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Monthly Newsletter 2014-06-01

Monthly Newsletter 2014-06-01

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MEET the Co-Directors

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We’ve found that the mountain biking community can be very intimidating with a 1:10 ratio between women and men on the trails. And sometimes even less.

In February 2014 we launched Prairie Girls Racing (PGR) to represent and connect women mountain biking community. We wanted to create an unintimidating environment where women have ride and race companions, Deanne Coish and Darlene Paranaque, Co-Directors resources to advance their skills and encouragement to explore and push their mountain biking limits. PGR isn’t just another bike club. It is an all-womens XC/DH race team aimed at encouraging and promoting women in competitive mountain sport, and targets women that show hard work, dedication and determination in mountain biking. We aim to empower women in the sport and to create a close knit community of passionate female bikers that talk bikes, ride bikes and want to see more women doing the same. This year we have 11 women on the team from first time racers to international medalists. As Co-Directors we are excited to see so many opportunities for our races over the Summer of 2014. Among the many exciting endeavours, PGR is training with Xpress Racing and has been sponsored by Panorama Mountain Resort in British Columbia. Our racers will receive extensive race training for a competitive season in over 10 races in British Columbia, Alberta, California and Washington this year.

Co-Directors with PGR team banner at Royal River Valley Rumble, May 2014

We encourage women from all mountain biking backgrounds and skill levels to get involved with PGR. We provide mountain biking resources such as our monthly newsletter and host a variety of biking and fitness events in Edmonton to strengthen your skills and confidence on a bike.


Monthly Newsletter 2014-06-01

PGR CONNECTED Silver sponsors PGR AT WHISTLER BIKE PARK OPENING WEEKEND by Allison Oliver (PGR Racer, DH) It’s officially bike season! The international mountain bike community rallied to British Columbia last weekend to celebrate the 2014 opening day of Whistler Bike Park. Anxious to see the end of winter and get some quality time with our downhill bikes, Prairie Girls Racing made the 13 hr trek and spent 3 days shredding some of the best trails in the world. Of course, Whistler opening weekend was a total spectacle… but that’s part of the fun, eh? Long lift lines just means more time to catch up with friends and get a suntan… yes, it was actually SUNNY in Whistler!


For the purist downhill gals, this trip was the chance to shake the cobwebs off our DH bikes (and bodies!). For the more XC-inclined, it was a chance to try some DH for the first time. Consensus = they were hooked. There were a few raspberries, and perhaps a physio appointment or two, but overall, the XC girls stepped into the DH scene with some major game and everyone left the weekend in one piece and smiling. The prairie-folk were well-received in the mountains, and we made a lot of new friends! We were able to ride with some of the amazing BC shredder ladies from the Women’s Freeride Movement, based in Whistler, who also gave PGR DH racer Darlene a tour of some of Whistler’s more technical “gnar” trails. I had a chance to participate in a photo shoot as a representative for a synergistic women’s freeride group, Shine Riders Co., based out of Northern California, USA. I also started working towards nailing my whips and table tops, and made really good progress after only a day of riding. PGR also had the opportunity to pose with Jason and Sean from Pinkbike and be interviewed by Brett Tippie! It didn’t take much convincing for us to hit the town on Friday night for the official Pinkbike party at the Garibaldi Lift Company…. Although it did take some convincing for us to wake up early the next morning! Oh, Whistler… Before we knew it, the May-long weekend was over and it was time to head back to the prairie. No doubt the days to come will be full of dreams of trails filled with jumps, flow, and rooty, rocky steeps. Here’s to the 2014 season!


Monthly Newsletter 2014-06-01

PGR CONNECTED most epic adventures by Alex Lee (Most Epic Adventures, Director of Operations) Hey Prairie Girls Racing and Friends! First off, congratulations on your race team! We are ecstatic to hear that a local group has taken the initiative to start a team that supports the female downhill mountain bike discipline. We here at Most Epic are extremely passionate about the sport. Our goal is to introduce the sport to as many people as possible. We do this by providing free lessons (at resorts that allow us to) to anyone who comes onto our tours! This way, we can provide professional instruction and guidance to people who have never been to a bike park before. For those of you who we didn’t meet at Whistler on opening weekend, let me introduce you to our company. We are Most Epic Adventures! The first, and currently, only Downhill Mountain Biking tour operator in Alberta. What exactly is a Downhill Mountain Biking Tour? Great question, magical internet friends! We organize and provide the following for our tours: Here’s a picture of some of our group from our opening day at Whistler a couple of weekends ago! - Alex Lee

Oh did I also mention that all of our bike guides hold there PMBI instructor certificates?! We were taught by the best at ZEPtechniques to pass along the best mountain biking skills to you! - Alex Lee

1. Round Trip Motorcoach Transportation on our Mini Coach! (equipped with a sound system, LCD TV’s, and reclining seats!) Hate driving but love riding? Let us do all the work and transport you, your baby (aka your bike), and your luggage to the resort! Socialize and meet other riders on the bus, listen to music, have a few beverages, or just sit back and watch movies on our entertainment system! 2. On Mountain Accommodations! We have built great relationships with the resorts through our winter ski/snowboarding tours which allows you to stay in an on Mountain condo with full kitchens, separate rooms, and (in most locations) private hot tubs on your balconies! 3. Lift Tickets and Equipment Rentals! With the great rates that we receive from the resorts we are able to pass them along to you! 4. Professional Tourguides! We have team of bike guides that live, eat, and breathe mountain biking. Not only do they know which runs are the best at each resort, give you pointers on how to take the jumps higher, or whip your whips, they are also knowledgable about the terrain and surrounding areas. 5. FUN!! So if all of those above items sound good to you please do not hesitate to contact us on our facebook page ( Or by visiting our website (


Monthly Newsletter 2014-06-01

PGR CONNECTED PGR Races Royal River Valley Rumble

Royal River Valley Rumble - PGR with Platinum Sponsor, Ryan Tousignant (Infamous Corporation)

Prairie Girls Racing kicked off the XC season with Hardcore’s Royal River Valley Rumble XC Cup #1 Sunday May 25, 2014. PGR’s cross-country racers Sara McCartney, Jenna Wilkie and Nicole Barby participated. RRVR was Sara and Jenna’s first XC race and we are hopeful to use PGR as a network and resource to encourage more women to participate in race events! The PGR girls competed in the Novice category against Caitlin Callaghan of Mud, Sweat and Gears and Erin Walkom of Hardcore Cycling Club. It was a warm Sunday and there was bit of rain while the race ensued. Caitlyn (MSG) and Erin (Hardcore) lead the race and Jenna (PGR), a strong technical rider finished third! Congratulations Jenna for getting on podium on your first race! PGR also had many supporters come out and cheer on the girls including PGR’s platinum sponsor, Infamous Corporation. A huge thanks to Hardcore, ABA and the volunteers for hosting a fantastic race and we can’t wait for RRVR 2015.

Royal River Valley Rumble - PGR Racer Jenna taking 3rd place!

Royal River Valley Rumble - Race Start

Coronation Park Duathlon by Mia Constantino (PGR Racer, XC) It was a pretty chilly morning for the race start for the 30th Coronation Triathlon and Duathlon at the Peter Hemmingway Recreation Centre. I was supposed to join the Triathlon event but because of other commitments and late wave starts for the category, I decided to do the duathlon. Also, I consider duathlons to be a “more painful” race over triathlons so I try to avoid them but nonetheless, it was worth the challenge for myself for the 2014 race season. The race was an 8km run through the River Valley Road, a 26km cycle Mia’s Silver Medal from Coronation Park of (4 laps) upppp and down Groat Road and a final Duathlon 4km run through the River Valley Road to the finish. It was considerably a tough race due to the hilly sections of the course and placing second in the women’s field was just a bonus for the hard work from training sessions leading towards race day. After the Vancouver Marathon, the Coronation Duathlon was my 2nd race of the season and looking forward to building more strength and mileage for the upcoming races lined up for the season.


Monthly Newsletter 2014-06-01

PGR CONNECTED race training with xpress racing

PGR had a fantastic training session with Xpress Racing earlier last month. PGR met Xpress at the Bobsled trail in Edmonton to practice downhill mountain biking skills including counter-steering, cornering, line choice and body position. The DH girls brought their big bikes and were very excited to learn from a talented and knowledgable team. PGR will continually be training with Xpress on a biweekly basis. For more information on Xpress Racing, check out their website at RACER SPOTLIGHT - MIA CONSTANTINO, XC RaCER Mia is not only an XC racer, but participates (and kicks butt) in off-road duathlons and triathlons, 24-hour endurance (solo!), trail running, ultra running, road races and soccer. Mia is a mountain-fanatic... in February 2014, she competed in Hardcore 100 mile Ultra Trail Run and placed 2nd! Mia is an eager and determined racer and has competed in several running and biking races in the past few years; the podium is no stranger to her.

PGR race training session with Xpress Racing, May 2014

Mia is also a sponsored athlete of the 100 plus (Asia Brewery) Triathlon Team and member of the Philippine Skyrunning Association supported by Salomon Racing. PGR is very lucky and excited to welcome Mia to the team!


Monthly Newsletter 2014-06-01

PGR CONNECTED june 2014 UPCOMING EVENTS June 3 June 18 June 7 June 8 June 9 June 10 June 12 June 13-15 June 14-15 June 17 June 18 June 18 June 20-22 June 24 June 26 June 28-29 June 28-29

Fat Tire Hardcore PGR Race Training with Xpress Racing Kootney Krusher Invermere Organ Grinder Canmore Pedalhead Trail Maintenance Night Fat Tire RedBike PGR Toonie Event - Yoga in the Park by Yoga Central Sturdy Dirty Enduro Capitol Forest Canmore Enduro Fat Tire Hardcore Join us for Klondike Cycle’s Store Opening PGR Race Training with Xpress Racing Silver Star Bonus Weekend Tour with Most Epic Adventures Fat Tire Red Bike PGR Toonie Event - Bootcamp by FluxFitness Grand Pairie DH Race Panorama Opening Weekend Toonie Events PGR will be hosting bi-weekly toonie events to involve women in the community. Our next toonie event is Yoga in the Park by Yoga Central on June 12, 2014. This will be a 1 hour “Yoga for Athletes” session and is for individuals of all levels. This class offers a challenging and refreshing approach to an athlete’s effort to achieve skill, strength and endurance, as well as improving mental focus and gaining equanimity. A regular yoga practice can also fend-off injury or be used to rehabilitate when injury occurs. This class is an excellent cross-

PGR jerseys have arrived!! Special thanks to Kurtis Bartoshyk for graphic design. Check out his work at

training experience, providing information and practices for incorporation into any training schedule for any level or type of athlete. Come prepared to breathe mindfully, move with precision and to enjoy some juicy stretching. As always, PGR encourages you all to ride your bikes over!


Monthly Newsletter 2014-06-01


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women’s freeride movement Women’s Freeride Movement (WFM) is a volunteer organization that promotes women in action sports, mountain biking being our central focus. WFM arranges events and serves as a networking body to connect ladies with freestyle/freeride mountain bike events and activities in their area. Membership of WFM is over 600 in just under two years and is still growing. WFM is proud to be a part of the Women’s Tour of Freeride network which hosts several Ridestyle events in North America. Along with growing the spirit of women mountain biking, cycling and action sports, they seek to show you the rad and gnarly things that women can accomplish. PGR was very fortunate to meet and ride with Carolyn Kavanagh from Women’s Freeride Movement at Whistler’s Bike Park Opening Weekend. Carolyn is an experienced and talented mountain biker (as you can see in photo to the left). She is also a Registered Nurse and has recently started filming and producing mountain biking edits.

PGR post-ride with Carolyn Kavanagh, WFM - Whistler Opening Weekend

HUGE thank you to all our sponsors this bike season! PGR sponsorship support goes a long way in motivating and engaging women in the cycling community. This organization wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of our sponsors. For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at admin@

For more information on WFM, check out their website at http://womensfreeridemovement. org/ and give their Facebook page a “like” to stay connected. klondike cycles PGR is happy to announce 2014 partnership with Klondike Cycles. Klondike has lots going on this summer including relocation to 10041-170 St. T5P 4R5 which has 6,400 sq. ft. of retail space!! Klondike will be having an Opening Day celebration on Wednesday June 18, 2014. The Grand Opening & 40th Anniversary celebration to follow this summer! Klondike is also excited to be Edmonton’s new Felt Bicycle dealer, GoPro camera & accessories now in stock, Stinger & Hammer nutrition also in stock - friends don’t let friends bonk! Along with their fantastic product, Klondike is proud to offer Edmonton’s Longest Service Policy; a 2 year commitment to provide minor adjustments with every New Bicycle. Try not to miss Klondike’s weekly mountain bike group rides; they will be leaving from the store every Saturday at 6pm!


Monthly Newsletter 2014-06-01

PGR CONNECTED get involved

Race New to racing? Why not try out Edmonton’s Fat Tire Tuesday events hosted by Hardcore Cycling Club and Kokanee Redbike Race Team. These are casual, fun races that run every Tuesday at Sunridge or Terwilliger Park. PGR plans to attend each and every Fat Tire event, and so feel free to come by and say hello! For more information see

instagram @prairiegirlsracing

Many races offer day licenses. If you would like to try racing check out the ABA website and select a race offering day licenses.

twitter @prairiegirlrace

Edmonton River Valley Rides Women on Wheels hosts weekly women rides on Tuesdays. For additional information check out the Women on Wheels Facebook page.

Connect with us! prairiegirlsracing For information on becoming involved and/ or volunteering with PGR contact us at admin@

shop pgr Show your support for women in the mountain biking community by purchasing a PGR biking tee. We have all sorts of designs in all sorts of colours, for women and men! All proceeds are used towards services and resources for women in the mountain biking community!

PGR at the Pinkbike tent at Whistler’s Bike Park Opening Weekend

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