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Encouragement for Today with

Ronel Sidney

Are You Really Making a Difference?

As the sun sets on another day I can not help but wonder if I will ever get it right; if I will ever be the woman God created me to be‌ Facing those defeating thoughts at the end of a long and tedious day are overwhelming and sometimes impossible to squash. Despite waking with the best intentions I some how end up failing. I am not a good wife. I am not a good mother. I am not a good employee. I am not a good daughter. 54

Are my expectations too high or am I allowing others expectations to guide my life? I want so bad to be a woman of purpose, significance and a woman making a difference in the lives of her family, coworkers and community. With all these big dreams I am beginning to wonder if I have made things more complicated then they really need to be right now. Have I made life harder? Have I lost the simplicity of what Jesus really desires for my life?

Praise and Coffee | Spring 2013

Praise and Coffee Spring 2013  

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