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Pradaxa Lawsuit Pradaxa Lawsuit manufactured by German drug maker Boehringer Ingelheim, is an anticoagulant prescribed to reduce the risk of strokes, blood clots, in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation (AF). AF is a common heart rhythm abnormality which causes the upper chambers of the heart to beat rapidly and irregularly. It was approved by the FDA in 2010 and was marketed as the safer, easier alternative to Warfarin. However, the medicine makes it easier to bleed, even from a minor injury. People taking Pradaxa need to be especially careful to avoid activities that may increase their risk of bleeding or injury. Pradaxa has not been approved by the FDA to treat patients with atrial fibrillation caused by heart valve problems. Pradaxa is a blood-thinning medication used to reduce the risk of stroke and blood clots in patients with a specific condition called non-valvular atrial fibrillation (AF), a common heart rhythm abnormality that causes the upper chambers of the heart, or atria, to beat rapidly and irregularly. The FDA is requiring a warning to be put on Pradaxa to alert health care professionals and the public that the blood thinner. Pradaxa lawsuit should not be used in patients with mechanical heart valves. Pradaxa lawyer have found that users were more likely to experience strokes, heart attacks, and blood clots forming on the mechanical heart valves than those that used the blood thinner and Warfarin. The use of a legally accepted drug can leave you or someone you love with serious.

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Pradaxa lawsuit  

Pradaxa is a drug that is designed to keep blood from clotting or coagulating. Also called dabigatran, the thrombin inhibitor is used as a w...

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