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Hey sole-sister, it's that time. The sun is speaking to your feet! The change in the weather is begging your tootsies to come out for some sandal prancing. Your itch for spring has you pining for your favorite opentoed shoes. Are your feet ready? Before you let your winter feet loose in some strappies, let's talk about some pretty feet and sandal rules that are a must for lady-like sandal sporting. Repeat after me, I pledge to the "Faux-Pas Sisterhood" that I will keep my feet in "pretty" condition if I am going to bare them to the world, no matter the effort involved! This means you pledge to: 

shave the hair on your big toes

file the dead skin off your heels before it turns hard and yellow

go polish-free rather than sport chipped, raggedy-looking polish 

address corns immediately

keep your toenails trimmed to a length that doesn't scrape the sidewalk with every step! 

I will happily honor my pledge and hope you will too. :-)


Praise and Coffee | Spring 2012

Praise and Coffee Spring Magazine  

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