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Main Objectives By Relief India Trust The Relief India Trust is an organization that is formed to get a better future for children who are suffering from poverty mostly in India. They make sure that they have suitable programs that can help rehabilitate people with different situations. Their main goal is getting relief and carry out some good measures in order to rehabilitate people who were affected by disasters and other calamities that have taken place over the past few years. They make sure that they lessen the distress that people feel because of the loss that they gained that was caused by these calamities. The people who are at the back of this organization understand the needs of the people who have undergone the pain and suffering caused by fire, flood, earthquakes, war, and many other calamities. They do not only help emotionally but they also give a little assistance when it comes to financial aid just to make sure that the people- especially the children of India will be able to cope up and stand back again to face life. With this kind of program built for the people of India, it is said to give some trainings and seminars about awareness of some of the most serious diseases that can affect their lives all throughout, such as Aids, HIV and cancer. They are given some information on how to avoid and prevent themselves from these illnesses for them to become more educated. The children that are on the streets are provided with an education that is free of charge from the primary to the higher secondary just to make sure that they do not grow up un-educated like other kids in other parts of the world. This is a very helpful program and you can see very well that there are thousands of kids who are so eager to learn and get a better future. They also provide good food for these children to make sure that they are not malnourished and they grow stronger for a better life ahead of them. Moving forward, all of them are given good clothing to make sure that they are comfortable when they are out to learn new things in school. In some of the remote villages in India, they provide drinking facilities to make sure that people drink safe and clean water to avoid dehydration. Financial aid are given to victims of flood, and other calamities in some parts of India. With this, they are given food, medications, clothing and other basic necessities just to make sure that they can get through the pain and sufferings of what they have just experienced. Trust is a non-government organization that aims to uplift the children of India to make sure that they have arms for a better future. They also give importance to the welfare of many women of India because they believe that they are one of those who can help give them a helping hand. Trust gives quality life to people through this program and they have already helped millions of people.

Main objectives by relief india trust