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Why donate to Relief India Trust? Today is the day when the very renowned comparison between resources and population is greatly disturbed. Population is massively growing while resources, the general necessities of a living like food and clothing, are emerging much slower. In addition, the rich are getting richer and poor are dejected to death. No one knew this time would come so soon that societies would die of hunger and thirst. Poverty could be so common that every 3 rd child would die before getting to age 10… fatal diseases of who knows how many kinds could be born. And there could be a severe shortage of medicines… who knew? Who knew this miserable time would grasp us so easily? Yet, it is today that all this has come true. All of our debates and efforts to balance between the classes and the fair division of money among all people are in vain. Sad; but we are hopeless. Our world is getting near to an end. The only optimism lies in one way that is trying once again to establish a united nation and to kill the difference between rich and poor once and for all. It is possible only if the rich cooperate and show a little courtesy towards the needy. They donate a little amount of their money mounts to the deprived and poverty stricken. Restraining a better atmosphere is possible only if people decide to help the needy. They could help the poor children as they are our future, they could facilitate the diseased to help refining their lives and they could donate funds to different Trusts for fulfilling educational needs in their country. The Relief India Trust is an emerging trust that helps rebuilding lives. Every possible means of cultivating a healthy environment are practiced by the trust. They ensure healthy lifestyles, providing free education, medical facilities, and awareness campaigns for the poor and needy. Their campaigns are highly effective and have changed many lives. They have set various camps like •

Organ donation awareness camps

Disability check-up camps

Children health check-up camps

Blood donation camps

Free study material distribution camps.

The camps are organized by highly professional people. Specialist doctors are hired for the medical checkup. Blood donation camps have trained people who realize that blood donation isn’t for just one patient or one human being but for the whole nation. There is great enthusiasm observed in the study material distribution camps. To cut short, everyone shows full zeal and zest in assisting the poor. Plus the rehabilitation center by the Relief India Trust ensure perfect satisfaction of the need. They assist them concerning every medical and educational field. Various events are held by the

Relief India Trust in their rehabilitation centers that encourage and provide awareness to the poor. A few events at the rehabilitation center include •

Painting competition

Birthday celebration

Visit to National Science Museum

Diwali Pooja

Republic day

All events are fully supported by the funds collected by the Relief India Trust. The funds are nothing but your donations; the donations from the general public. If you have a kind heart and are willing to help the needy and the unfortunate, Relief India Trust is definitely the best option!

Why donate to relief india trust  

Relief India Trust | Relief India Trust Review | Relief India Trust NGO | Relief India Trust Wiki Visit us at :-http://www.reliefindiatrust...

Why donate to relief india trust  

Relief India Trust | Relief India Trust Review | Relief India Trust NGO | Relief India Trust Wiki Visit us at :-http://www.reliefindiatrust...