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Mohammed Al Habtoor: “I can’t believe it…” “I really can’t believe it. I’ve been trying for three years but it is only now that the ponies I bought to be able to win this tournament and my years of work invested in this team are bearing fruit. Our players put their heart and soul into this team and the competition, and this is magnificent. I can say that by the time the scoreboard read 5-3 in our favour, we had already made several mistakes. But I knew we had our best horses ready for that extra chukka. We were lucky. In the last few seconds, Guillermo scored a goal that allowed us to achieve victory. With only two seconds to go, we accomplished this amazing feat. The only thing that came to mind was to go and fetch the flag at our ponylines and run around waving it like crazy!!!! Guillermo Cuitiño has been playing for us for the past three years, both in England and Dubai. Polo is his life and his passion. He has supported me as well as the tournament, and helped the team a great deal. I trust him a lot whenever he gives me a piece of advice on any horse. John Horswell helped us a lot. He became an essential

part of the team in order to organise our game. He made sure that each of us knew what we had to do. Thanks to the fact that the match was broadcast live on PoloLine, my friends in California woke up at 3 a.m. just to watch the game!!! They sent me photos and messages telling me that they were watching the match. It’s great for people who can’t travel there to be able to watch the event on PoloLine TV. And I would like to express my appreciation to all of those who came to watch us play, not only because it was my team that was playing but also because people are beginning to show their interest in Dubai and polo at the Dubai Gold Cup. We’re already planning next year’s tournament, which will be a 16-goal competition. And despite the fact that it only implies a one-goal raise, this is a big step for us, since we want to continue bringing players such as Nachi Heguy because it enables polo to reach a higher level. Guillermo and I will now be travelling to England to play a couple of tournaments, a 15 and an 18-goal, but I still have to decide which we will be playing. I plan to organise my team to play with Fran, Guillermo and perhaps a one-goal player”.

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PQ international | Spring Issue 2012 #79  
PQ international | Spring Issue 2012 #79  

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