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Repair Or Replace? What To Do With a Worn-Out Cooling System

How Much Is Your Home Really Worth?

Looking for a home? View comprehensive listings of local open houses taking place this weekend from all across the area.

Is your air conditioner costing you more money than it’s worth? It might be time to weigh the benefits of replacing or repairing the system.

Determining what your home is worth in the current market depends on many factors.

August 5-6, 2017

Loveland Reporter-Herald –




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How much is your home really worth? There are so many ways to answer this question. Some interpret it as, “How much is your home worth to you?” Others, by how much a SUZANNE home is worth to PLEWES a buyer. And yet RE/MAX Alliance another way to look at it is how much a home is worth to a mortgage lender. These questions often have different answers. When it comes to selling your home, how much your home is actually worth is, to some extent, a combination of all three questions. What a Home Is Worth to You When you own a home, there is an emotional attachment that will undoubtedly lead you to give it more value. You may end up considering the price paid for it, improvements made over the years, etc. Unfortunately, those figures don’t always reflect the value of

the home in the current market. When it comes time to sell, you may be faced with comparing the market or buyer assigned value of your home to its personal value to you. When those two figures are far apart, you might decide not to sell. When the figures are closer together, then selling becomes more feasible. Appraised Value of a Home The appraised value of a home is based on recently sold comparable properties. It is therefore always fluctuating. Comparable properties are similar in location, style, size, acreage, condition, and features. Since it’s rare to find an exact match, adjustments are normally made for differences between available comps and your property. Lenders use market value (as determined by an appraisal) to determine how much they are willing to lend a buyer to purchase your home. The loan amount is normally a percentage of purchase price or market value, whichever is lower. Since most buyers on the market require a mortgage to purchase a home, market value (or appraised value) is extremely important. Buyer Assigned Value of Homes You’ve probably heard that “the value of a home is what a buyer is willing to pay for it.” Sometimes

that value is below market price, in which case a home may sell for under list price. Sometimes it is more than market value, based on available inventory and competition. It is important to note that what a buyer is willing to pay for a home is not necessarily equivalent to what he can pay for it, especially when a mortgage is involved. So, what is your home really worth? Ultimately, how much your home will sell for will be a combination of all three things. It must reflect what the home is worth to you, what a buyer is willing to pay, and what the home will appraise for. In an ideal world, those 3 figures fall in line and lead to a smooth closing. However, in many cases, one or more parties must shift their valuation to make the deal work. No two scenarios are the same, so it’s important to have a realistic discussion with your agent about home values and what to expect under current market conditions —————————————— Suzanne Plewes is a broker associate at RE/MAX Alliance. Write to 750 W. Eisenhower Blvd., Loveland, CO 80537, call 970.290.0373 or e-mail


Study: More US households renting than at any point since 1965 By Corilyn Shropshire Chicago Tribune (TNS) More U.S. households are headed by renters than at any point since 1965, according to a new Pew Research Center study based on data from the Census Bureau. The number of renters has “increased significantly” in the past decade, and those less likely to rent, such as whites and the middle-aged, have grown more likely to rent in recent years, the report said. While the number of U.S. households grew by 7.6 million over the past decade, the number of homeowners remained flat, largely because of “lingering

effects of the housing crisis,” according to the report. At the same time, the level of renters now exceeds highs set in 1986 and 1988. The demographics of renters also are changing, the report said. While young adults under the age of 35 continue to be the most likely to rent, the rental rate among those ages 35 to 44 is up 32 percent since 2006. Black and Hispanic households remain more likely to rent, but all major racial and ethnic groups — including whites — are more likely to rent than a decade earlier, the study found. The rate of renting by households headed by a college graduate also has increased since

Loveland Reporter-Herald –

2006, from 22 to 29 percent. A 2016 Pew survey aimed to explain why rental rates have surged so much in the past decade. It’s not that home ownership is “undesirable” to today’s renters, the survey said, but rather financial reasons — across all demographic groups — have kept renters from becoming homeowners. Roughly two-thirds of renters in Pew’s survey said they currently rent as a result of circumstances, compared with 32 percent who said they rent by choice. A majority of those surveyed — 72 percent — said they would like to own a home. August 5-6, 2017


Yes, you can get another VA home loan can still buy and have multiple VA loans at the same time.”

By Marcie Geffner, (TNS) The VA mortgage is so attractive that it’s no wonder some borrowers want to take advantage of the Department of Veterans Affairs program more than once. There are three ways a service member, veteran or other qualified borrower can get another helping: — Buy a home with a VA loan, sell it and then buy another home with a new VA loan. — Refinance from one VA loan into another. — Have two or more VA loans for different homes at the same time. The VA home loan “isn’t a single-use proposition,” says Michael Dill, vice president of mortgage lending at Guaranteed Rate in Tampa, Fla. But before you start shopping for your next VA loan, hold on — a lot depends on something called your “entitlement.” HOW ENTITLEMENT WORKS The VA guarantees to reimburse

August 5-6, 2017

up to 25 percent of the lender’s loss if a borrower defaults. This protection encourages lenders to offer VA loans with lower rates, no down payment and easier guidelines to qualify. Typically, if you use a VA loan to buy a home for $200,000, the VA will guarantee a quarter of that, or $50,000. Your entitlement is the total dollar amount that the VA is willing to guarantee and pay out on your behalf. In most parts of the country, entitlements top out at $106,025, but the limit can be higher in expensive areas such as New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. The $200,000 home in our example would reduce your $106,025 entitlement by $50,000. So, you’d still have plenty left for another VA loan to buy another home. “A lot of military guys are stationed somewhere, they buy a property with a VA loan, then they get relocated and need to buy another one,” Dill says. “They

2 HOMES, 2 VA LOANS — AND RENTING 1 OUT The VA loan is intended to be used to buy your primary residence, not a rental property. However, if you occupy a home and then move into a second home purchased with a second VA loan, the first one often can be rented out. But here’s the fine print: Borrowers can’t convert their primary residence into a rental and buy a similar-sized home in the same location. The second home would have to be a larger residence for a growing family, or would have to be in a different area. Chris Pollard, a certified financial planner at Great Path Planning in Monroe, N.Y., says turning a primary home into a rental property can be an “OK deal,” with a rate of return that’s about what you’d get with a conservative bond portfolio. “You might as well have bought the bond portfolio and not had the headaches of tenants calling you at three o’clock in the morning if the pipes burst,” Pollard says. GETTING ENTITLEMENT BACK Whenever you sell a home and pay off a VA loan, you get that part of your entitlement back and can use it again. However, if the loan is merely paid off or refinanced and you still own the home, the entitlement amount remains tied up in the home, Dill says. There is one exception. Borrowers can request a one-time restoration of entitlement, even if the VA’s must-sell rule has not

Loveland Reporter-Herald –

been met. “That would help you if you were truly stuck in a situation where you had two properties already,” Guaranteed Rate’s Dill says. “Instead of having to sell one, you could request that onetime restoration.” In this case, “one-time” truly means once in a lifetime. LOSING VA LOAN ENTITLEMENT FOR GOOD VA loan entitlement can be permanently lost if you default on a VA loan, the lender forecloses and sells the home for less than what’s owed, and the VA has to reimburse the lender. When that happens, the VA’s payment to the lender is deducted from your entitlement, and you can’t get it back. The same is true in the case of a short sale, in which the home is sold at a loss and lender isn’t made whole. The one-time restoration can’t be used in the case of a foreclosure or short sale, unless the money is paid back to the VA. “A lot of veterans assume that if they had a foreclosure back in the 1980s, they can do a one-time restoration,” Dill says. “The VA doesn’t grant it for situations where you defaulted on a VA loan. If they took a loss, they’re not going to hand that (guaranty) back.” Note that the VA loan program isn’t only for $200,000 homes. The program helps veterans buy upscale properties too. ——— Visit Bankrate online at www.




REPAIR OR REPLACE? What to do with a worn-out cooling system (BPT) - Sooner or later, every homeowner will face the same tough decision: Can you repair that malfunctioning system or appliance, or is it time to replace it? To arrive at an answer, you must weigh numerous factors, including cost-effectiveness over the long- and short-term, how the existing or new system will affect air quality, and reliability. Your decision can affect your wallet and the comfort of your home for years to come. The heating and cooling systems experts at Champion® offer some guidelines: When you can still repair Your cooling system might still be a candidate for repair if: • It’s less than 10 years old and/ or is a high-quality, energyefficient model. • The repair is still covered under warranty, or you are able to pay for the repair without financing. • Repair will cost far less than



replacement. • You can reasonably expect the repair to solve your problem. • Repair means that specific issue isn’t likely to reoccur throughout the system’s lifespan. When it’s time to replace It can be much easier to recognize the signs that it’s time to replace. They can include: • System is 10 or more years old. • Frequent and repeated repairs that are very costly. • Even after repairs, the system still doesn’t adequately cool. • Very high energy bills. Modern cooling systems are much more energy-efficient than older units. • You can afford to finance a replacement, but can no longer afford to pay for repairs. • Unreliability is affecting the comfort of your home and causing you to feel stress. Replacing a cooling system When you decide replacing a

cooling system makes the most sense, you’ll need to start looking for a new system. Here are some points to keep in mind: • Choosing an energy-efficient unit like the Champion® Momentum™ Variable Capacity Air Conditioner can reduce energy bills while improving the comfort of your home. Refer to the system’s Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) to get an idea of how much more energy-efficient the new unit is. Modern air-conditioning systems can be over 50 percent more efficient than those manufactured a decade ago. • It’s important to right-size your new cooling system. A system that is too small for your home won’t be able to deliver the desired comfort level, and will use more energy working harder at maintaining cool temperatures. A system that is too large will also use more energy and may result in

Loveland Reporter-Herald –

uneven cooling throughout the house. Your Champion dealer can provide a load calculation and energy analysis to help you determine the right-size system for your home. • Depending on the age of your home and your cooling system, you may have to repair or replace other elements, too. Have your home’s ductwork, insulation, refrigerant piping, electrical service, wiring, thermostat and other cooling system components inspected, too. Ensuring all the parts of the system are in top working order will help your new airconditioning unit work at its best, too. To learn more about the advantages of replacing a worn-out cooling system, what you should look for in a new system and where to find a dealer near you, visit www. repair.

August 5-6, 2017


How to choose a ripe melon Early August brings sweet treats to our stores as wonderful Colorado melons roll in. I follow CAROL O’MEARA Rocky Ford CSU Extension Growers Association on Facebook, so when they announced that melons were here, I rushed over to the grocers. Approaching the stacked cantaloupes, I looked over the melons for the perfect one to take home. As I lifted and tested the rind a man came up next to me and said “I hate to ask, but how can you tell when they’re ripe?” I’m not often asked how to pick produce while at the store, so was happy to answer. Slowly I turned toward him. With a smile I grasped a cantaloupe, showing him how the netting should be raised and distinct from the rind while the skin underneath is a tan-yellow. Flipping the melon to the blossom end, opposite the indentation from where the stem attached, I showed him how it should have a slight give when pressure is applied. Finally, I spoke of the aroma a ripe muskmelon has, handing him the near-perfect melon. “See for yourself; you’ll get the hang of it,” I said, turning back to shopping for my own cantaloupe. He took to the task seriously, leaning over and setting pressure to the blossom end with determination. As I glanced back, I realized he was pumping that melon like he was applying CPR, so I gentled his effort and avoid crushing the poor thing. Gardeners have an advantage when growing cantaloupes because the fruit tells us when it’s ripe. We look for the same signals – color, raised netting, and aroma – but also slip stage, which is when the muskmelon separates from the vine. Once the color of

the fruit changes, check the where the stem attaches to the melon for separation. When it’s separated two-thirds of the way around the stem, the melon can be harvested. Walking further into the store I stopped at the sight of a shopper slapping watermelons. At the bin for smaller, personal-sized watermelons, her palm open, fingers splayed, she methodically smacked those mini melons like it was a whack-a-mole game at the arcade. Perhaps she was seeing if they were firm, or was listening to the sound; I have no idea what that shopper was doing, but clearly she was enjoying herself. Picking a watermelon at the store is a challenge, and I’ve heard of thumping the melon to listen for the dull thud of ripeness. Typically it’s a knock from the knuckles while holding the melon up where you can hear it. Unripe melons sound hollow while ripe ones have a meaty thud, the experts say. I’ve not been able to hear what they’re talking about so I go with two other indicators: belly color and toughness. Where the watermelon sits on the ground, the skin will turn yellow or cream color when ripe; if it’s still a clear white or even green, move on to another melon. Also, the ground spot toughens a bit, so test it gently with a fingernail to see if it dents easily. If it doesn’t dent from your fingernail, the melon is ripe. Gardeners growing watermelon or honeydew can rely on simple math: count the days from when the female flower ‘sets’, starting to swell after pollination. 40 days from setting, the melon is ripe. Watermelons also give gardeners a clue when the curly tendril closest to the melon on the vine dries. That, plus belly color, should tell you when it’s time to harvest. Honeydew should be a creamy yellow color; wait to pick them until they do or the green melon won’t ripen off the vine. Try these gardener’s tricks for choosing melons at the store, instead of slapping, thwacking, crushing or otherwise abusing the fruit.

For many, picking a ripe melon is a guessing game. (

youth development. For more

Colorado State University Extension, together with Boulder County Parks and Open Space, provides unbiased, research-based information about consumer and family issues, horticulture, natural resources, agriculture and 4-H

information contact Extension at the Boulder County Fairgrounds, 9595 Nelson Rd., Box B, Longmont, 303.678.6238, or visit the web site at

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1008 Wilshire Dr, Berthoud

Beautiful 2-story home in desirable Berthoud location! Entry, dining, & kitchen have hardwood floors. Living rm open to 2nd floor w/gas log fireplace. Spacious dining rm perfect for entertaining. $428,500 | MLS #824133

Call Liz Wilson


4736 Wildwood Way, Johnstown

Beautiful upgraded Thompson River Ranch home. Great rm w/hardwd, FP & wall of windows. Kitchen w/ granite, SS apps, gas cooktop, island & beautiful backsplash. Mn flr master w/ coffered ceiling, WIC, luxurious ba w/ tiled shower. 2nd master & living space upstairs. Tile roof, covered patio.

2773 Coal Bank Dr, Fort Collins

$20,000 Price Reduction! Popular Dakota Ridge. Lg 4 BD, 4 BA, updated w/NEW carpet, NEW paint in & out, NEW SS appls, NEW lighting, granite counter & backsplash, corian counters on all baths & bar, 12x36 deck w/fenced yard. $449,900 | MLS #825639

Hosted by Torrey McCoy: 970-420-8388 Listed by Coleen Ligotke: 970-690-1732

732 Deer Meadow Dr, Loveland

Stunning lot on Mariana Butte Golf Course. High end finishes & details. Formal dining, butlers pantry, mudrm. Phenomenal master w/WIC & 5pc. Gourmet kitchen. 2 side FP from great rm to patio. HUGE 4 car garage!

$485,000 | MLS #822274

$650,000 | MLS #826168

Call Dennis Schick

Call Dennis Schick



4360 Thompson Pkwy, Johnstown

Gorgeous Thompson Crossing ranch. Bright open plan for entertaining. Kitchen w/granite, walk-in pantry, island & SS apps. Hardwd & vaulted ceilings. Master w/5pc, custom copper sinks & WIC. Fin walk-out bsmt. Covered deck to lower patio backs to greenbelt. $569,900 | MLS #821590

Call Dennis Schick


759 Deer Meadow Dr, Loveland

Beautiful Aspen Homes ranch at Mariana Butte. Across from golf course. Stds: granite, hardwd, SS apps, double oven, AC, FP, 3-car garage, covered deck. Highly energy eff-among best in biz! Upgrades: oversized garage storage, gas cook top, & more! $494,675 | MLS #822300

Call Dennis Schick


RE/MAX Alliance  Each office independently owned & operated  Five Northern Colorado locations to serve you.

Fort Collins South, 4703 A Boardwalk | 226-3990 Fort Collins Downtown, 125 S. Howes Ste. 120 | 482-1781 Loveland, 750 W Eisenhower | 669-1234 Greeley, 1275 58th, Ste. A | 330-5000

August 5-6, 2017

Loveland Reporter-Herald –





WWW.ATHOMECOLORADO.COM/OPEN-HOUSES BERTHOUD 1008 Wilshire Dr. $428,500 Saturday, 1pm-3pm Tracy Wilson RE/MAX Alliance (970) 567-0907 2109 Breckenridge Dr. $539,000 Saturday & Sunday, 10am-2pm Lou Gassner Foothills Premier Properties, LLC (970) 344-1515

DRAKE 121 Bandit Rock Rd $859,000 Saturday, 11am-2pm Bob Sprague Love Northern Colorado Real Estate (970) 372-8520

FIRSETONE 10616 Ferncrest St $425,000 Saturday, 10am-1pm Hania Withem The Group Inc (970) 581-1000 10616 Ferncrest St $425,000 Sunday, 12pm-3pm Hania Withem The Group Inc (970) 581-1000

FORT COLLINS 2773 Coal Bank Dr $449,900 Saturday, 12pm-3pm Coleen Ligotke RE/MAX Alliance (970) 690-1732

3813 Blasawood Lane $325,000 Sunday, 12pm-3pm Jeni Plum 3 Real Estate Solutions (970) 223-2771 4756 Saddlewood Cir $519,900 Saturday, 1pm-3pm Susan Herlihy The Group (970) 218-1636 4100 Watercress Dr $720,000 Saturday & Sunday, 1pm-3pm Georgena Arnett The Group Inc (970) 481-9801

LOVELAND 229 23rd St. SE $315,000 Saturday, 11:30am-1:30pm Kim Knight Legacy Properties Real Estate (970) 227-6093 3365 Janus Dr $375,000 Saturday, 11am-1pm Julie Hart The Group (970) 481-1443 935 Antila Ave $375,000 Saturday & Sunday, 12pm-2pm Kristin Boeding The Group Inc (970) 824-2242

1334 Leahy Dr. Starting at $449,000 Thursday-Sunday, 1pm-4pm Renee Salza C3 Real Estate Solutions (970) 231-5082

JOHNSTOWN 3813 Balsawood Lane $325,000 Saturday, 12pm-3pm Jeni Plum C3 Real Estate Solutions (970) 223-2771



4246 Buckingham Ct $400,000 Saturday, 1pm-3pm Bob Skillman The Group Inc (970) 631-2257

2515 Chaplin Creek Dr $595,000 Sunday, 12pm-3pm Jesse Laner C3 Real Estate Solutions (970) 672-7212

1518 Highfield Ct $330,845 Sunday, 12pm-6pm Kathy Beck The Group Inc (970) 213-8475

5200 Crystal Ln $459,500 Saturday, 11am-2pm John Simmons C3 Real Estate Solutions (970) 481-1250

1507 Hitch Wagon Dr $600,000 Sunday, 1pm-4pm Diana Luthi The Group Inc (970) 481-2692

2268 Stonefish Drive $400,000 Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-6pm Kathy Beck The Group Inc (970) 213-8475

915 Norway Maple Dr $479,900 Sunday, 1pm-3pm Becky Vasos The Group (970) 217-9874

5229 Cedar Valley Dr $725,000 Sunday, 2:30pm-4:30pm Kristin Boeding The Group Inc (970) 824-2242

3709 Peruvian Torch Dr $485,500 Daily, 12pm-4pm Venna Hillman Shorewood Real Estate 970-590-1832

1712 Topaz Dr $360’s-$430’s Saturday & Sunday, 10am-5pm Brittany Munoz LC Home @ Tulip Creek 970-227-1334

5200 Crystal Ln $495,500 Sunday, 1pm-3pm John Simmons C3 Real Estate Solutions (970) 481-1250

8726 Blackwood Dr. $550,000 Saturday, 11am-1pm Erin Moomey C3 Real Estate Solutions (970) 692-0119


3541 Red Orchid Court $575,000 Saturday & Sunday, 1pm-3pm Venna Hillman Shorewood Real Estate 970-590-1832 2138 Seven Lakes Dr $585,900 Saturday, 12pm-4pm Christina Mueske The Group (970) 999-4239

2268 Stonefish Drive $400,000 Sunday, 12pm-6pm Kathy Beck The Group Inc (970) 213-8475

148 Ponderosa Ct $280,000 Saturday, 12pm-3pm John Simmons C3 Real Estate Solutions (970) 481-1250

8726 Blackwood Dr. $550,000 Sunday, 12pm-2pm Erin Moomey C3 Real Estate Solutions (970) 692-0119

WINDSOR 1518 Highfield Ct $330,845 Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-6pm Kathy Beck The Group Inc (970) 213-8475

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Real Estate Listing Sample

Visit or contact Thais Hafer 303.473.1456,

VISIT ATHOMECOLORADO.COM/SUBMIT-OPEN-HOUSE OR CALL 303.473.1456, 303.684.5329 Loveland Reporter-Herald –

August 5-6, 2017


Meadowbrook Ridge


OPEN HOUSE SATURDAY & SUNDAY 1PM-3PM 3541 Red Orchid Court, Loveland - $575,000

2115 Rio Blanco Ave - Loveland

Call Venna Hillman


Broker Associate For more information

Ready for occupancy! 2bd with and additional flex room, 2ba, 3 car tandem garage. Full unfinished basement. Knotty Alder cabinets, trim and doors. Full front landscaping. A/C included.


Gorgeous Ranch - Impeccably maintained home in sought after Dakota Glen subdivision. Situated on Large corner lot with Mtn. views! Over 3,119 SF finished, including partially finished basement, with 3 bedrooms/3 baths and study. Upgrades include hardwood floors, granite, Alder cabinets/doors and trim, transoms above interior doors, finished garage, 2-zone heat/air, whole house water filtration and much more. See for yourself! MLS#820843.

Paul Jansen Broker Associate Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage 970-567-4757 •

O P E N H O U S E S AT U R DAY 1 1 : 3 0 - 1 : 3 0

Open Sun 12:30-2:30 pm

River Trails! 907 Pine Dr-Windsor

229 23rd St. SE, Loveland $315,000

Great Windsor home on a cul-de-sac. All New Carpet, eat-in kitchen, separate dining room, finished basement with a shop area, great side access garage, large enclosed yard with garden area if desired. 3 bed, 3 bath. One year home warranty! $3,500 allowance for closing costs or other needs. MLS#822310.

Ranch with full finished basement 2478 sq. ft. Large Lot , 3 bedroom 3 bath 2 car attached garage Family room, brick fireplace, A/C, Lawn sprinkler Water feature & garden shed. Legacy Properties Real Estate Kim Knight Broker • 970-227-6093

Plains Real Estate, Inc.

Call Maurine Garretson 970-396-9597


3709 Peruvian Torch Drive, Loveland - $485,500

Patio Living at it’s BEST! Glen Homes popular Powderhorn plan on Garden Level lot that backs to open space and MTN views! 1728 finished SF on main - 2 Bdrms/2 Baths, vaulted ceiling in great room that opens to dining and kitchen. Granite, custom tile & knotty alder doors/trim & cabinets, hardwood floors, Landscaped front & Back. Stop in today! Completion by mid July! MLS#816327.

LIST YOUR OPEN HOUSE August 5-6, 2017

VISIT ATHOMECOLORADO.COM/SUBMIT-OPEN-HOUSE OR CALL 303.473.1456, 303.684.5329 Loveland Reporter-Herald –




Clean shapes and mixed materials make up a trend toward new modern. (

We’ve officially found

2017’S BIGGEST DECOR TRENDS By Kelsey Clark, Domaine (TNS) Following trends can be dangerous in home decor, where rooms are designed to last decades, not months. But while we tread carefully when it comes to decorating with trends in our homes, we can’t deny the fact that it can sometimes be hard to resist the temptation of adding a handmade ceramic here or a hanging planter there, especially when that’s what we’re seeing across Instagram and magazines everywhere. So what’s the secret to decorating with trends? For starters, smaller accents are much easier to infuse into a decor scheme if the rest of the space has a neutral base. As for the larger trends — like the ones that require painting a wall or gut-renovating a kitchen — here’s our advice: Mull it over for a few months, and see if you still like it. Or as Nate Berkus would advise, don’t use any materials you wouldn’t have seen in a 1920s home. Ahead, we’ve rounded up the 8


top 10 home decor trends of 2017 that are likely to stand the test of time. Agree or disagree? Tell us which of these you’d use in your own home. BEIGE TONES We’ve called it on a couple of occasions over the past few months, but beige is decidedly on

its way to becoming the new gray. Interior designers like Jeremiah Brent have jumped on the trend: creative, beautifully modern spaces in the color that was once synonymous with boring.

we’re definitely on board with, not only for the look but also for the wallet. Tiled kitchen islands will never replace a chic waterfall marble countertop, but it’s cool and cutting-edge. We’re on board.

TILED KITCHEN ISLANDS This is a trend we definitely did not see coming, but it’s

MONOCHROME SPACES Retire your brights. It’s all about monochrome spaces in

Beige tones and muted pastels are seeing a comeback as trendy color schemes. ( Loveland Reporter-Herald –

one Handmade pottery is another way to add an organic feel to living spaces.(

August 5-6, 2017

The Hygge lifestyle embraces cozy soft textures. (

2017. Muted pastels are taking center stage, with people using the same colorway not only for their walls but also for their trim, ceiling and furniture, creating a beautifully unified look. HIDDEN RANGE HOODS This year may have been the year of statement range hoods, but many designers are taking a new “less is more” approach to the ever-evolving issue of unsightly range hoods — they’re simply building it behind a simple clean and modern gyprock case to give kitchens are more subdued style. Statement range hoods, on the other hand, are still very much en vogue. NEW MODERN In 2017, West Elm has spearheaded a mainstream revival of the new modern style, a clean, minimal aesthetic with curved lines, mixed materials and a

whole lot of appeal. “We are entering a new era in design,” Johanna Uurasjarvi, creative director at West Elm, tells MyDomaine. “There is an exciting movement toward new, original forms, architectural and clean shapes with refined and thoughtful details.”

Transparent furniture is popping up at various retailers in 2017. (

their belongings, homeowners are now jumping on a new lifestyle philosophy: the Scandinavian hygge movement. Its principle: to create a cozy home filled with soft textures and dim lighting — and to savor a slow way of living with family and friends.

NEW TRADITIONAL On the other hand of the design spectrum, another style as old as time is resurfacing. First spotted on the runways in February, the traditional style has been making its way back into the modern decor vernacular, but in a new and unexpected way. Fringe trim, ginger jars and classic shapes are definitely back with a twist.

HANDMADE POTTERY Here’s another trend we didn’t necessarily see coming but that’s been popping up everywhere: handmade pottery. Often styled in groups or as part of smaller vignettes, beautiful handmade ceramics has been adding an organic edge to rooms everywhere. Stylist Emily Henderson is a fan — she uses handmade ceramics to style anything from bookcases to coffee tables and console tables.

HYGGE After the Marie Kondo frenzy caused an entire generation of decor lovers to throw out most of

TRANSPARENT FURNITURE Retailers like ABC Home and Urban Outfitters (among others) have alerted us to this trend:

Transparent furniture is back. We’ve seen an array of transparent or colored glass tables pop up in interiors everywhere — and we’re on board with this fun, colorful trend. What’s more, it’s the perfect small-space hack since transparent tables blend in any tiny room without weighing it down or looking bulky. GREENERY “Greenery” was Pantone’s Color of the Year, so it’s no surprise it’s a big home decor trend in 2017. But people have taken the color green to a whole new level and even embraced using more plants in their homes. Specifically, hanging plants are this year’s comeback kid of the plant world. ——— Get the latest on home decor trends, design ideas, shopping guides and food news, and take a look inside your favorite celebrity homes on

Mountain Gate Neighborhood g in Mariana Butte August 5-6, 2017

Loveland Reporter-Herald –




organization accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to develop and maintain these standards. Each lock or deadbolt that features the BHMA Certified Secure Home label on its packaging has been tested to these stringent standards - the highest performance standards for residential hardware. The label also indicates that the product has been certified in three different areas: security, durability and finish. Products without the Secure Home label are not assured to have been tested and certified by a third-party laboratory.

ever purchased a new lockset or deadbolt, only 19 percent have done so with the safety of their home in mind, according to a Harris Poll conducted on behalf of the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA). However, when it comes to protecting your home, the right lockset or deadbolt can provide the best first line of defense. When purchasing new locks, it isn’t simply “one size fits all.” Choosing the right lock or deadbolt for your specific needs can sometimes seem overwhelming. Two in five Americans polled don’t even know what factors to look for when purchasing one. While many of today’s locks deliver improved security for your home, be sure to follow these easy steps to ensure you’re properly selecting and installing the product that best suits your needs.

3 steps to a more secure home

(BPT) - More than 75 percent of Americans are concerned about the security of their home, yet few think about door hardware when it comes to added protection. In fact, out of those who have

2. Check the ratings combination. Once a lock or deadbolt is tested to ANSI/BHMA standards for security, durability and finish, it is given a rating of Good (C), Better (B) or Best (A) in each area based on its performance during testing. The rating system is defined by progressive levels of performance requirements. Be sure to select the lock or deadbolt that is rated highly in the area(s) most important to you. For example, when looking for a new interior

1. Look for the BHMA Certified Secure Home label. The hardware industry has strict standards when it comes to the quality of locks and deadbolts, and BHMA is the only

lock, you may not require the same rating for security or finish as you would for a lock being installed on your front door. 3. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. After purchasing the lock(s) best suited for your home needs, consult the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer for proper application. A BHMA Certified lock - or any lock, for that matter - cannot function to its expectations if it isn’t installed correctly. The added protection that locks and deadbolts can provide you and your family is not something to be overlooked. By fitting your doors - both interior and exterior - with certified hardware, using proper installation techniques and being diligent about using your locks when at home or away, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of unwanted company. To learn more about BHMA Certified locksets and deadbolts, or the BHMA Certified Secure Home label, watch this short video or visit

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Featured Property

Featured Property

Featured Property

148 Ponderosa Ct., Red Feather Lakes 80545 $280,000 • MLS# 821894 3 Beds • 3 Baths • Total Sq. Ft. 1,919

3054 Suri Trail, Bellvue 80512 $1,850,000 • MLS# 821611 5 Beds • 4 Baths • Total Sq. Ft. 6,075

7225 Streamside Dr., Fort Collins 80525 $1,200,000 • MLS# 819069 4 Beds • 6 Baths • Total Sq. Ft. 7,490

8236 County Road 74, Windsor 80550 $1,995,000 • MLS# 825437 7 Beds • 7 Baths • Total Sq. Ft. 9,595

6350 E County Road 56, Fort Collins 80524 $1,125,000 • MLS# 826909 4 Beds • 3 Baths • Total Sq. Ft. 3,262

Turn Key estate with everything included. This end unit town-home offers 2000 sq ft of luxury. Granite slab counter-tops, SS appliances, great room w/fireplace, vaulted ceilings, 2 master suites & so much more. $5,000 Credit towards HOA & Golf Membership.”

This Ranch home features a walk-out basement, main floor office, fitness or craft room, formal dining, gourmet kitchen, guest or inlaw retreat & thousands in upgrades. 1,077 sq ft attached garage and a detached 2,177 Sq Ft garage w/office.

Grand Estate on .78 acre lot w/4 fireplaces & an over-sized luxury garage. Family room, great room, office, music room, formal dining, gourmet kitchen, master suite, in-law or guest suite and HIGH end upgrades throughout property!

Beautiful gated ranch home situated on 32 acres w/walk-out lower level. Spectacular interior includes 3 laundry rms, 5 FPs, home gym, theater rm, library, fun/game rm, gourmet kitchen, butler pantry & so much more. NO HOA!

Remodeled Home with main floor master. 17 acre and fully fenced farm with many improvements and spectacular Rocky Mountain Views. Private tree lined pond, barn, gardens, orchard, hay storage, chicken coop and multiple livestock buildings.

John Simmons Trent McFall 970-481-1250 970-231-0697

John Simmons Jesse Laner 970-481-1250 970-672-7212

John Simmons Jesse Laner 970-481-1250 970-672-7212

John Simmons Jesse Laner 970-481-1250 970-672-7212

John Simmons Jesse Laner 970-481-1250 970-672-7212

Open House Saturday 11-2pm & Sun 1-3pm

Open House Saturday & Sunday 12-3pm

Open House Saturday & Sunday 12-3pm

Open Thursday through Sunday 1-4pm

Open House Sat 11-1pm, Sun 12-2pm G



5200 Crystal Ln., Loveland 80538 $459,500 • MLS# 821205 3 Beds • 3 Baths • Total Sq. Ft. 2,131 A Frame home on .35 Acre lot with so much character including a 4 car garage, in ground swimming pool, detached studio, hot tub and sun room John Simmons Randy Payne 970-481-1250 970-443-0234

2515 Chaplin Creek Dr., Loveland 80538 $595,000 2 Beds • 3 Baths • Total Sq. Ft. 4,955 Nearly new Capri Modern Farmhouse. 2 beds/3 baths plus a study. Unfinished walk out basement – finish to suit. Beautiful upgrades and finishes including hardwood floors and quartz tops. Amazing views, community pool & more! Bill Myers 970-599-0011

Susan Propp 970-691-0754 10


3813 Balsawood Lane, Johnstown 80534 $325,000 • MLS# 828318 3 Beds • 3 Baths • Total Sq. Ft. 2,740 Fall in love with this immaculate & stylish home, yet low maintenance! Shows like a model & flows beautifully! Community pool! Close to I-25/Hwy 34, Centerra & Scheels. Don’t let this gem pass you by!

1334 Leahy Dr., Fort Collins, Ready Now! Starting at $449,000 • 814176 3 Beds • 2 Baths • Total Sq. Ft. 3,972 Ranch style homes w/garden plots & fruit trees. Lg garages, open floor plans. Sales Office at 6709 Snowdon Dr.

Jeni Plum 970-223-2771

Christie Juhl Renée Salza 970-430-9501 970-231-5082


8726 Blackwood Dr., Windsor 80550 $550,000 5 Beds • 4 Baths • Total Sq. Ft. 3481 Just listed Highpointe Estates stunner backs to open space! Professionally finished basement with kitchenette, 5 beds, craftsman feel and ALL the upgrades. Includes deck plus stamped concrete patio. Erin Moomey Nick Vorrath 970-692-0119 970-420-6313

970.225.5152 • C3 Real Estate Solution, LLC.

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August 5-6, 2017

YOU BORROW EGGS, SUGAR AND LAWN MOWERS FROM Because of their durability, composite materials are an increasingly popular decking choice. (Trex)


How much does it cost to build a deck? By Tom Lange, Angie’s List Angie’s List (TNS) Putting up a new deck can improve the function and look of your home, and its future resale value. Costs can vary, depending on square footage, the type of materials used and whether you hire a contractor or do it yourself. So, what can you expect to pay for a deck? DECK TYPE AND SIZE The most important cost consideration is the size and type you want. The bigger it is, the more you pay. The type of deck boards also factor into overall cost. Where you’re putting your deck also matters. If it’s low enough to the ground, you may be able to place the joists on four-way deck blocks rather than digging post holes. It’s possible to level the soil and place these directly on the ground, but most homeowners add gravel or a large paving stone to keep the structure from shifting. Higher decks mean you pour concrete pilings for support pillars, and your city or town has rules about how high a deck can be before needing supports. Post holes must be augured and the posts set in place before any construction. DECK MATERIALS MATTER Pressure treated wood such as southern yellow pine, chemically processed to resist rot and insects, runs $8 to $20 per square foot. The price goes up if you use higher-quality wood. August 5-6, 2017

Cedar, for example, is soft to the touch and doesn’t splinter or crack as much as pine. Decks built with cedar cost between $11 and $26 per square foot. Manmade or composite materials are among the most expensive, sometimes as much as $50 per square foot. Composite is increasingly popular, and sometimes replaces wood decks in homes before they’re put on the market.



PROFESSIONAL VS DIY DECK INSTALLATION There are several benefits to hiring a pro, especially if you have a complex project. A contractor will know what works and what doesn’t, and can advise if a particular idea is too costly or won’t work with your house. They come with a crew and all the necessary tools, and bring or order all materials. Get a guarantee in writing about the deck’s workmanship. Typically this will cover any structural issues over a certain number of years. Also make sure the contractor you hire will take care of any permits that are required, and ask how they will assemble your deck. Lag bolts will last longer than carriage bolts, for example. REMOVING THE OLD DECK Don’t forget to consider the cost of removing your old deck. Many pros charge between $2 and $3 per square foot to demolish a deck, with an average job costing about $700. Others may charge more if they have to rent a dumpster or drive debris long distances to a landfill. ——— Tom Lange is a reporter for Angie’s List, a trusted provider of local consumer reviews and an online marketplace of services from toprated providers. Visit

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What’s the difference between a one-piece vs. two-piece toilet? By Ed Del Grande, Tribune News Service (TNS) : Dear Ed: We’re replacing our existing two-piece toilet and have two questions. First, besides the obvious number of components, what is the difference between a one-piece vs. a two-piece toilet? Second, can you easily replace an existing two-piece toilet with a one-piece toilet? — Fred, New York



Because there is no gap between tank and bowl, maintaining and cleaning a one-piece toilet can be a little easier. (Kohler)

REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS The following Loveland-area home sales were supplied by Colorado Weekly Homebuyers List Inc., 303-7442020. Listed are the buyer, the property address, the seller and the amount. Berthoud • Michael and Charles Venit — 1521 Woodcock St., JJ Construction Northern Colo., $347,000. • Michael Pesce — 2838 Cooperland Blvd., Richfield Homes LLC, $369,200. • Brian and Sherry Murphy — 2313 Tabor St., Saint Aubyn Homes LLC, $391,400. • Brenden and Stephanie Buhl — 335 Goose Hollow Road, Kent and Linda Knebel, $665,000. Estes Park • Matthew O’Reilly — 550 W. Elkhorn Ave., Unit A1, Jack D. Thompson, $125,000. • Mark and Susan Newendorp — 950 Big Thompson Ave., No. 1152, Jock PR Campbell Living Trust, $140,000. • Craig and Peggy Belshe — 730 Eagle Lane, Laverne and Doris Mertz, $335,000. • Kevin and Anna Voelz — 1675 Brook Court, Brian and Alyssa Hansen, $360,000. • Holly Sergy — 2839 Carriage Drive, John T. Couleur, $395,000. • Michael and Lisa Sokoloski — 275 Olympus Lane E., Robert and 12 AT HOME

: Yes, in most cases you can install a one-piece toilet to replace a two-piece toilet without it turning into a big project. Just make sure you use the same specification as your

existing toilet as far as rough-in measurements and bowl size. Now for the question about one-piece toilets vs. two-piece toilets. Besides components, the basic differences are: Price. If you’re comparing apples to apples, the one-piece toilets usually cost more money. Installation. If you’re working alone, a two-piece toilet may be easier to lift and move, since you are dealing with two smaller components in place of one larger component.

Unit E., Harry and Linda Sheline, Lauri Winslow, $405,000. $280,000. • Nancy Cowdin — 76 Ridge• Theresa Cash — 2715 Iowa Drive, wood Lane, Mary Ann Franke, Apt. 206, Flats At Rigden Farm $420,000. LLC, $280,400. Fort Collins • Joshua Popp — 4131 Snow Ridge • Chase and Nicholas Behnke — 8415 Mummy Range Drive, Greg Circle, Gary J. Jurgens, $290,000. and Aubrey Case, $183,000. • Cole Crawford — 2120 Timber Creek Drive, Apt. B5, Eydie • Hannah Lewis — 1601 W. SwalMilone, $295,000. low Road, Apt. 7I, Goldin Trust, • Donnyale Ambrosine — 2715 $200,000. Iowa Drive, Apt. 305, Flats At • Joyce and Danielle Bundy — Rigden Farm LLC, $299,900. 2929 Ross Drive, Apt. P47, Amy • Warren Ptacek — 821 Glenwall Dvorak, $201,000. Drive, Joseph A. Lee, $300,000. • Amber Spaude — 3565 Windmill Drive, Apt. F6, Bascombe J. Wil• David and Rachel Jacobson — 3500 Rolling Green Drive, Apt. son, $205,000. M49, Amanda Jane Brazeal, • Brett and Vanessa Barrow — 528 $300,000. 1/2 N. Overland Trail, Brian • Brian Woodard — 3005 Tulane Douglas Wise, $215,000. Drive, Gregory and Ruth Bruny, • Andrew and James Buyck — 1024 $302,900. Oxford Lane, Unit 43, Joshua R. • Amber Greenough — 3856 Freer, $240,000. Gardenwall Court, Joshua and Jill • Ian King — 3002 W. Elizabeth Brown, $305,000. St., Unit 10b, Patricia A. Bartosh, • Scott Nesbitt — 3608 Mead $245,000. St., Eric and April Anderson, • Christopher and Audrey Sorensen $317,500. — 1736 Lake Sherwood Drive, • John and Sharon Schoepflin — Christopher L. Busteed, $246,300. 380 Pint St., Hartford Homes At • Natasha Walterfisk — 5225 White Timbervine, $319,700. Willow Drive, Apt. M220, Judith • Susan Boyle — 318 Saturn Drive, E. Viola Trust, $247,000. Lori Janine Hafnor, $320,000. • Mark Chavez — 826 Thornhill • Thomas Dell — 374 Pint St., Place, Liberato and Maria CasHartford Homes At Timbervine, torena, $255,000. $320,400. • Darcy Peterson — 2302 Owens • Peter and Ashley Harvey — 368 Ave., Unit 204, Bluebonnet InvestPint St., Hartford Homes At Timments LLC, $275,000. bervine, $321,000. • Billy and Karen Boden — 4736 • Dustin and Kristin Clay — 630 Libby Drive, Damon L. McCausSydney Drive, Kenneth Kathleen land, $280,000. Renner Trust, $325,000. • Kristi Kelly — 1603 Robertson, Loveland Reporter-Herald –

Cleaning. Because there is no gap between tank and bowl, maintaining and cleaning a onepiece toilet can be a little easier. Bottom line: It’s basically a draw. It usually gets down to personal preferences in this headto-head competition. ——— Master Contractor/Plumber Ed Del Grande is known internationally as the author of the book “Ed Del Grande’s House Call,” the host of TV and Internet shows, and a LEED green associate. Visit or write

• Matthew Fairchild — 1406 Ottawa Court, Hazel Short, $331,500. • Amy Vanhove — 520 Muskegon Court, Focoloco Properties LLC, $335,000. • Zhongmin Hu — 3838 Rock Creek Drive, Christine M. Braleybrown, $336,000. • Daniel and Sheila Banke — 1406 Sioux Blvd., Andrew and John Dighera, $337,500. • Laura Whitney — 2818 Chaparral Drive, Mark S. Ohair, $340,000. • Lauryn Winstead — 5151 Boardwalk Drive, Unit C1, Lindsay and Brian Butzer, $345,000. • Anna and Colin Crow — 730 Butte Pass Drive, Angie and Joshua Ritter, $350,000. • Dave and Erica Cronin — 5925 Boyne Court, Kenneth and Erin Waszkiewicz, $350,000. • Jan and Mary Schiel — 2065 Scarecrow Road, Audrey Lavender Stine, $353,500. • Nicholas and Jennifer Dubbert — 2943 Eastborough Drive, Jonathan and Kimberly O’Neil, $355,000. • Shabana and Safir Hoosein — 232 Clover Lane, Brandon F. Hower, $355,000. • Elodie Vigneron — 3400 Winslow Drive, Kevin and Lynelle Denton, $365,000. • Larry and Carmel Bader — 3627 Silvertip Place, William and Elizabet McCutchen, $367,000. • Michael Sukle — 2900 Fauborough Court, By Christian Properties, $372,000. • Timothy and Bonnie Kabel — 1515 Carmela Court, Bradley and August 5-6, 2017

Cheryl Morgan, $375,000. • Derek Schook — 508 Del Clair Road, Dale and Kathy Bordewyk, $375,000. • Crystal Zinichmiller — 2756 Nottingham Square, Kyle S. Glidewell, $385,000. • Melanie Rosholm — 2821 Chase Drive, Rebecca S. Hannaway, $387,500. • Zachary and Jennifer Thurman — 4001 Moss Creek Drive, Richard and Awilda Keller, $390,000. • Merton and Deborah English — 2312 Coventry Court, Douglas and Amanda Marvin, $395,000. • Anthony Nichols — 1432 Reeves Drive, Jared R. Waterhouse, $398,000. • Edward and Carolyn Dietrich — 7508 Triangle Drive, Brian and Julie Brown, $400,000. • Paula Pazooki — 2133 Bock St., Hartford Homes At Timbervine, $403,700. • Joshua and Angela Ritter — 2009 Lookout Lane, Suresh Bhamidi, $413,000. • Miles and Aimee Kramer — 4008 Wild Elm Way, Diane L. Lawton, $417,500. • Michael and Michael Warbiany — 1501 Shadow Mountain Court, Christopher and Janet Ruch,

$419,900. • Abhijeet Jangam — 2844 Chase Drive, David and Rosellen Lobree, $434,500. • Bruno Sobral — 2617 Treemont Drive, Clinton and Emily Sander, $435,000. • Teresa Hergenreder — 1147 Lawrence Drive, Margaret I. Ketterman, $447,500. • Aubrey and Gregory Case — 800 Westbourn Court, Jill L. Phipps, $450,000. • Robert Bourdon — 425 Crows Nest Court, Daniel R. Goodnow, $470,000. • Alan Arnette — 1118 Paragon Place, Shaun and Bradley Reinhart, $500,000. • Sharon Robertson — 4732 Prairie Vista Drive, Douglas and Patric Macallister, $517,000. • Jamie and Kyle Yoder — 1038 W. Oak St., Selena and Robert Paulsen, $524,500. • Wendy Weisler — 1157 Picard Lane, Margaret H. Burnett, $580,000. • Brian and Julie Brown — 8136 Park Hill Drive, Daniel and Karen Oxford, $590,000. • Jerry Blair — 6045 Espalier Court, Toll Co. I. LLC, $591,800. • Rik and Elsa Arensmeier — 2455

Stonecrest Drive, Lauren and Alan Ogden, $592,000. • Benjamin and Rochelle Platter — 3265 Rookery Road, Lawrence and Gretchen Deweese, $600,000. • Cynthia Coester — 110 N. Sherwood St., Linda K. Ripley, $600,000. • Misha Macaw — 1326 Bennett Road, Kim and Jennifer Ogle, $609,000. • Keith and Maria Kelley — 2420 Palomino Drive, Melody Homes Inc., $638,800. • Daniel and Nicole McFarland — 3292 Twin Heron Court, Avi and Avi Rocklin, $648,000. • Kent and Linda Knebel — 2826 Sunset View Drive, Toll Co. I. LLC, $667,500. • Lamia Goual — 5130 Abbey Road, Edwin and Anita Neset, $680,000. • Guilherme Dasilva — 5632 Cardinal Flower Court, James and Allison Klien, $810,000. • Sasikanth Adigopula — 6587 Rookery Road, Fabio and Mitzi Sandri, $1,100,000. • Ronald and Nanette Talarico — 3432 Taliesin Way, Jeffrey and Sharon Linville, $1,475,000. Greeley • Marie Lavigne — 1415 10th St., Equable Invest Corp., $147,000.

• Brady Jackson — 5151 29th St., Unit 309, Richard Rowen, $154,900. • Christopher Deutsch — 5151 29th St., Unit 509, Samantha Coles, $160,000. • Alicia Rose — 2342 W. C. St., Kathy M. Beadell, $170,000. • Leif Sunde — 2629 11th Ave., Julius and Cathy Arthur, $188,000. • Brandon and Dale Burmaster — 228 22nd Ave. Court, Stefan and Stormie Coffey, $189,000. • Aldo Saldana — 2027 Birch Ave., Sherry Pfifer, $207,000. • Austin and Robyn Hoxie — 2122 Eighth Ave., Scott D. Anderson, $210,000. • Jason Mellica — 242 33rd Ave., Jose Sardina, $215,000. • Nancy Pacheco — 927 E. 25th St. Road, Rodolfo Pacheco, $220,000. • Staseldo Prifti — 2102 Sixth Ave., Baker Street Properties LLC, $220,000. • Jimmy and Carolyn Archer — 3216 W. Fourth St., Bernard and Rojean Hecht, $225,000. • Nataniel and Rachelle Arbuthnot — 214 N. 43rd Ave. Court, Tiffany J. McCall, $232,000. • Douglas Kile — 2928 Aspen Ave., Michelle Lee Jinks, $242,200. • Thomas Miller — 1717 Montview

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Road, Steve and Lori Hergert, $250,000. • Amanda Brazeal — 1306 24th Ave., 1306 Ventures LLC, $260,000. • Sandra Swanson — 6608 W. Third St., Bldg. 3777, Timothy G. Douglass, $265,000. • Judi and Steven Erickson — 4902 29th St., Unit 9C, Linda and Robert Kohn, $267,500. • Maria Leos Velazquez — 1401 32nd Ave., Harold and Florence Falk, $275,000. • Dale and Jeanie Weyerts — 2183 44th Ave., Marshall and Mary Blake, $275,000. • Anthony Destaubin — 1931 14th St. Road, Hilary and John Mathews, $280,000. • Leonard Salazar — 4126 W. 30th St. Road, CC Invest LP, $280,000. • Levi Fox — 2041 40th Ave., Sarah Y. Longan, $295,000. • Meaghan and Thomas Jensen — 202 N. 44th Ave. Court, Stephen P. Horner, $299,800. • Susan Bonfiglio — 1842 18th Ave., Levi D. Fox, $300,500. • Dwight and Janine Strausheim — 5034 W. Second St., Susan and Ronald Just, $306,000. • Jesse and Lisa Furr — 2129 72nd Ave. Court, David Zehrbach, $310,000. • Austin and Michelle Mills — 2251 80th Ave., Gabriel Mendoza, $310,000. • Michael and Margaret Atkinson — 3015 55th Ave., Lois L. Gardenshire, $310,000. • George and Suzanne Guffa — 6517 18th St. Road, James and Amber Clifford, $325,000. • Anthony and Amanda Liges — 1640 36th Ave. Court, Kathy Curtis, $335,000. • Gary and Cynthia Warwick — 4250 W. 16th St., Unit 6, Linda J. Scalia, $350,000. • Scott and Jordan Sommerfield — 2209 70th Ave., Daniel and Audrey Rush, $360,000. • Brandy and Sandra Nunn — 2209 74th Ave. Court, Aspen View Homes LLC, $371,900. • Michael and Cynthia Welsh — 1946 19th Ave., Judi and Steven Erickson, $460,000. • John and Hilary Mathews — 2012 18th Ave., Jack and Sallie Parker, $460,000. • Lawrence Corbin — 1905 80th Ave., Christopher M. Bean, $517,000. Johnstown • Staci Thorne — 3338 Tamarac Lane, Orval D. Emery, $315,000. • Joshua and Rachelle Tuttle — 3321 Willow Lane, Nicholas and Clystia 14


Lenz, $315,000. • Steven and Sandra Bianco — 1920 Cherry Lane, Kathryn A. Lees, $320,000. • Antania and Stephen Holland — 3603 Maplewood Lane, Heidi and Stephen Ranger, $332,500. • Anthony Serrano — 3545 Kirkwood Lane, Sidney and Tracy Coates, $340,000. • Pamela Smith — 325 Sloan Drive, Gabriel and Pamela Ramon, $340,000. • Seth and Brianna James — 2139 Redhead Drive, Chad and Brand Brunson, $345,000. • Randi and Aaron Yochim — 315 Clark St., Seth and Natosha Mason, $345,500. • Brad and Tammy Borkowski — 4112 Watercress Drive, Lifestyle Custom Homes C. Inc., $861,000. Loveland • Diane Thajeb — 5617 Harrison Ave., Anna Risilia, $132,500. • Jacalyn Jessup — 1263 1/2 E. Second St., John P. Lewis, $194,900. • Kathryn Duke — 750 W. 10th St., Rhonda K. Lauden, $204,000. • Angela Risilia — 1411 E. Seventh St., Tanner and Ashlyn Highfill, $220,000. • Aldean Fischer — 1000 W. Eisenhower Blvd., Apt. 12, Kevin and Michelle Stennes, $227,000. • Adam Nipp — 2114 Diana Drive, Steven D. Enderson, $231,000. • Zachary Chase — 906 Janice Court, Francisco and Guadalupe Garcia, $238,000. • Terry and Ashley Stevenson — 1532 Oak Creek Drive, Shannon D. Bond, $240,000. • Tyler and Elise Rank — 3028 Lake Drive, Manon K. Weber, $252,000. • Alexandria Smith — 1511 Adams Ave., Amber Greenough, $261,000. • Ruth Stirewalt — 1711 Del Norte Ave., Bawden Family Trust, $266,100. • Leslie Davis — 711 Harrison Ave., Ryan M. Thomas, $268,000. • Joel and Sue Jensen — 1512 Snowy Range Court, Kurt and Debbie Skott, $269,900. • Wendy and Jacques Tobiska — 1038 20th St. SW, Nickolas Tobin, $275,000. • Thomas Adjutant — 410 W. 13th St., Judith F. Jones, $275,200. • Glenna Bayer — 2699 W. 45th St., Katherine and Farrell Spencer, $285,000. • Evan and Vicki Powers — 1312 Walnut St., Timothy and Chandra Wallis, $295,000. • Meighen Macgregor — 581 Sherri Drive, Kari E. Williams, $300,000. • Danielle Waller — 2514 Frederick Drive, Rocky Mountain Investment

Group, $302,000. • Derek and Whitney Taylor — 4508 N. Lincoln Ave., Melissa L. Adams, $310,000. • Allie Storie — 1429 Avondale Place, Richard and Margaret Traynelis, $310,000. • Kim Visee — 1887 Halfmoon Circle, Kristen S. Miles, $315,000. • D. Hughes — 2366 Fleming Drive, Allen Philip Inman, $322,400. • Leah Jimenez — 4061 Swan Mountain Drive, CCS Real Estate LLC, $334,500. • Jimmy and Angela Archer — 4308 Harrison Ave., Ralph and Holly Trenary, $339,000. • Wade and Claudine Roberts — 1806 Thames Drive, Daniel and Cecilia Sargent, $344,500. • Brandi and Brent Dill — 2331 Fleming Drive, Duke Partners II LLC, $360,000. • Johnny and Jamie Wolf — 4189 Stringtown Drive, Robert and Mary Adams, $362,500. • Ashley and Thomas Vitale — 4335 Butte Road, William and Naima Pearson, $375,000. • Kimberly and Michael Wells — 3961 Crestone Drive, Lisa M. Miller McKim, $410,000. • Shawna and David Edwards — 6525 Clearwater Drive, Thomas and Andrea McDaniel, $431,000. • Earl and Donna Mayo — 8115 Lela Lane, Rudy and Kaye Kubasta, $440,000. • Paul and Carol Jensen — 2750 Cub Lake Drive, Boulder Creek Centerra I. LLC, $496,400. • Daniel and Melanie Nelson — 4102 Mandall Lakes Drive, Tri Pointe Homes Inc., $522,000. • Diane and William Nelson — 3206 Current Creek Court, Dianna L. Boehner, $587,000. • Douglas and Sandra Boruff — 3402 Red Orchid Court, Michael and Judith Carroll, $595,000. • John and Starlene Kane — 7518 Buffalo Court, Todd and Valerie Briley, $730,000. Windsor • James Farmer — 138 Beacon Way, Unit 1B, David and Dao Oswalt, $211,000. • Samuel Swardenski — 212 Walnut St., Debra E. Hamlin, $235,000. • Jaydee and Kelsey Rosenoff — 112 Sunflower Drive, Mark Thomas, $255,000. • Patrick Kocovsky — 126 Oak St., Taylor and Austin Kofoed, $287,000. • Preston and Kacie Carpenter — 516 Sixth St., Loretta and Walter Burns, $293,500. • Michael Schmitt — 317 Rock Bridge Drive, Edna M. Slagle,

Loveland Reporter-Herald –

$305,000. • Rachel Farnum — 7 Nantucket Court, Richard Geear, $309,000. • Eric and Memorie Dudley — 1575 Basildon Court, Cory and Ella Younie, $310,000. • Hua Zhao — 1107 Timberline Court, Bonnie and Brian Rowe, $325,000. • Jeremy and Julia Love — 2171 Grain Bin Court, Journey Homes LLC, $340,700. • Brian and Beth Heuer — 6374 Pumpkin Ridge Drive, Unit 1, Ravenna Townhomes At La Riva, $353,500. • Glade and Briana Snyder — 2177 Grain Bin Court, JJ Constr. Northern Colo. LLC, $368,800. • Matthew and Lacey Burns — 697 Vermilion Peak Drive, Saint Aubyn Homes LLC, $377,500. • Joshua Reeth — 856 Amber Court, Martin and Jacqueline Bassett, $382,000. • Stephen and Kristin Niswender — 685 Vermilion Peak Drive, Saint Aubyn Homes LLC, $397,800. • Austin and Taylor Kofoed — 602 Boxwood Drive, Saint Aubyn Homes LLC, $405,000. • Peter Wolfe — 4603 Freehold Drive, John and Becky Tyler, $410,000. • Corey Swanson — 873 Corn Stalk Drive, Journey Homes LLC, $426,000. • Lyle and Rosellyn Larson — 8109 Northstar Drive, Brian and Deniese Smith, $430,000. • Michael and Konnie Ford — 2064 River West Drive, Constance M. Sacco, $435,000. • Justin and Julia Meehleis — 1621 Sorenson Drive, Richmond Am. Homes Colo. Inc., $460,000. • Jennifer and Cody Mason — 5517 Fairmount Drive, Victor Markin, $504,500. • Bernard and Christine Dimauro — 8220 Wynstone Court, Sandra L. Swanson, $540,000. • John and Patricia Baker — 6013 Woodcliffe Drive, Vicki Hubbard, $590,000. • Douglas and Chelsea Drake — 7970 Cherry Blossom Drive, Bridgwater Homes LLC, $650,000. • Jay and Valery Feavel — 6347 Crooked Stick Drive, George and Diane Nelson, $686,000. • R. and Sarah Reed — 35196 Morning Star Court, Stephen and Elisabeth Lang, $805,000. • Dino and Jennifer Ditullio — 6373 Valhalla Drive, Sanctuary Lots LLC, $850,000. August 5-6, 2017

Real Estate place yoUr ad:

303.466.3636 BoUlder/Broomfield/longmont or 970.635.3650 loveland or

Real Estate Rent to Own!

Home of Your Choice Water Mineral Want to purchase minerals and other oil/gas interests. Send details to: P.O. Box 13557, Denver, CO 80201


Do you Qualify? Call or Text Devin O’Branagan ERA Tradewind Real Estate


sell your



Items less than $500:

free, 3 lines, 30 days 2 BR, 1 BA Avail. 8/15. Heat/water pd. W/D hkup. N/P. $950/mth. 970-691-7167

Foothills Apartments 2BR 1BA Units in Loveland: Washer/Dryer in Unit. $1100/month, Water, Sewer,Trash included. No Pets. 1 Year Lease. Available No w.


Items $500 or more:

$10, 5 lines, 30 days Large Bedroom & Private Bath in Loveland: Small Kitchen, Frige & Private Entry. Female Preferred. No Smoking or Alcohol. $425/mo, utilities & TV included. 970-587-5439


Large 2BR & 3BR Apts in Loveland: Central Location Near Lake & T.V.H.S., Fenced Yard, Heat & Water Paid. No Smoke. No Pets. 970-308-7387 or 970-430-9966

List your house and start packing.

Tired of paying Rent? We can help you buy w/$1000 down Western Plains Realty Ken or Tammy 970 663-5008

$75, 5 lines, 30 days. To place your ad, call 303-466-3636 or 970-635-3650\

PLACE YOUR AD Call 303-466-3636 or 970-635-3650. August 5, 2017

empty your



$25, 10 lines, 4 days

plus a free garage sale kit.

Or visit

FrontRangeClassifieds. com

303.466.3636 BOULDER/BROOMFIELD/LONGMONT 970.635.3650 LOVELAND Stuff: Private party and general merchandise only; not for commercial/business accounts. Excludes cars, homes and pets. No refund for early cancellation. Garage Sales: Call by 3 p.m. Monday for publication in the Wednesday Colorado Hometown Weekly & Thursday Broomfield Enterprise; call by 1 p.m. Tuesday for the Colorado Hometown Weekly.





SUNDAY 12-2 935 Antila Ave., Loveland - Spotless 4bd 3ba ranch w/awesome finishes. Custom fireplace mantle, built-in shelving, all granite counters & hard surfaces, engineered wood flrs in kitchen, & finished bsmt. Inviting fully fenced yard w/spacious concrete & flagstone patios. Lighted gazebo. Pre-inspected & blue ribbon one year home warranty.

$375,000 MLS# 825399 Kristin Boeding 970-824-2242

SATURDAY 12-2 935 Antila Ave, Loveland - Spotless 4bd 3ba ranch w/awesome finishes. Custom fireplace mantle, built-in shelving, all granite counters & hard surfaces, engineered wood flrs in kitchen, & finished bsmt. Inviting fully fenced yard w/spacious concrete & flagstone patios. Lighted gazebo. Pre-inspected & blue ribbon one year home warranty.

$375,000 MLS# 825399 Brooke Walser 970-222-7187



4100 Watercress Dr., Johnstown - Amazing mountain & Thompson River views! Oak Valley-ranch plan has an open flr plan, lg master suite w/luxury ba, stone fireplace, covered back deck overlooking private open space & full view of front range. Walkout basement w/finished family room. 5 Min away from I-25 shopping & restaurants.

4246 Buckingham Ct., Loveland - 5bd 4ba 2story home w/3-car garage. Exterior just painted & new back patio. Hardwood flrs on main & stairs, heated tile in kitchen, granite counters & spacious dining area. Upstairs 3 bdrms w/spacious master, 2 closets & heated tile floor, WH fan & laundry. Finished basement w/rec rm, bdrm, 3/4 ba.

$720,000 MLS# 826556 Georgena Arnett 970-481-9801

$400,000 MLS# 820173 Bob Skillman 970-631-2257



1507 Hitch Wagon Dr, Loveland - 5bd, 4ba custom built ranch w/full finished bsmt. Open flr plan w/updated eat-in kitchen, living rm w/gas fireplace & main flr master. Bsmt has 2 bdrms, living rm w/fireplace, rec rm, built in bar w/kitchenette & office space. Outdoor setting w/ covered patio & fireplace, brick paver patio w/fire pit.

$600,000 MLS# 818604 Tiffany Luthi Diana Luthi 970-481-2692 970-691-4838

3365 Janus Dr. Loveland - 2 year old ranch home w/open floor plan, oversized 2.5 car garage, large lot landscaped w/sprinkler system 6’ privacy fence. Slab granite, alder cabinets, island, pantry, & wood floors. Master bdrm has 5 pc bath & walk-in closet. Main level laundry, A/C, & full unfinished bsmt.

$375,000 MLS# 827836 Julie Hart 970-481-1443


SUNDAY 2:30-4:30

4756 Saddlewood Cir, Johnstown - 5bd/5ba/5,156 SF 3 story home! Located on one of the best lots in Thompson River Ranch! Backs to open space w/ great views! 5 bd/5 ba & plenty of rm! 3rd flr is set up as a lrg bonus rm w/ a 3/4 bath! Finished basement w/ a rec. rm, 5th bd and ba.

$519,000 MLS# 826258 Susan Herlihy 970-218-1636

5229 Cedar Valley Dr, Loveland - Sprawling custom ranch lends to a patio home experience. Awe inspiring mountain vistas. Pristine carpet & paint. Glistening hardwoods, polished granite counters & backsplash in gourmet kitchen. Main flr master suite & spacious office, w/3 additional bdrms in walkout lower level.

$725,000 MLS# 823921 Kristin Boeding 970-824-2242


SAT 10-1 & SUN 12-3

TUES-SAT 10-6 & SUN 12-6

TUES-SAT 10-6 & SUN 12-6

7320 Partridge Drive, Loveland - Custom built 4 bed 2 bath home on 4.2 acres. Views of the Front Range from the home. Sits at the end of the road for privacy yet only a few min to town on paved roads. Includes passive solar system, and an open floor plan.

10616 Ferncrest Street, Firestone - Nothing is missing in this 4bd, 4.5ba home w/ 2 master suites, w/ the junior master & laundry on the main level. Everything has been designed w/ comfort in mind: granite counters in kitchen, gorgeous cabinetry, walk-in & Butler’s pantry, lrg loft w/ balcony, 4-car garage, concrete patio w/ shade trees & gas line to BBQ. Too many special features to list!

1518 Highfield Court, Windsor - Home will be ready by the end of August! Express homes built by DR Horton in Windshire Park. Ranch plan with 3 beds, 2 baths and a 3-car garage. Full stainless steel appliances package, front yard landscaping and partial fencing. Model home at 870 Dartford Dr.

2268 Stonefish Drive, Windsor - Home is complete! 4 bed, 2 bath, open ranch floor plan built by DR Horton! Stainless steel kitchen appliances, wide plank wood flooring, granite countertops and large kitchen island. Fully landscaped including fencing! Visit the model at 2179 Longfin

$330,845 MLS# 826106 Kathy Beck Brandi Garifi 970-213-8475 720-291-0899

$400,000 MLS# 819300 Kathy Beck Brandi Garifi 970-213-8475 720-291-0899

$550,000 Shane Trujillo 970-219-2748

$425,000 MLS# 827961 Hania Withem 970-581-1000

Homes on on-the-go! the go! SUNDAY 1-3



915 Norwary Maple - Beautiful Ranch home in Alford Lake! Hardwood, granite & special features throughout. Bsmnt has rec rm & 2 large bdrm all in a daylight setting. Backyard & patio w/cement curbing! Great location w/ easy access to FTC!

232 Ricker Lane- 4bd/3ba/3,695SF 2 story home! Clean home with a roomy master and upstairs laundry! 4 car tandem garage, spacious kitchen and a large fenced back yard with expanded patio. Full unfinished basement. Move in ready!

2138 Seven Lakes Drive - Incredible 2 story, main lvl w/ wood flrs, eat-in kitchen, 2 story FP & lux master. Upper lvl w/2 large BRs & private BAs plus upper lvl laundry. Fin bsmnt w/rec rm, BR & BA. Elevated deck & stairs to lower patio.

$479,900 MLS# 828068 Becky Vasos 970-217-9874

$375,000 Andy Burnside 970-567-1505



$585,900 MLS# 827318 Christina Mueske 970.999.4239

The Group has as one an app for iPhone hat and Android that ing makes searching for homes while hile on-the-go even en easier!

Ashlea Wylie 970-308-1344

HARMONY OFFICE 970.229.0700


CENTERRA OFFICE 970.613.0700

MULBERRY OFFICE 970.221.0700

OLD TOWN OFFICE 970.493.0700


Loveland Reporter-Herald –


August 5-6, 2017

At Home Colorado - Northern Colorado Edition 08.05.17  

Colorado Home and Real Estate

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