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The Big changes, Mariano Aguerre back in Ellerstina and Eduardo Novillo Astrada Jr joining forces with the fifth Novillo Astrada brother, Alejandro to play the Qualys.

ELLERSTINA, FAMILY UNION La Dolfina Adolfo Cambiaso David Stirling Pablo Mac Donough Juan Martín Nero

40 10 10 10 10

Ellerstina Facundo Pieres Gonzalo Pieres Jr Nicolás Pieres Mariano Aguerre

38 10 10 9 9

La Aguada Javier Novillo Astrada Guillermo Caset Jr Miguel Novillo Astrada Ignacio Novillo Astrada

36 9 9 9 9

Pilará Hilario Ulloa Francisco Bensadon Sebastián Merlos Francisco de Narvaez Jr

34 9 8 9 8

La Natividad Pablo Pieres Jr Ignacio Heguy Rodrigo Ribeiro de Andrade Bartolomé Castagnola

34 8 9 8 9

Alegría Fred Mannix Lucas Monteverde Juan Ignacio Merlos Sebastián Merlos

33 7 9 8 9

Keeping close tabs on their great rival, Ellerstina has undergone an important change for 2012, following the modifications carried out during the last season, with Pablo and Juan Martín having left and the youngest of the Pieres brothers (Nicolás) having joined the team, along with former Indios Chapaleufu II player, Nachi Heguy. Though perhaps not entirely satisfied with the results, Nachi will no longer be part of Ellerstina in 2012, and his place will be taken by Mariano Aguerre, an incorporation which was not at all surprising. Furthermore, many were wondering when the time would come for Gonzalito’s brothers-in-law, Facundo and Nicolás, to join the team. Let’s remember that Mariano is married to Tatiana, and she is their sister. So, not only has Mariano Aguerre’s comeback to the Triple Crown Championship become a reality, after two years of participating in the qualifiers with Alegría, but it will also be his return to Ellerstina, the team with which he won the Triple Crown Championship in 1994.

LA AGUADA X 2 Another important piece of news regarding 2012 comes handin-hand with the Novillo Astrada brothers, who will be presenting two teams with the idea of including Alejandro, the youngest of the four, once and for all. La Aguada will be featuring Miguel (9), Javier (9) and Ignacio Novillo Astrada (9), plus Guillermo Caset (Jr.), who was raised to 9 goals at the end of last season and will be playing the entire Triple Crown Championship as a first-team player for one of the top line-ups for the first time. La Aguada’s other team will comprise Eduardo Jr. (9) and Alejandro Novillo Astrada (8), plus Lucas James (8) and Cristian Laprida Jr. (8), adding up to 33 goals and enabling them to play the qualifying round for a place in the Hurlingham and Palermo Open Championships. Therefore, it will be the first time that Eduardo, the eldest of the Novillo Astrada brothers, will not be playing the entire Triple Crown Tournament. PQ | 99

PQ international | Spring Issue 2012 #79  

The English Polo Magazine

PQ international | Spring Issue 2012 #79  

The English Polo Magazine