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Practice Building for Therapists Casey Truffo CEO and Founder of Therapist Leadership Institute

Practice Building for Therapists: Niche Your Way to a Full Private Practice I recently met a therapist with a thriving practice. Ben lives in a Midwestern city and has quite a waiting list for his four-year-old practice. When I asked him about the secrets of his marketing success, he told me that it was difficult for him when he initially was marketing himself as a Marriage and Family Therapist, seeing a gardenvariety of clients. Ben is gay. He began some advertising about assisting teens and families with issues around homosexuality. He marketed to school counselors, physicians, and other therapists. He submitted articles to a local parenting magazine for parents who are wondering if their child might be gay. Once he became well known for this niche, Ben decided he wanted to be known as more than 'the gay therapist' in town. So he also built a secondary niche around working with children of borderline parents, a very specialized practice area. He found other therapists in town were eager to refer these clients to him. Soon Ben found himself with a full practice. While he still works with clients who are dealing with depression, job loss, or relationship issues, the majority of his clients come from his two niche areas. Ben shared one last marketing secret that I have to pass along. "I work hard to do my very best with each client. I know I'm succeeding when I get referrals from my former and current patients. That's a real compliment for a therapist!" Have you found your niche yet? If not, ask yourself these questions: 1. Which clients am I the most passionate to work with in therapy? 2. Do I have any special training? 3. What personal challenges have I faced? 4. What area of therapy seems easy and effortless for me? 5. What problems do people have that they are most likely to pay a therapist to help them with? Identifying your niche is one of the most important steps leading to a successful practice. Without a niche, you are a generalist, easy to miss in the crowded market place. However, when you have a niche, you can make your marketing materials clear

Practice Building for Therapists Casey Truffo CEO and Founder of Therapist Leadership Institute

and compelling, inform people of the precise type of clients you serve, and be seen as a specialist. Here's a corny pun to help drive the point home: 'If you want to get rich, you gotta find a niche!'

Practice Building is a key focus for therapists. Casey Truffo, CEO and founder of the Therapist Leadership Institute hosts a yearly conference to help therapists market more effectively. Learn more at

41-Niche Your Way to a Full Private Practice