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The Logo

The main concept of our campaign is ‘MAKE YOUR PLEDGE TO THE PLANET’. This involves encouraging the customers to make their own pledges to lead a more ecological lifestyle through the help of Plan A.

The logo was based on the letter ‘A’ from Plan A with the circular shape made out of leaves representing the idea of sustainability. We wanted to create something that looks professional but at the same time quite friendly and approachable.

Praefa Uennatornwaranggon Leeds College of Art




These are the more finalised variations of the logo. The main ideas of the logo were to use the letter a from ‘Plan A’ and to demonstrate the link between Plan A and the environment, hence the leaf imagery.

The most appropriate choice of colour for this logo would be green. I experimented with different shades of green including solids and gradients. We decided that the gradients colours ruined the simplicity of the logo.

I decided on a clean sans serif typeface for a clean and modern logo

Praefa Uennatornwaranggon Leeds College of Art

rubish... I pledge to recycle

I pledge to leave the car at home and walk...

I pledge to save our planet....

Vectorised images I made these vectors from actual photographs I took inside the Marks and Spencers in Leeds. The choice of typography is the same as the one used in the animation. Liz put the images on to show how the walls would look like with the designs on

I pledge to buy from fairtrade

I pledge to re-use carrier bags...

Elizabeth Ibbotson Praefa Uennatornwaranggon Leeds College of Art

Plan A Advertisement A 50 second animated video to be played during adverts on TV. This is our resolution for promoting Plan A not just to existing customers but also for potential new customers.

Praefa Uennatornwaranggon We propose that the animation could be played between programmes generally watched by Marks and Spencers shoppers or food and housing related TV programmes.

Leeds College of Art


Details on transformation

Using the camera

The type chosen for this animation is a smooth, friendly ligature type. This choice was made due to the nature of the video. The type appears as the animation goes on as if its being written out and therefore it makes sense to have a hand written typeface.

I utilized the circular shape of the Plan A logo and transformed it into a planet as the writing ‘ make you pledge to the planet’ appears

To create a depth to this very simple animation I used a camera to travel through into the animation as well as just moving it up and down.

Praefa Uennatornwaranggon Leeds College of Art

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