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Author: Granit Prvetica Illustrator: Granit Prvetica

Author's Statement

Fire God-Hades Revenge is a fiction book based on Greek Mythology. Hades, son of Titans, brother of Zeus and the God of the Underworld, is the enemy of all life, men and gods and is out for revenge.

Fire God- Hades Revenge

In the village of the Fire God, Hermotographys finished Apollo‟s job in Calofros Mountains, a job that Apollo set out to complete some time ago.

It was decided that only a man like Hermotographys had the bravery and the courage for such a challenging task.

Hermotographys set off to the underworld to check if Zeus‟s body was delivered from the last battle. To his dismay he discovered that Zeus‟s body wasn‟t there; instead he was floating on top of a pillar.

“What‟s Zeus doing floating on top of a pillar? He should have been in grave 12, 9120 in sector 7?” thought Hermotographys to himself. “Very weird,”said Hermotographys out loud.

Suddenly he heard a voice which was all too familiar to him. “Hermotographys so glad you could join us!” said Zeus violently.

“So glad you can battle me Zeus after I destroyed you in our last battle on Calofros Mountains! You were supposed to be dead but Hades always disagrees,� said Hermotographys while pulling his wrath blade out.

Then a sudden bang was heard! It was the sound of swords clashing together in battle!

Hermotographys dodged as fast as he could but Zeus grew stronger through years and the only way to finish him was to strike him with a powerful blow from the righteous blade.

“Zeus, why do you work for Hades? He willdestroy you when you fail to defeat me!” Hermotographys tried to reason with Zeus.

“Hades would never do that and Hades wants revenge because you betrayed him,” said Zeus.

“What that‟s nonsense? How did I betray him?!” asked Hermotographys.

Zeus did not reply!

He waited for something, and then Hermotographys turned his head around and saw Hades making a spirit bomb aimed at both at them; Hermotographys and Zeus.

“I…, I just don‟t get what Zeus is planning at all. What‟s going on?” Hermotographys said in his head.

Hades fired his spirit bomb and Zeus jumped directly into it whileHermotographys jumped out of the way to avoid it. Even though Hermotographys jumped out of the way the spirit bomb still had massive effect on Hermotographys and he fell down with a thump. There was a cut just below his mouth and he started bleeding. The spirit bomb was so effective that it also drained all of his energy but it didn‟t have an effect on Zeus. For some reason Zeus vanished, so perhaps the spirit bomb has the power to send the dead toanother place.

“My armour…grrr, this could…not have happened,” said Hermotographys faintly.

Out of nowhere, Apollo appeared and took Hermotographys away from the grave danger.

After minutes of waiting Hermotographys friends saw his eyes open slowly. “He‟s waking up, it‟s a miracle,” said Apollo. Hermotographys opened his eyes and said “Where‟s Zeus? I need to fight him!”

“But you can‟t. You need to repair your armour, rest and learn the life of an assassin,” said Apollo. After Hermotographys arrived safely to the war leader‟s hideout, he simply just asked to be trained straight away and he was. First Apollo explained what a true assassin would do. “A true assassin must assassinate his target without hesitation, wear the secret armour of the assassin and protect his family and friends,”explained Apollo.Hermotographys remained silent. “Do you accept?” demanded an answer Apollo as he was looking to see Hermotographys reaction.

Hermotographys finally replied.

“Yes I accept,” he

said. Then Apollo made a mark on Hermotographys‟s chest and the mark was carved with a butcher‟s knife.

Hermotographys understood every word that Apollo said and went to the god of nature village because he heard rumours about Zeus living there so he got on with his work.

First he found a nature watch tower and started climbing it then he found out that nature guards were guarding the tower so he knew he had to take them out…all of them.

“Easy job if you know how to fight with such royal warriors,� said Hermotographys. His training was making him stronger and he knew he needed to prepare before facing Zeus again.

One by one they died quietly and Hermotographys remained anonymous. As Hermotographys approached the throne room, trouble was afoot.

The Nature God was expecting him and while Hermotographys entered the Throne room several guards were standing with long swords gripped firmly in their hands ready to fight like they never fought before.

“Surrender and disarm yourself or prepare to be destroyed,� said the leader of the guards.

Hermotographys remained as silent as an assassin. Then he looked down and suddenly lifted his hand up and threw ninja stars. One by one they fell to their deaths and Hermotographys was face to face with the Nature God and Zeus.

“Zeus stay back from this battle and guard the Magic Orb otherwise our game is over,” said the Nature God.

“Fine, but promise me the death of Hermotographys. After all that‟s what Hades wants,” replied Zeus.

The great battle began and Hermotographys stood there and waited. The Nature God grabbed his sword of nature out of his hook and ran up to Hermotographys attempting to use a move called „Quick slash‟ but Hermotographys dodged and as soon as the Nature God began to turn his head around to look at Hermotographys, he back flipped and found himself behind Nature God.

As soon as Nature God realised the trick he used a quick blow and missed Hermotographys again, but instead of blocking Hermotographys grabbed his blade and teased “You‟re very weak!”

As Nature God blinked, Hermotographys slapped him hard and as Nature God fell down he grabbed him by his neck, picked him up and still holding on to him, he smashed him into the hard iron wall of the castle. The Nature God was covered in bruises and marks all over him.

“Well played Hermotographys but I am not WEAK!”, said Nature God and pushed Hermotographys as hard as he could.

“This battle ends here,” said Nature God unleashing the most powerful spell ever seen in history. This spell was called the „dragon‟s fury cry‟ and was performed by one of the three wizards of Camelot.

Nature God screamed out “Hazard enchantment doom dragon fury!” The earth shook and people trembled to their feet and the creature rose from the ground and cried out war cries.

Hermotographys scrambled back and held onto the shaking wall for support then he rose up and said a pray to Apollo to protect him in this battle.

“Die beast!!!!” Said Hermotographys as he ran up and fought him with every move, even the „dragon‟s kiss‟, but none worked except for one the triple blow which used a lot of will.

Hermotographys used this and just left some marks on him not a lot of damage, but then finally the dragon got bored and swiped Hermotographys with his mighty claw of death and then Hermotographys let out a cry of pain after the swift attack “Ahhh!!!”

Hermotographys fell in an instant panting very slowly.

Suddenly his eyes closed slowly and he stopped breathing but you could just hear a heartbeat left in him.

“Do you give up hero? If you don‟t you die if you do, I‟ll cure you and let you live,” said the Nature God.

“I won‟t… give up!” Hermotographys said then suddenly a blinding light flowed through Hermotographys body then he turned into the legendary warrior of light. “How could he...” said the Nature God in astonishment of Hermotographys amazing comeback. “I will never give up!!!” said Hermotographys.


was the first to attack and his attacks were double the damage of his normal form.

The attack he used was a normal light swipe which would be useless if he was in normal form.

The Nature God fell to his knees. He was too injured to battle and Hermotographys thought it was over until the dragon was killed.

The Dragon thought that Hermotographys grew a bit too strong so the Dragon escaped in a time portal, but he was so big that it mixed up time itself.

“What‟s happening….? How could he? Hermotographys wondered. “I got to find Zeus!” He said to himself. He walked out the door and instead of a town there was a desert with a smoky atmosphere.

Suddenly he saw a princess who told him that they were in year 1901 and he was very confused.

He steadily approached and in his mind was just to get back to the tower of the Nature God but he couldnâ€&#x;t do that without the dragon.

Hermotographys whispered, “It may be risky calling the dragon but hey I‟ve got to get back.”

He summoned the dragon with the fierce words and as soon as the Princess turned around to say her name to Hermotographys, she saw the dragon and stood up firmly. Below was shining golden armour and she magically got a sword out of nowhere.

“Why are you here, what‟s your name…?” asked the Princess who was desperate for answers. Hermotographys replied, “I am the saver of Fire town and the keeper of a powerful sword the God wrath blade, my name is Hermotographys. I brought the dragon to help me travel back in time so I can continue my…”

Hermotographys knew he could not tell anyone about his quest but she seemed nice to him so he asked her to join him on his quest.

“My name is Valcia, the Princess of light married to the God of light and no I don‟t accept.” She walked up to the dragon with her eyes shut and stood in a fighting pose then she attacked.

Hermotographys dodged but then she bumped into the dragon then the Dragon swiped her.

Hermotographys asked the dragon to take him back so the dragon did. “Nooo!!”Screamed the Princess in frustration.

Quicker than a flash, Hermotographys returned and walked outside and saw Zeus waiting there eating an all fish sandwich in wait of Hermotographys.

“I waited a long time for you, but now the real battle begins!�said Hermotographys as he appeared before Zeus.

“Ha-ha-ha-ha,” teased Zeus, “You would have to be twice as strong to beat me.” “If you didn‟t notice Hades and I took Apollo hostage in the dark depths of the darkest corner of the underworld!” teased Zeus again.

“No matter what, I‟ll get you back Apollo no matter what,” whispered Hermotographys. A sudden flash of light was flowing up Hermotographys as he was thinking on what move he should use.

Zeus dashed up and knuckle fisted Hermotographys but he didn‟t fall down… just kneeled on the hard cold ground panting away.








pounded the ground making sure Hermotographys was knocked down. Zeus ran up to him with a sword gripped for an impact of damage and suddenly Hermotographys got up quickly and deflected the powerful move. “This ends here!!!!” screamed Zeus

“It is never over!” replied Hermotographys flashing in the same blinding light again but this time brighter, transforming into the same light warrior. Running up to Zeus, Hermotographys kicked him in the stomach and quickly stabbed the sword through Zeus back.

“Ha-ha-ha!!” Zeus laughed like it didn‟t hurt! What would you expect from a God?

Hermotographys pulled the blade out and looked at Zeus regenerating back to his normal form but with a long white beard and muscles bigger than ever.

“Ha-ha-ha!!” laughed Zeus running up to Hermotographys with armour growing on him.

With a thump, Hermotographys fell down rolling into the wooden door as Zeus gripped his blade and moved him with his hand magic. As Hermotographys moved closer and closer, Zeus was ready to impact him with a powerful move called „God wrath‟ which can only be performed with a Wrath blade and amazingly enough

Hermotographys dropped his Wrath blade as he was rolling.

Zeus had a chance and used the move‌ explosions were heard there was blood on the floor and Hermotographys armour was destroyed; Only leather cloths were left on him and a scar on his mouth which was now permanent.

As Hermotographys barely stood up, Zeus grabbed him by the neck and kept on smashing him on every wall of the castle. Hermotographys was left lying on the floor.

“Come back Zeus… I want to…” stuttered Hermotographys fading away, remembering everyone and everything he knew except for one memory; the memory he had forgotten.

Hermotographys forgot the memory of him betraying Hades so now his spirit has got to go back and collect 100 memory shards to reveal his lost memory.

Hermotographys can‟t do this unless he dies so as he fades away a new Fire god awaits the throne. “I guess it ends here, one of my soldiers will be escorted to the throne.”Hermotographys said faintly.

The castle was under fire, the nature villagers heard of Hermotographys and decided to burn the castle to make sure he‟s dead.

“They are attacking,” moaned Hermotographys.

He felt a flow of blood through him, which meant he was healing “Hazar, I‟m alive, time to find Zeus,” said Hermotographys, as he walked outside he saw Zeus with an army of bewitched soldiers.







screamed Zeus.

“No you should not fight like this!” screamed Hermotographys back at Zeus. This battle was sure to be the greatest, 200 vs. 1 surely that‟s not fair.

One by one, soldiers were being destroyed to Hermotographys fatal blows.

“Ahhh, dragon charge!!!” exclaimed Hermotographys as a frost dragon appeared and charged his blow. Hermotographys was fighting to the death and the frost dragon was still charging. “Come on I have 29 soldiers left, charge already!” Hermotographys said. Suddenly the earth shock and people started trembling.

This move „Dragon charge‟ was no weak move; It was the fifth most powerful. As soldiers were left lying on the battlefield, Zeus approached clapping his muscular hands. “You changed in your fighting, now comes the real battle!” mockered Zeus, then Hermotographys ran up to him with a light in his hand which grew into the righteous blade, a blade that could only be obtained by doing the right things and serving good. Zeus watched in astonishment! Hermotographys stabbed Zeus in the head making sure he was destroyed. “The deed is done and you are dead; all the gods will thank me as they now see you fade away,” Hermotographys said.

He was still thinking about Apollo but he had to get back, so as he reached his village everyone was waiting to celebrate. “He‟s back, our hero!!” chanted the town‟s people.

“It‟s good to be home eating my mum‟s homemade soup,” Hermotographys said as he was putting the „sword of righteous‟ away on the sword shelf along with many others.

Granit is ten and lives in West London with his parents and his two sisters, Kaltrina and Melisa. He enjoys reading and writing fiction stories and his first story was published in the “Young Writers' Yearbook 2010" when he was only eight. He published his first book when he was nine. This is Granitâ€&#x;s second book.

Fire God-Hades Revenge  

Fire God-Hades Revenge is a fiction book based on Greek Mythology. Hades, son of Titans, brother of Zeus and the God of the Underworld, is t...

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