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ISSUE 4 • JUNE 2018


Drawing with a Typewriter

The Changing Indian Media

Most Mysterious Book of the World

The City of Profound Love


The Gigging Girl

I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy. RABINDRANATH TAGORE Polymath


C O N T E N T S June 2018, Issue 4

On the Cover: Photograph by Kyle Thompson. Kyle Thompson is a photographer from Chicago, Illinois. His style, as he describes it, is surreal conceptual photography


No More Chilies! The story of Dying Television How Web series are taking over the Television sets and the way to old aspect of Television.


The City of profound Love Read Travel dairy of Zara Khan to city where Love resides in each particle.


Yatra Poetry by Irashi Jha. The journey of you and me following Ups and Downs, Uncertainly.


The Changing Indian Media The Television Media is shaping our minds and sometimes fooling us. Watch with a Caution.


The Gigging Girl Read the story of famous Bassist Mohini Dey


Man Who can draw with a typewriter. A man who puts alpha-numeric characters into beautiful faces and illustrations.

C O N T E N T S June 2018, Issue 4

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Fall in Love with a Poet Poetry By Liv Stefoski. A beautiful portray of what happens when you fall in love with a poet. In Focus  In this Issue, Find the illuminating terror of Nipah Virus.


Most Mysterious book of the world. Find out which book is still a mystery for the modern Human. 


Man Who can draw with a typewriter. A man who puts alpha-numeric characters into beautiful faces and illustrations.


Snapshots Your photos through our pen.


June Ka Jeevan A shortstory by "Jeevant"


Everything is available in India except Clean Air Read how Environment crises are crippling India's development.

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Vibes The Unspoken Words

editor's note Changing Trends. Are you bored of mothers-in-law who plot and daughters-in-law who dote? Are you searching for new entertainments choice? So, Web Series are good option for you. The trend is to change. Indian audience can pay 900 rupees to watch a movie but it's unacceptable for them to watch an entertainment which is free. To the generation who is working most of the time. Internet though can't reduce their working hours but it has brought a superb option. Keep on changing T.V. Channels. You may stop at News Channels for knowing the breeze of hour but it is certainly possible that news channels are broadcasting what is neither a news nor a report. The media is loosing its trend of questioning. The next trend which is changing is that people are getting so ignorant that they are allowing media to control their mindset. They are ignoring all kinds of Pollution which in-turn are polluting Human Minds. So, in a way trends are not Trendy. They are not cool as people think so.  "An unexamined life is not worth living" So let us not carry these trends further. Let's not be an ideologist but an ideology. 



No more

Chillies! The story of Dying Television



think, we should sell this TV,” I was shocked to listen  to this melancholic complain by my mom, figuring out if she was still frustrated because of the extra chillies that I added in the morning's omelette, “And I’ll buy and better phone with bigger screen and full time internet connection, nice idea, isn’t it? Okay, so it ain’t the chillies, I heaved a sigh of relief. Although, it is not much amusing to see this drastic change in my mother’s interests regarding what she is being served with in her leisure time, unlike the breakfast there are far more alternatives here, extra chillies not always work, right? This abrupt increase has rather got justifiable reasons. I Personally cannot watch an Indian television drama for more than 20 minutes risking my sanity. Even if I reluctantly intake what they serve me I’ll certainly end up with indigestion. I have heard of a certain television show, in which out of nowhere a “sanskari bahu” (read : a daughter in law who never speaks) is reincarnated into a “fly” for the sake of a revenge against her own family members who actual were responsible for her death. This “house fly” must be mentioned in the history of flies in golden letter for all her generous deeds that none of her contemporaries can ever match, wait, or they can? Cholera of brain? What say? A truly disheartening fact is that this particular episode garnered more TRP than the usual ones. I don’t think that even the youth is spared from this, we have got fixed reality shows that present baseless nuisance and get appreciated. It is scary to think of the long term effects that it may have in the young minds. 

We get to watch enormous drama, unbelievable story line, creative dialogues , out of the box characters, super evil Villains whose face resemble the canvas of a struggling painter. The image of a perfect Indian woman that these absurd shows showcase is somehow unachievable for a normal woman. The most difficult part is being dumb, in both the senses.I wonder why isn’t it taken as an issue by the feminists, for this certainly has an impact on the lives of a common woman. Nonetheless we aren’t even spared by the news channels that prepare us for being scared all the time. There’s less of awareness and more of drama, chillies don’t work everywhere as I already said. If anyone ever wants to enhance his/her debating skills then, never, ever, get inspired from what the television news channel debates show you. Be it Hindi or English, none are spared from the wrath of the anchor. Exceptions are present here too, but sadly the more arrogant the anchor is the more is their viewership. Not to forget about the 15 minutes that get wasted because of the advertisements that pop out of nowhere and disturb you for the next five minutes, each time hitting you harder with boredom. Sometimes we even end up memorising the dialogues of these ads, though my soap isn’t that slow. So it’s clear, as audience the main problem that we face is the degradation of quality because of which we tend to look for options that are available. Luckily, we have the better option right inside our pockets. Due to the easier access of internet and smart phones these days, the growth of YouTube, Netflix, Amazon prime videos, Alt Balaji, Hotstar, Eros now, Voot, Sonyliv is more than visible. These platforms showcase mostly, quality content which most of the times aren’t cliché. Though I won’t deny the fact that trash is everywhere, but again it’s a personal choice. There are many significant and justified reasons behind this sudden attraction of people towards online shows. There are numerous genres to choose from. There are dragons and aliens too, and they are more bearable than the fly, trust me. You find standard content and sometimes educational stuff which are highly helpful for students and elders too. 

They undoubtedly can play a significant role in making learning easier and attractive. You don’t have to bear much advertisement, they are shorter. Web series are available in different languages, you just need to search yours. They aren’t also location specific, you can save your time by watching it in your free time and even while traveling. Thus there’s better way of managing one’s time. Convenience comes first. Web series also, do not extend for long, but they have seasons that do not bore the audience. The actors also get enough time in between seasons. There is limited or no censorship, which again is a debatable concept and shall not be overlooked. Also, they are accessible, available and affordable. May be there’s still some visible life inside this idiot box, but surely it is mundane now. It’s high time for the Indian television industry to sharpen the calibre of their content, lest we all know that not all things can be reincarnated.


My Visit


The City of profound Love


VRINDAVAN What is a place for a Muslim Girl which is considered sacred to Hindus? For me, it was apart from any communal boundary. More tilted towards an Historical aspect of one of the most discussed Love Stories in the world. Akbar once secretly visited Vrindavan with Mian Tansen to here the molodious voice of Swami Haridas. He was dressed like a common man but not an emperor.  When Sankirtan came to an end, he came to Swami Haridas and bowed to him. Swamiji touched his head, his fingers running India, your desire is fulfilled." The attendant, who was no one else but Akbar in disguise, got the shock of his life, gathering his wits, he said, "I do realize there is nothing to hide from a man of God like you.

Written by Zara Khan. Photo by Better Photography.

through the beautiful locks of the attendant, he said, "Get up, O King of

I started my journey from Mathura, hired a cab and set to Vrindavan. The flora is astonishing itself. All with connected branches like that of Krishna and Radha. I interrupted my driver to see the beauty of River Yamuna, suddenly my eyes fell down to sand. The sand here is surprisingly made of Black and White particles, which as my driver said symbolise Krishna and Radha. Now I was waiting for next thing which could surprise me. I checked in a Hotel and after having breakfast, I decided to visit the place, which most of the people come here to witness. The power of abyssal love at Banke Bihari Temple. This was the first temple I have ever visited in my Life. The temple's architecture is medivial and here you will find lots of people rushing and pushing each other just to have a glimpse of Banke Bihari. There is lot of street food when you get out of this temple. You will probably feel hungry by the smell of so much good food. Next I set for Nidhi Van. The surprise here is no one could dare to visit Nidhi Van after

Written by Zara Khan, Photos by Vrindavan Today.

Sunset. It is believed Lord Krishna along with all the Gopis comes here at night. To my surprise all the windows of the neighboring buildings are permanently closed. There are incidents with people who dared to stay here have lost their Mental State either Shocked. People claims that every morning there are signs of Radha and Krishna doing Raas. Their Love is alive even after a billennium.   After witnessing this story, I had my Lunch and set back to Hotel.  Evening is much peaceful here. I visited Prem mandir, nearby my Hotel.

Prem Mandir is actually a luxury of Love. Signifying various incidents in Radha Rani's Life. This place is a tourist attraction, less spiritually attracted. I walked to Iskcon Temple popularly known as Angrez Mandir. The reason is that you will find people from western nationalities dressed like Indian and devoted to Krishna. Iskcon is the largest society teaching Vaishnavism in the world, making Krishna a Global portray of LOVE. You will find the peace in the chants here. People in western accent chanting Krishna's name. This was the next surprise to me. How an Indian God has moved out of the religious boundary and considered as a message of peace and love. I went for shopping then, There is a market just in front of the Temple. TShirts, Bags, Caps, Wrist-watches, pens, and Mobile phone covers with Krishna's photo on it  are readily available. I came back to Hotel for Night halt. Next day I set out for other attractions but I decided to get to those bring out the Radha inside me. I was completely fascinated with this place. The river Yamuna is slow, renders with the time. Ghats here are much far from the river. There is Krishna and Radha in every particle of Vrindavan.   I devoted my day shopping all the things I could buy. The only thing left was, the never dying Love between two teenagers, an era back.

I didn't felt that I belonged to a different community. It's only in India, where Spirituality is above Religion. Though I am a Muslim, but Love is the ultimate God for people of each and every religion. I believe that no one is born in any religion. The culture which we inherit comprising all the good qualities is the only important thing. And my Culture is to LOVE.

अश् बन झरती रही, म रेत के सुनसान तट पर िकंतु, म मधुगान से यह गांव वंदृ ावन क ं गी।

Hindi Poem by Nirmala Joshi.

places by walking. I hired a rickshaw to River Yamuna and sat there to

Clockwise :On the banks of Yamuna, ISKCON temple, Vrindavan's Market, Prem Mandir

यातर् ा हाँ , ये यात्रा ही तो है अं त से पहले की एक आिखरी यात्रा जै से अब पतझर आने को है मे रे सारे अं ग िरस-िरस कर टू ट कर िबखर जायगे ज़मीन पर, और कोई अनजान मुसािफर उसे पै रों से घसीटता चला जाये गा या बाज़ होगा, मे रे बदन के िचथड़े से अपना िनवाला माँ ग ता हु आ , चुग ता हु आ , या पता सुख हवा म बह कर िकसी शाख पर िफर टं ग जाऊं और िग ँ तो ऐसे जै से मने एक नही ं कई मौत महस ूस की हो िफर एक रोज़, गरज कर त ूफान मुझ पर करे गा कु छ ऐसा कहर की सं सार की हर ज़मीन पर मे रे मां स के पुज़ बीज की तरह साँ स लगे िब कु ल आज ही िक तरह, मे रा एक पुज़ा अब भी हँ स रहा होगा, कहता हु आ - बं ध ू! या यात्रा कभी ख म होती है ?

इरािश झा


The CHANGING Indian Media

Prakhar Khare

Welcome to India’s sensational media

environment, in which the democratically powered fourth pillar serve as a judge, a victim, a prosecutor and a witness at the same time. During the starting days of television, headlines were told to the common public. Then, reporters and journalists started explaining the news. Now, the news has been created. It forgets, remembers and provoke at the same time. Is this change really an evolution? Or is it a stunt to divert our minds.

When the white house confirmed about the meeting between President Trump and Supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jong-Un. The media became abound of the news. There were discussion panels discussing all possibilities and keynotes of the historical meeting. But with some days passing, it changed its way. At night, there were programs telecasted on television sets which discussed the weapons USA and North Korea has in case anything goes wrong. Even it reached to a point in which a channel reported that “Kim Jong-Un’s wife scolded him for smoking”. Now it seems like a joke or an act of foolishness making the audience a fool. THE MEDIA NEED ALMONDS During the Christmas of 2017, A Paksitani military court sentenced Kulbhushan Jadhav an Indian trader to death on charges of spying. The media after reporting the case for couple of weeks went silent when another big news jerked the nation. The case became dormant. The fourth institution, instead of creating a mass support forgot the case. This phenomenon is quite common. There has been a long history in the west when government controlled public emotions through media. When it come for working

hours of an employee in India, It occupies the Second position in the world after Japan. So, an Indian relays on News Channels for making a common interest and Media should understand its responsibility. MEDIA AS A STORYTELLER The media is getting full of ghoulish stories. A similar story came recently when Bollywood Superstar Sridevi drowned in a hotel’s bathtub. With every channel predicting about what might have happened behind the closed door of her bathroom, with one TV anchor even attempting to enact a bathtub drowning. In many cases, it runs a media trial. Which sometimes builds the wrong interest of public. The Aarushi murder case is an  example of this. This high profile unsolved murder case became a victim of Media trial which made common opinion among the people which was not judicial. Even, the programmes are dubbed with the background music and sounds you will here in typical Saas Bahu Serials.   FISH MARKET THROUGH SATELLITES  Recall the famous evergreen sentence by your school teacher when the class went noisy, “Is this a fish market or what?” Now switch on your television and watch debates on news channels. A screen equipped with two people supporting the topic, two people against the topic, one expert who provokes both the sides and a News Reporter asking questions. A time come when everything is hearable but you can hardly understand anything. The debate turns into an unpolitic fight. And after you come home at evening tired and exhausted, you probably don’t want to watch these debates. 

THE TRP GAME With far too many channels competing 24/7 for the same sets of eyeballs and target rating points, everything a channel broadcast should be Breaking. It has reduced the trend to research on a news and report for it. The reporters are replaced by anchors. The difference among opinion, fact, and speculation is lost. You need not run to any public department to telecast why Trump hates media. But to answer why there is water scarcity in Bundelkhand? Why a three years degree course takes five years in Bihar? Or why there is air pollution in Delhi? One need to step out and cover the news report. NOT EVERYTHING IS WRONG The media today report recklessly on ephemera that serves no impact on public welfare. The democratic responsibility of Media is to report all the actual content and let the public decide on their own. Not, everything is wrong with Indian media. It has gained many positive changes too. Now, it conducts conclave, hosts Swachchta missions and it is because of media the issue of Women security became a part of Manifestoes of elections. Elections are more transparent now. It has acted positive democratically. But if media is in its evolution, then it should come over these not so beneficial aspects. . Our journalism, a face of India that others see and by which – fairly or not – we are judged, would be a good place to start. Government needs a media which could act as a mirror as well as a scalpel. So, media should not bound itself as a place of ephemeral stories.


The Gigging Girl Mohini Dey, have been described as a prodigy by many musicians. This girl is probably the youngest bass player in India 

A Girl who eats rhythm, breathes chords and live music. Music rematches her soul. In return she rematches other's by her music. She had shared stage with music maestro A.R Rahman, keyboard genius Jordan Rudess, three-time Grammy Award winning guitar virtuoso Steve Vai or ace drummer Marco Minnemann and  Guthrie [Govan]. At the age of 22 she is excelling the sky with each new day. She first came to public appreciation with A.R. Rahman's episode of Coke Studio. She is frequently seen with A.R Rahman in his concerts. Mohini spends much of her time travelling across the globe for tours and gigs. In an interview with Times of India, She said she don't have friends of her age as "There are a lot of differences in our thought processes and maturity. I don’t like cheesy topics and instead prefer to talk about music, life and nature." She told.

Her father is jazz fusion and sessions bassist Sujoy Dey and her mother Romia Dey is a classical singer. So music was in her genes. She only needed to hone her talent with her hard-work. When Mohini was roughly two or three, she was sitting next to her father as he played his bass guitar, which was connected to a processor and a pair of headphones. When Sujoy put the headphones on his little daughter, she could hear what he was playing, and, suddenly, she was tapping the floor in rhythm with the twangs. He realised that she had an ear for music. Mohini was a trained guitarist by 13, and a meeting with the veteran drummer, arranger, music producer, singer and composer Ranjit Barot gave path to her talent. Soon, Mohini became a regular on Mumbai’s live performance scene. By the time she was 13, she had performed with keyboardist Louis Banks, renowned music producer and composer Nitin Sawhney, sitar player Niladri Kumar, tabla player Zakir Hussain and Mumbai’s jazz cats Floyd Fernandes, Karl Peters and Joe Alvares. She had also had a taste of performing with Bollywood artists Shreya Ghoshal and Suchitra Pillai. It was A.R. Rahman who gave a big recognition to this talented girl. Rahman, chose her over Tal Wilkenfeld [an Australian singer and bassist]. That was a big compliment for Mohini. She managed eight hours of school, tuitions, homework, practicing her music and accompanying her father to studios and rehearsals. The thirst for music made her to cross all the barriers. When she was in Class 12 she was completing the course via correspondence. The night before her board exams, she was in Chennai in Rahman’s studio, recording until 4 am. She flew back to Mumbai, she went straight to the examination hall from the airport, wrote her paper, and flew back to Chennai to continue her work.  


The Man who can Draw with a Typewriter FOR 50 YEARS, CHADRAKANT BHIDE HAS BEEN MAKING PORTRAITS USING THE ‘@’, ‘X’ AND ‘-’ SYMBOLS ON THE TYPEWRITER. "I wanted to study at the JJ School of Art to

“This is one of the greatest gifts I have received in

become a commercial artist, but, due to financial

all my life – my typewriter,” says Bhide, pointing

constraints, I couldn't study there,” recounts

towards his tiny work station.

Bhide, who describes himself as a 'self-taught' artist. His father encouraged him to take up type-

Bhide started making portraits with the alphabet

writing and stenography, as those were skills in

'x', but his father motivated him to try other keys

demand at the time.

on the keyboard as well. "It is important to constantly push yourself and learn more," he

Chandrakant Bhide lives in a small house perched


on top of a vibrant chawl in Dadar, Mumbai. The artist, who draws inspiration from the likes of Bhide, who opted for voluntary retirement from

RK Laxman, Mario Miranda and Vikas Sabnis, is

Union Bank in 1996, was gifted his favourite

currently learning to make art with the aid of

typewriter. "I went to the administration

computers. "It is not the same as typewriters,

department of the bank with a request to

though. We can't undo or delete while working

purchase the typewriter. But they refused to give

with a typewriter," he adds.

it away," he recollects. After this, he met the chairman of the bank, Mr Panneer Selvam, and

Bhide's portraits are well known across Mumbai

explained his desire to buy the device. Mr Selvam,

and the art has helped him meet famous

taking note of the request, allowed Bhide to buy

personalities from several fields. “Through this

the typewriter for one rupee.

art form, I met so many people and personalities, and I took their autograph wherever possible. They, too, liked this idea.”

Chandrakant Bhide with his astonishing Art

Fall in Love with a Poet When a poet falls in love with you You can never die They will notice the way You rub your palms and look down When someone is angry at you And the way you smirk as you pull away from a kiss They will notice how you can't sleep without your body touching someone else's How you never crease any pages of books And how you close your eyes when you dance in your kitchen with your record player on They will find all of the words That they see you as and turn them into something beautiful People say you die twice once when you stop breathing and when someone says your name for the last time If you fall in love a poet They will never stop mentioning your name you will be alive for eternity

-Liv Stefoski

15 years old; Student and a Vibes Poet; Crown Point, Indiana, USAÂ


THE NIPAH TERROR 18 People have died yet as confirmed on June 3rd

70.4% Mortality Rate in two earlier outbreaks of Nipah Virus in West Bengal where 71 cases were reported in February 2001 and 5 Cases in Nadia in April 2007

4 Districts in Northern Kerala Kozhikode, Malappuram, Wayanad and Kannur are isolated for travellers by the state Government.

The virus broke out likely through Fruit Bats, but Pigs could also be the vectors. In February, World Health Organisation in its list for disease for which "there is urgent need for accelerated research and development". There is no vaccine for virus which first emerged in Malaysia in the year 1998.

Most mysterious book of the world

has yet been independently verified. Recently carbon dating proved that it dates back around 1420. It's vellum pages features looping handwriting and handdrawn images seemingly stolen from a dream. Real and imaginary plants, floating castles, bathing women, astrology diagrams, zodiac rings and suns and moons with faces accompany the text.It is History's biggest unsolved mysteries. The reason behind is that no one can figure out what is written. No one can figure out what it says. Cryptologists says the characteristics of a real language, just one that no one has ever seen before. A language which is written but naver spoken.Many pages contain substantial drawings or charts which are colored with paint. Based on modern analysis using polarized light microscopy (PLM), it has been determined that a quill pen and iron gall ink were used for the text and figure outlines; the colored paint was applied (somewhat crudely) to the 

DID YOU KNOW? Voynich Manuscript is regarded as the most mysterious book of the world.The Voynich manuscript has been studied by many professional and amateur cryptographers, including American and British codebreakers from both World War I and World War II. No one has yet

demonstrably deciphered the text, and it has become a famous case in the history of cryptography. The mystery of the meaning and origin of the manuscript has excited the popular imagination, making the manuscript the subject of novels and speculation. None of the many hypotheses proposed over the last hundred years

figures, possibly at a later date. The ink of the drawings, text and page and quire numbers had similar microscopic characteristics. Every page in the manuscript contains text, mostly in an unidentified language, but some have extraneous writing in Latin script. The bulk of the text in the 240-page manuscript is written in an unknown script, running left to right. Most of the characters are composed of one or two simple pen strokes. Some dispute exists as to whether certain characters are distinct, but a script of 20–25 characters would account for virtually all of the text; the exceptions are a few dozen rarer characters that occur only once or twice each. There is no obvious punctuation. Some of the pages are missing, with around 240 remaining. The text is written from left to right, and most of the pages have illustrations or diagrams. Some pages are foldable sheets. Many YouTube Videos and Internet articles claims to decode the most mysterious book. But no one has authentic statement. It is kept inside Yale University's Beinecke Rare Book and manuscript library lies the only copy of a 240 pages tome. The text consists of over 170,000 characters, with spaces dividing the text into about 35,000 groups of varying length, usually referred to as "words" or "word tokens" (37,919); 8,114 of those words are considered unique "word types".The structure of these words seems to follow phonological or orthographic laws of some sort; for example, certain 

characters must appear in each word (like English vowels), some characters never follow others, or some may be doubled or tripled, but others may not.


Photo by "Soumya"

I chatter, chatter, as I flow  To join the brimming river, For men may come and men may go,   But I go on for ever. -Alfred Lord Tennyson

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जून हमारे जीवन का मोड़ है। जब मौसम अपनी गम छोड़ बरसात की गली म मुड़ जाता है और िफर िमटटी की खुशबू दशहरी आम से हो कर हवा के साथ बहने लगती है। बचपन का जून निनहाल म ही बीतता था। एकाएक हमने निनहाल जाना बंद कर िदया और हम बड़े हो गए। हम मौसम का पहला आम निनहाल म ही चखते थे। मौसम की पहली बािरश भी निनहाल म ही होती थी। हमारे घर से कु छ ही दूर एक मावा नाम का आदमी रहता था। उसके बोलने के तरीके से िकसी को भी हंसी आ जाये। वो बड़े आराम से, सोच सोच कर, सु ती से बोलता था। एक बार सरपंच के दामाद गाँव आये और मावा से सरपंच के घर का पता पूछ िलया। मावा उनसे बात करते करते करीबन दो घंटे बाद उनको ससुराल लाया। दामाद जी ने घर म प्रवे श करते ही बोला की इतना समय तो मुझे शहर से गाँव आने म नही ं लगा िजतना बस टड से ससुराल आने म लग गया। बस िफर या था मावा को सबकी डांट का सामना करना पड़ा। लेिकन एक चीज़ म मावा को महारत हािसल थी। वो हर बार बािरश का पूवानुमान करता था। और बािरश ं आिखर की खबर से उसमे उमंग दौड़ जाती थी। इस बार उसने कु छ कहा ही नही। सबने गु से म उसे डाँट जो िदया था। एक शाम जब मने मावा से पुछा की "मामा बािरश कब होगी?" तब बड़ी धीमी लय म उसने कहा "भ यू लोटा िगरा नही ं अब तक"। मने भी आ चय म पूछ ही िलया, "कौन सा लोटा?" तब उसने बताया, की वो अपनी छत की ं ेर पर एक लोटा रख देता था। जब वो लोटा छत से आँगन म िगर जाता था उस के मुड दो िदन प चात बािरश आ जाती थी। म चिकत हो कर वापस आ गया। अगली ही शाम सरपंच जी मावा के घर पहुचे। उनने भी आिखर सोचा की दामाद तो कल चला ही जायेगा, लेिकन बािरश का अनुमान नही ं हुआ तो बड़ा नु सान झेलना पड़ेगा। सरपंच जी ने मावा से कहा, "तुम बेटे जैसे हो, मेरी डांट का इतना बुरा मान गए"। मावा ने वही धीमी लय म बोला, की "लाला जी अब मेरे पिरवार म तो कोई है नही,ं आप ही सब तो पिरवार ह"। सरपंच जी यूं तो बािरश का अनुमान जानने आये थे, पर मावा की बात सुन कर भावुक हो गए और छु पते हुए जाने लगे िक लोटा उनके सर पर िगर गया। यह देख मावा उ साह म पूरे गाँव म दौड़ दौड़ कर बािरश का ऐलान करने लगा। अपनी सु त प्रविृ को छोड़ वो फूित से भर गया। मानो आिकमेडीस ने िरलेिटव डिसटी की खोज कर ली हो। मेरे िलए जून की बािरश का आगमन मावा के उ साह से ही हो जाता था। बेशक इस घरेल ू टोटके का कोई िस ांत नही ं था। पर आज भी म बािरश से पहले मावा के ऐलान का ही इंतज़ार करता हू ँ। पर अब हम निनहाल नही ं जाते। शायद इसिलए योंिक अब ं गम की छु ि टयाँ नही ं होती।


EVERYTHING IS AVAILABLE IN INDIA except CLEAN AIR India is home to the world’s 14 most polluted cities, the WHO said, based on the amount of particulate matter under 2.5 micrograms found in every cubic meter of air. A recent report from the World Health Organization, drawing on measurements and calculations as of 2016 from air monitoring stations in 4,300 cities, establishes clearly that air pollution is a global problem. A whopping nine in 10 people on Earth breathe highly polluted air, and more than 80 percent of urban dwellers have to endure outdoor pollution that exceeds health standards, according to the WHO’s World Global Ambient Air Quality Database. The WHO said it was “particularly concerned” about India’s pollution levels and urged it to follow the example China had set in striving for cleaner air.

Many different air pollutants can impact health — nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and ozone, among them. But the database classifies air pollution in two ways: by PM2.5, particles smaller than 2.5 microns in diameter, and by PM 10, particles that are 10 microns in diameter. The smaller PM2.5 particles from sources like open flames and diesel exhaust can linger in the air longer and penetrate deeper into the lungs than larger particles, which is why they’re the bigger concern for health officials and a high-priority target for reduction. Around the world, nine out of 10 people breathe polluted air, which can lead to heart disease, stroke and lung cancer, the WHO said. Globally about 7 million people die as a result of polluted air a year, it said, with people living in

poor Asian and African countries at most risk. A British medical journal, The Lancet, estimated that air pollution was responsible for almost 10 percent of the total disease burden in India in 2016. Air pollution in Delhi over recent winters, when the colder weather tends to trap fumes, forced schools to shut and prompted Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s office to directly monitor measures to clean up the capital’s air. Steps have included sprinkling water to damp down dust and banning certain fuels but there’s barely any improvement. The Pradhanmantri Ujjwala Yojana made a big change, though India need to focus faar more to breath clean air.

Cities with the highest small particulate measurements in the world

HOW AIR POLLUTION IS RELATED TO POVERTY? “Air pollution threatens us all, but the poorest and most marginalized people bear the brunt of the burden,� said Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the WHO’s director general, in a statement. Cookstoves, heating fuel, and kerosene lighting are all common sources of pollution in big cities in developing countries. Poor governance is also a major factor in pollution since lax enforcement of standards for car exhausts, crop burning, or dust from construction sites leads to more particulates in the air. Some countries like China are making progress. Cities in China have moved down in the rankings, and the government is seeking reforms to keep pollution in check as dirty air has become an increasingly volatile public concern. Governing air pollution has proved to be much trickier in India.

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