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Assignment – Web & Graphics Designing

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Introduction to the World Wide Web 1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

14. 15.



18. 19.


Internet is an ultimate computer network. Discuss… Explain briefly the history of internet Explain the following terms a. Intranet e. TCP/IP b. Extranet f. FTP c. WWW g. URL d. HTTP h. IE Version 5.0 Write main Hardware/Software/Services to need the access the Internet What do you meant by ISP Provider? What are the benefits of using the Internet Write down URLs of any 5 web sites with brief descriptions Calculate the total time duration to view  240 Kb weighted image from 56 kbs & 28 kbs modems  1.4 Mb weighted image from 56 kbs & 28 kbs modems  4.0 Mb weighted image from 56 kbs & 28 kbs modems Assumed that no data distortion or loss between server and client Write down short notes a. Upload c. Publish b. Download d. Web browsers What is the most useful web sites for you and Why? What are the Search engines? Give Examples What is Domain? Write down The most common top level domains Open Internet Explorer and Netscape navigator Web Browsers and try to do these… • Save a web page to specific folder • Save a picture on web page to specific folder • Practice Back, Forward, Stop, Refresh/Reload, History Standard Buttons on IE and NN • Try to understand Web pages using given sample web sites (Ask from Instructors) What do you meant by Internet security? Discuss the followings a. Internet has no cultural barriers b. Internet control by internet users c. Internet and Intellectual properties d. The main Transportation media of viruses is internet e. Internet and Me Discuss the followings a. Internet Crimes b. All the information on the Internet can be trust? c. Legal Issues related to internet Explain the following terms a. Email b. Dial Up c. IP Number How do you install a modem on your PC? How do you change the Internet Properties on your PC?

Diploma in Computer Science

e~Studies Computer Training Center

HTML 1. 2.

3. 4. 5. 6. 12.

Define the followings a. HTML Tag b. HTML element c. Tag Attributes Are HTML Tags case sensitive? Instruction for questions 03-11  Write down syntax of the following HTML tags and Design simple HTML pages to show how they work. You should not be using any WYSIWYG HTML editors. Type HTML codes on Notepad Document and save those as htm/html files. HTML, BODY 7. Text Formatting Tags 8. Anchors & Hyperlinks Heading Tags 9. Frames Comments Tags 10. Images Background Color 11. Tables Design a simple Personal web page using Notepad as the HTML editor

FrontPage 2000 1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

What are the different between a web page and a website? What is a Home page? Design a simple site map for your Personal web site. How do you Perform this tasks in FrontPage? (Write down notes and also prepare examples) • Change the background colors • Size of all table columns and rows make equal • Change font type, size and • Insert a flash animation color • Insert a image from you floppy • Insert a Hover button • Insert a table • Change Hover button color • Change table border size • Insert a marquee • Insert a Clipart • Change marquee font colors • Marge and split cells in a table • Insert a bookmark • Insert hyperlinks What is a bookmark? What is a hyperlink? How can you create a page with 2 frames? How can you Delete frame borders? What is a frame set? Describe one method of saving Multiframe web page in convenient way (File name are important)

A student want to Design a website for his school. Home page contents 2 Frame, which are for menu and main window. Menu contents 3 items as academic, sport and staff. Academic page content 2 frames, sport and staff. Each content one frame page 11. Design a site map 12. Propose a suitable folder structure and also naming method for files 13. Design a simple web site with bookmarks and hyperlinks according to this site map. (Get Instructions from instructors) 14. 15. DCS

How can apply page transition effect? What are the html tags for • Font Diploma in Computer Science


e~Studies Computer Training Center

• •

Images Hyperlinks


Web Designing Concepts and Tools 1.

Check the followings Web Site Web Page Home Page Navigator Html Editors Hyperlinks Bookmarks Texts Marquee Images

Roll Over Images Gif animations Flash Animations Menu Buttons Frames Video Clips Sounds

Upload Download Publish Hit Counters Banners Tables Forms Java Applets


Some important tips for web designing are given below. Describe each tip  Fast loading web site designs  Clear Navigation  All Resolutions  Browser Compatibility  Readable and professional looking fonts  Minimize the use of images  Check for broken links 3. Assume that you have to design a commercial web site for a company. How You can be find out answers to the following questions as a web designer?  Who is your audience?  Who are you?  What do you want to communicate?  When - the timing issue.  Where do you put things?  Why do you want to use the Web? 4. You can categorized website as a web designer as Follows Academic, Entertainment, Commercial, Kids, Personal, Adults, Government According to above, select the most suitable category for the web sites given below • Web site for my school • Estudies computer center • TNL Television • University of Colombo • Keels Super Market • Engineering Corporation • A Dolls Making Company • Web site for the kalasoori Mr. W,D, Amaradewa • For a Night Club 5. What are the Your main Considerations when you are Design a website under these categories (Using colors, No of imagers, Animations, video, …etc) • Academic • Kids • Entertainment • Adults • Commercial • Government DCS

Diploma in Computer Science

e~Studies Computer Training Center

• Personal 6. Give brief description for these software applications • Microsoft FrontPage • VB Script • Macromedia Dream weaver • HTML • Macromedia Flash • DHTML • Macromedia Fireworks • XML • Adobe Photoshop • Jack pawnshop • Adobe Image ready • Gift Animator • ASP • Microsoft Internet Explorer • JavaScript • Netscape Navigator 7. Write down the software application to open /Edit these files extant ions HTML swf Htm fla Shtm psd Asp psp Gif pdf Jdg png Bmp cgi 8. From above select the all image formats, which can be put in the web pages? 9. What is most Suitable file formats from above and why? 10. What do you meant by HTML Editor? Give Examples 11. Front page is a WYSIWYG type HTML editor. Describe….

Macromedia Flash 1. 2. 3. 4.

What is an Animation? Discuss the difference between vector graphics and Bitmap graphics Why flash become a very important tool for web. Describe followings. • Flash movie • Scene • Layers • Frames • Panels • Toolbox • Timeline


How do you change the following properties of a flash movie? • • •

6. 7.

8. 9.



Background color Movie size Frame rate

What are the main differences between a frame and a key frame? How can inserts • A frame • Blank key frame • Key frame To a flash movie What are the shortcut keys for that? Describe the difference between when • Inserting a blank key frame • Inserting a key frame. Explain following • Transparency of lagers • Hide lagers

Diploma in Computer Science

e~Studies Computer Training Center

• 11. 12. 13.

Lock lagers.

How can you create a simple animation with 5 key frames with a loop and without loop? Insert few frames between above key frames and slow the speed. Explain these terms related to shapes. 1. Fill 2. Stroke 3. Radial fill 4. Gradient fill 5. Solid fill

14. 15.

Explain all the tools in toolbox with their appropriate Panels. What are the 3 types of symbols in flash?

16. 17.

How do you create a graphics? Explain following terms • Twining • Shape Twining • Motion Twining

18. How do you apply shape twining? What are the basic requirements for create a shape twining? 19. How do you apply motion twining? What are the basic requirements for create a motion twining? 20. Describe the differences between shapes & motion twining 21. How can publish a flash movie? Describe about the settings


Diploma in Computer Science

e~Studies Computer Training Center

Projects 1.

WEB123 is a Web designing company. They designing web sites of following categories Educational Sites Personal Sites Commercial Sites Special sites for Kids WEB123 is won the prize for the “world best web site for the kids” in 2001. Design an attractive web site for the WEB123.


Design a web site for one of the following world great personalities.  Lord Buddha  Jesses crises Design a web site for an eclub /Cyber society which is formed by students of your batch. “Idea0” is a Consultancy firm. There main functions are  Provide consultancy in all information technology areas for middle and top scale organizations  Train Information technology staff in above organizations  Organize workshops  Guide to get the ISO Standards and also prepare all the documentations for clients

3. 4.

“Idea0” already got the ISO standards and also got following prizes  Best Profitable organization in 2001  Won the prizes for the best environment friendly organization in 2000 and 2001 Idea0 donate 5% of the profit for prevent environment pollution. According to above information design a commercial web site for Idea0. You must be prepared the site map and also the project documentation in briefly. You must consider the following topics when designing the site  Organizing skills  File and Folder structure  Creativity but not complexity  Technology and Compatibility  Commercial Value


Introduction to the World Wide Web e~Studies Computer Training Center Assignment – Web & Graphics Designing DCS Diploma in Computer Scie...

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