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Plastics have a role to play in a circular and sustainable future

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Strong growth in all markets No HANNOVER MESSE IN 2020 Pneumatic robotics meets artificial intelligence Atlas Copco group has risen to challenge by being constantly Innovative & Agile Volume:11 Issue: 02 March-April 2020 Rupees. 180 US $ 18 MAHENG/2012/41268

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17 Digital Industrial Transformation by leading Connectivity and Intelligence

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18 Redefining the E-Commerce In-Store Customer Experience 19 igus tribo-polymers make strain wave gears costeffective and light 20 Atlas Copco group has risen to challenge by being constantly Innovative & Agile 23 The new standard for positioning Technology 24 Finolex Cables Ltd – Q3FY20 RESULTS

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25 Cost Optimization Boosted Our Operating Profitability 26 EuroBLECH 2020 announces additional exhibition hall 27 AVEVA Expands into The Discrete Manufacturing Market


28 Investment Of $75-100 Billion To Help Indian Chemical Industry 29 Strong growth in all markets 30 No HANNOVER MESSE in 2020

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Market and Business Analysis

31 Plastics have a role to play in a circular and sustainable future


Guest Editorial :

Covid-19 is an unseen beast that seems to be impacting everything in its path HE Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo OPEC Secretary General, Over the course of the last few months, COVID-19 has pervaded almost every aspect of life. We see it in the lockdowns initiated by governments across the world; the widespread travel restrictions; business and industry shutdowns; school closures; social distancing measures … I could go on. Covid-19 is an unseen beast that seems to be impacting everything in its path. First and foremost this comes in the tragic loss of life; our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected. There are also no sectors of the economy unaffected by this unprecedented situation. For the oil market, it has completely up-ended market supply and demand fundamentals since we last met on 6 March. Even in the first week of March the outlook looked relatively bleak, but in just over one month it has changed beyond all recognition. The supply and demand fundamentals are horrifying; the expected excess supply volumes on the market, particularly in the 2Q20, are beyond anything we have seen before. Our industry is hemorrhaging; no-one has been able to stem the bleeding. We are already seeing some productions shut-ins, companies filing for bankruptcy and tens of thousands of jobs are being lost. The data and analysis presented and deliberated, underscores the scale of the massive challenge before us. Only one month ago at the meetings in Vienna, expected 2020 global GDP growth was 2.4%. Today, it is a negative 1.1%. It is incredible to think that the global contraction is far greater than that for the Great Recession of 2008-2009. In early March, expected 2020 global oil demand growth was just below 0.1 mb/d. Today, we are looking at a contraction of 6.8 mb/d, with the second quarter alone close to 12 mb/d and expanding. These are staggering numbers! Unprecedented in modern times. The outlook for non-OPEC supply growth in 2020 has also fallen by over 1.5 mb/d, although this is nowhere near the drop for oil demand. The OPEC Reference Basket has fallen from $52.7/b in March 2020 to below $20/b in early April, a decline of around 70%. We are all now seeing significant less revenue coming into our treasuries. This evidently has major consequences, with the limits of the market being tested on many fronts. We are likely to see further breaches in logistical capacity, for ships, pipelines, terminals and processing units. And it is clear that available storage

capacity is quickly filling up. To put this in some context, the OPEC Secretariat's assessment of available global oil storage capacity stands over one billion barrels. Given the current unprecedented supply and demand imbalance there could be a colossal excess volume of 14.7 mb/d in the 2Q20. This oversupply would add a further 1.3 billion barrels to global crude oil stocks, and hence exhaust the available global crude oil storage capacity within the month of May. There is a grizzly shadow hanging over all of us. We do not want this shadow to envelope us. It will have a crushing and long-term impact on the entire industry. It is not just oil – the situation is negatively impacting all commodities; metals; minerals; stocks and financial markets. All the producers here, OPEC, OPEC+ and other producing nations that have taken it upon them need to recall the severe market imbalance 2014-2016. It was when oil producers lost trillions of dollars in foregone revenues, and globally more than $1 trillion was lost in terms of investment. It is imperative we take urgent action. It is in all of our interests, and it is also in the interests of consumers. That is not to say that any medicine will be easy; obviously, it won't. But it is clear that it is needed. And it will benefit us all. These difficult times require unparalleled flexibility and commitment. Commitment and shared responsibility is part and parcel of the history of the DoC partners. We have always been proactive and proportional; responsible and responsive; thorough and thoughtful. I call on oil producers , to look at the market outlook we present, and stand shoulder-to-shoulder to help this vital global industry survive. For the current quarter, around 15% of global oil consumption has evaporated and this huge market imbalance needs to be urgently addressed. I would like to leave you with a line from the great Bard, William Shakespeare: “Let me embrace thee, sour adversity, for wise men say it is the wisest course.” With the huge challenge before us, and in this increasingly complex and interdependent world, we count on the spirit of togetherness and the enduring timelessness of the principles of international cooperation driven by inclusiveness and mutual respect among all nations gathered today to guide us through these demanding period. 10

March April 2020

TECHNOLOGY Innovative solar ice-making machine for Indonesian small-scale fishermen

High-tech components from Germany provided for the development of machines that use solar power to produce ice blocks for local fishermen. High-tech solution from Southern Germany for a provided support for the development of a solar German-Indonesian project for rural development powered ice-making machine. Together with a number of Indonesian, German and other European companies, and to avoid food waste the production of these machines was also established Indonesia's small-scale fishermen in disadvantaged in Indonesia. Development began in 2016 and the pilot regions will in future be able to sell their products plant started up successfully in 2018 – the first nationwide with the help of seamless refrigeration commercial unit will go into operation in Indonesia in chains. This is being made possible by a solar- 2020. powered machine for the production of ice blocks. This innovative type of unit was developed as part of In accordance with the guiding principle of Industry a multi-year German-Indonesian cooperation 4.0, the innovative technology ensures the production arrangement. “The fish is prevented from spoiling, of up to 1.2 tons of block ice per day, dynamically and with the ice being produced on a totally climate- automatically adapted to the amount of solar energy neutral basis,” says Frank Stegmüller of the available. This does not require either a power German Agency for International Cooperation connection or an expensive, large battery storage (GIZ). “This is a genuine German-Indonesian system, allowing ice blocks to be produced in locations away from power grids and used for cooling locally success story.” caught fish. Stegmüller from the GIZ: “This secures the Indonesia is the world's leading tuna producing nation income of fishermen who operate on a sustainable and the second largest fish producer overall. However, basis, especially in remote and low-income regions of small-scale fishermen who practice environmentally Indonesia.” sound fishing methods are often unable to transport their fish to consumers due to a lack of refrigeration Components and know-how were provided free of facilities. As a result, these fishermen find it virtually charge during the development phase by the German impossible to compete with industrial fishing; much of companies Bitzer, Ziehl-Abegg and BAE Batterien. their catch is spoiled, causing poverty amongst the The development as well as technical support were provided by experts from the ILK Dresden [Institute of fishermen. Air Handling and Refrigeration]. The solar powered Indonesia's policy aims to conserve fish stocks and ice-making machines are manufactured by the secure the income of fishermen in remote areas. The Indonesian industrial company Selaras Mandiri Tehnik key factor in achieving this is to keep the catch (AIREF). Other project partners include REC Solar, continuously refrigerated. The GIZ initiated and ATW Solar, Studer and Omron.

Market and Business Analysis


TECHNOLOGY Accurate contour detection for inline quality checks

With their new PMD Profiler, ifm presents a new sensor for contour detection at that is ideal for quality assurance tasks directly within the process. In contrast to other methods, the new contour sensor is very easy to install and insensitive to ambient light. The PMD Profiler works by means of triangulation. The sensor projects a straight laser line on the surface to be measured. The sensor's receiving element (PMD chip) detects the reflection of the laser light. There is an angular offset between the projection unit and the receiving element, so that the contour sensor can detect an object's height profile. The PMD Profiler has a measuring range from 150 mm to 300 mm. The proportions of the recorded height profile are independent from the distance between the sensor and the object. This makes it easier to align and position the sensor. Installing and configuring the sensor is very simple as well. Neither external illumination nor screening against extraneous light is required. Three pushbuttons and the guided menu on the colour display can be used to teach in reference objects. A projected

reference line helps define the required area on the object. If the height profile of a reference object is taught in, objects can be compared with this taught-in contour. In this way, deviating components can be distinguished from good parts. This inline quality control reduces rejects since it allows quick identification and elimination of error sources. A switching LED on the sensor indicates whether it is a good part. Via IO-Link, further information, such as the reject rate and the detected object profiles can be transferred to higher-level systems. The PMD Profiler is typically used in assembly and handling applications. It does not only check if an object is present, but also whether the correct component has been selected and properly assembled. It is also possible to distinguish between parts that have only slight differences (for example, a milled slot). The sensor will also reliably detect other minor differences. It can, for example, check whether a screw is tightened properly or whether a latch is in place.

About the ifm group of companies Measuring, controlling and evaluating – when it "from sensor to ERP". Today, the second-generation comes to pioneering automation and digitalisation family-run ifm group has more than 7,300 employees technology, the ifm group is the ideal partner. Since its in 95 countries and is one of the worldwide market foundation in 1969 ifm has developed, produced and leaders. The group combines the internationality and sold sensors, controllers, software and systems for innovative strength of a growing group of companies industrial automation worldwide. As one of the with the flexibility and close customer contact of a pioneers of Industry 4.0, ifm develops and implements medium-sized company. consistent solutions to digitise the entire value chain


March April 2020

TECHNOLOGY Energy-Efficient Solutions for Manufacturing, Infrastructure, and Buildings Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions. Delta's technology leadership plays a key role in enabling organisations to successfully embrace next generation developments, while increasing their energy efficiency and better managing their energy consumption. Visitors to Delta's stand will be able to view solutions including: Smart Manufacturing Solutions With manufacturers under constant pressure to increase energy efficiency and control their engineering costs, Smart Manufacturing can be realized with the correct platform in place. Therefore, one of the highlights on display at the Hannover Messe will be Delta's integrated engineering software DIAStudio Smart Machine Suite, along with a broad range of advanced automation products. DIAStudio provides an all-in-one platform for selecting models, programming (IEC61131-3 standard), and setting up PLCs, HMIs, drives, and more. This simplifies product selection and the programming processes, and helps to save time and costs for machine makers building their systems. Energy Infrastructure Solutions With the growing demand for distributed energy sources and e-mobility solutions nowadays, Delta will demonstrate its broad range of Energy Infrastructure solutions for residential and public applications. For residential applications, Delta will demonstrate its V2X Electric-Vehicle (EV) Charger, which brings Vehicle to Home/Building/Grid and provides bidirectional charge and discharge power conversion for EVs. The 3-phase AC MAX is a 22KW EV charger for the home or business while the H5A FLEX is a 5kVA residential PV inverter. The HEMS (Home Energy Management System) manages all the flows, to optimise energy efficiency while simplifying energy management. On the public side – and in order to bring EV charging capabilities to public spaces like parking lots, service stations and charging networks across cities without creating a massive impact to the grid - the company

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will show its 200kW Ultra Fast Charger. It will also show its M30A PV inverter, its scalable PCS100 power conditioning system and its SMS site management system. These demonstrate how its fast charging solutions - combined with power conditioning and energy storage systems - enables users and charging point operators to allocate power flexibly while stabilising the grid. Telecom Infrastructure Solutions for 5G With 5G deployments set to increase further in 2020, Delta's presence in the telecom world is helping to power up the rollout of 5G. One such solution is the demonstration of the Telecom Base Station, showcasing, among other things, an OutD cabinet, the Small Cell OutD and the Golden Eagle I & II series standalone rectifiers. All can be used in a wide range of outdoor environments, while delivering a very high efficient performance, which helps to reduce the telecom network's carbon footprint. Delta also demonstrates the hybrid power solutions for upgrading Base Transceiver Stations (BTS), providing energy savings solutions for a renewable energy future. Smart Building Solutions Delta's Data-Driven Facility Management Platform is an IoT-based Building Management Platform that facilitates the easy management of green buildings with smart and eco-friendly HVAC, lighting, elevators, and surveillance equipment. Designed to simplify the use of applications critical to building automation and the management of multiple platforms and building automation solutions, it is viewed through a customisable dashboard. Providing an easyto-use interface, users can switch between views that show critical information, including a predictive maintenance display. This insight ensures building efficiency and consistency, to help deliver optimal performance all year round. It can also generate energy use and analysis reports to help factories to meet either their own internal or regulatory environmental goals, while smart access management and equipment monitoring views provide real time updates on device status.

TECHNOLOGY Emerson Automation Solutions Emerson is a global technology and engineering company providing innovative solutions and improving Process and Industrial manufacturing performance with measurable results for customers. Offering valve technologies, intelligent gateways and automation platforms designed to help manufacturers digitally transform their pneumatic and fluid control operations with ease. Smarter, more integrated pneumatics yields several benefits-including improved energy efficiency, system availability and costs.

operators take fast action in case leaks are detected. In addition to flow, the AF2 determines the pressure and temperature in the feed line. It then forwards data to the controller via standard switches, analog outputs or input/output (/IO) links. This sensor can also communicate directly with higher-level systems via OPC UA and MQTT.

Fieldbus Electronics Made Easy Integrating valve manifolds with I/O and automation capabilities can simplify the design and operation of pneumatic systems. To demonstrate the ways Emerson makes this process quick, simple and painless, the Creating Value with Smart Pneumatics Smart pneumatic systems can gather high levels of following solutions will be on display: diagnostic data, not only about their own functionality, b u t a b o u t t h e c o m p o n e n t s c o n n e c t e d t o The ASCO G3 Electronic Fieldbus Platform them—particularly when it comes to wear and energy. integrates communication interfaces and I/O To demonstrate how Emerson solutions improve c a p a b i l i t i e s i n t o p n e u m a t i c v a l v e energy efficiency and lower operating costs, the manifolds—allowing the PLC to more efficiently turn valves on and off, as well as channel data from sensors, following solutions will be on display: relays and other I/O devices. By supporting star and inThe AVENTICS Smart Pneumatics Monitor (SPM) line topologies, G3 replaces conventional hardwired provides condition monitoring and energy analysis of solutions—reducing the length of cable runs and pneumatic systems—all without machine control. The lowering material costs. It also provides several analog SPM delivers valuable data about actuator wear, and digital I/O functions, including temperature allowing users to initiate proactive maintenance functions for wear monitoring. G3 is the only measures. Thanks to a simple drag-and-drop feature, pneumatic valve manifold that contains an easy-to-use users can assemble and link the components to be graphical display, facilitating configuration, monitored. The SPM then records and analyzes commissioning and diagnostics. collected data on the local level, then sends the information to end-devices or higher-level IT systems For applications that don't require the full capabilities via OPC UA and MQTT. In addition to increasing of G3, Emerson also offers the ASCO Series 580 system availability, the SPM minimizes the risk of electronics platform with a space-saving design for machine downtime and substantially lowers operating tight installations. Like the G3, it integrates a graphic display and is easy to configure, commission and costs. The AVENTICS AF2 Series Flow Sensor monitors maintain. air consumption in pneumatic systems—helping For more information, visit


March April 2020

TECHNOLOGY Pneumatic robotics meets artificial intelligence Festo presents BionicSoftHand and BionicSoftArm Combined with the BionicSoftArm, a pneumatic lightweight robot, the Future Concepts are suitable for human-robot collaboration. Whether its grabbing, holding or turning, touching, typing or pressing – in everyday life, we use our hands as a matter of course for the most diverse tasks. In that regard, the human hand, with its unique combination of power, dexterity and fine motor skills, is a true miracle tool of nature. What could be more natural than equipping robots in collaborative workspaces with a gripper that is modelled after this model of nature, that

solves various tasks by learning through artificial intelligence? Festo shows the pneumatic robot hand BionicSoftHand at the International Press Conference 2019. Combined with the BionicSoftArm, a pneumatic lightweight robot, the Future Concepts are suitable for human-robot collaboration.

The BionicSoftHand is pneumatically operated, so that it can interact safely and directly with people. Unlike the human hand, the BionicSoftHand has no bones. Its fingers consist of flexible bellows structures with air chambers. The bellows are enclosed in the fingers by a special 3D textile coat knitted from both, elastic and high-strength threads. With the help of the textile, it is possible to determine exactly where the structure expands and generates power, and where it is prevented from expanding. This makes it light, flexible, adaptable and sensitive, yet capable of exerting strong forces.

fingers can be precisely controlled. The 24 valve nozzles are connected via an airflow plate to the ten air connections of the gripper fingers and the two swivel modules. At the same time, the pressure sensors required for precise control are located on the plate. In order to be able to realise the filigree design with the complex air ducts in such a tight space, the plate is produced with 3D printing.

Artificial Intelligence The learning methods of machines are comparable to those of humans: either in a positive or a negative way – they require a feedback following their actions in order to classify and learn from them. BionicSoftHand uses the method of reinforcement learning. This means: Instead of imitating a specific action, the hand is merely given a goal. It uses the trial and error method, to achieve its goal. Based on received feedback, it gradually optimises its actions until the task is finally solved successfully.

The BionicSoftHand should rotate a 12-sided “cube” so that a previously defined side points upwards at the end.

BionicSoftArm: one robot arm, many possible variations The strict separation between the manual work of the factory worker and the automated actions of the robot is being increasingly set aside. Their work ranges are overlapping and merging into a collaborative working space. In this way, human and machine will be able to simultaneously work together on the same workpiece or component in the future – without having to be shielded from each other for safety reasons.

Specifically, the BionicSoftHand should rotate a 12-sided “cube” so that a previously defined side points upwards at the end. The necessary movement strategy is taught in a virtual environment with the aid of a digital twin, which is created with the help of data from a depth-sensing camera via computer vision and the algorithms of artificial intelligence.

The BionicSoftArm is a compact further development of Festo's BionicMotionRobot, whose range of applications has been significantly expanded. This is made possible by its modular design: It can be combined with up to seven pneumatic bellows segments and rotary drives. This guarantees maximum flexibility in terms of reach and mobility, thus enables it to work around obstacles even in the tightest of spaces if necessary. At the same time, it is completely flexible and can work safely with people. Direct human-robot collaboration is possible with the BionicSoftArm, as well as its use in classic SCARA applications, such as pick-and-place tasks.

BionicSoftHand: proportional piezo valves for precise control In order to keep the effort of tubing the BionicSoftHand as low as possible, the developers have specially designed a small, digitally controlled valve terminal, which is mounted directly on the hand. This means that the tubes for controlling the gripper fingers do not have to be pulled through the entire robot arm. Thus, the BionicSoftHand can be quickly and easily connected and operated with only one tube each for supply air and exhaust air. With the proportional piezo valves used, the movements of the

Flexible application possibilities The modular robot arm can be used for a wide variety of applications, depending on the design and mounted gripper. Thanks to its flexible kinematics, the BionicSoftArm can interact directly and safely with humans. At the same time, the kinematics make it easier for it to adapt to different tasks at various locations in production environments: the elimination of costly safety devices such as cages and light barriers shortens conversion times and thus enables flexible use – completely in accordance with adaptive and economical production.

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TECHNOLOGY Cost-effective motor/valve control B&R introduces new digital output module with pulse width modulation

B&R's new digital output module X20DO4332-1 has integrated pulse width modulation and is a cost-effective alternative to motor modules.

B&R's new digital output module X20DO4332-1 has integrated pulse width modulation and is a costeffective alternative to motor modules. In addition, the module offers a dither function that prevents valves from sticking.

With its dither function, the module also prevents valves from sticking. This is particularly common when valves are held for extended times at a constant position, especially in liquids. The dither function oscillates the valve slightly around the position setpoint to prevent it from sticking. The X20 module is Pulse width modulation (PWM) is mainly used for equipped with four outputs with three-wire controlling larger loads, such as motors. Instead of connections and offers a nominal output current of 2 A. using electronics to regulate a continuous input voltage down to the desired motor voltage, the motor is controlled by the width of the switching pulses. This process saves a considerable amount of energy.

Full safety following network failure B&R's Blackout mode enables high machine availability

The B&R drive technology portfolio now offers a Blackout mode.

The B&R drive technology portfolio now offers a Blackout mode that ensures safe machine control in the event of a network failure. Machine downtime can be avoided without costly redundancy solutions to ensure maximum machine availability.

ACOPOS P3) to continue operation in the event of a network failure. Safety functionality remains intact. Controlled shutdown Blackout mode allows configuration of simple safety sequences. Applications in lower-level systems continue execution even after a network failure. For The Blackout function enables the safe variants of example, axes can be brought to a stop or moved to a B&R servo drives (ACOPOSmulti, ACOPOSmotor or defined position.


March April 2020

TECHNOLOGY Digital Industrial Transformation by leading Connectivity and Intelligence “Connecting AI & Gears”, Huawei and a range of its solution partners to bring more benefitsto enterprise industrial partners will showcase the latest innovative customers. products and solutions based on disruptive technologies such as 5G, Wi-Fi 6, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet Ÿ In September 2019, Huawei launched its nextof Things (IoT), All-flash Storage, edge and cloud generation, intelligent, All-flashStorage product, the computing in order to ride on the current industry mega OceanStor Dorado at HUAWEI CONNECT 2019. The trends of digitalization, individualization and deever fast,ever solid, and AI-powered All-flash Storage carbonization. solution delivers superb performance,high security and reliability, and automated management, helping industrycustomers accelerate their service innovation. It is worth mentioning that, according to Huawei's Global Industry Vision 2025 (GIV@2025), 97% of large enterprises will adopt AI by 2025, with most AI-related Ÿ In October 2019, Huawei's WLAN has been recognized as a "Strong Performer" in"The Forrester applications and technologies expected to revolve around New WaveTM: Wireless Solutions, Q3 2019" report the use of all-digital technologies and intelligent by Forrester Research, Inc. AirEngine Wi-Fi 6, manufacturing systems in Smart Factories. powered by Huawei 5G technology, is the coreproduct At the Preview, Dr. Cesim Demir, CTO of Huawei in Huawei's WLAN solution. This leading Wi-Fi and Manufacturing & Automotive Solutions, Huawei IoT converged solutionis designed to meet the diverse Enterprise Business Group Western Europe, said: needs of various sectors, including "Together with our solution partners, Huawei enables smart manufacturing and logistics. enterprises to unleash the full added value of ICT technologies to achieve new levels of efficiency, agility, Ÿ In April and October 2019, Huawei has garnered the Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice for Data flexibility and cost savings to compete within the fourth Center Networking designation thanks to its industrial revolution. 228 of the Fortune Global 500 immense number of positive reviews and high companies have chosen Huawei as their digital ratings from customers. These two distinctions are transformation partner. Among these corporate groups are also a testament to Huawei's position in the data leading manufacturers, logistics service and energy center network industry and solid record in largeproviders around the globe. scale deployment and commercial use for global customers. Huawei has made significant contributions to reshape the industry value chain, innovate business models, and create new values based on Enterprise Network, Cloud, Big Ÿ In October 2019, Huawei received the "Global Service Router New Product Innovation Leadership Award" Data, and other technologies: from Frost & Sullivan. Huawei's NetEngine 8000 Series router is one of the greatest examples Ÿ In July 2019, Huawei inaugurated Munich OpenLab of product innovation. It is the industry's first router 2.0 in Germany to boost DigitalIndustrial that provides a capacity of 14.4T per slot, which is Transformation by innovating, verifying and 1.5 timesthe industry average. Additionally, these integrating SmartManufacturing solutions jointly with series will enable operators to build an AI-boosted customers and partners. The facility offers a real intelligent IP bearer network, facilitating business production environment in the form of an Industry 4.0 success in the 5Gand cloud era. test bed with the latesttechnology stack operationally a v a i l a b l e f o r t e s t i n g a n d e x p e r i e n c i n g : We are thrilled to bring these and many other ICT From Connectivity, such as standalone 5G and Wi-Fi products and solutions, to showcase our extraordinary 6, Edge Computing, Infrastructure,Cloud, Artificial work with our partners and to communicate our customers how we support to expand business Intelligence (AI) to Internet of Things (IoT). Following the strategic approach of “Platform + opportunities in the digital era. Ecosystem”, Huawei Munich OpenLab 2.0 currently cooperates with more than 20 industrial

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TECHNOLOGY Redefining the E-Commerce In-Store Customer Experience AutoStore’s Revolutionary Micro-Fulfillment Solution for innovative Omnichannel-Services:

Modular and Scalable Solutions with the highest density in the market Perfectly suited for consumer in-store micro-fulfillment is Auto Store®, a modular, highly automated eCommerce fulfillment system that is compact enough to be placed almost anywhere in-store, equipped to fulfill online orders fast and efficiently.

workstations. Associates can consolidate eCommerce orders in less than 10 minutes, and put them back in the system for customers to collect at any time. And orders can be retrieved from the system in just a few minutes. Customers can decide their preferred option to collect prepicked orders, whether in-store, parking spot or home delivery.

Peter Bimmermann, Business Development Manager AutoStore System GmbH, is convinced this years AutoSore's appearance in Hanover can be remembered as a gamechanger for the industry. " With the expectation of same-day deliveries in eCommerce, fast order fulfillment is essential to deliver on customer expectations. Managing retails eCommerce fulfillment from regional distribution centers cannot accommodate the demands of today's consumers, nor can it sustain cost efficiency. The automatic micro-fulfillment solution from AutoStore retailers can replace aisles with richer in-store experiences. This will eventually change retail as we know it. We are looking forward to present the AutoStore solutions at Hannover Messe.”

Fail-saved robotics for maximum system availability AutoStore consists of a three-dimensional aluminum grid system of self-supporting bins that are moved to pick stations by independently-operating robots, providing swift and accurate movement of orders. Each robot has two sets of wheels that enable it to move along perpendicular axes. This makes it possible for all robots to reach any position, and any bin on the grid independently – virtually eliminating the possibility of single-point system failure, providing near 100 percent system availability.

AutoStore provides the highest density of any automated storage and pick system. Modular in design, its microfulfillment solution can easily be configured to fit different store ceiling heights and obstacles. Click-and-Collect 24/7 or Last-Mile Delivery options The efficient design and functionality of AutoStore's eCommerce micro-fulfillment pick-up points play a critical role in maintaining high-volume throughput for output


From Online to In-Store eCommerce fulfillment presents a significant challenge for retail stores AutoStore's technology and extensive use-case experience is now being leveraged for extremely efficient microfulfillment of online orders in-store. Essentially, we have redefined the eCommerce in-store customer experience. The AutoStore crew is looking forward to meet the media and prospective customers to present them the future of retail.

March April 2020

TECHNOLOGY igus tribo-polymers make strain wave gears cost effective and light

generator is rotated. Along the last axis of an articulated arm, linear robot or delta robot, the strain wave gear can be used before different gripper systems. Here, it performs the task of gripping objects that are not rotationally symmetrical and positioning them exactly. The current version is based on the installation size Nema 17 for direct connection to a stepper motor and can easily be adapted to other types of motor. The load bearing capacity of the strain wave gear has been determined in the test laboratory. With a transmission ratio of 28:1, the gearbox has a service life of 1 million cycles under a load of 1.5Nm and at a speed of 6rpm. As a next step, Tribo-polymers are used wherever the goal is an there are plans to develop a size Nema 23 gearbox. improvement of technical performance and a simultaneous reduction of costs. The advantages of tribo-polymers are Cost-effective automation solutions now possible especially apparent in the case of gearboxes: due to the use Like igus worm gears and planetary gears, strain wave gears of iglidur high-performance polymers, strain wave gears are also part of the igus Low Cost Automation product from igus require no additional lubrication, in contrast to range. These products can be used to develop cost-effective metal types of gear. Friction and wear are improved if and long-lasting automation solutions for small and lubrication-free tribo-polymers are used. At the same time, medium-sized enterprises – such as robots that can dispense the use of plastics enables an extremely compact design and coffee in the retail trade, perform pick-and-place tasks in the cost-effective manufacture. As a result of active research electronics industry or, in future, empty a dishwasher in the and further development of the strain wave gear, operating home. And all this is possible at a very favourable price: for smoothness, backlash and service life have been optimised example, a five-axis robot kinematics system from the igus further by means of improvements in the technical design robolink DP series costs around 3,500 euros, due mainly to and in the selection of materials. This especially applies to the use of plastics, whereby the investment often pays for itself within just a few months. Last year, igus worked with the latest generation. partners to start the platform, which makes it Strain wave gear made of lubrication-free tribo- easy to put together additional components such as gripper, control system or pneumatic components in order to create a polymers The main components of the gearbox include a wave full robotics solution. The platform brings users and generator and a flexible ring with outer drive teeth, as well as suppliers of low-cost robotics components together quickly an outer ring, fixed in place in the housing and a rotary and easily. Interested parties can put together a low-cost power take-off element with inner drive teeth. The robotics solution that matches their requirements and their necessary flexibility and high degree of wear resistance are budget exactly. achieved through the use of lubrication-free highperformance igus polymers. The wave generator has an Due to the use of lubrication-free high-performance elliptical shape, therefore the surrounding flexible ring also polymers igus strain wave gears are not only extremely assumes this shape. The drive teeth of the flexible ring compact and light but also require very little maintenance engage at two places in the inner drive teeth of the outer ring and have an especially long service life. (Source: igus and power take-off element. As the outer ring has two teeth GmbH) more than the other components, the flexible ring is only moved two teeth further per rotation when the wave In order to generate accurate movement along the 5th robot axis, the motion plastics specialist igus has developed new types of strain wave gears based on its tribo-polymer technology. Due to the use of lubrication-free highperformance polymers, they are not only extremely compact and light but also require very little maintenance and have an especially long service life. The latest generation supplements the gearbox series from igus and is part of the continually growing range of products for Low Cost Automation.

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TECHNOLOGY Atlas Copco group has risen to challenge by being constantly Innovative & Agile

Mr. Chandrashekhar Pathak, Business Line Manager, General Industry Division Atlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems. Atlas Copco in Manufacturing With focus on belong to Automotive, Offroad, Electronics, Consumer goods, Energy, Transport or Aerospace Industry 4.0? segments. Recently Atlas Copco completed 147 years of its existence which by no means is a small achievement Though the needs of different industrial consumers for any Industrial conglomerate. In this disruptive and engaged in the assembly and manufacturing of uncertain era sustaining a leadership position in the different products could be different, there are certain industry is a great challenge. The Atlas Copco group common assembly related challenges faced by every has risen to this challenge by being constantly industry. In order to be competitive and sustain the Innovative & Agile. Innovation being one of the core uncertain market conditions prevalent today, every values of the group has helped it to retain its global manufacturing setup whether into making of a car or a leadership position over several decades. mobile phone has to be flexible & agile. The set up should be able to manufacture a wide variety of True to the Atlas Copcos corporate message “The products in a short span of time and in the most costHome of Industrial Ideas” - the globally spread teams effective manner. at Atlas Copco Tools & Assembly Systems have a vision to “Accelerate the General Industry However, in reality having flexible and agile Transformation to a Smart Connected World”. The manufacturing set ups is easier said than done. In their teams at Atlas Copco are constantly working so as to attempt to address the need for flexibility, most of the bring sustainable value to industries everywhere by manufacturers are often saddled with system turning industrial ideas into smart manufacturing complexity which in turn leads to another crucial assembly solutions and innovative industrial tools. challenge and that is of having necessary human Thanks to its strong legacy of 147 years, the group has competence. To top it, all the above challenges for witnessed and surpassed the challenges of all the flexibility need to be handled in the most cost-effective previous industrial revolutions and has emerged manner so as to remain sustainable in the market. After successful. Hence it is no surprise that today Atlas all no manufacturer can afford to keep investing in new Copco is fully ready to embrace the current Industrial or flexible solutions and risk their bottom line. Hence Revolution 4.0 and contribute meaningfully to all its their investment decisions today have to be customers in the manufacturing domain whether they “thoroughly thought through” 20

March April 2020


Fortunately Atlas Copco teams can contribute and become strategic partners in this journey such that Ÿ Increased Uptime – Smart tools with enhanced and predictive maintenance intervals. their customers are able to emerge victorious from this challenging cycle of flexible assembly processes. Ÿ Reduction in defects –Tools & solutions to ensure “Zero Mistakes and make First Time Right” Having understood the above challenges faced by its Ÿ New product introduction – Tools & Solutions customers as well as keeping the diverse needs within enabling a Flexible manufacturing set up so as to different segments in mind, the Atlas Copco team has reduce the time to market for any new product come up with a well deliberated and structured Ÿ Improved productivity – Smart tools with optimization capability and cycle time reduction approach to handle the needs of Industry 4.0. This based on production data feedback and analysis concept known as “Smart Connected Assembly” is unique in itself. Not only does it take advantage of the Ÿ Human interaction – User friendly ergonomic tools & solutions designed to identify & handle ongoing digital revolution and use of latest technology human competence issues through introduction of Ergonomic Wireless Tools, but it also addresses the very basic need of any Ÿ Reduction in Energy use – Flexible & expandable electrical control systems to reduce energy use. manufacturing unit i.e continuous improvement and production optimization. The circle “Smart Connected Assembly” depicted in The concept encompasses and broadly revolves the picture below describes various aspects in any around the following six well defined strategic pillars manufacturing / assembly process. Either one or all of which serve to enhance the overall productivity of any the above value pillars can be suitably applied to the respective stage in the assembly process as required. manufacturing set up :-

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TECHNOLOGY This totalitarian approach is what sets Atlas Copco apart from the rest of the players in this fiercely competitive market. The wide range of solutions from Atlas Copco are easily adaptable and can fit into the manufacturer's existing set up. Investments done today are not likely to go waste since the offered solutions are scalable, upgradeable and designed keeping the future needs in mind. Rather than taking a giant leap by way of huge investments an Atlas Copco customer could choose to invest selectively on crucial or priority stations / stages in the above circle and can thereafter scale up as per need. This is certainly the best way for any manufacturer to remain invested in the future as well as safeguard their bottom line today. Atlas Copco with focus on Additive Manufacturing?

almost every industry: a)Increased Automation more flexible robots driving cost reduction and efficiency gains b)Big data, traceability, analytics and artificial intelligence for process improvements c)More rigid product compliance and regulations d)Increased use of Additive manufacturing such as 3D printing e)Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality in industrial applications From the above it is very obvious that digitalization and data analytics would play (or is rather already playing) a very important part in shaping the future of industry. Hence it is necessary and of utmost importance to be ready and attain competence in data analytics.

The use of Additive Manufacturing (AM) could certainly be the next big change affecting the business dynamics of assembly and manufacturing. However, it is too early to say or predict as to what effect AM would have on conventional assembly methods and processes. Though there has been rapid development in AM in recent years, there is still a long way to go before this technology becomes a viable option.

Companies and organizations merely involved in supplying products with advanced technological features and compatible with IOT 4.0 requirements may find it challenging to thrive or even survive this disruptive onslaught of technology. The future needs and demands of the customers / tool users would be more comprehensive and complete solution based rather than being product centric or issue centric. Manufacturers offering compact, As of today almost all 3D-printed parts require some type ergonomic and digitally advanced tools / solutions would of post-processing. This suggests that in future even if AM be preferred for their sheer flexibility and data takes center-stage and replaces the conventional communication capabilities. manufacturing methods, the need for precision material removal tools will certainly exist to ensure smooth surface Having realized the above needs, the Atlas Copco group finish of every component. Fortunately Atlas Copco has already invested in suitable resources pre-dominantly already has a very strong portfolio of products suitable for software engineers and developers so that analytics is the material removal. However keeping the needs of the future core competence of the teams in future. in mind, the teams at Atlas Copco are working on product enhancement of their material removal tools portfolio. The How do you see competition and foresee future? tools for the future are being designed so as to complement Atlas Copco strongly believes in R&D investments to and be easily adaptable to futuristic technologies of the develop and introduce innovative products in the market so as to maintain its leadership position and stay atop its likes of AM. competition. However, the best or the most innovative AM in its present stage is not ready to handle the needs of products with unique features could fail to strike a chord mass production and hence conventional manufacturing with the users and customers, if not backed by prompt and methods certainly have an upper edge in this regard. Under efficient after sales service. The group lays strong focus on such circumstances AM does not seem to pose an customer satisfaction and commitment and invests heavily immediate threat to the conventional assembly solution into training and development of competent human products from the Atlas Copco portfolio. Keeping in mind resources to offer after-market support to its customers. that the conventional nut & bolt or riveting process for In India, Atlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems has an assembly of parts might be replaced with more advanced impressive manpower ratio between Sales & Service of joining technologies which could complement AM, the approximately 1:4 which is incomparable to any Atlas Copco group has already acquired some world competitor in this business sector. Further the company has reputed companies having expertise in adhesive joining. a wide network of capable and competent distributors With this acquired competence it would be easier for the spread across the country to cater to various customer group to be prepared and face the advent of AM technology needs. Further its widely diverse product range provides a unique as and when needed. competitive edge to Atlas Copco. The company can cater to As far as its in house product manufacturing goes, the Atlas a customer need for a simple Socket to be used for Copco group certainly has a strong focus and prefers to use fastening as well as support its customers by developing newer and environment friendly manufacturing methods and providing highly advanced tailor-made Software rather than conventional methods which have the potential Solutions to meet specific requirements. None of the competition has such a wide product range or global to deplete earth resources. presence. The sheer diversity of its product range How do you see future trends in case of Tools & combined with the experience and competence gathered over several years of its existence helps to set Atlas Copco Assembly Solutions? With the onset of this technological revolution - Industry much ahead from the competition. 4.0 the following changes and future trends are a given for 22

March April 2020

TECHNOLOGY The new standard for Positioning Technology

deflects radio waves. Ultra-wideband (UWB) has proven its merits as a highly robust radio technology. Take, for example, automated guided vehicles and drones. They find it easier to calculate their positions and are better able to navigate with the help of these radio waves. To date, it has not been possible to In an initiative led by TRUMPF, some 60 industrial connect solutions from different suppliers. The new companies will present omlox, the new standard for standard will change that. Much like plug-and-play positioning technology, at Hannover Messe. This USB and Blue-tooth consumer technology, it provides standard will serve to jointly connect tracking the means to directly connect and combine devices technologies such as ultra-wideband, RFID, 5G and from different vendors. Easier deployment of automated guided vehicles and drones in manufacturing // Affordable plug-n-play access to ultra-wideband technologies for everyone // Joint use of ultra-wideband, RFID, 5G and GPS to seamlessly monitor the supply chain

GPS. With this move, these companies are responding to the rising tide of positioning solutions in industrial manufacturing. “The goal of the initiative is to make it easier for industrial customers to use hardware and software from different vendors. This saves the end customer time and money,” says Thomas Schneider, Managing Director Research & Development at TRUMPF. Many of today’s radio technologies only work on their own. Now all positioning data are to be displayed in a uniform coordinate system. This will facilitate industry customers’ efforts to integrate solutions from multiple vendors. A quick, affordable way to connect solutions from different providers omlox is very much about connecting the heart of the supply chain, the factory. To determine distances with accuracy on a centimeter scale, positioning solutions have to cope with disruptive factors such as metal that

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Industry partners from Europe, the USA and Asia Industry partners from all over Europe, Asia and the USA have committed to the new UWB standard. These companies include the software vendors and IT service p r o v i d e r s G F T a n d T- S y s t e m s , t h e s e n s o r manufacturers SICK AG and Pepperl+Fuchs AG, the research institute CEA Leti, the software vendor Heidelberg Mobil and the tracking solutions provider BeSpoon. Some 15 of these enterprises will be at Hannover Messe to present the omlox initiative at its public unveiling. At booth D34 in hall 17, they will demonstrate how multiple vendors’ positioning solutions can work together. Companies are welcome to join the omlox initiative. Once the fair is over, an independent organization will be tasked with continuing to develop the standard while treating all the project partners equally and fairly.

FINANCE Finolex Cables Ltd – Q3FY20 RESULTS Finolex Cables Ltd., (FCL) at the meeting of its Board of Directors approved results for the third quarter of the financial year 2019-20. Net Sales for the quarter ended December 31st 2019 were Rs 702.36 crores as against Rs 749.56 crores for the corresponding period of the previous year representing a 6.3% drop in overall revenue. Growth in Net Sales were affected by the overall slowdown in the economy, and in particular the power, industrial and communication sectors, with Optic Fibre Cables being affected the most (a contraction of more than 30%). Also commodity prices tracked lower during the quarter leading to lower realisations. On volumes, Electrical Wires grew by 5%, while automotive wires grew by 17% with addition of new customers. In the communication sector, the difficulties being faced by the Telecom companies (both private and public) continued with near zero investment in fiber/cables. While the overall requirement of investment in cables continues to be large, the current financial woes of the sector is expected to continue for a few more quarters.

market development activities resulted in lower profitability. As volumes improve further, it is expected that profitability should improve as well. Profit for the quarter, before taxes, was Rs.108.9 crores, as compared to Rs.119.17 crores in the previous year, owing primarily to substantially lower margins in the Communication segment. Owing to the adoption of the lower tax rates announced in September 2019, Profit for the quarter (on a standalone basis), after taxes, improved to Rs.80.63 crores against Rs.75.94 crores in the previous year.Net Profit on a consolidated basis for 9MFY20 stood at Rs 326.51 crore as compared to Rs 282.31 crore in 9MFY20 up 15.65%.

ABOUT FCL Finolex Cables Limited is India's largest and leading manufacturer of Electrical and Communication cables. Finolex offers a w ide range of Electrical and Communication cables. Its wire and cable products are used in applications such as automobile, lighting, cable TV, telephone and computers to industrial applications touching every person in his daily life. Finolex has added Electrical New businesses growth was excellent, with all product lines Switches, LED based Lamps, Fans, low voltage MCBs and (Fans/Lamps/Switches/Switchgear) improving volumes by Water Heaters to itsrange of products. more than 30% over the corresponding period of the previous year; however higher spends on advertisement and

Financial Highlights

Revenue from Operations Other Income Profit before Exceptional item, Interest, Depreciation and Tax Deductions for: Interest Depreciation Profit before Taxation Tax Expenses Profit After Tax

Quarter Ended 31.12.19

Quarter Ended 31.12.18

Nine months Ended 31.12.18 2254.7 97.9

Year Ended 31.03.2019

749.6 19.3

Nine months Ended 31.12.19 2225.9 113.2

702.4 26.5 118.9





0.4 9.6 108.9 (28.3) 80.6

0.0 9.7 119.2 (43.3) 75.9

0.8 29.4 365.8 (80.5) 285.3

0.7 30.5 391.9 (132.7) 259.2

0.9 40.6 531.9 (187.8) 344.1


3077.8 121.8

March April 2020

FINANCE Cost Optimization Boosted Our Operating Profitability. HPL Electric and Power Ltd reports Q3 Cash PAT Grew by 9% YoY to Rs 47.5 Crores 9M FY20 EBITDA Margins Expanded by 130 bps to 12.8% HPL Electric and Power Ltd (referred to as the manufacturing company in India, manufacturing a diverse “ C o m p a n y ” ; N S E : S y m b o l ; H P L , B S E : S c r i p portfolio of electric equipment, announced its financial Code;540136),an established electric equipment results for the quarter ended December31, 2019.

Consolidated Performance Highlights

Metering business revenues grew by 5% YoY in 9M FY20. Ÿ Lighting business continued to witness good growth momentum despite sectoral headwinds Ÿ Contribution of the switchgear segment was impacted by the overall slowdown in the real estate & macro economy Ÿ 9M FY20 EBITDA Margins expanded by 130 bps YoY to 12.8%driven by higher revenue contribution from the high margin metering business (57% in 9M FY20 Vs 52% in 9M FY19) and efficient cost management Ÿ

Mr. Gautam Seth, Joint Managing Director, said, “We delivered modest performance during 9M FY20 led by growth in the metering and lighting segment. Increased share from the metering business supported by cost optimization boosted our operating profitability. In-line with the Central Government’s initiative of installing 25 crore prepaid smart meters within the

next three years, various State Electricity Boards (SEBs) have begun gearing themselves to replace conventional meters with smart meters. This renewed thrust by the Government is a major step in the right direction and provides a huge cumulative opportunity size of 600 to 900 billion (installation of 25-30 crore smart meters) for prominent meter suppliers like HPL. We expect to see the positive impact of this in the form of higher revenues and improved realizations per meter from Q2 FY21 onwards. Our lighting business performed well during this quarter and we expect this segment to continue its robust performance going forward as well. Moreover, the Government’s plan of spending 100 lakh crore towards infrastructure and allied industries over the next five years as announced in the Union Budget 2020 is expected to support demand for HPL’s switchgears and other B2C products in the medium to long term. We believe that HPL is poised for its next leg of growth and create sustainable value for its stakeholders.

Robust Order Book & Strong Revenue Visibility Consolidated current order book stands at crores (net of GST) Ÿ Metering orders of 302.5crores Ÿ Switchgear orders of 66.3 crores Ÿ Lighting orders of 56.7 crores Ÿ

Market and Business Analysis

368.6 Ÿ Wires & Cables orders of 2.7 crores Ÿ Enquiry base for Metering tenders is at a healthy level. Tenders amounting to 2,200 crores ( 1.75 crore meters) have been floated or expected to be floated in the near-term


EUROBLECH EuroBLECH 2020 announces additional exhibition hall

New Hall 26 of Hanover exhibition grounds to host exhibitors of joining technology as well as surface and tool technology The 26th edition of the International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition, EuroBLECH 2020, will take place from 27 – 30 October 2020 at the Hanover Exhibition Grounds in Germany. The show organisers, Mack Brooks Exhibitions, have now announced the expansion of exhibition space for EuroBLECH 2020 with the addition of a ninth hall for the first time in its history. This reflects a further increase in exhibition space compared to the previous event in 2018, which covered a total of 89,800 square metres. “Around nine months ahead of the show the demand for stand space continues to be very strong”, explains Evelyn Warwick, Exhibition Director of EuroBLECH, on behalf of the organiser Mack Brooks Exhibitions. “With the directly neighbouring hall 26, we are now able to offer additional stand space for the exhibition to meet the demand of exhibitors to display their latest machines in the various technology sectors. The additional hall will host exhibitors of joining technology, as well as surface and tool technology, which have previously been located in hall 13. The ninth hall is giving us the possibility to assign stand space to additional exhibiting companies within the entire sheet metal working technology chain represented at EuroBLECH. The growth to a ninth exhibition hall reflects the increasing demand for stand space at the leading industry event and offers even more capacity for businesses to present their innovations to an international audience”, continues Evelyn Warwick.

Smart sheet metal working key focus for this year's show For EuroBLECH 2020, the main topics represent the latest industry trends, including smart sheet metal working as well as automation and digitalisation of the manufacturing chain, with the objective to increase output and efficiency. For exhibiting companies in this industry sector, it is a vital time to present their machines, systems and solutions for networked manufacturing to an international audience. Every two years, the world's largest sheet metal working technology exhibition attracts top industry professionals from all over the world. The show targets specialists at all management levels in small and medium-sized companies as well as large enterprises from all key industry sectors. Featuring an enormous amount of live machine demonstrations, EuroBLECH is renowned with international sheet metal working professionals as the most important event to find smart solutions and the right machines, equipment and materials for their companies. A total of 56,307 international trade visitors attended the previous show. EuroBLECH 2020 will be occupying halls 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 26 and 27 at the Hanover Exhibition Grounds in Germany. The exhibition is the ideal platform for exhibitors to present their conventional machines and systems as well as latest technologies. The EuroBLECH exhibition profile is clearly structured and covers the entire sheet metal working technology chain: sheet metal, semi-finished and finished products, handling, separation, forming, flexible sheet metal working, joining, welding, tube/section processing, surface treatment, processing of hybrid structures, tools, machine elements, quality control, CAD/CAM/CIM systems, factory equipment and research & development. The organisers recommend companies interested in exhibiting to reserve their stand space as soon as possible in order to be placed within their respective technology sector.

Currently, more than 95,000 square metres of net exhibition space have been booked or reserved at the world's leading sheet metal working technology exhibition. This represents an increase of almost 6% in stand space compared to the previous show in 2018. The biggest exhibitor countries include Germany, Italy, Turkey, China, Switzerland, the The latest exhibitor list as well as further information on the exhibition is available at Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Great Britain and the USA.


March April 2020

TECHNOLOGY AVEVA Expands into The Discrete Manufacturing Market Schneider Electric Successfully Deploys New AVEVA Discrete Manufacturing Solution in More Than 70 Smart Factories AVEVA, a global leader in engineering and industrial software, has unveiled its new Discrete Lean Management software to support digital transformation in the discrete manufacturing market1. The new offering improves operational efficiency through the digitalization of lean work management for both manual and automated production lines. AVEVA's quick-todeploy and easy to use digital tools enable access to production information, KPIs and notifications on dashboards, workstations and mobile devices to improve overall equipment and labor effectiveness, and to facilitate data-driven continuous improvement. AVEVA Discrete Lean Management is designed to address the issues faced by operating manufacturing plants still using paper-based systems for lean and work order management, work instructions and data collection procedures. It enables physical records to be replaced with digital tools that mitigate the risk of manual processes and provides real time visibility into production performance allowing team collaboration in response to production issues. “AVEVA Discrete Lean Management is the result of our close collaboration with Schneider-Electric and has been already successfully deployed as a digital lean system to many of their plants globally. We are excited to be able to announce the general availability of these proven lean and industry best practices to all our customers to help improve their manufacturing productivity and profitability, and also jumpstart their smart manufacturing and digital transformation journeys,” commented Harpreet Gulati, Senior Vice President, Planning and Operations at AVEVA. Yielding Successful Results in Schneider Electric Manufacturing Plants The AVEVA Discrete Lean Management software solution is used in Schneider Electric's manufacturing plants and has been successfully deployed in more than 70 smart factories globally resulting a 10% productivity increase due to downtime mitigation and 70% improved response-time due to automated escalation of production issues. The World Economic Forum has commended four of Schneider Electric's Smart Factories for comprehensively deploying a wide range of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies and use cases at scale, while keeping people and sustainability at the heart of their innovation strategies. “We are delighted at the results we've achieved to date by deploying the AVEVA Discrete Lean Management solution in our manufacturing plants, as part of our Smart Factory initiative,” commented Hany Fouda, VP Systems Portfolio, Process Automation, Schneider Electric. “Our Smart Factory program is focused on

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deploying technology that is easy to implement and scale quickly, including our EcoStruxure solutions, to deliver efficiency and sustainability. AVEVA's solution helped us achieve those goals by facilitating downtime mitigation and improving response time. We are confident that AVEVA is entering the Discrete Lean Management market at exactly the right time as demand accelerates for software solutions that can yield these kinds of results.” The solution also helps to minimize the number of manual production and lean data collection tasks leveraging the full range of AVEVA's connectivity to IoT devices and over 200 plant automation systems. AVEVA's global presence and partner ecosystem enable manufacturing companies to execute their Industry 4.0 and manufacturing operations transformation strategies. It is available as a part of the AVEVA Flex subscription program, designed to give customers complete flexibility in the procurement, design, management and utilisation of their industrial control systems, empowering customers to adopt transformative technologies quicker and easier than ever. 1 Discrete manufacturing is an industry term for the manufacturing of finished products that are distinct items capable of being easily counted, touched or seen. It involves parts and systems like nuts and bolts, brackets, wires, assemblies and individual products which are typically manufactured in individually defined lots. About AVEVA: AVEVA is a global leader in engineering and industrial software driving digital transformation across the entire asset and operations life cycle of capitalintensive industries. The company's engineering, planning and operations, asset performance, and monitoring and control solutions deliver proven results to over 16,000 customers across the globe. Its customers are supported by the largest industrial software ecosystem, including 4,200 partners and 5,700 certified developers. AVEVA is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with over 4,400 employees at 80 locations in over 40 countries. For more details visit: About Schneider Electric: At Schneider, we believe access to energy and digital is a basic human right. We empower all to make the most of their energy and resources, ensuring Life Is On everywhere, for everyone, at every moment. We provide energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability. We combine world-leading energy technologies, real-time automation, software and services into integrated solutions for Homes, Buildings, Data Centers, Infrastructure and Industries. We are committed to unleash the infinite possibilities of an open, global, innovative community that is passionate about our Meaningful Purpose, Inclusive and Empowered values.

CHEMICALS Investment Of $75-100 Billion To Help Indian Chemical Industry Schneider ElectricIts Successfully Deploys New AVEVA Discrete Manufacturing Solution in More Than 70 Smart Factories To Double Size By 2025

With the advance developments & innovations, there has been a robust growth in the economic statistics globally. In India, the current turnover of the chemical industry is $150 billion which is estimated to reach $300 billion by 2025, making it a 7 trillion dollar economy by 2030. To achieve this target, an investment of about $75-100 billion is required, while reducing the import dependency and improving exports. India is poised to become the third largest economy after China and United States respectively growing at the rate of 8 per cent per annum by 2030. The chemical industry is an industry-of-industries with a combined turnover of USD 160 billion growing at 100 basis points faster than India's GDP, making it an important sector to propel the growth of the nation's economy. Indian Chemical Council, the apex national body dedicated for the growth and development of chemical industry, outlined vision 2025 for the


chemical industry. The key trends identified were digitalization, global mergers and acquisitions, and focus on downstream specialty chemicals. “The use of chemicals in our modern life is indispensable, now more than ever, with most modern industries being deeply dependent on the chemical industry, ranging from soaps to automobiles. It is one of the most diversified industries, and India has observed high growth in the past decade while holding substantial potential for future growth as well. Sustainability and Safety is a key focus ICC has been advocating though its Nicer Globe and Responsible Care initiatives. It is now imperative to create a new ecosystem for the Indian Chemical Industry moving closer to customer needs with collaboration and convergence as the new mantra of growth.� said Mr. Vijay Sankar, President, Indian Chemical Council.

March April 2020

TECHNOLOGY Strong growth in all markets Electric motor and fan manufacturer Ziehl-Abegg posts an 8.6 percent rise “2019 has been a good year.” This sentence from CEO Peter Fenkl sums up the performance of the Künzelsau electric motor and fan manufacturer Ziehl-Abegg in the year just past. Turnover rose from EUR 583 million to EUR 633 million. The boom regions were Asia, Europe and the USA. The year 2020 had also got off to a good start – until the corona crisis.

quality and the very good service. One major plus point is the proprietary control technology across all divisions: frequency inverters from Ziehl-Abegg are increasingly used to control and regulate various electrical items of equipment. The Automotive division secured a good position for itself in 2019 with its ZAwheel electric in-wheel hub drive for buses: conversion solutions that turn a diesel bus into an electric bus within a week are attracting a great deal of interest from municipal authorities and bus companies.Ziehl-Abegg is also becoming an established force in the new vehicle business. Special fans for hospitals In the wake of the corona crisis in China, it has now Passengers in London, Brussels or Paris can now become common knowledge that modern fans are used experience the benefits of the in-wheel hub motor as a in both operating theatres and quarantine stations in drive unit for new double-decker sightseeing buses. large clinics: Ziehl-Abegg supplied special fans to hospitals that were built in the cities of Wuhan, Increase in the number of employees worldwide Shandong and Shenzhen within just a few days. The The growth in sales was also accompanied by an German company has also manufactured the core increase in the number of employees: in Germany, equipment for negative or positive pressure in clinics Ziehl-Abegg employs 2,400 people (previous year: in Italy and other countries. “Customers want a very prompt service” says Fenkl, explaining why Ziehl-Abegg is setting up a further production facility for energy-saving EC electric motors in the USA. The new manufacturing plant in North Carolina will enhance the speedy implementation of specific customer requirements. In an increasing number of countries, we are seeing a trend towards energy-saving elevator drives and fans. "Sometimes, high energy costs are the reason for the use of Ziehl-Abegg products, sometimes it’s statutory environmental requirements and in Germany for example, it’s for both reasons” explains company CEO Fenkl. This is due to the fact that more and more building operators are focusing on both the purchase 2,250), worldwide the figure is 4,300 (previous year price as well as the ongoing energy costs. Even with 4,100). existing buildings, the investment in replacement fans usually pays off within two years, without the need for Ziehl-Abegg has invested 4 million euros in new any changes to the rest of the ventilation system. technology at the Schöntal-Bieringen site where aluminium parts are cast for motors and fans. Positive performance by the elevator division The elevator division at Ziehl-Abegg also delivered a Production in Kupferzell of the ZAwheel, the electric positive performance in 2019: in a fiercely competitive in-wheel hub drive for electric buses, is accelerating. environment, elevator drives from Kupferzell have become established in the market thanks to their high In this current year the corona crisis has forced many people to work from home. This requires a sound network infrastructure with large data centres – ZiehlAbegg fans have been used for many years for cooling, both in networks and data centres. “This is an important market for us and one that’s growing rapidly worldwide," emphasises company CEO Fenkl. Mail order companies and streaming providers also need large computing capacities, which in turn require the corresponding cooling of the hardware.

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HANNOVER MESSE cannot take place this year due to the increasingly critical situation surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. The Hannover region has issued a decree that prohibits the staging of the world’s leading tradeshow for industrial technology. From now until the next HANNOVER MESSE in April 2021, a digital information and networking offer will provide exhibitors and visitors with the opportunity for economic policy orientation and technological exchange. Hannover. The world of industry will not be able to meet in Hannover this year. Comprehensive travel restrictions, bans on group gatherings and a prohibition decree in the Hannover region make it impossible to stage HANNOVER MESSE. At the same time, the corona crisis is affecting the economy, and the manufacturing industry – HANNOVER MESSE’s core clientele – is already struggling with serious consequences of the pandemic. Demand and sales in German industry are declining, resulting in supply bottlenecks, production stops and reduced working hours for employees. “Given the dynamic development around Covid-19 and the extensive restrictions on public and economic life, HANNOVER MESSE cannot take place this year,” says Dr. Jochen Köckler, Chairman of the Board of Management, Deutsche Messe AG. “Our exhibitors, partners and our entire team did everything they could to make it happen, but today we have to accept that in 2020 it will not be possible to host the world's most important industrial event.”

Various web-based formats will enable HANNOVER MESSE exhibitors and visitors to exchange information about upcoming economic policy challenges and technological solutions. Live streams will transport interactive expert interviews, panel discussions and best-case presentations all over the world. The online exhibitor and product search is also being enhanced, for example with a function that enables visitors and exhibitors to contact each other directly. “We firmly believe that nothing can replace direct, person-to-person contact and we are already looking forward to the time after Corona,” says Köckler. “But especially in times of crisis, we must be flexible and act pragmatically. As organizers of the world's most important industrial trade fair, we want to offer orientation and sustain economic life during the crisis. We are doing that with our new digital offering.” Thilo Brodtmann, executive director of Germany’s Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA), said, “The cancellation of HANNOVER MESSE 2020 is an unfortunate decision, but it is the only correct one. The mechanical engineering industry must now concentrate on minimizing the consequences of the pandemic in its own operations so that it can start up again. In April 2021, the engineers will be back in Hannover in full force.” Wolfgang Weber, Chairman of the ZVEI Management Board: "The fact that Hannover Messe 2020 cannot be hosted is a bitter loss, but it is the right decision. For the electrical industry, the fair is the showcase to the world, which unfortunately remains closed this year. So our companies will use the time until 2021 to manage the considerable consequences of Corona. Next year, they will then present themselves with the latest products and solutions for Industry 4.0 and the energy system of the future.”

It is the first time in HANNOVER MESSE’s 73-year history that the event will not take place. However, the organizers will not let the show completely vanish. “The need for orientation and exchange is particularly important in times of crisis,” says Köckler. "That is why we are currently working intensely on a digital information and networking plattform for HANNOVER MESSE that we will open to our HANNOVER MESSE 2021 will be held from 12 to 16 customers shortly.” April 2021.


March April 2020

CHEMICALS Plastics have a role to play in a circular and sustainable future Gilles Rochas, GM Performance Chemicals, OQ Present Status of OQ OQ (formerly known as Oman Oil and Orpic Group) is an integrated energy company that delivers sustainability and business excellence. Polymers and Oxo will be key areas for OQ in terms of innovation, investment and growth. OQ brand name was launched in December 2019, after Oman Oil and Orpic Group unveiled the culmination of a year of integrating core. The new brand identity brings all of these assets together as a singular provider of energy and petrochemicals excellence that touches the lives of millions of people across the world with its products.

Currently 100% of our business is PP Homopolymers, but this will evolve once production at the Liwa Plastics Industries Complex (LPIC) gets onstream and we begin to offer polyethylene (PE) solutions for the first time.

Innovative solutions by OQ Our expanded grade slate is really allowing us to make more possible. At Plastivision 2020, we demonstrated how our PE and PP products are leading to applications in the following industries: Packaging, Infrastructure, Household & Appliances, Agriculture, Automotive, and Healthcare. Combining agility, innovation and state-of-the-art technology, we develop gameHeadquartered in Muscat, but with operations changing specialty solutions for customers in the throughout the Middle East region and beyond, we are plastics industry. We also highlighted our Oxo perfectly located to serve our MENA and Indian sub- products, such as inks and plasticizers for the packaging and agricultural industries, respectively. continent customers, with a broadening portfolio. The OQ strategy, which we showcased at Plastivision India 2020, is that we want to be closer to the customer Our Luban brand of polymers, which has been in the and offer them access to our broadened portfolio. This market for more than a decade and is now available in has been further helped through the opening of a new over 60 countries, is a great example of this. The range offers enhanced performance and cost savings sales office in Mumbai last year. opportunities for manufacturers. It includes the newly At Plastivision India 2020, we highlighted our role as launched Luban HP1102LC homopolymer PP, which catalyst of change in the plastics industry by helps to address the demand for more efficient and collaborating with the whole polymers value chain. sustainable solutions in Industrial Packaging. This means partnering with all stakeholders from machine manufacturers, to additive suppliers, At Plastivision, we showed why we are different and making more possible for our customers across the converters and finally brand owners. world, including on the Indian sub-continent, by offering more than PE. An example of this Global demand for innovative polymers customization is how we have working to help Despite some of the challenges we are facing today, the improve infrastructure through our geomembrane outlook for polymers is strong. There are so many solutions. We've been conducting tests in India and areas where polymers can still serve as a great Bangladesh, with sandbags and the innovative alternative to more traditional materials like glass, geomembranes, in an effort to prevent erosion and wood and steel. Where proper recycling systems are in increase the lifespan of roads. place, polymers are a sustainable solution and despite the current headwinds, there is a strong future for In addition to roads, geotextiles are ideal materials for them. In the polyolefins industry, we are currently providing many infrastructures works, such as harbors, landfills, a range of Polypropylene (PP) products to plastic drainage structures, parking lots, airport runways and converters for various market applications. With the other civil projects. They're a synthetic permeable imminent operations of our new plant this year, we will t e x t i l e m a t e r i a l u s e d t o i m p r o v e t h e s o i l characteristics. OQ's recently introduced Luban fiber be: HP5101LC is a homo-polymer grade that has been Adding High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Lowspecifically developed for the extrusion of staple fibers Density Polyethylene (LLDPE). and high tenacity fibers for applications like Expanding our PP offering with Random and Block geotextiles. Another new woven grade for geoco-polymers. membrane is HP1102LC. These solutions have narrow Market and Business Analysis


CHEMICALS molecular weight distribution. As a result, the products Our work together with Milliken is a great example of yield a high-tenacity material that is durable enough to how complementary additive solutions can help to withstand infrastructural and heavy-duty applications. reduce energy consumption and, therefore, cut back on emissions. In 2018, we launched a new thermoforming grade (Luban HP1151K) to increase both productivity Manufacturing Expansion Plan for the year 2020and the overall performance of transparent 2025? thermoformed cups, trays and containers. The The US$6.7bn Liwa Plastics Industries Complex polypropylene thermoforming grade is based on (LPIC) steam cracker project will allow PE to be Milliken's nucleating innovation HyperformÂŽ HPNproduced in Oman for the first time, as well as 600ei. strengthening our PP capabilities. Through LPIC, our product mix will be improved and will enable us to Future trends in packaging and polymers industry address the growing global market for plastics. The investment will see OQ's production of PE and PP There is growing demand for lightweight packaging increase to 1.4 million tons this year. The product solutions that reduce material costs, improve portfolio will include linear 440kT LLDPE, 440kT efficiency and help manufacturers address HDPE and 640kT PP. The improvement of the product sustainability targets. OQ is all about embracing mix helps our partners to address the growing global momentum, new horizons and opportunities, such as the huge potential that is opening up for polymers to demand for innovative polymers. address ever-growing demand for lightweight We are exploring and assessing various scenarios, and we conservatively anticipate a commercial operation packaging. of the SCU by mid-2020. By 2020, following the completion of the project, the production capacity at At the same time, food safety & security remain the Suhar facility will more than quadruple, by critical topics globally. expanding to 1.4 million tons per year. Food safety is a critical topic in Consumer Packaging, where reliable polymer solutions can help protect food and extend shelf-life. OQ products undergo regular OQ Role in Sustainability? There is a clear shift taking place in multiple industries and stringent testing to help ensure that safety from a linear to a circular economy. Fortunately, there standards are maintained for food grade applications. are many ways in which plastics have a role to play in a We have gained US Food & Drug Administration circular and sustainable future. It's a matter of working (FDA) approval for all existing Luban grades. We together with innovators to ensure that we don't just listen to our customers in the food packaging segment follow the trends but lead the way. Sustainability is and understand their concerns around food safety and very important to our vision as a whole. This is why we hygiene. We are leveraging innovative plastic have a growing R&D team focused on helping partners solutions to keep food fresh for longer, leading to less waste. to meet their sustainability challenges. We believe that sustainability starts at home. We have partnered with the Omani government, ministry of A further area of strong potential for polymer solutions environment and climate affairs, academia, NGOs and is food security, a major topic of concern in developing the private sector in order to introduce re-usable plastic countries with fast growing populations. For example, bags into the country to reduce the use of single use by adopting OQ's innovative Luban LLDPE polymers in Agriculture applications such as greenhouse films plastic bags. and drip irrigation tubes, crop yields can be boosted Furthermore, we recently signed a Memorandum of and food security improved. Harvested agricultural Understanding (MOU) with the German University of products also last longer through the use of the right Technology in Oman (GUtech) to facilitate a research plastic packaging solutions, and therefore result in less project on the conversion of plastic waste to industrial waste. process raw material.


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