fishing, boating

He is one of the most talented northern European riders. His career began in the 2001 World Championship in the 125cc class helping the development of the KTM project. Soon he began to achieve his first successes with a bike that was to become very competitive. He remained with KTM when he stepped up to the 250cc class in 2007. In both categories he has always fought for the championship title, and taken some fantastic victories. His speed, skill and all-round talent placed him high on Ducati and Pramac Racing’s wishlist. RESUME National championship > he won three championship in the 125cc class 2001 > First race in the 125cc World Championship 2002 > First season in the 125cc World Championship, 11th position 2003 > World Championship, start up KTM 125cc project, 11th position 2004 > World Championship with KTM 125cc, 10th position 2005 > World Championship with KTM 125cc, 2nd position 2006 > World Championship with KTM 125cc, 2nd position 2007 > World Championship, start up KTM 250cc project, 7th position 2008 > World Championship with KTM 250cc, 3rd position 2009 > MotoGP World Championship - Pramac Racing, Rookie of the year

1. You come from a country, Finland, "Where the green and nature" reigned supreme. How important is the environment foryou? Mika Kallio: Since from childhood we are taught to respect the Environment around us. They teach us that trees, forests and lakes that surround us are our property and that we must take care of all in order to safeguard them as much as possible. The town where I was born, Valkeakoski, is surrounded by greenery and a natural lake, one with the clearest water in the world. 2. Who much are you sensitive to alternative energy MK: I think that now everyone can use renewable energy. In recent years there are so many technologies that has been developed that allow each person to be able to produce their own need for domestic energy, installing solar panels on the roof of their home or garden. Climate change is taking place in recent times and it can been seen from everyone, the objective to lower down or to eliminate their emissions of CO2 should now become customary for everyone. During a Germany trip, I got to see how the Germans do derive more than 12% of its energy needs from renewable sources and their objective is to increase this statistic year by year. I think this could be a primary goal of all European nations. 3. In your normal life, when you're at home, how you contribute to the environment protection? MK: Concerning my private life style. I own a house that has a very low environmental impact. In Finland we use special double glazed windows that are almost completely insulated, even my house has this kind of windows. This prevents by burning heaters all the day. I also take great care to differentiate the trash and buying energy efficient appliances. In my holiday house I do not have electricity and I'll like to turn it into a self sufficient house with some solar panels and also the new wind turbines designed by Philippe Starck for Pramac could give me a big hand. I was in Milan during the world premiere of the wind turbines and I must say that they are very beautiful. I'll have to ask Paolo Campinoti a discount on products, even according to my results on the track!

4. Speaking about you on the track, what do you expect from your second season in the top class motorcycling, the MotoGP? MK: My first year in MotoGP has been full of satisfactions, I was voted "Rookie of the Year", and I was able to obtain a good feeling with the motorbike. Considering Losail test results, I cannot deny that for the second season I expect to be able to get involved in the first group of eight. I feel very much the presence and confidence that the team has placed in me and I hope to reciprocate this trust with tracks results. 5. Which is you target for this year? How do you see your teammate, Aleix Espargaro? MK: My second year purpose his to try to fight for the podium in some race. Aleix is a very determined guy, he has already gained a bit of experience in MotoGP last year, both in the GP when he replaced me and the ones that ended the season. During winter test he has improved a lot with excellent results. We share the desire to repay the faith that the team has placed in us. I think that we’ll be good allies, being also the youngest riders pairing of all the MotoGP.

Date of Birth: 30.07.1989 Granollers Residence Town: Barcelona Heigth/Weight: 182cm / 70kg Class: MotoGP Team: Pramac Racing Interests: car racing and motocross, fitness, football.

Aleix, born in Granollers on July 30th 1989, has been the youngest Spanish rider to make his debut in the MotoGP class this season when he was 20 years old. Straight away he showed great talent and determination which gave him the chance to fight for the World Championship in the upcoming season. In his young career he is still the youngest rider to win the Spanish CEV championship. He has fought in 125cc and 250cc classes in the past season and he continue the Pramac Racing Ducati Junior Team project in 2010.

RESUME 2005 – First season in 125cc World Championship à16th position 2006 – Some appearances in 125cc World Championship 2006 – Some appearances in 250cc World Championship à 19th position 2007 – Aprilia – 250cc World Championship à 15th position 2008 – Aprilia – 250cc World Championship à 12th position 2009 – 2 appearances in 250cc à 4th and 7° 2009 – 2 appearances in MotoGP class à 13th and 11th

1. You are very young rider we can defined you as "new Energy" of MotoGP. Do you think that it's important for a team of MotoGP (the maximum in technology) to help the care of the environment? Aleix Espargarò: I think it's very important that the Pramac Racing Team is dedicated to this new initiative becoming the Green Energy Team. Usually motor world is associated to the idea of large energy consumption and a low consideration for the environment around us. The Pramac Racing Team want to try to change a bit this philosophy by implementing some measures which may reduce the impact we have on the environment. This will allow us to have a extra gear. 2. You are Spanish, "sun, sea and wind� are typical of your country, these are also the "renewable energy" by definition. Do you recognize yourself in the spirit of The Green Energy Team ? AE: In Spain we are lucky to have many natural sources from which we can produce energy, we have the sun for almost all the days of the year. There are always more and more people who buy technology to generate energy from renewable sources in order to become self-sufficient, many other are adopting a lifestyle that has low environmental impact, such as the purchase of recycled products and environmentally friendly. I am very happy to be part of a team that embraces the green philosophy, associate energy savings to a MotoGP team is a great initiative. I also really like the green livery! 3. In your normal life, when you're at home, how you contribute to the environment protection? AE: When I'm at home I always try to not to consume electricity in excess, I do not leave the lights on and eat hot water when is not necessary. With my family I worry about making the collection of waste in different boxes. The team initiative had made me think a lot on the alternative energy and I am considering installing solar panels at my house too.

4. Speaking about you on the track, what do you expect from your first season in the top class motorcycling, the MotoGP? AE: I expect to show my value even in MotoGP class, I gained a bit of experience last year during the four races I've raced in where I collected sixteen points. During the last test in Qatar I have gained more feeling with the GP10 sat, I am very satisfied with the work we have done in the box during the pits as I was able to obtain the tenth place finish, a good starting point for my first season in MotoGP. 5. Which is your target? How do you see the home duel with your team mate Mika Kallio? AE: The aim is to repay the big trust that the team has given me this year confirming me after the four GP that I made last Championships. I would like be able to enter in the top ten riders.Mika is a great teammate, this is the second year in MotoGP for him, but he has already gained a great experience. I will try to steal some advice from him. I would love to emulate his first year of MotoGP ended with the winning of the Rookie of the Year title.

12 Pramac’s group solar panels on top of each truck roof. 2 panels on the pit canopy 1 RevolutionAir wind turbine on each truck

All recycle material will be used Electric motorbike in the paddock

Team management Team principal Paolo Campinoti Technical director Fabiano Sterlacchini Team coordinator Felix Rodriguez Communication manager Matteo Vitello Public relations Sara Ticci Hospitality manager Vincenzo Capuano

Mika Kallio #36 technical equipe Track engineer Fabiano Sterlacchini Electronic engineer Dario Massarin Chief technician Michele Andreini Bike technicians Raul Ruiz and Pedro Rivera Tyres technician Cristian Aielo

Aleix Espargarò #44 technical equipe Track engineer Marco Rigamonti Electronic engineer Alberto Giribuola Chief technician Michele Perugini Bike technicians Mark Elder and Guglielmo Andreini Tyres technician Francesc Galindo

Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull stop Europe The Japanese GP of Motegi was postponed on October 3rd due the ash cloud created by the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull who invaded Europe paralyzing air traffic for 4 days. The recent Volcanic eruption in Iceland has caused an ash cloud that has halted all international air travel in and out of Europe. This situation has prompted the Grand Prix Permanent Bureau which is comprised of FIM President Mr Vito Ippolito and Dorna Sports CEO Mr Carmelo Ezpeleta, with the agreement of the Grand Prix Promoter, Mobilityland Corporation, to postpone the Grand Prix of Japan which was originally scheduled for April 25th, 2010. The Grand Prix Permanent Bureau has subsequently proposed a rescheduled date for the event of October 3rd, 2010 to the FIM.

Mika Kallio keeps in shape with Finnish Ice Racing titles Mika Kallio returned to his motorcycling roots during the off season with a stint of Ice Racing, and the Finnish rider’s skill on frozen water was evident as he took two national titles in his homeland. Competing once more in his winter hobby, Kallio was able to take part in the Finland National Ice Racing Championship between the Official MotoGP Tests in Malaysia and Qatar in early March. It was the first time in three years that Kallio was able to ride a full series due to his MotoGP commitments, and the Pramac Racing rider won eight out of 10 races as he took the Finnish titles in both the 250cc and 400cc classes. “The important thing for me about riding on ice is that I can get the best possible training for my MotoGP work,” explained Kallio. “Riding on ice is completely different to riding on tarmac, but the close competition was really good for me.” “I already had five Finnish titles from years ago, and now I have two more. It would be nice to offer other MotoGP riders the chance to test their skills out in this popular Nordic sport one day!”

Also for the 2010 MotoGP season, Lifter will be one of the sponsors of the Pramac Racing Team. The partnership, started last year during Mugello GP, has increased the awareness of the Italian company on the international market. Lifter, whose headquarters are located in Casole d'Elsa in Siena province, is a part of the Pramac Group SpA. The company develops, manufactures and markets a full range of resources for internal handling and storage: Trans pallet manual, electronic and forklifts. The production of these machines is characterized by high quality and the high functionality of the design and construction solutions adopted. The company distributes its products through an extensive network of connections throughout all the world.

Paolo Campinoti – Team Principal Pramac Racing Team "After the excellent last season results, we made the decision to place the logo of Lifter on the Pramac’s Racing Team liveries for this MotoGP 2010season of. The MotoGP is the most par excellence motorcycling championship, followed worldwide: just think that this year we will race in thirteen different countries. For this reason, the MotoGP seems to be a great showcase to the world for our commercial partner. We hope that the collaboration with Lifter can continue to enhance the awareness of the company in all the world establishing itself as a leader in its field."

Also for the 2010 MotoGP season the alliance between Energy Resources and Pramac Racing Team is renewed. The partnership, born last year, is reinforced by The Green Energy Team project that Pramac Racing will continue for this season. Energy Resources is a System Integrator company that research, developes and complete technologies that improve energy efficiency using renewable energies. The mission of the Italian company, with its headquarter in Ancona, is directed towards energy, or rather, to all those forms of energy by exploiting natural resources, tend to improve the quality of our lives without compromising the ability to the future generations to live in a healthy and hospitable planet. The company develops its range of action on three main renewable sources that are: solar, geothermal and mini wind turbines.

Paolo Campinoti - Pramac Racing Team Principal A common aim: minimize CO2 emissions "The partnership between a team that aims to minimize its emissions of C02, and a System integrator company, as Energy Resources, is an ideal combination. We can use the knowledge that Energy Resources has developed over the years to achieve greater energy efficiency in our facilities. MotoGP has always had an international status, we hope that the collaboration with Energy Resource will continue to increase their awareness not only in Italy but worldwide." Enrico Cappanera – Energy Resources CEO The challenge of bringing the green philosophy in the motorcycling world "The challenge of bringing the green philosophy in the motorcycling world has strongly encouraged us – said Enrico Cappanera, CEO of Energy Resources – this is the reason why we wanted to embrace this innovative choice by Pramac, which we have an important collaboration for several years that concerns the innovative technical components that we use in our renewable energy plants. As a sponsor of The Green Energy Team we will support all the initiatives that help to reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere and to create awareness on the sustainable development issues.”

The Pramac’s Racing Team staff and guests will be able to drink this year Chicco d'Oro coffee in the hospitality. The Chicco d'Oro is a Swiss company that has his headquartered in Balerna in the Canton Ticino, since 1949 the company has aimed to meet an optimal shape of taste to satisfy the demands of the entire customers in the field of coffee roasting by giving proper attention to the quality of all its products. The company has not only increase his awareness in Switzerland but is also a growing reality in Italy and in the other countries. The Swiss coffee company also pays much attention to environmental protection, that is why all the employees use only electric cars and their coffe capsules are made of an ecological material. The right coffee for The Green Energy Team.

Paolo Campinoti - Team Principal Pramac Racing Team "From this year the coffee that we will offer to our team and our guests in the hospitality area, comes from the Swiss coffee company Chicco d'Oro. We could not have a better partner this year, the company has give an eye to the environment problems from many years, using electric vehicles for the movement and they has developed a technology that allow them to manufacture in an environmentally friendly material the coffee capsules." Max Beltrami – Person in charge of Caffè Chicco d’Oro "We are very happy to be one of the partners of the Pramac Racing Team this year, the MotoGP World Championship will be a great showcase for us. We will raise up our brand awareness both in Italy and abroad. We also really like the idea to be partner of this Team as we have always try to have less environmental impacts during our manufacturing process.”

From the Grand Prix of Jerez, it was easy to see in the paddock four electric bikes given by the Switzerland company Quantya available for the staff of the Pramac Racing Team. The company, based in Lugano, manufactures and markets a range of electric vehicles road and sports type. The staff will use the bike to go around in the paddock, in particular the team was equipped with two Quantya "Road" model and two "Track" model. Both bikes have been customized with the colors of the Green Energy Team so that they can give more prominence and visibility to the initiative, especially on the Track models it where also applied the numbers of the two riders of the team. These are the first electric motorcycle inside the paddock and they have generated considerable curiosity, not only into the fans who rushed the circuit, but also among the experts and journalists who did not hesitate to try the bikes. Both models have a range of about 60 kilometers and can reach the high speed of 100 km/h.

Paolo Campinoti - Team Principal Pramac Racing "Being able to use electric bikes in the paddock will be a good thing for our team, we will move during the race weekend without emitting CO2. We have reached a partnership agreement with Quantya, that will provide us the bikes during the season. We hope that the Swiss company, leader in the production of electricity supplied bike, will increase with this sponsorship this reputation into the motorcycle fans that come to the circuits during the stages of the MotoGP World Championship. We are already thinking about some initiative that allow the stakeholders to try the bikes, especially we decided to organize an event in the Quantyapark near Barcelona during the Grand Prix of Catalunya weekend. In this way, many experts will be able to see the quality and the top speeds that these bikes can reach, most of people think that electric engine is symptom of slow motion while Quantya have nothing to envy to the bike powered by a gasoline engine." Graziano Besana - Quantya Swiss "Entering in to the MotoGP world which is by definition the best international motorcycling showcase is a huge challenge for us, as we have always been devoted to the production of electric bikes. We have embraced the idea of linking our brand to Green Energy Team because of the project that will continue during the course of this season, thanks also to our bikes, the team will reduce its C02 emissions in the air. We hope that during the various GP everyone can see our bikes and that this can increase awareness of our brand. "

Good start in the second winter test of the year for the Pramac Racing Team at Sepang, Malaysia. Mika Kallio finished in eighth place after a long day of work and development on his Ducati Desmosedici Sat. The Finnish rider lowered by a second the best time recorded approximately twenty days ago on the same track. His teammate, Aleix Espargarò, wasn’t in the best physical condition due to problems with the heat and jet lag. Tomorrow the Catalan rider will be able to try to improve in the second and final day of testing. Mika Kallio – Pramac Racing rider – 8th best lap time in 2′02.038 “I am really satisfied of the work done today: we have concentrated to analyze every single change made on the bike to understand its benefits and disadvantage. Thanks to this methodical work we were able to improve continuously during the day. This is for us an important sign because the last test didn’t finish very well. In the last attempt on the track we have grouped all the positive technical solutions found today and also thanks to new tyres we are now very close to fastest riders.”

Aleix Espargarò – Pramac Racing rider – 13th best lap time in 2′02.447 “During the morning I wasn’t feeling very well: last night I didn’t sleep so well and I had a bit of headache. I think is due to the jet lag and the heat we found here. After lunch I felt a little better and lap times started to lower as well. A pity that when I was feeling at the best I slipped with my bike. When I stepped back on track I had to take some time to get back the confidence with my bike and I couldn’t improve my lap times as much as I would have wanted to. I hope I will be able to have a good night of sleep so that I can be at the best tomorrow.”

Second day of testing has concluded for the Pramac Racing Team on the Sepang circuit, Malaysia. Riders Aleix Espargarò and Mika Kallio have chosen different methods of work and this has reflected on the final result. The Catalan rider, Espargarò, was concentrated in finding the best feeling with the Ducati Sat to significantly improve yesterday best lap times concluding with the ninth best time of this first 2010 winter test. His teammate, Kallio, concentrated on modifying its bike but things didn’t go too well and he couldn’t manage to improve and concluded in seventeenth position. The Pramac Racing duo will return on track on February 25th in Sepang.

Aleix Espargarò – Pramac Racing rider “Yesterday we have tried to find a constant pace while today we focused looking for the fast lap. It wasn’t so bad; on the contrary, I am really pleased on how things have gone. This is only my first winter test in MotoGP and I can only improve in the future. The arm on which I had surgery on this past winter doesn’t hurt anymore and my physical condition, notwithstanding the heat of these days, seems to be in good conditions. I look forward to come back on track at the end of the month here in Malaysia.” Mika Kallio – Pramac Racing rider “Likely this was just a winter test. We tried many changes on the bike set up, but we had some difficulties to improve the situation and for this reason we lost a lot of time working on our bikes in the garage. We will have to give our best in the next test so that things can change. We are too far from the firsts and our goal is to remain consistently between top 10 riders in every single session.”

Not the best day for the Pramac Racing Team that with its riders, Mika Kallio and Aleix Espargarò, don’t make it to improve yesterday’s recorded lap times on the Sepang circuit in Malaysia. The Finnish rider has concluded with the eighth best time yesterday but today is wasn’t able to improve it and concluded in the fourteenth place. Instead, her partner team, Espargarò, has improved his best lap time by a tenth of a second, but not enough to go further then the sixteenth place. The Pramac Racing Team riders will have to improve in the coming winter test, to be held in Qatar on March 18th and 19th, in order to begin the 2010 MotoGP season at the best.

Mika Kallio – Pramac Racing rider – 14th best lap time in 2′02.082 “Yesterday in the late afternoon we had found a good technical compromise and this had given us confidence for the last working day here at Sepang, but things have not gone as we expected. I feel very well with the new bike but perhaps I have yet to find total confidence to push to the maximum. We cannot make any more mistake in the next test in Qatar next month.” Aleix Espargarò – Pramac Racing rider – 15th best lap time in 2′02.447 “This morning I was feeling well and I wasn’t doing so bad, but then in the afternoon I was unable to make the step forward as most of my colleagues have done and I was back in the classification. Anyway I remain very confident because I sure have all the possibility in order to do well. I am very pleased to see the two official Ducati in the top three: I am sure we will find soon the right solution to fight for the best positions as well.”

Engine: Liquid-cooled, 90 degree V4 four-stroke, desmodromic DOHC, four valves per cylinder. Displacement: 799 cc.

Carburation: Indirect Magneti Marelli electronic injection, four throttle bodies with injectors above butterfly valves. Throttles operated by EVO TCF (Throttle Control & Feedback) system.

Maximum power: More than 200 cv. Maximum speed: More than 310 kph (192 mph). Dry weight: 148 kg.

Suspension: Ă–hlins upsidedown 42 mm front forks and Ă–hlins rear shock absorber. Adjustable for preload, compression and rebound damping.

Frame: Magneti Marelli tubular steel trellisstyle chassis. Pressed aluminium swing-arm. Transmission: Six-speed cassette-type gearbox, with alternative gear ratios available. Dry multiplate slipper clutch. Chain final drive.

Tyres: Bridgestone 16.5" front and rear. Brakes: Brembo, two 320 mm carbon front discs with four-piston callipers. Single stainless steel rear disc with two-piston caliper. Ignition: Magneti Marelli.

CIRCUIT INFO Opening date: 2004 Pole Position: Left Length: 5 380 m Width: 12 m Right corners: 6 Left corners: 10

Circuit records: MotoGP 1’55.153, C. Stoner ’08,Ducati 250cc 1’59.379, A.Debon ’08, Aprilia 125cc 2’05.695, S. Redding ’08, Aprilia 2009 winners: MotoGP C. Stoner (AUS), Ducati 250cc H. Barbera (SPA), Aprilia 125cc A. Iannone (ITA), Aprilia

Qatar is an Arab emirate in the Middle East, occupying the small Qatar Peninsula on the northeasterly coast of the much larger Arabian Peninsula. It is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the south; otherwise the Persian Gulf surrounds the state. A strait of the Persian Gulf separates Qatar from the nearby island nation of Bahrain.

Good start for Kallio in the first free practise of the Qatar Grand Prix: ninth. Espargarò fifteenth It has been a positive start of the 2010 MotoGP season for Pramac Racing rider Mika Kallio that thanks to a good final lap conquered the ninth position just four tenths of a second from the fourth fastest lap of the day. The Finn rider has followed, in agreement with his Technical Director, Fabiano Sterlacchini, an idea that has brought very good results today. On the other side of the box things didn’t go as hoped and Aleix Espargarò concluded in fifteenth position. The Catalan rider seems anyway confident for tomorrow when there will be qualifying session valid for the first MotoGP 2010 starting grid.

Mika Kallio – Pramac Racing rider – 9th fastest lap time in 1'57.059 “I think today it was a good day for us. As always there's some point of the track where we can do better. We managed to ride for some laps with both bikes and succeeded with both with very good results. Tomorrow we will have to decide what direction to take to be in the best condition for the qualifying session. The most important thing for tomorrow is to continue the good work done today and in this way I'm sure we can get a good result for the first starting grid of the season."

Aleix Espargarò – Pramac Racing rider –15th fastest lap time in 1'57.605 "The final position conquered is surely not the best, this is clear, but I am still happy for the work we have done. Also last year, in the four races I have done in MotoGP, in the first session I wasn’t so much better but on the second day things changed in a positive way. I am confident that tomorrow will go this way and I can aim at the top ten positions on the grid. We are not so far away.“

Unlucky twelfth place for Kallio in the first 2010 qualification. Espargarò fourteenth. Day with highs and lows in Qatar for the Pramac Racing Team. In the first practice session Mika Kallio had managed to get the sixth fastest time only three tenths from the third. In the session valid for the starting grid for the Grand Prix of Qatar, on the other hand, the situation has changed and Mika had to settle for twelfth place. The Finn was unlucky because during the third fast lap of the qualifying session he slipped because of the rear tire temperature wasn’t ready at the best. His teammate, Aleix Espargarò, has managed to improve progressively finishing in fourteenth place. Aleix is only five tenths from fourth place and this gives it a good chance to retrieve in tomorrow’s race that will start at 23 local. Fabiano Sterlacchini – Pramac Racing Technical Director "We were a bit unlucky because of the slide at the beginning of the session: Mika was pushing straight away and perhaps the tires were not yet at highest performance. However Mika added his aggressiveness to retrieve and he put him self in the middle of the group very close to the fastest. For tomorrow we have some technical solution to try during the warm up and I am confident that if everything goes in the right direction there might be a big surprise.“ Mika Kallio – Pramac Racing rider – 12th best time in 1’56.283 "We improved as lap time, but we are not happy with how things have gone today. I have slipped at the fourth lap without any error: probably the rear tyre wasn’t yet ready and I had to be more cautious. Also by telemetry seems that everything was going well. Coming in the box we had to change the set up of the second bike and only on the last lap of the session I managed to make a satisfactory lap time. It’s a shame really, because after the result of today’s free practice we could have aimed to better positions. We'll try to improve in tomorrow's race.“ Aleix Espargarò – Pramac Racing rider – 14th best time in 1'56.652 "We are happy because today we found a set-up of the bike highly satisfactory. A pity that in the first day of work we find too many difficulties, we must improve our performance during the season under this aspect. However, we are really close to the other riders and I am sure that tomorrow we can have some fun during the race. Expect a great show."

Difficul beginning for the Pramac Racing Team in Qatar Really an unlucky day for the Pramac Racing Team who after seven laps of the Qatar Grand Prix saw both riders slips. A race to forget for the white and green duo who in the next Grand Prix in Japan, in two weeks time, will look for redeem. Mika Kallio’s race hasn’t initiated in the best way, in fact, the Finn suffered two hits: the first by Spies, in the second turn, and the second by Barbera which sent him in the dirt. Back on track in last position he tried to recover but his race ended after only two laps. Aleix has instead slipped in the last corner of the track during the seventh lap: stepping back on his bike he tried to get back on track but after seeing the bike was no longer usable he decided to ride back in the box.

Fabiano Sterlacchini – Pramac Racing Technical Director “Really a pity because on this track our bikes were very competitive. Mika was hit twice in the first lap and the second time was even thrown off track. Probably, after returning on track in last position, he was pushing hard and the bike was still dirty and wasn't in perfect condition. Aleix was very unlucky: he was doing a good race but unfortunately he lost the front and slipped into the dirt before the final straight.” Mika Kallio – Pramac Racing rider – DNF “What to say ! Perhaps the worst start of my career. Frankly, even the most unlucky: I managed to gain some positions in the first turn, but in the second Spies touched me making me lose five positions. After a few curves also Barbera has accidentally hit me sending me outside the track. I managed to stay on my bike and came back in last position. I was trying to push hard to reach the group but I slipped and at that moment there was nothing else I could do. We have to forget this race, a long season is ahead of us.” Aleix Espargarò – Pramac Racing rider – DNF "In the first laps I had some difficulties, but when I felt that my feeling with the bike was improving I found myself with my back side on the ground. I was approaching the riders in front of me and I was very confident to reach them. I don't have much more to say, we will have to earn the points lost here in two weeks time in Japan."

CIRCUIT INFO Opening date: 1986 Last restyling: 2004 Pole Position: Left Length: 4 423 m / 2.748 miles Width: 11 m Right corners: 8 Left corners: 5 Longest straight: 600m / 0.373miles

Circuit records: MotoGP 1’39.818, V. Rossi ’09,Yamaha 250cc 1’43.338, A. Bautista ’09, Aprilia 125cc 1’47.057, J. Simon ’09, Aprilia 2009 winners: MotoGP V. Rossi (ITA), Yamaha 250cc H. Aoyama (JPN), Honda 125cc B. Smith (GBR), Aprilia

Jerez de la Frontera is a municipality in the province of Cádiz in the autonomous community of Andalusia in southwestern Spain, situated midway between the sea and the mountains. Jerez de la Frontera is also, in terms of land area, the largest municipality in the province, and its sprawling outlying areas are a fertile zone for agriculture.

After a below expectations starting of the season, where both riders of the Pramac Racing team have had to withdraw after a fall at the Losail Circuit, the Green Energy Team seeks an immediate surrender in the circuit that was suppose to be the third race of the season, the Spanish Grand Prix to be held at Jerez on may 2nd.The Japanese GP of Motegi was postponed on October 3rd due the ash cloud created by the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull who invaded Europe paralyzing air traffic for 4 days. Spain is the country that hosts a large number of GP during the current season, there will be played 4 of the 18 GP. Jerez will be the first, there will be the Catalunya GP in July, that of the Comunitat Valenciana that will close the season and Grand Prix de Aragon in mid September that was selected after the further defection of the Hungarian Grand Prix. The circuit of Jerez de la Frontera is one of the most popular of the championship, consider that this sunday will be the 74th race that takes place at Jerez, the 24th if considering only the 500 and MotoGP classes. Pramac Racing Team has a fairly good relationship with this track, having scored a podium here when Pramac logo was on Max Biaggi motorbike livery in 2003. Following that season, there were mixed results on the circuit with many withdrawals and placements away from top positions. Last year Pramac Racing Team was ranked sixteenth with Canepa, and a retired for Kallio. From Finn rider is expected a good result, having scored a victory on this track in 2008 driving a 250 and a second place in 2005 125.

Paolo Campinoti - Pramac Racing Team Principal "I can not hide a bit of sadness for the Qatar results and for this reason I can not wait to return on the track to have a revise.We have seen the potential of the Ducati Desmosedici GP10 Sat, Kallio has obtained the second top speed rate behind the Ducati of Stoner. Great satisfaction also for Espargarò that had improves steadily throughout the race weekend, often times getting very close to the first eight riders. Sure is a bit of regret, but fortunately this job allows you to quickly redeem a loss. Being able to race the second race on Motegi circuit would regain some confidence in our ability, as we have always obtained excellent results on the track. We have won the second race of our history in 2004 with Tamada.“

Mika Kallio - Pramac Racing rider “The "Zero" attached to my name on the driver’s hits is one thing that I do not like, as I said, this was the worst start of my career. I can not wait to redeem early in the next Spain GP. Jerez is one of my favorites tracks here I had some of the most rewarding moments of my career. On this track, I had won one race in 2008, during my last season of 250cc class, and I also had a second position in 2005 in 125cc class. Last year, unfortunately I had a bit of inexperience in the third race in MotoGP, I was on a back place in the starting grid and I haven’t finished the race. From Losail’s weekend I’ll say to save the result of the second section of practice where I got the sixth overall time and is from this point that we have to start for the second race of the season.”

Aleix Espargarò - Pramac Racing rider "Unfortunately, it wasn’t the debut of my dreams, before the fall I got a good position on the grid and during the race I had a good pace that would allow me to fill the gap I had with the riders in front of me. I know quite well Jerez circuit, here I got a decent ninth place in 2008 when I was riding a 250. Will be a good thing for me to get good feelings with the circuit since the Friday free practice in order to try to improve my lap times."

The race report Great comeback for Kallio, he recovered 10 position and concluded the race in seventh position. Fifteenth position for Aleix Espargarò. Excellent seventh place for Mika Kallio in the second round of the MotoGP World Championship despite all the struggling of yesterdays’ qualifying session which put him in today’s starting grid in seventeenth position. An amazing comeback: from the first turn he has been the protagonist of a magnificent race that allowed him to prevail upon his direct rivals and finishing in seventh. In particular was very exciting and full of overtaking the fight for seventh position with Simoncelli, De Puniet and Melandri. Aleix Espargarò, who was unable to get a good start, immediately tried to recover positions. Unfortunately his race was already compromised on the fourth lap when, after a fall that damaged his brake pedal, he has returned in to the pits to check the damage. He returned back on track after a while, but the gap with the riders ahead of him was too large to be recovered. Aleix has still completed the race running on good pace with the twelfth fastest lap of the race.

Fabiano Sterlacchini - Pramac Racing Technical Director "We were aware that it was going to be an aggressive race for us. During the warm- up, we solved some balance issues that we had yesterday in qualifying, trying new set-up and getting good feedback already from the morning. Then we made some other modification just before the race. It was a wonderful race for us, the seventh position for Mika, after a great comeback, give us good feeling for the next races. Unfortunately Aleix slipped while he was coming back from a bad start. He has demonstrated that he has an enormous talent and he is very consistent regarding to lap times. I hope that his experience may be more increased after this race."

Mika Kallio - Pramac Racing – 7th position "It's been one of my best races since I’m a MotoGP rider. I had a great start which made me not lose the posting by the group of the best riders: I have recovered the gap since the first lap and I was able to take four places. Lap after lap I saw that the changes made on my bike were good and they made me registered very good lap times. I enjoyed very much to fight with Simoncelli, Melandri and De Puniet. I then conquered the position in front of the riders that were fighting with me for seventh position and I made it to keep it in the last four laps. I am very happy with the result for the team and the technicians who have always supported me throughout this weekend. “ Aleix Espargarò - Pramac Racing – 15th position "Unfortunately was not the race that I hoped, I really wanted to get a good result on this circuit, as it was the first Spanish round of the year. I had little grip problem at the start and I found myself in last place after the first corner, then when I was recovering some positions I felt during the fourth lap and damaged the brake pedal. I made it to keep my bike running and I went to the box to check the situation. Even if I had lost some minutes to change the pedal I decided to go back on track again to demonstrate my value on this track. I later had to return again to the pit box to make further changes on the bike. I now have my first point of this season, I know is not so much, but I hope to get a better result in the next Grand Prix.“

CIRCUIT INFO Opening date: 1966 Last restyling: 2008 Pole Position: Left Length: 4 180 m Width: 13 m Right corners: 9 Left corners: 4 Longest straight: 450 m

Circuit records: MotoGP 1’34.215, V. Rossi ’08,Yamaha 250cc 1’39.666, M.Simoncelli ’08, Gilera 125cc 1’43.918, P.Espargarò ’08, Derby 2009 winners: MotoGP J. Lorenzo (SPA), Yamaha 250cc M. Simoncelli (ITA), Gilera 125cc J. Simon (SPA), Aprilia

Le Mans (French pronunciation: [ləmɑ̃]) is a city in France, located on the Sarthe River. Traditionally the capital of the province of Maine, it is now the capital of the Sarthe department and the seat of the Roman Catholic diocese of Le Mans. Le Mans is a part of the Pays de la Loire region.

Get in By plane There is a very small airfield located near the circuit, with no regular connections to other major cities. As there is a direct TGV access from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, there is absolutely no point in trying to get to Le Mans by plane, unless you have a private or chartered (small) plane. By train The TGV stops in Le Mans, and many TGV West-bounded trains leaving from Paris stop in Le Mans. From Gare Montparnasse in Paris, there are trains every hour or so, and the 210-km trip takes 55 minutes. There is also a direct TGV service from Charles de Gaulle Airport (through TGV bypassing Paris to go to Nantes or Bordeaux), the trip takes 90 minutes, and the ticket train to Le Mans can be combined with your incoming flight, as if it was a connecting domestic flight. Check with your agency. From Le Mans, you can easily access Bretagne, Bordeaux or Nantes. Regional trains give you access to/from neighboring towns of Angers, Tours or Laval. By car Le Mans has many good road links to the rest of the country. The A11 L'Oceane highway runs from Paris to Nantes via Le Mans, and the A81 from Le Mans heads West to Rennes. It takes roughly 2h from Paris to drive to Le Mans. The city of Chartres, half-way from Paris has a magnificient cathedral which deserves a stop.

Motorsport city: The city is best known for its connection with motorsports. There are actually two separate racing tracks at Le Mans, though they share certain portions. The smaller is the Bugatti Circuit (named after Ettore Bugatti, founder of the car company bearing his name), a relatively short permanent circuit which is used for racing throughout the year. The longer and more famous Circuit de la Sarthe is composed partly of public roads, which are closed to the public when the track is in use for racing, and has been host to the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans sports car race since 1923. Boutiques and shops are set up during the race selling merchandise and promoting products for cars. The first French Grand Prix took place on a 64-mile (103 km) circuit based at Le Mans in 1906. The "Le Mans start" takes its name from the way racers lined up across the street from their cars and ran across the street and jumped into their cars to begin.

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