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TV & Mobile Platforms

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The Sensiq communications platform

— A dynamic multi media UI in High Definition to engage guests

A multi media guest communications solution specifically designed to meet your business needs and the needs of your guests.

— Tools to recognise guest profiles and deliver relevant information, in local language — Tailored content, relevant to your guests, reflecting your business needs — Powerful promotional tools and capabilities — Entertainment on-demand with over 200 individual titles — Bundled service capability to drive revenue and guest satisfaction — A true HD TV Internet experience, with sound and streaming — Powerful branding tools to customise your portal — Business and design experts to optimise your solution — Flexible product packages to best meet your needs


Sensiq provides a powerful set of tools and applications that can be tailored to create a unique guest communications solution, designed to deliver an intuitive TV guest experience with relevant content tailored to meet your business demands. Sensiq provides a valuable sales and promotional channel, enabling you to target and promote your hotel and services directly to your guests and generate potential new revenue streams. What’s more, you can customise Sensiq to uniquely communicate your brand to your guests.

And now, Sensiq Edition provides a new entry-level option, enabling even more hotels to offer a more compelling and differentiated guest experience. Details available on request.

TV & Mobile Platforms


Delivering an enriched and differentiated guest experience

Tailor content to reflect your business

Drive new revenue targets

A powerful way to promote your brand

Match your guest expectations and enhance guest satisfaction. Tools which allow you to communicate with your guests as individuals and the simplest, most intuitive user interface allows guests to find information and entertainment content quickly and easily.

Sensiq redefines the TV as a communication channel, to promote and drive sales of hotel facilities and those of third parties. A range of promotional tools and multi media opportunities to stimulate new revenue opportunities.


Information and entertainment are made relevant to your guests and you can define and tailor your own specific hotel content to meet your business needs. This drives your business objectives and new revenue opportunities as well as guest satisfaction.

A unique set of branding tools enables your portal to be customised to reflect your brand identity and the desired guest experience.

Target and market directly to your guests A range of promotional tools that will deliver new revenue opportunities enabling you to promote your products or services via targeted in-room marketing. Extend your marketing to reach your guests out of their room.

TV & Mobile Platforms


Promotion ticker

Mood video

Specific promotion opportunites

Background music

A dynamic multi media UI in High Definition

Sensiq’s unique interface is designed to attract guests, to encourage them to browse, and to provide the most appealing HD viewing experience. — Easy navigation – Intuitive design with the use of sliding menus and content viewed through lists or grids — Simple remote control – A single stylish remote control provides all the elements needed for both simple navigation and simple Internet browsing — Multiple languages – For maximum guest-friendliness, up to 25 languages are available — Multi media support – Supports multiple videos as well as background music


Information and entertainment content

Sensiq enables you to incorporate tailored content, which is relevant to your guests, and, which drives revenue and supports business needs. — Hotel, local and partner information – Communicate to your guests about hotel services, local facilities and attractions and partner services. Create pages of hotel-specific content and incorporate selected Web links off the Home page — News and Weather – International and national news and local weather — TV Internet with sound and streaming – Access Internet content via the TV with a true HD experience. Navigation via remote control, on-screen keyboard and physical keyboard — QDelegate – An optional application that enables event delegates to access all event-related information and real-time updates via the in-room TV

Entertainment on-demand

Sensiq provides a compelling choice of entertainment for guests, displayed to drive impulse purchases: — More than 200 individual titles (SD and HD) — Over 20 different genres — 4 content packages — General promotion videos — Individual movie trailers — Control functions: pause, stop, fast forward and rewind — Music on-demand: 150 albums offering more than 1500 tracks — IPTV: Supporting Dynamic TV (channels in the guest language are displayed first) and the ability to charge for selected channels — World Radio: Web radio stations from around the world

TV & Mobile Platforms

Promotional tools A range of highly effective tools to enable you to promote your hotel and services to guests. Through the Web-based, fully integrated content management system you are free to adapt your promotional campaigns as your needs change. — Up to 5 prime home page menu positions – Communicate your key messages in the most visible way — Your own content and Web links – Build up to 20 pages of your own selected content off the home page — Promotion ticker – Schedule multiple messages to appear across menu screens — Announcement link – Inform guests about specific services or promotions and push them to access additional information — Promotional videos – Incorporate multiple promotional videos including mood videos and entertainment promotional videos

Branding tools

Our design team will work with you to understand your visual requirements, provide a choice of design concepts and apply the selected design.

Bundled service capability

As Sensiq is fully integrated with Quadriga’s Internet service, guests can purchase entertainment and Internet services for a single special offer price. This feature is proven to generate additional revenue and guest satisfaction.

Guest applications

Sensiq has built-in communication capabilities from basic messaging to essential Guest Services. — Welcome message — Guest messaging — Announcements — Essential guest services including Wake-up, convenient View Bill, timesaving Express Check-Out, optional Energy Management (room temperature control)

Hotel management tools

Sensiq provides several key hotel management applications to ensure maximum efficiency and


Targeted promotions to drive business: Direct2Guest provides a unique and powerful marketing tool to communicate directly with guests in their room via the TV. Banner campaigns can be pushed out at specific times to a choice of screen locations within Sensiq, targeting selected guest profiles. Performance reports enable campaign fine-tuning to increase effectiveness.


Extend your marketing to reach your guests out of their room: PromoDirect provides a powerful tool to reach guests via TVs in public areas and promote services, for example new spa facilities, the coffee shop, partner services and guest special offers.

cost-effectiveness, including: — Room status — Minibar stock control — Lost and found — Room maintenance — Staff messaging — PMS Link

Business and design expertise

We work with you to fully tailor your portal to your unique requirements. — Branding and design services – Our experts will work with you to tailor your portal to reflect your brand identity — Portal structure and content advice – Optimising your portal to best meet your needs and drive business value — Performance Link – Quadriga’s award-winning, Internet-based tool that provides insightful trend and performance data

A text banner appears on the screen overlaying either a static image or video content to maximise the impact and attract attention.

— Sensiq is supported in coax, Cat 5 and combined coax and Cat 5 environments — Fully integrated with Quadriga’s Internet service, both delivered over a single network — Cloud-based services to manage and control hotel properties — Powerful range of tools and applications based on integrated digital technologies and including TV Internet with sound and streaming — LEDs and LCDs from world-leading brands

From a single partner

All provided by a single technology partner with more than 30 years experience supporting the hotel industry.

For more information

Please visit: Sensiq is a trade mark of Quadriga Worldwide Limited and is registered in the European Union.

— Revenue management and guest behavior – Analysis of data to optimise revenue performance

Enabling technology

Quadriga is strongly placed to achieve efficiencies for hotels by integrating and optimising digital, Internet and network technologies.

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Although care has been taken to ensure that the information in this document is correct at today’s date, no warranty, representation or other statement is given as to its accuracy. Sensiq MSR 1.0 | 09/05/12

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Sensiq is the software that enables a hotel’s management to incorporate tailor-made content for their guests and generate revenue through th...

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