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51 SCHOOL SOFIA BULGARIA Antoanela Slaveykova

Every morning before going to school Bulgarian children have breakfast at home. Their mums are very busy and often prefer to make something easy like muesli or cereal. However on weekends they have more time and prepare very delicious breakfast. Sometimes during the holidays children go to different parts of Bulgaria and visit their grandparents. Loving grandmothers make the most desirable breakfasts for their grandchildren.

Look at them:

Mekitsi Use eggs, yoghurt, flour, water and salt to make a dough. Fry in a pan. Serve with cheese, yoghurt, honey or jam. Yoanna’s mam

Mekitzi with white cheese filling My grandmother cooks the ​ most delicious breakfast. She makes dough and fill it with cheese and eggs. Then she fries them in a pan. Petia 4v class

Buhti Products : Yoghurt, flour, baking soda, sugar ,eggs, salt. In the yogurt mix baking soda and sugar, then add beaten eggs, salt and flour. Make soft dough. Fry in preheated oil and serve warm with glass of buttermilk/yoghurt with water/ . Neycho 4b

Rusk with white cheese and butter poured with hot water. I like it especially in winter holidays .This is my mum’s favourite breakfast from her childhood. Petya 4v



/my grandma’s recipe / Products: Flour, eggs, cheese, water, salt, oil, vinegar.

Mix to make dough. Divide into 6-7 balls. Allow to rise for about 30 minutes. Each ball is rolled into a sheet of thin crust. Sprinkle with eggs and cheese. Roll. Put in a pan greased with oil and spread on top oil too. Bake at about 180 C. When is ready remove and spray with water. Cover for 5 minutes.

“I like them very much.” Anton 4v class

Fried toasts

Slices of bread dipped in beaten up eggs and fried. Stanislav 4b

Eli 3d

Tutmanik Eggs, yoghurt, flour, white cheese, yeast, oil Yoanna grandma’s recipe

1. Slice of bread 2.Bacon 3.Yellow cheese 4.Tomato

Grilled sandwiches Vlady 4b

Toast with “Lukanka” and yellow cheese

Sandwich with “Lukanka” Niki 4v

Baked sandwiches with eggs and white cheese. Sashko 4v

Grilled sandwiches with yellow cheese and tomatoes Maggi’s mum

Home-made Bulgarian yoghurt


Water, Corn flour, Salt, Fried meat, White cheese This is my grandpa's favourite breakfast. Yoanna 4b

Sandwiches with minced meat Yoann 4v and yellow cheese.

Sometimes my breakfast is:

Sashko 4v


Every day at school we have free snack. Sometimes it is some fruit or a sandwich with tea.

We also learn how to prepare healthy breakfast.

Look at my “Smiling faces”

Yana 2b

Nice and delicious sandwiches. Irina 2b

Will you like mine? Gerry 2b

My Granny helped me. Oleg 2 b

I am proud with my work. Niko 2b

Mmm, delicious !



Our plate is full.

Come and taste!


Bulgarian breakfast  

Bulgarian breakfast

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