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Practice Building for Therapists Casey Truffo CEO and Founder of Therapist Leadership Institute

Practice Building for Therapists: Don't Make These Website Mistakes 1) Not using the right domain name Many times we see that the only domain name for a website is the therapist's name. You certainly want to have your name as one of your domain names but consider also what your ideal client would be searching for. Are they searching for counseling in a particular area or for a particular problem? If so, consider having as your main domain name something that would be attractive to your web visitor (aka: prospective new client.) 2) Has "Welcome to my site" on the home page The prominent text on your home page should be a headline that "grabs" your web reader. If it is compelling, it invites the person to read further. If it is "Welcome to my site" instead, your prospective new client will most likely leave your site before reading any further. 3) The site shows how smart and knowledgeable the therapist is - rather than joining with the web visitor This is where it is important to talk to whom you are marketing. What problems do they have? How can you show them with your website text that you truly understand them and their concerns? Sometimes we find that a website is like meatball soup. It is filled with many things such as too many specialties, lots of articles and links off the site. The purpose of your website is to help your web visitor know that you "get them." I cannot stress this enough. The only thing (at first) that your web visitor wants to know is that you understand and would like to help. Once they know that, then they do want to know more about you - your hours, your fees, etc. But at first it is all about joining with them. That is one reason I am so excited about the upcoming workshop because we will be helping people right in the room to complete their ideal client exercise and draft their home page text. 4) Design mistakes Here are a few of the mistakes that novices unintentionally make:

Practice Building for Therapists Casey Truffo CEO and Founder of Therapist Leadership Institute

 Too many fonts and text sizes - sometimes the text is too small  Entire sentences are capitalized  Too many colors  Doesn't look professional  Too little white space  Has a dark background with white lettering  Has no simple way to contact the therapist 5) The website is filled with Psycho-babble I know you spent a lot of time (and money) learning the techniques behind those acronyms - EMDR, TFT, EFT, EFCT, CBT, DBT, RET - but your web visitor may be turned off by reading terms they don't understand. You want them to like you - not be confused by things they don't understand. Please make your text simple and understandable. Finally, on your site, don't try to sell "therapy." I recommend you don't talk about how changing will make the web visitor feel better. Bottom line - think like your ideal client and speak compassionately to them. Then your website should pull them in.

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18-Don't Make These Website Mistakes