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Uncommon Honesty from a ‘suspect’

When we talk about the word honesty, we think Honesty is a fact of moral character, positive and virtuous attributes like integrity and straight forwardness. But when you come to know the real meaning of honesty then you come to know that real honesty comes from the heart and then you name it as uncommon honesty. Have you ever been touched by the honesty of someone you have never met before? I have, way back when I thought my life had suddenly come to an end before it had even began. I was young and very excited about the fact that I had gotten a driver’s license and other documents that are needed to be regarded as “independent”. I was naïve and unprepared when it happened. I was on the subway heading home from a job interview that I had in the city. I sat next to a man who looked suspicious and was just staring at the pole near the subway’s exit door. I thought to myself this guy is up to something malicious. Luckily I exited before him and noticed that he was still staring and did not flinch a bit as the subway sped away. I walked to the bus stop and was about to board a bus when I realized that I didn’t have my wallet. My world stood still, I did not know where to start. Oh no! The subway suspect took it. Not only did my wallet have my driver’s license but also it had my new bank card, business cards I had gathered from the job interview and other valuables for a 21 year old. I jumped out from the bus before it started moving and began to retrace my steps back to the subway stop if only I could figure out which train it was. I went looking everywhere as far as I could asking anyone who would stop if there had seen a lost wallet. Even the friendliest apologized profusely and told me they hoped I will find it and some told me reporting it to the cops was the best option. I thanked them for their advice and continue with my pursuit but did not call the cops. After I had exhausted all of my options I decided to call it a day and took a bus home with my pocket change. The following morning while I was getting ready, the house phone rang; it was the city cops calling to tell me they had my wallet. I was so excited about the news that I didn’t even have breakfast; I quickly got dressed and was out the door boarding a bus to the police station. When I got there, I had to describe my wallet and the contents inside so they could prove I was its rightful owner. Did I mention that my wallet contained my first $1000 that I had earned from a summer job? They gave me my wallet and before I looked inside, I asked the cop who handed it to me how it got to the police station. After he described the time and the guy who brought it, I knew there and then it was him, the last person I would have expected, the “suspicious dude”. The phrase “don’t judge the book by its cover” came to mind.

Not only did he bring my wallet to the cops but not a dime was missing and all the documents were intact. I came out from the cop station thinking if only I could find this guy so that I could first apologize to him for suspecting him and then give him something in appreciation for his uncommon honesty. Wow, if only we lived in a world with such people the world would be a better place. I promised myself that in honor of my mystery friend I would give some of the money to a charity in need and promised to someday return the favor to someone else. Read more about uncommon honesty, please follow the link. uncommon honesty, honesty Read more about <a href="">uncommon honesty</a> please follow the link.

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Living in the World with Uncommon honesty is difficult but sometime you experience those people who spend their life time on their life main...

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