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Multiple Events by Relief India Trust The Relief India Trust has served the needy people since long, in spite of helping people, we do believe that extracurricular activities arranged for the slums, needy people and children might give them happiness and shall take them out from the devastated conditions in which they live. By arranging different events according to the situation, we bring happiness in the depressed lives of those who cannot afford to live a normal life. Such people especially kids, when they see the rich people celebrating their birthdays and doing multiple activities, feel more deprived of their lives. Through this article, we let you know about multiple events that are arranged by our social welfare organization.

Painting Competition We arrange painting competitions among the people with the motive of not only providing them enjoyment but through such contests we highlight and boost up the creative and aesthetic skills in poor people. The use of multiple colors in a creative way symbolizes the artistic sense in the children. With this aim, Relief India Trust organizes paper cutting and painting contests twice a month in the rehabilitation centers of disabled children. The disabled children perform cutting of papers, drawing, sketching and paper crafting, which helps to enhance their creativity and skills.

Short Trips For providing recreation to the poor children, our welfare organization arranges trips to multiple places that are equally informative as well as enjoyable. Through visiting such places, children do not feel deprived and depressed rather they feel extremely happy with these visits. The children along with enjoyment learn a lot from these short trips and we try to enhance the area of their knowledge through such informative visits for example on 20 th July a Visit to National Science Museum was arranged that left extremely good learning experience for the children.

Birthday Celebrations For those who cannot afford celebrating their birthdays, it is quite painful to see the other kids of their age celebrating the birthdays with full zeal and enthusiasm, this feeling not only depress the kids but can also be the cause of inferiority complex that might prevail in the kids. To remove such complexes, in the kids especially in the disabled children, our welfare organization arranges birthday parties to make them feel important.

Diwali Pooja To enhance the religious and spiritual senses in the kids, Relief India Trust celebrates Diwali and holy with full enthusiasm and zest that enhances the feeling of love, bonding and togetherness among the children. The making of rangolis, litting diyas and eating together surely give them happiness and develop a bonding among children.

Republic Day By the arrangement of republic day, our welfare organization boosts up the patriotism among children and makes them aware of the importance of our motherland. We make the kids learn the national songs and by showing them historic movies, we convey them the message of humanity and

love that is followed by unity and thus we arrange such historic days in the rehabilitation centers for the disabled children.

Arranging multiple events by relief india trust  

To enhance the religious and spiritual senses in the kids, Relief India Trust celebrates Diwali and holy with full enthusiasm and zest that...

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