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UKTI HEALTH TRADE MISSION New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai 14th – 19th January 2013


India 14-19 January 2013 2

Welcome UK Trade & Investment is proud to present some of the UKâ€&#x;s leading healthcare companies who have chosen India as a place to explore joint ventures, partnerships, technology transfer and commercial deals with Indian companies. Contents: INTRODUCTION You are welcome to contact any of the companies directly for further information.

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05 Programme Details of the programme in New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.

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Mission Leader – Kevin Wilson Kevin has over 30 yearsâ€&#x; experience in the healthcare industry both UK and internationally, principally in sales, marketing and business development. This includes Director and Senior Management positions with multinational companies such as Ethicon ( Johnson& Johnson) and Sherwood Medical, plus new starts such as NMT safety syringes and AorTech Critical Care. Contact details: Prior to becoming a UKTI Sector Specialist Kevin spent 5 years as Kevin Wilson CEO of the Scottish Medical Technologies Industry Association and UKTI Specialist is a past Chairman of Medilink UK, the umbrella organisation for regional medical technology associations. Kevin has extensive international links, particularly in the USA, and is also a Director of Innova Partnerships Ltd, a Scottish based Life Science investment ad partnering company.

+44 7909 534659

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BIVDA The British In Vitro Diagnostics Association (BIVDA) is celebrating 20 years of representing the UK in vitro diagnostics (IVD) industry as the industry trade association. It represents over 90% of the UK‟s 113 MHRA registered IVD companies. BIVDA member companies employ more than 8,000 people directly in the UK and provide the tests and equipment to the NHS to allow rapid diagnosis.

IVDs also enable screening for disease, identifying, monitoring and managing treatment and are vital to ensure the safety of the blood supply for transfusion. Information from IVD tests accounts for about 70% of the information on a patient‟s record. Increasingly diagnostics are available for use in a primary care setting and to enable people to manage their own diseases from home. This reduces the need for hospitalised care and will improve quality of life for much of the population Who I am looking to meet I am looking to network and make contacts on behalf of the British in vitro diagnostic sector; in particular any organisation which is engaged in innovative diabetes research which they wish to take to Britain. I also have personal development aims for the trip – I am interested in seeing as much diabetes healthcare technology in action as possible (especially telehealth).

Contact details: Gemma Scotcher Public Affairs 020 7344 1875 / 07738056722 Find out more:

DDC Dolphin DDC Dolphin design sluice rooms/dirty utility rooms and supply all stainless fittings and furniture, as well as bedpan washers/disinfectors, macerators and incontinence pad shredders. DDC Dolphin also supply all necessary single use disposable pulp products, pulp lids, holders/racks, plastic supports, chemicals, wipes and absorbent gels. We are the single largest supplier of bedpan washers to Care Homes in the UK and the fastest internationally growing dirty utility room company. We are a 'one stop shop' for the dirty utility room helping healthcare institutions to minimise the risks of Healthcare Associated Infections and to comply with the requirements of Accreditation bodies. We supply to all hospitals, care homes and special needs schools and institutions. I am looking to meet I am very keen to understand the Indian healthcare market and distribution channels. I am also keen and to make initial contacts with potential distributors and possible clients (university hospitals, government hospitals, private hospital groups, directors of hospitals, infection control professionals, medical superintendents, heads of procurement, care homes and special needs institutions). I am looking to appoint local partners and am open to any collaborative suggestions.

Contact details: Dr Liakat Ali Razack Business Development Manager +44 7825 891393 Find out more:

Delcam Delcam will demonstrate a new “real-time design” version of its OrthoMODEL software for the design and manufacture of custom insole orthotics. This has been developed for practitioners making comfort insoles from EVA and similar softer materials, principally to meet the increased need for accommodative orthotics to provide proactive care of the feet of diabetic patients. Insoles give pressure relief across the foot, so improving patient outcomes and limiting treatment costs by reducing the risk of ulceration of the foot and eventual amputation. With such clear medical and economic arguments in their favour, the manufacture of insoles for diabetic patients is seeing a large increase in demand as the spread of the disease is reaching epidemic levels. The volumes now required can only be met through the application of modern CADCAM technology in place of the traditional slow and messy process using plaster casting. The software is supplied with Delcam‟s iQube scanner, which captures accurate 3D data from the patient‟s foot very quickly, with a typical scan taking between three and five seconds.,

Contact details:

Who we are looking to meet

Peter Dickin

The aim is to meet members of the Indian healthcare community that are involved in the treatment of patients with diabetes, in particular those that are looking for ways to reduce the impact of the disease by supplying custom orthotic insoles to minimise ulceration of the feet.

Marketing Manager +44 7866 434 081

Accompanied by Mr R Devaraj Mr R Sreeniras

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EKF Diagnostics EKF Diagnostics' range of blood analysers are simple to use and designed to quickly deliver accurate results to aid the diagnosis of anaemia, diabetes and associated conditions. As manufacturer, distributor and supplier of haemoglobin analysers, haemoglobin photometers, lactate analysers, glucose testing and HbA1c analysers; EKF offers world class products and support. Our analysers are used in more than 70 countries by healthcare professionals in blood banks, GP surgeries, diabetes clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, sports medicine and laboratories. Who I am looking to meet

Aim is to establish and extend commercial, clinical and academic links in India. The links will enable EKF to gain traction and recognition from all sectors with an interest in point of care testing, particularly for diabetic patient monitoring. Contact details: Dr Gary Dowthwaite Product Manager

+44 7584 083177 Find out more:

Huntleigh Diagnostics Huntleigh Healthcare Ltd. - Diagnostic Products Division based in Cardiff South Wales, designs, manufactures and distributes an extensive portfolio of innovative electronic medical products. These innovative products include the market leading pocket Dopplers used for vascular assessment and fetal heart rate monitoring, a comprehensive range of fetal monitors for antenatal, labour and delivery applications, together with a range of patient, bedside and vital signs monitors.

Who we are looking to Meet   

Establish new contacts and routes to market Establish contacts with hospital groups Gain a better understanding (first hand) of the of the Indian market

Contact details: Andy Head Global Business Development +44 (0)7976 362217

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London Ambulance Service NHS Trust (CHENNAI ONLY) As the provider of the largest and busiest ambulance service globally that is free at the point of delivery, London Ambulance Service (LAS) is seeking opportunities to develop our commercial product portfolio on an international basis.

Maintaining exceptionally high standards of governance, patient care and service delivery in a capital City pre-hospital setting LAS is strategically placed to provide bespoke products to organisations in the pre-hospital and emergency medical service (EMS) landscape. In support of these aims LAS seeks to development contacts in the pre-hospital emergency medical service, emergency preparedness and incident response fields. Who we are looking to meet   

Ambulance services in the public or private sector who are looking for international partnerships Collaborations on improving pre-hospital patient care Developing academic programmes in partnership with Indian institutions

Contact details: Jason Killens Deputy Director of Operations

+44 131 474 0000

Stephen Irving Executive Officer to CEO + 44 7867 506135 Find out more:

Surgical Innovations Surgical Innovations is a designer and manufacturer of instruments of MIS surgery. We sell through a global distribution network before being sold to surgeons and hospitals. Our flagship product is a Yelloport +plus – a laparoscopic port access system. This is a “Resposable Product” meaning we combine high quality disposable elements with high performing, cost reducing reusable elements. Pretelfex is the latest addition to our product portfolio. This is the world‟s first pretzel shaped liver retractor and is available in 5mm and soon to be released in 3mm Who we are looking to Meet The main purpose is to meet with hospital groups and surgeons to help establish a presence across India.

Contact details: Michael Denver Senior Global Sales Associate +44 (0)7715 612 065

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TPP Medical TPP are a UK based IT company, dedicated to delivering world class healthcare software through their innovative product, SystmOne. Our philosophy is to join up healthcare across communities based on a single patient record ethos, improving access to clinical data and empowering patients to take part in their care. We are known for our outstanding achievements in the UK, providing electronic patient records on a single instance database for nearly 30 million patients. Our product is currently used by more than 150,000 NHS staff who perform an average of 120 million transactions on our servers every day.. After 15 years of success in the UK, TPP is now looking to expand their offering to deliver connected care to new markets abroad, tackling global problems of the rise in non-communicable diseases and ageing populations. We believe we are the only software company in the world to offer truly integrated electronic patient records. Who we are looking to Meet    

Make contacts in the Indian healthcare sector Gain a better understanding of Indian Healthcare and the potential opportunities Speak to leading Medical Universities Research on other healthcare systems in India

Contact details: Sue Sanders (Sales Director) Steven Cobb ( Customer Relationships Manager) Chris Bates (Head of Analytics) +44 1132050083

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Sue Sanders

Steven Cobb

Chris Bates

Vibratip (McCallan Medical Limited) McCallan Medical was established in 2010 in order to commercialise VibraTip® worldwide. This novel, yet simple, medical device was invented within the UK‟s NHS and all intellectual property licensed exclusively to McCallan Medical. The device is clinically proven in detecting early signs of nerve damage in the feet of patients with diabetes. Early detection of neuropathy by regular screening will identify patients „at-risk‟ of developing costly and difficult to treat foot ulcers that all too often lead to amputations. The device is discrete, portable and very easy to operate and clean between uses. It can be used by any healthcare professional or even a carer or family member of a patient. It emits a gentle, standardised vibration when squeezed in order to test if vibration perception of the patient is intact. If vibration is not sensed, patient education and levels of care should be escalated to help prevent future foot damage. Who I am looking to meet 

 

To meet local Opinion Leaders (doctors/nurses/podiatrists/ educators) in the screening and treatment of the diabetic foot and introduce them to VibraTip To meet procurement officers of hospital or other institutional organisations To meet potential partners in industry (eg pharma/woundcare/ medical devices) who may be interested in leveraging the innovation of VibraTip in providing their customers with latest improvements in diabetic foot screening

Contact details: Daniel O‟Connell Managing Director +44 7977991925

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Welland Medical Welland Medical is an innovative UK manufacturer of ostomy products that are distributed in over 30 countries via independent specialist distributors. Working closely with both ostomy patients and stoma care nurses, Welland Medical develops and offers unique technologies that improve the quality of life of ostomy patients including the worldâ€&#x;s only toilet flushable biodegradable colostomy pouch, Curvex a mouldable flange system that conforms to body contours and also hernias, an advanced convexity flange that is more flexible and comfortable to wear, Flair 2 an easy to use, secure and flexible 2-piece pouch system , plus HydroFrame flange extenders and advanced silicone skin barriers and adhesive removers. Our Hyperflex hydrocolloid is also known as one of the most skin friendly ostomy adhesives available. Who am I looking to meet? To identify and establish contact with potential distributors for the Indian stoma care market: specialist medical distribution companies with experience in stoma care, wound care, incontinence and urology markets. Also key decision makers: specialist stoma care nurses and colorectal and urology specialist surgeons. Contact details: Ian Morton Business Development Manager +44 (0)7974 148164

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UK Medical Device and equipment manufacturers delegation  

UK Medical Device and equipment manufacturers delegation

UK Medical Device and equipment manufacturers delegation  

UK Medical Device and equipment manufacturers delegation