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DBA – Manufacturing Consulting

Pragmatic DBA is a full service management and technical consulting firm, committed to making the benefits of becoming world class a reality for your business.

DBA Manufacturing Consulting Just as companies must run "Lean" to stay competitive so must an organization's information systems and business process. But how can a small, emerging or Startup Company do this on a limited budget? DBA and Pragmatic experts can make this a reality for your company. Pragmatic's DBA expertise and services are the solution. We have worked with hundreds of DBA end users and have over 50 successful implementations. Our team has extensive knowledge of both the DBA Manufacturing Classic and DBA Manufacturing Next Generation software and numerous related applications. This facilitates not just software but "real solutions" to help your business. Let Pragmatic help you through the process.

DBA Manufacturing Software Support Pragmatic DBA services are as follows: Implementations (new or upgrade from Classic DBA), Proven Path DBA Execution, Implementation Planning, Data transfer and loads from existing systems, Software configuration and installation, Development of Business processes, Flowchart creation to support effective use of the DBA tools, Desktop training for users, Development of screen prints & simple flow chart procedures, Complete Implementation of DBA Next Generation and upgrade from DBA Classic, Development of Cycle count processes and procedures.

Training for DBA Implementation Customized one-on-one training, Small Group Training, Conference Room Pilot, Class Demonstrations, Data Management, Data input and transfer, Order management

Technical Support for DBA Software On site consulting, Live telephone support, E-mail support, Remote log-in to your system support

Testimonial This has been a big, very big undertaking. I have had several experiences in software conversions and start ups but none as complex as this. This was the most impressive I have seen. We upgraded from two systems! We took a complete inventory and identified, categorized, described and catalogued almost 4,000 line items of inventory. AND for the first time valued it and entered it on the books. We now know the cost of goods sold on every item we sell and can for the first time correct our pricing to reflect the value added and the profit we should make. We have an integrated quoting, production, inventory, billing, and purchasing, accounting system.

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Dba – manufacturing consulting  

Just as companies must run "Lean" to stay competitive so must an organization's information systems and business processes. But how can a sm...