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Professors who know their students. Opportunities to conduct research, learn in internships and lead organizations. You can’t promise any of that when you herd 300 students into a lecture hall. So, we don’t.



Expect to use the technology and contribute to the discussion. Plan to test your career choice in the real world. Join one of our registered student organizations or start a new one. Leave behind your comfort zone.


Our location and connections mean there is no better preparation anywhere for careers in government, politics, and public service.

Public Service

All of our students reach out to the community and the state through volunteerism, applied research and internships. They graduate with a keen understanding of the big picture.


Uof I Degree

We think of diversity as more than cultural. You will live and learn with 5,000 students who may or may not think like you do. You’ll understand why we believe tolerance, ethical behavior, and grasping the great teachings of democracy are critical outcomes of a college education.


A rigorous core curriculum, high expectations, and an experience that will prepare you for infinite possibilities. Make no mistake. A U of I degree opens doors.

2011 Prairie Stars Soccer Media Guide  

Women's Soccer media guide

2011 Prairie Stars Soccer Media Guide  

Women's Soccer media guide