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2012: End of Life or Start of a New Journey Yesterday a man in the market asked me,” Mr. have you heard that 21st December is going to be the last day of our earth? Is it true? “. I am observing this question from few days here and there. Actually from the last year, so many rumors (!) were spreading about this issue. But in the reality, I have so little knowledge about the creation and destruction of the earth. So, naturally I tried to avoid him by just saying,” May be”. Suddenly another man from behind threw a comment,” Whatever it is, should we get mutton at fifty rupees per kilo? ”. I don’t know how long this important conversation continued but surely it raised some splash of thoughts in my mind. Let me tell you those thoughts. You can’t blame only Bengalis. All of us need some spicy issues to live the life. I mean something that can indulge you in tension, dream and debate. Moreover, if the topic is something like ‘Lokpal Bill’ or ‘Cricket World Cup’ which are not only the issue of your locality or city but also the issue of national importance, then that’s more interesting and appealing. But now, finally we have got something which is international in standard. From Harry to Hari, from Madonna to Madna’s mother all are very much deeply involved with this issue. Some critics may say Global Warming or Recession is also a global issue. Some may try to say about World Peace or Humanities. But we know well how to stop those bogus intellectuals. Actually these things are either complex or non-spicy or backdated ideology. From that point of view, if we consider the issue of the end of the world, it is incredibly thrilling. Who will stop us, the Bengalis, now from being philanthropist!! Suspense, Science, Philosophy, History, Geography, Religion, Astrology ---- each and every spice is present here to make this recipe a tasty one. Actually from the KG school exam we are writing essays on World Peace, Humanities etc. and now these seems to appear so boring. What about Global Warming and Recession? Let me confess, now-a-days sometimes I forget the name of my son and wife also due to repetitive media overdose regarding these topics. Moreover I hope you will also agree with me that, these issues are little bit abstract like modern arts. On the other hand, consider the film 2012. Since I have seen that movie in pirated copy from torrent, I have seen those frames several times appearing in my dreams, in traffic jams or in flyovers. I have discovered a philosophical view on this issue. Have you been cheated by your beloved ones? Are you tensed about tax payment? Have your bank balance became nil for the payment of the donation fees of your son’s college admission? Are you worried about your daughter’s marriage? Have you been warned by your boss? Have you been criticized by your colleagues? Is your roof’s plasters are falling down? Is there any problem regarding industrialization of West Bengal? Are you worried about Sachin Tendulkar’s century? There is nothing to be worried. The earth is going to be destructed very soon. After thinking for a long time now I have realized, “I have crawled through the life from the beginning of it. I have lived

the life exactly as they (my relatives and aquantices) had wanted. I have done so many things to make them happy. Now, it’s my turn. I have to live the life on my own terms.” My envy, hatred, ego has hearted so many people. I have to ask them to pardon me. I have to buy biscuits for the mad who live in the crossing. I have scolded my son a lot for his study but loved little. I have to buy a canvas for him. I have shown enough rough behavior to the rickshaw driver. Now, I have to treat him as a human being. I won’t throw a single empty cigarette packet on the road. I will protest against anything I consider wrong. I will help the cantin-boy to sign his name. I will offer my seat to the older person in the crowded bus. I won’t throw stones unnecessary to the street dogs. Moreover I will sit again with my old diary of poems. That guy in the market has said the truth. We are not going to get mutton at fifty rupees per kilo, but I will buy mutton for my family on Sunday by saving the money from the lottery games. Otherwise, I will have veg meal for six continuous days, but on Sunday, I will buy mutton for sure. I will live my Bengali life fully with my poems, my favorite dishes and with my friends of the local cheap tea stall. And if this earth still exists after 21st of December, I will smile secretly. I will say, “Thank you rumor. You have given me the exact issue to live the life.”

Pradiptamay Saha

2012 : End of the World or Start of a New Journey  
2012 : End of the World or Start of a New Journey  

It is a satarical article on Bengali people and their society. The rumor regarding 21st December and it's positive side has been discused he...