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Help Change a Life with Relief India Trust There are many people out there with absolutely nothing to make them smile. They live in agony from day to day as they struggle to make ends meet. In order to improve the quality of life for such people, we all need to play a part in the process. It takes every individual’s voice to change a life so we believe together we can. Relief India is involved with changing people’s lives through community mobilization and participatory governance so as to handle various issues and challenges facing the society and specific groups of people. Relief India trust looks into various areas of concern such as education, health and community participation among others. What Relief India Trust is involved in? As a community of well wishers, Relief India is involved in a number of activities that enhance better living of all people in the society. The various activities and programs designed by the Relief India trust are aimed at improving the quality of life. Below are the various activities that Relief India takes part in: •

Disability checkups

Children with disability disorders are faced with many challenges in life without anybody to help them. Sometimes lack of finances to go for medical check-up is very common thus their inability to access medication. Our esteemed team of medical consultants and counselors help such individuals by organizing for checkups. After the checkup, parents of the patients are guided on the right medical facility to seek further medication from. •


Through the various services offered by the Relief India Trust, individuals with various rehabilitation needs are assisted to effectively go through the process. Alcohol and drug addiction is one such problem that many individuals find hard to fight. Our rehabilitation center enables individuals with such needs to easily get rid of drug abuse within a short period of time. •


There are many children in the streets and slums faced with this challenge due to lack of resources to enable them go to school regularly. Such children end up being slaves in other people’s residence as they are introduced to early working under very harsh conditions. The Relief India Trust has opened up schools in various parts of the country to ensure such children gain access to basic education to learn relevant skills and knowledge to help them secure a better job opportunity in the future. •

Organ donation awareness campaign

There are many people in the society with various medical complications that require fast attention and help. We thus help mobilize people around the country to come forth to help people with such needs. Blood donation and other body organs are usually required in many hospitals with patients having complications with their health. Over the period of time that Relief India trust has been in operation, we have managed to change many lives by providing immense support to the needy in society. You can become part of the large family in enhancing better quality living among all members of the society. Change starts with you and me, so let’s join hands to save the underprivileged.

Help change a life with relief india trust  

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