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Reflect on your previous readings regarding morality. Then consider the scenario below and answer the questions that follow. Larry is an accountant assistant for a small firm. He is a good worker and has a good relationship with the owner of the accounting firm. He is only four courses away from earning his Bachelor's degree in accounting, which he will need to get a promotion. Larry's boss has offered to let Larry use his mountain cabin for the upcoming holiday. Larry loves taking his family there because they can go boating, fishing, and hiking, and he knows they could all use the time away from the daily grind. However, Larry has a paper due for his class in four days and he knows he will not be able to complete this on time if he decides to go to the cabin. Larry decides that he will tell his instructor that he is sick with the flu to see if he can get an extension on his paper. He then starts packing his suitcase. Questions   

How does this student’s behavior counter academic integrity? Why is it important for educational institutions such as Ashford University to hold students accountable for their actions? What are some possible consequences for this student if the instructor learns the truth?

Ashford psy 202 week 3 dq 3