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CHILDREN’S ART KIT 10/04/2014 14:40



Wow, what a great response we’ve had to our first issue! Thanks so much to everyone who’s been in touch to let us know how much you enjoyed it. It’s been wonderful to hear that we hit the mark with our mix of projects that are practical, achievable and fun to sew. But it’s not all been about sitting around basking in praise these past weeks; we’ve been extremely busy putting together even more projects and features that we think you’ll love. There are more than 30 designs for you to get started on straight away, including our fabulous free gift of a full-size Modkid dressmaking pattern. This versatile pattern retails for up to $20 and covers sizes 2 to 7. There are also some beautiful designs for handy bags of all shapes and sizes. We have the gorgeous handbag from our cover (modelled by the maker, our Commissioning Editor Bec), as well as some useful craft totes. There are some fantastic ideas to customise a wardrobe staple – the simple white shirt – into three on-trend, stylish looks. And, as it’s cold weather season, we’ve thrown in a knitting project too. We’ve also introduced a new regular section on charity makes, as we know that many of you like to sew or craft for those in need. We would love to see your projects and designs inspired by this issue – please send them through and we could feature them in the magazine. Or join the conversation on our Facebook page and check out what’s inspired us on Pinterest. Happy stitching!


Debra Hudson, Editor Find us on

Our technical editor Kate outdid herself with her designs to decorate the table for a dinner party or special occasion. Stunning, sophisticated yet also very simple to make – ticks all the boxes!

s Editor’ e it favour

Love Sewing Australia l 3

3 Welcome.indd 3

10/04/2014 14:39


Love sewing loves

Your Free Modkid Pattern

This issue, we’re ecstatic to be able to offer a fabulous Modkid pattern as your free gift. The Modkid brand specialises in boutiquestyle patterns for children’s clothes, doll outfits, purses and other assorted accessories and home furnishings. Owner and textile designer Patty Young designs all of the Modkid patterns, and we think they’re just lovely. Patty has always been encouraged to embrace her creative talents and seems to have done just that. She has designed numerous fabric collections for Michael Miller Fabrics and has written two books – Sewing Modkid Style and Modkid Summer Fun, which was just released this year. Check out more of her designs, at or follow her blog, at www.modkidboutique.


Love Sewing Australia l 9

6-8 News.indd 9

10/04/2014 14:18

Love Fabrics

Love Fabrics The Quill collection by Valori Wells for Robert Kaufman was born out of friendship and inspired by individuality. Each of the five designs was created by one member of a group of friends and, although unique, they come together as true friends do – in perfect unity. Quill encompasses a variety of gorgeous colourways, but we thought the muted blues and greens in the Vermeil selection were ideal for winter projects. For stockists contact Two Green Zebras Pty Ltd on 02 9525 7010 or at

Love Sewing Australia l 11

11 fabrics.indd 11

10/04/2014 14:20

i Pinterest Animal coats

This jacket is sure to fulfil every child’s dream of becoming a roaring lion every time they go outside – well maybe not every child’s dream, but it would still be a lot of fun! Details like the razor sharp claws and pointed teeth will no doubt make their imaginations run wild! Why not design one yourself based on a child’s favourite creature? See more styles at

Felt animals

These cuddly animals will make us think twice before throwing away our old woollen jumpers! They make great gifts and would cosy up any room during the winter months. The full tutorial can be found online at If you don’t have any old jumpers lying around, check out Martha Stewart’s tutorial on how to felt wool and design your own fabric.

Winter doggie outfit

Icarus scarf

The quilts, cushions, hats and scarves in this issue will no doubt keep you nice and toasty this winter, but what about your furry friends? While keeping your pets warm, winter outfits can add a whole other level of cuteness, but we’re sure they’ll stay as mischievous as ever! Check out more adorable animals at

Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean that our wardrobes have to be dull and drab. If your wardrobe is suffering from the effects of the cold weather, add a ray of sunshine with this Icarus scarf. Find the full pattern online at

Love pins Pinterest is the place to be for crafty ideas. Enjoy some of our favourite pins here

Wool needle-felted critters

Have you ever seen soft toys with such deep felt expression? Creator Barby Anderson has made over 800 of these adorable critters and shows no sign of stopping. If you would like to try your hand at making one yourself, you can buy full PDF classes from Barby’s Etsy store

Appliquéd heart coasters

You might want to swap the lemonade for hot tea this winter, but these heart coasters are great for entertaining all year round. They are perfect for practising the inverse appliqué method and you could try as many different shapes as you like. The full tutorial is available online at

Tiny tea bags

Children really do have all the fun! These tea bags are so cute and colourful that they’ve left us feeling quite jealous! Cute they may be, but they will also add a whole new level of

sophistication to a child’s play time, making them the envy of their friends as they pour imaginary tea into teacups. See more at www.lapouletteapois.

12 l Love Sewing Australia

12-14 Pinterest.indd 12

10/04/2014 16:20

Love pins

Love DIY

Handmade handwarmers Materials & Tools i i i i i i i i

Several sheets of felt in a colour of your choice Large cross-stitch thread Large needle Scissors Paper and pen ith ent w ts Bag of rice m i r Expe rent scen Small funnel diffe uit your Dried lavender flowers or to s ient’s another similar scented plant recip

To p t










Create and cut out a pattern so that your felt shapes will be consistent. To make the hearts symmetrical, fold your paper in half and cut around half of the heart. When the paper is unfolded, it will be even on both sides.


Cut out as many shapes as you need to make as many felt warmers as you like and stack them in pairs. Mix and match the colours to add interest.


Now it’s time to decide which design or pattern to put on the warmers, if any. If the warmers are meant for gifts, initials or meaningful patterns can be used to make each pair unique to the recipient.


Appliqué each design to the front piece of each warmer. Then, with wrong sides together, stitch around the warmer to join both pieces together. Leave approximately 2cm open at the end to insert rice and lavender.


Pour in the rice and lavender, making sure the warmers are filled up enough but not too jam-packed. It should still be easy enough to stitch the gap closed.

p To p toirry if

tw t Don’ hing isn’ e c t i t . s t h Th the straig gives y l t c k perfe ade loo nal m so r d han more pe h ti a touc

p To p txiimately

ppro der Use a art laven one p our parts g to f llin hen fi ers w e c ri warm your

If you’re not sure which design you would like to stitch onto your warmers, check out these additional ideas for further inspiration


Now you’re ready to warm them up and rest those hardworking hands. Place the warmers in the microwave for 20–30 seconds, drop them into your coat pockets and enjoy having toasty hands!

By Sara Emberson

Love Sewing Australia l 13

12-14 Pinterest.indd 13

10/04/2014 14:38

i Style ip To pint g out thde

l tt n cu g, fo Whe f the ba alf to h top o iece in ur ved p e h th ot c re b are the u s n e ers corn same i Cut two, Level:

ii MATERIALS: i 70cm polkadot fabric i 40cm pink fabric i 40cm lining fabric i 40cm lightweight interfacing i 50cm bamboo batting i 25cm zip i Matching thread i 2 x 10mm flower buttons

TOOLS: i Pencil i Sewing machine with zipper foot

CUTTING: From the lining fabric i Cut two, 40cm x 20cm pieces (for main bag outer) i Cut two, 32cm x 8cm pieces (for mid bag outer) i Cut two, 29.5cm x 9.5cm pieces (for top bag outer)

From the polkadot fabric i Cut two, 13cm x 60cm pieces (for straps) i Cut two, 40cm x 20cm pieces (for main bag outer) i Cut two, 32cm x 8cm pieces (for mid bag outer)

Pretty polka-dot bag

29.5cm x 9.5cm pieces (for top bag outer) i Cut four, 4cm x 8cm pieces (for belt loops) i Cut four, 25cm x 4cm pieces (for zip panel) i Cut one, 15cm x 2cm piece (for zip pull)

From the pink fabric i Cut one, 170cm x 13cm piece (for bow) i Cut two, 5cm circles using the template provided (for zip-pull yo yos)

From the interfacing i Cut two, 40cm x 20cm pieces (for main bag outer) i Cut two, 32cm x 8cm pieces (for mid bag outer) i Cut two, 29.5cm x 9.5cm pieces (for top bag outer)

From the batting i Cut two, 40cm x 20cm pieces (for main bag outer) i Cut two, 32cm x 8cm pieces (for mid bag outer) i Cut two, 29.5cm x 9.5cm pieces (for top bag outer)

and matching purse

This bag and purse set is perfect for girly days out. The bag is just the right size for everyday use and is a fabulous addition to any outfit. We especially love the big beautiful bow. The little purse will keep all your coins in one place and is super cute! by Rebecca McCallion

Pretty polka-dot bag HOW TO MAKE: All seam allowances are 1cm unless otherwise stated.



To make straps, press strap pieces in half lengthways, unfold and then press raw edges in to meet the ironed centre crease. Fold in half again so the two folded edges meet. Sew along both long edges 5mm from the edge.

2 3

To make belt loops, repeat process in Step 1 with the four belt loop pieces.

Iron interfacing to the wrong side of all main outer, mid outer and top outer pieces.


Place batting on the wrong side of interfaced outer pieces. Stay-stitch in place.


On the top outer pieces, measure 6cm in from each edge and mark as A. Measure the distance between these two points and mark the centre. Measure 4.5cm down from this centre point and mark as B.


From each point A, draw a 4.5cm line straight down. Now draw a line to join these two points, ensuring to cross Point B. Curve the corners by hand, drawing until you are happy with the look. This creates the cut out shape for the top of the bag.


Cut out the shape on both top outer pieces, ensuring to cut along the curved corners rather than the square ones. See Top tip.


On the batting side of both main outer pieces, mark 5cm up from each bottom corner and 5cm along from each bottom corner. Draw a straight line from each mark until the lines meet (forming a square with the bottom corner). Where the lines meet will be the point of the dart.


Now mark 2cm up from the bottom corner and 2cm across from the bottom corner. These two points will be the beginning of the dart. Sew all four darts (two for each main outer piece). See Photo 1.

FINISHED SIZE: i 52cm (including straps) x 34cm



16 l Love Sewing Australia

16-21 Fashion bag & purse.indd 16

10/04/2014 15:04

Pretty polka-dot bag

Once you've completed the bag, why not try the matching purse?

Love Sewing Australia l 17

16-21 Fashion bag & purse.indd 17

10/04/2014 15:04

i Style



Give your bag a lovely finishing touch by adding a pretty zip pull


To make the box pleats, mark the centre of the top of the outer pieces. Pin mark a point A, 6.5cm to the left of the centre then pin mark two points (B), 2.5cm on either side of point A. Fold each B point towards A, leaving a 1cm gap between the folds. Repeat for the other side. Pin the pleats in place. See Photo 2.



The main outer pieces should now measure 40cm along the bottom and 32cm along the top. Add darts and box pleats to the main lining in the same way.



On the right side of the main outer pieces, measure 4cm from the centre of each dart pin towards the outer edge. Place belt loops at these points, matching raw edges, and pin.


Pin the mid outer pieces right side down on top of the main outer pieces. Right sides should be together, raw edges should be matching and belt loops should be in between the two layers. See Photo 3.

Box pleats on the front and back help give it a tapered shape

3 4

Sew along the top. Open out and press. See Photo 4.

Measure along the top of each mid outer piece and mark the centre. Mark 1.25cm either side of this centre point. These two points will be the beginning of the centre dart. Measure 4cm down from the centre point and mark. This will be the point of the dart. Sew the dart. Add a dart to the mid lining piece in the same way.


The mid outer piece should now measure 32cm along the bottom and 29.5cm along the top.


With right sides together, place each top outer piece on each mid outer piece, with raw edges matching. Sew along the top. Open out and press.

18 l Love Sewing Australia

16-21 Fashion bag & purse.indd 18

10/04/2014 15:04

Pretty polka-dot bag LINING AND ZIP


Open the zip. Take two of the zip panel pieces and place right sides together. Place one half of the zip in between the two pieces, with all raw edges matching.


Using the zipper foot, sew all three pieces together as close to the zip as possible and also sew along the short edge at the open end of the zipper.


Place one main lining piece and one mid lining piece right sides together. Sew along top.


Turn right side out and repeat with the other two zip panel pieces and the other side of the zip. Fold raw edges in at the closed end of the zipper on both sides and top stitch to create a neat edge.


Place this lining piece and one top lining piece right sides together. Centre one half of the zip panel in between these two pieces, with all raw edges matching. Sew along the top. See Photo 5.


Repeat with the other lining pieces and zip panel. Make sure to align the zipper teeth before stitching, to ensure it will open and close smoothly.


Place lining pieces rights sides together and sew along sides and bottom, leaving a 6cm gap on the bottom for turning. Leave wrong side out.

straps are inside the bag and the raw edges match up with the raw edges of the bag outer and bag lining. The inside edge of the straps should line up with the edge of the cut out shape. Pin once all raw edges match nicely.


Sew around the top, 5mm from the edge, sewing twice over the straps for added strength. Cut away some seam allowance at corners and curves to reduce bulk.


Turn right side out through the gap in the bottom of the lining. Push the lining inside the bag and arrange so the lining sits nicely and all corners are pushed out. Press. The top section will need a lot of fiddling and pressing, but will come up nicely.


Top stitch around the top of the bag and use ladder stitch to close up the gap in the bottom of the lining.



Press the long edges of the bow piece in by 1cm. Cut each short end into an arrowhead shape and press in by 1cm.


Fold in half lengthways and press. Sew around all edges, ensuring the angled ends are neat. Press well.

3 4

Sew around all edges, ensuring the angled ends are neat. Press well. Thread through the belt loops of the bag and tie in a neat bow.



Cut the zip pull piece in two, ensuring one piece is 10cm long and the other is 5cm long


Prepare both zip pull pieces as for the straps, ensuring to fold ends in before stitching to avoid raw edges.


Measure 5cm from one end of the longer piece and sew one end of the shorter piece at this point. The piece will now have a single end and a double end.

4 5

Make two yo-yos or Suffolk Puffs from the 5cm pink circles.

Attach to each side of the zip pull piece at the point where the long and short pieces meet. This will cover the stitching.

6 7

Attach one flower button at the centre of each yo yo or Suffolk Puff.

Push the single zip pull end through the hole on the zip toggle, fold over, and stitch to secure. See image below.


Place the bag outer inside the bag lining (it will take some fiddling to push the bag through the zip opening) and line up all the raw edges.


Place the straps between the lining and the outer bag on each side so that the

Try it with these Why not use natural colours such as these fabrics from Timeless Treasures?

Ophelia Leaves in Crosshatch Sketch Steel in Tangerine (ask at your local (ask at your local fabric store) fabric store)

Love Sewing Australia l 19

16-21 Fashion bag & purse.indd 19

10/04/2014 15:04

i Style Level:

i MATERIALS: i Leftover fabric from bag i Matching thread i 10cm purse frame i 20mm round button i Templates from pattern sheet i Embroidery thread to match outer fabric

TOOLS: i Sewing machine i Embroidery needle

CUTTING: From the purse template i Cut two from the outer fabric i Cut two from the lining fabric

From the 7.5cm circle template i Cut one from the pink fabric

Matching purse HOW TO MAKE: All seam allowances are 1cm unless otherwise stated.


Place purse outer pieces right sides together. Sew along each side, starting at the point where the purse body bulges out and stopping 3cm from the bottom of the purse (refer to the template). Sew along the bottom. See Photo 1.


At the gap between the bottom seam and the side seam, pull the fabric pieces away from each other and pinch, making a pleat so that the bottom seam and side seam meet. See Photo 2.

3 4

Fold the pinched fabric down to meet the bottom of the purse. See Photo 3.

Pin and sew the rest of the side seam. Repeat on the other side seam. See Photo 4.


Sew around the top of one side, starting and stopping near to the point where the side seams begin. You will need to push down the lining when sewing near these points as it will naturally fold inwards. See Photo 5.

8 9

Repeat on the other side, leaving a 3cm gap for turning.

Turn right side out and push lining inside the purse. There will be a small gap on either side of the purse where the purse frame will begin and end. This is to be expected. Press. See Photo 6.

5 6








Repeat Steps 1 – 5 with the lining pieces.


Place the lining inside the purse, with right sides together and raw edges matching. Pin. See Photo 5.

Centre the purse in the frame and pin the ends with quilt safety pins. See Photo 7.


Using embroidery needle and thread, attach the frame to the

20 l Love Sewing Australia

16-21 Fashion bag & purse.indd 20

10/04/2014 15:04

Pretty polka-dot bag

purse. It is important to go up at an angle on the lining side to ensure the stitching is invisible. Hide end knots inside the gaps at the side of the purse.


1 2

Make a yo yo or Suffolk Puff from the pink circle piece.

Place it at the centre of the purse on one side and secure with a few stitches, ensuring to catch only the outer fabric so the stitches do not show on the lining.


Attach the button to the centre of the yo yo or Suffolk Puff, again only catching the outer fabric and ensuring both yo yo or Suffolk Puff and button are secure.


Put some coins in your purse and you’re ready to go!

Rebecca fell in love with textiles in high school and has been sewing ever since. She specialises in costumes and home projects and has begun to meddle in the art of quilting. Shop: Email: Love Sewing Australia l 21

16-21 Fashion bag & purse.indd 21

10/04/2014 15:04

Love Sewing Australia 2  

AVAILABLE IN NEWSAGENTS NOW - Digital sampler of Love Sewing Issue 2

Love Sewing Australia 2  

AVAILABLE IN NEWSAGENTS NOW - Digital sampler of Love Sewing Issue 2