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Poster designs screen printed onto handmade paper.

Paper made from rubbish collected from around the art college.


A stationary set to promote sustainable graphic design with a ‘guide to sustainable graphic design’ inside

The packaging is made out of recycled paper and can be folded and reused as a pencil holder with illustrated instructions printed inside.


YCN ( Young Creative Network ) competition:A new identity for Marks and Spencer’s Plan A, a scheme introduced by the company aiming to become more environmentally responsible.

Competition brief : Poster design for for the D&AD North Lecture

Competition brief for “Poster for tomorrow�. This is an annual poster competition The concept is that we, as a society take the most basic human needs for which promotes basic human rights. This year’s theme was the right to education. granted and that is the ability to read. This poster aims to raise an awareness that there are people who have been deprived of this very basic human right.

A self initiated brief. Poster design inspired by the ampersand ( ‘and’ sign). The theme was to create a really simple design which allows the shape of the glyph to speak for its beauty.

The concept was to create a new identity for a monthly talk at the Natural History Museum. This includes a logo and promotional materials that is applicable across a range of media from print to screen. The aim is to entice and gain interests from university students and young professionals.

The logo was designed so that it can be adapted to suit a range of products. The ‘n’ is adapted to suit each of the 12 events. E.g.. A shark for the talk on fish.

Instead of flyers events promotions are printed on the back of rail tickets, tube tickets and bus tickets.

This is also an effective and economical method of distribution. All train tickets London bound will have these printed on them.

A double sided concertina leaflet. The concertina is printed onto an A3 antique off white stock and folded into five.

These will be located at tourist information centres, leaflet booths, tourist attractions, tube stations, universities and various public locations in London.

Sai Uennatornwaranggoon Graphic Design





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