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Industrial - Scale Testing for New PPE Finishes

In the current fight against Covid-19, a number of fo r m u l a t o r s o f t e x t i l e finishing chemicals have rushed out new antiviral and antimicrobial treatments intended for PPE (personal protective equipment) such as face masks and medical gowns and drapes. These finishing chemicals have naturally already been thoroughly tested in laboratories and their effectiveness verified at laboratory or pilot scale. However, they are new to many manufacturers of textiles and nonwovens now preparing to use them on an industrial level. Monforts vice-president Klaus Heinrichs.

"We know that in this current, unprecedented situation, many of our customers are rapidly preparing to transition from their usual manufacturing programmes to the production of PPE items," says Klaus Heinrichs, vice-president at Monforts. "Some, such as Trident and Welspun in India, which both operate a number of our machinery ranges, have already embarked on new PPE production programmes. "We have experts on hand at our operational Advanced Technology Centre (ATC) here in Germany, to help any of our customers to rapidly transition to new finishing techniques and treatments they may not be familiar 20

with, and to run trials on their behalf, should they require this assistance." The three lines at the ATC situated at the Monforts HQ in Monchengladbach, are of a true industrial scale and trialling new products on them goes beyond lab or pilot plant testing to rapidly identify any problems that might occur once full production is underway. Since its opening in 2013, over â‚Ź3 million has been invested in equipment at the Monforts ATC, which over an area of 1,200 square metres houses two full finishing lines, engineered to accommodate an extremely diverse range of processes and based around the industry­ leading Montex stenter, in addition to a Thermex range for the continuous dyeing and the newly developed process of yarn dyeing. Recent expansions have included the installation of the latest Monforts MontexÂŽCoat coating system, with which it is possible to operate in seven different application modes in s single machine. The Monforts teleservice team is also fully available as normal to help customers via remote service on trouble shooting issues. "We congratulate those customers who are doing all within their power to combat this pandemic that is having such a devastating impact globally," Mr Heinrichs concludes. "We are here to support them in any way we can and put our services and know-how at their disposal." May-June 2020


Archroma to Introduce a New Thickener for Sanitizing Gels to Address Global Shortage Due to Covid-19 Crisis

Archroma introduces Mowiplus® HPC 9600, a new thickener for sanitizing gels to address global shortage due to COVID-19 crisis. (Photo: Archroma)

Archroma, a global leader in color and specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, today announced the introduction ofMowiplus® HPC 9600, a new thickener for sanitizing gels to address global shortage due to COVID -19 crisis. Hand sanitizers are typically made of alcohol and additives, to which a thickener is often added to create the gel texture. Gel sanitizers are considered more user­ friendly than liquids, as they avoid spilling and thus wasting the precious sanitizer material that is in critical need for the fight against the coronavirus outbreak. The thickener typically used for the production of hand sanitizing gels and other home care and personal care

products, is currently in global shortage due to the COVID-19 coronavirus. Experts from the Archroma team in Brazil, anticipating shortages just as they had happened during previous outbreaks such as H1N1, decided to look into the matter. The result is Mowiplus® HPC 9600, an alternative that offers good performance and cost levels, and even allows to skip the 12-hours hydration process needed traditionally, thus saving valuable time in a crisis that need all the sanitizers it can get. "Everyone at Archromais currently engaged in the fight against COVID-19, at home and at work, as we do everything we can to protect our loved ones, our colleagues, and ourselves", comments Marcelo Ribeiro, Head ofSales Brazil at Archroma. "With Mowiplus® HPC 9600 we are actually able to directly make a difference and contribute to the fight, by delivering a product that helps to make a more convenient end- product, and to preserve every drop of precious hand sanitizer. It's our nature, and that makes us very proud", adds Regina Oliveira, Head ofSales Latin America atArchroma. The new product is listed in the INCi (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) and meets the July 2016 RDC N ° 83 ANVISA / MERCOSUL Technical Regulation for personal hygiene products, cosmetics and perfumes. Mowiplus® HPC 9600 is currently available in Brazil.

PRODYE Installation Begins in China KARL MEYER Indigo Dyeing Machine Offers Hingtex Yet More Variety and Quality

The KARL MAYER success story has now reached China, thanks to the PRODYE indigo dyeing machine. The efficient warp preparation equipment for denim production is already a worldwide commercial success, and spring 2020 will see the commissioning of the first machine in China. The premiere model has been ordered by H.W. Textiles Co., Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hingtex Holdings Limited. A fully integrated manufacturer based in Hong Kong, Hingtex is one ofthe world's most important producers of denim. Key to the company's success is its continual provision of a product portfolio bursting with quality, variety and uniqueness, particularly since it entered into partnership with The Apparel Times

Kurabo Industries Ltd. Hingtex's strategic alliance with the Japanese textiles company was originally established in 2013 as a joint venture. "To differentiate yourself from your competitors, you need to be innovative and proactive, especially in today's highly competitive and fast changing market," says Director Stephen Tung. PRODYE boasts many additional features that set it apart from the competition. These include a darker indigo shade of up to 5%, lower water consumption and waste yam, plus double productivity for the production oflightweight denim. KARL MAYER uses its expertise to help its clients unlock this huge potential. 21