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The state of your physical and mental health can impact your life in ways you may not realize. If a person is not physically fit or has poor nutrition habits, he or she may feel tired and sluggish more often. In the same way, if a person is regularly subjected to stressful situations, he or she could become mentally fatigued, or even show symptoms of depression. In 150-200 words discuss the following questions: 

  

Do you currently have an exercise and nutrition regimen? o If so, what is your regimen and are you happy with it? o If not, what could you do to start one? Based on what you learned in Chapter Three, what can you do to be healthier in terms of exercise and nutrition? Do you experience high levels of stress? What are some things that you can do to cope with and reduce stress in your life.

Use Adult Development and Lifetime Assessment as your primary source for this discussion, and include at least one in-text citation and a reference in APA formatting at the end of the post. Please be sure to highlight the citation in yellow. Remember, the citation is included in your content and the reference is added at the bottom of your post. Using the toolbar on the textbox window, highlight the citation in yellow. Review the PSY202: Writing Resource for an example.

Ashford psy 202 week 3 dq 1  
Ashford psy 202 week 3 dq 1