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Breakout Strategy: First choice for ‘break out’ Traders There are lots of forex trading strategies in which Breakout strategy is most popular among them where lots of traders like to work with this on various time frames. To perform well, one should need to understand each and every aspect of breakout strategy; it may be practical or theoretical knowledge. Breakout strategy in Forex online trading works outside of the two defined levels. First is the resistance level (Traders enters when price breaks above this level) and second is the support level (Traders enters when prices breaks below this level). In simple words breakout is defined as the price movement that would have stayed for certain levels, either resistance or support levels, and where large volumes of trades enforce those levels to cross either up or down. It happens due to any news event or when many forex traders place orders very close to each other. A breakout usually occurs in every type of market environments, especially in case of powerful price movements which results channel breakouts. You might have seen such variations in form of different patterns like flags or triangle shapes where the expected sudden price swings and expands that identified range. Ultimately, breakouts generate volatility in the forex market and responsible for price movements in the breakout’s direction. This is the strategy generally used by the forex investors at the early stages of the trend strategy or can say that this is the starting point of strongest price movement of major currencies pairs when volatility and liquidity of resultant forex market becomes high. The good thing is that you can apply this strategy in any type of trading, either swing trading or day trading. It is considered that these are the only two trading that can be done with this type of strategy in Forex. How this strategy works in forex trading: • Identify the entry point where you need to establish your trading points in breakout region. • Make sure you are not dealing with fake breakout, it happens when price moves back in the in its range immediately or after sometime. It is better to filter our trades with confirmation. • Now you need to wait for the breakout moment when it defined outside of resistance and support level. • Set a clear objective toward entry and exit points by measuring the distance between the resistance level and support level. • Be prepared for the re-test of the levels as sometimes previous support level becomes current resistance level or vice versa, a very critical situation. • Make sure to Identify the failed trade, it happens due to failure of re-test explained in previous step. • Adopt a smart approach when you need to exit. Quick Exit when you are in loss or exit with profit. In conclusion exit as per the target since planned exits are like the ingredients of this strategy in forex trading.

Remember that any strategy in forex trading cannot be implementing fruitfully until and unless you go with right piece of information. Proper knowledge and the right mind set are the required essences of forex strategy which need to be considered. In the next article, you will find an extended knowledge about this topic

Breakout strategy first choice for ‘break out’ traders  
Breakout strategy first choice for ‘break out’ traders  

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