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So on to the main event:

Arena Test Match // Teams & info England Danny Muriel Max Charlton Chris Hyde

19 4 6 9

Place: Hickstead, United Kingdom Club: All England Polo Club Date: March 3, 2012 Level: 19 goal Tournament: Arena Test Match

USA Steve Krueger Carlos Galindo John Gobin

18 6 6 6

Result: England 12 vs USA 9 Winner: England MVP: John Gobin (USA) BPP: Caledonia (John Gobin, owned by Hickstead member, Caio Sorzana)

England are very good at Arena Polo - and no player more so than Chris Hyde. On paper, England always looked stronger, and when talking about Chris Hyde, literally stronger. The USA, with a depleted side, on strange ponies that drive on the wrong side of the road, were always going to be at a disadvantage. England clearly dominated from the outset; Chris and Max linked well together, and Danny, on home soil, played brilliantly. All well mounted and lifted on a tide of support from the crowd, England gently pummelled the USA to a 12-9 defeat. The USA had some consolation - John Gobin deservedly won MVP, and one of his mounts won BPP - Caledonia, owned by Hickstead member Caio Sorzana. International Polo is a real draw and deserves more support from all sides - the media, the national polo organisations and the players themselves - not to mention FIP, who ought to support these events. Perhaps they ought to have supported this rather than a tournament on snow? Controversy reigns.

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PQ international | Spring Issue 2012 #79  

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PQ international | Spring Issue 2012 #79  

The English Polo Magazine