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The Lone Star Gazette January

The Lone Star Gazette January

Fair Trade & Coffee By Anna Merzi coffee brands in the world, implements the system of On February 1 of CAFE practices. The Coffee this year, I had the and Farmer Equity (CAFE) privilege to attend practices implemented by a fantastic Starbucks works focuses on presentation done helping the farmers that by Houston producers the beans for their Rescue and corporation, yet does not Restore Coalition meet the free trade including on free market requirements on transparency trading. I walked and fair pay. After a two-hour into the lecture, Dolan made everyone presentation not form a single line and asked knowing what to everyone who drank expect. I thought it Starbucks to step forward. would pretty much Every person stepped up. be any other JSA Dolan then requested anyone activism event that who knew about fair trade I have went to. I before the lecture. Only two was dead wrong. stepped forward. The When Matt Dolan, the man who gave the lecture, started talking statistics of how many people actually know about what fair trade is scary and the gap is about free trade and how Starbucks has created a system that doesn't directly benefit only increasing everyday. At the end of the presentation, the members there signed up to the producers like most people conceived, I participate in activities ranging from letter was awestruck. writing campaigns to Fair trade refers JSAers are now prepared to awareness events. With to a system of knowledge obtained exchange that start spreading awareness for the from this experience, honors the producers and free trade products JSAers are now prepared to start communities spreading awareness for free trade products involved in the purchases. The systems requires corporations to give their workers fair and can convince Starbucks to serve more of it at there locations. pay, make sure no human rights are violated in getting these products and making sure the workers in the communities are being treated fairly. Starbucks, one the biggest

The Lone Star Gazette January

John Cooper High School: February Chapter of the month A chapter 50 members strong, John Cooper High School makes an incredible impact on its school and community through its activism projects and overall well-informed and well-rounded nature of its members. JSA is meant to open up students’ minds through controversial and fun debates, videos, and activism projects, and the members of John Cooper High Schools’ JSA chapter have been the embodiment of success of these goals. Activism plays a big role in John Cooper’s chapter dynamic and always has. In the past, The Invisible Children Foundation came and spoke to the school, and a fundraiser was held for them. Last year, human trafficking awareness expert Dotty Laster came to speak to the students at John Cooper High School. This year, multiple meetings have been dedicated to speakers on the topic of human trafficking awareness and fair trade, along with chapter members being signed up as advocates in the Houston Rescue and Restore Coalition. JSA has offered John Cooper’s members the opportunity to practice life skills such as public speaking and has given students the confidence to step up and be leaders in the school and community.

“JSA gives its members lifelong connections and relationships with other members that could help you down the road. Not only do you have the chance to meet speakers that could later provide internships, but also through the JSA summer school program, a JSA student has the chance to build friendships with students across the country,” John Cooper High School JSA Chapter President, Director of Chapter Internal Affairs, and Texas State Speaker of the House Grace Dunlap said. “Additionally, a student is exposed to a plethora of different kinds of people who can help you open your mind, become more accepting, and build tolerance.” John Cooper has been attending state and national conferences for as long as anyone can remember; this year, they took a school record of 29 people to Fall State. Along with this, John Cooper High School is notably active in the JSA government. Their chapter boasts Speaker of the House and Director of Chapter Internal Affairs Grace Dunlap, Director of Advocacy Anna Merzi, CIA agent Ellen Teuscher, PR agent Sara Abston, and fundraising agent Katherine Higgins. John Cooper High School has done a great job as an example for other chapters, and we expect even better things from them to come!

The Lone Star Gazette January Â

On Winter Congress “It was my first time going to Winter Con, and it was my first time ever in DC, so it was a really awesome experience. There were really funny bills like a bill to censor male nipples, a bill attempting to legalize nudity, and a bill to make all restaurants have push out doors for their restrooms. They also had more controversial bills with subjects like immigration reform, stem cells, and whether the city of Washington,DC should have representation in the house and senate, etc. I was on a bill with Connor Pfieffer, Kendall Hardy and Graham Smith and it got passed, which was SUPER exciting. Our bill was a comprehensive immigration reform- but we didn't get to stay for the closing ceremony because our flight left early on sunday afternoon. It was the biggest Winter Con in the history of JSA with about 1200 kids. I met some kids who traveled from Honduras, others from Puerto Rico, and we came from Texas. My favorite part was meeting other kids and listening to all their different opinions. The dances were really fun- the themes were patriotism and blackout. Everyone got dressed up and had a great time" (Katie White, first time attendee).

The Lone Star Gazette January

We urge all readers to submit their opinions and writings on current issues. Publication in The Lone Star is both a great form of involvement and an avenue for having one’s opinion heard. Even better, BECOME A STAFF WRITER. We hope you have enjoyed this edition of The Lone Star and look forward to continued affiliation and a growing readership. Yours very truly, Juan M. Lopera, Editor-in-chief



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