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It ’s a New Day

as We Celebrate 75 Years Strong! Party in the Park Successfully Kicks-off 75th Anniversary with Safe, Healthy, Strong Message

August 26, 2010: On a warm and sunny day in Milwaukee’s Washington Park, Plannthed Parenthood of Wisconsin (PPWI) kicked-off its 75 anniversary by hosting “Party in the Park,” a free, public event featuring music, food and friends. Designed to celebrate 75 Years Strong with our staff, volunteers, activists and supporters, Party in the Park was far more than a free concert in the park – it served as a unique community outreach event, targeting teens and young people with a message of staying, “Safe, Healthy and Strong,” while addressing key issues such as teen pregnancy and STDs. By hosting Party in the Park, PPWI was able to connect with and educate nearly 1,500 teens and young people in an authentic and unique way: (Continued on page 3)

from the ceo

Dear Friends,

Join us in celebrating 75 Years Strong! In this celebratory year, I would like to applaud our hardworking staff, our dedicated volunteers and our steadfast supporters. Together, we are the reason Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin (PPWI) is 75 Years Strong today. As the largest and most trusted reproductive health care provider in the state of Wisconsin, PPWI recognizes that we’ve come a long way in the past 75 years. When we first opened our doors in 1935, we had one small clinic in Milwaukee run by a group of volunteers. Today we have 27 health centers throughout the state, including three that provide abortion care and two that provide colposcopy care for abnormal pap tests. We serve over 73,000 patients each year with quality, affordable and convenient health care, including annual exams, birth control, pregnancy testing, STD testing and treatment and cancer screenings. We also reach over 7,500 people across the state through our community-based education programs, which teach ageappropriate, medically accurate, comprehensive sex education. And of course, we can’t forget about our vital advocacy work, done through our public affairs staff and many volunteers and activists, ensuring that women and families across Wisconsin have increased access to reproductive and sexual health care. In fact, this past year PPWI saw the passage of our entire proactive public policy agenda for the first time in the history of our organization. That is simply remarkable! 2

This is a new day for PPWI, not only as we celebrate our 75th anniversary, but as we also form a new initiative around keeping our youth safe, healthy and strong through collaborative partnerships, unique events and new educational opportunities. In this issue of Moving Forward, you’ll read about our most recent 75th celebrations, including Party in the Park, an unprecedented community outreach event that spoke to youth about issues such as teen pregnancy and STDs through the universal language of music. We will continue to work with community partners to ensure that we’re reaching out to youth in a compelling way to give them all the resources and knowledge they need to stay safe, healthy and strong. There is nothing more basic than Planned Parenthood’s commitment to helping people access health care and education. Please remember that none of our accomplishments are possible without your continued support. As PPWI moves into a new day, I hope you will be a part of it – we must continue to help those in need by working together for the greater good. And serving the greater good is the best way to honor our past while we build our future. Please join me in continuing to support this critical organization. A gift to PPWI today will ensure that thousands of women, men, teens and families will continue to lead safe, healthy and strong lives.

Editor: Amber Johnson Assistant Editors: Steph Montgomery-Loder and Jon Stewart Graphic Design: Doug Cheever Contributors: Meghan Benson, Deborah Hobbins, Steph Montgomery-Loder, Jennifer Olenchek, Valerie Sell For questions or more information, please contact Amber Johnson at or 414-289-3746.

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Sincerely yours,

Teri Huyck President and CEO

Headquarters 302 N. Jackson St. Milwaukee, WI 53202 414-271-8045

Public Affairs/ Development 111 King Street, #23 PO Box 2566 Madison, WI 53701 608-256-7549 ext 2138

copyright © 2010 Planned Parenthood® of WI, Inc.

(75th continued)

through music. DJ Madhatter (aka Jordan Lee from 88Nine Radio Milwaukee) opened the show by spinning records and welcoming concert attendees to the park. Milwaukee hiphop artist Prophetic (aka David Baldwin) followed with an inspirational set of up-beat songs with positive messages about following your dreams. The concert’s headliner, Chester French, whose lead singer, D.A. Wallach, is from Milwaukee, reminded the crowd that everyone came together to plan for safe, strong and healthy futures. The artists were the courier of PPWI’s health care message that day, allowing attendees to gain information from sources they admire and trust. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett’s wife, Kris Barrett, even joined D.A. on stage to wish PPWI a very happy birthday. Party in the Park directly connected teens and young people with health care information and other important resources. Community partners such as No Condom, No Way; Community Advocates; the ACLU; the City of Milwaukee Health Department; the Urban Ecology Center; the Campaign Against Violence; and more, joined PPWI in the park and handed out free information, resources and giveaways at information tables. Throughout the concert, the artists directed the crowd to these educational tables. The young people who attended were enthusiastic, reading health care brochures, taking free condoms, pledging to vote and even taking free STD and HIV tests at the City of Milwaukee Health Department’s “Mobile Health Van.” In a three-hour time period during the event, the Health Department conducted 30 HIV tests.

“Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin is moving in a new direction. We’re reaching out to youth in unique and fresh ways – using the universal language of music to connect teens with the resources and tools they need to stay safe, healthy and strong,” said Linda Neff, VP of development and communications. “Party in the Park is an example of how we’re working to connect with teens in a compelling manner. PPWI will continue to talk to this important audience in their voice and in their language.”

“It’s a good thing. Events like this bring people together and create awareness and everything. It’s always a good thing and we’re going to come out and support it.”

Party in the Park provided a new foundation for PPWI to build upon for years to come. It also created a significant, lasting impression on the community that will continue to open doors and opportunities for us as an organization to more effectively implement our mission. We are continuing to work with hip-hop artist Prophetic to market PPWI’s services to an engaged audience of young people through incentives like free music downloads and free condoms. PPWI wishes to thank everyone who made Party in the Park such a successful community outreach event. A special thank you goes out to all the performers, DJ Madhatter, Prophetic and Chester French; DJ Willie Shakes (aka Jeff Cannady); Tracey Hagedorn of No Condom, No Way; 88Nine Radio Milwaukee; and Open Road Events, who produced the event. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to PPWI as we move forward into the next 75 years by keeping our youth safe, healthy and strong.

“Happy birthday! We’re glad you’re here. Thank you to all the community partners that made this event happen. We’re so glad that everybody got involved to spread the message of making healthy choices...keep doing it.”

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(75th continued)

75th Anniversary Events Sell Out

“Because half the human population is women, empowering women is essential to improving the state of humanity,”

On September 30 in Madison and October 1 in Milwaukee, PPWI hosted two sold-out anniversary events. Both were extremely successful in celebrating 75 Years Strong! We extend a special thank you to the Dane County Leadership Council (DCLC), including Peg Davey, Jane Englund, Caroline Fribance, Frankie Fuller, Marcia Hardy, Nancy Heiden, Linda Stack Hughes, Jill Lundberg, Brinnon Garrett Mandel and Julie Worzala, for their commitment to the dinner in Madison. A thank you also goes to Milwaukee luncheon honorary chair, Lynde Uihlein, and luncheon co-chairs Marci Pelzer, Andrea Taxman and Synovia Youngblood for making the event a huge success.

—Sheryl WuDunn

Sheryl WuDunn, a best-selling author, business executive and lecturer, was our keynote speaker. She, with her husband Nicholas Kristof, brilliantly co-authored Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. WuDunn became the first Asian-American to win the Pulitzer Prize for this New York Times best-selling book.


“Planned Parenthood! For seventy-five years, you’ve fought for women’s health care needs. May you persevere for seventy-five more. Three cheers! Three cheers! Three cheers! Planned Parenthood.”

In WuDunn’s presentation, she talked about how the central moral challenge of this century is gender inequality. She demonstrated, through individual stories, how the best way to fight poverty is to educate girls and bring them into the formal workforce. Additionally, WuDunn stressed the importance of education in keeping women safe, healthy and strong. Women who have access to education have fewer children. When women are able to control their reproduction, have fewer children and plan pregnancies, outcomes show that their families have more resources and a better quality of life. With economic opportunity – provided through education and financial independence – as an effective way to better women’s lives, we can better families and communities. “Because half the human population is women, empowering women is essential to improving the state of humanity,” WuDunn said. Helping women achieve their best quality of life through equal access to health care and education is a clear way to better our world abroad and at home. WuDunn reminded attendees that supporting organizations such as Planned Parenthood is one way to empower and educate women in the United States. To close the Madison program, attendees were treated to a surprise presentation by board member Jim Chiolino and his friends, Lee Hayes, Beth Binhammer and Pete Nelson, who harmoniously sang a tribute to PPWI. They wrote the song together and brought the audience to their feet with their strong voices. As the Milwaukee luncheon came to a close, young people from Milwaukee youth organizations, including Pathfinders, True Skool, the Campaign Against Violence and Urban Underground, surrounded the venue carrying signs that read “safe,” “healthy” and “strong.” As these vibrant young people encircled the room, they poignantly asked guests, “Do you hear us now?” Watching the teens with signs, attendees were reminded of the importance of keeping our youth safe, healthy and strong. No one in the room could ignore these inspirational faces of teens who are the next generation of activists and game-changers. It is because of our youth that we must continue the important work we do.

PPWI Honors 88Nine Radio Milwaukee with Voices Award To honor the bravery of our founders, PPWI introduced the first annual Voices Award at the Milwaukee luncheon. The Voices Award recognizes community partners who fearlessly stand with us, shoulder to shoulder, in helping to carry out our mission. When we began advertising our 75th kick-off event, Party in the Park, a local popular radio station suddenly pulled their contract 24 hours into it, fearing that Planned Parenthood’s image would denigrate their brand. In stark contrast, listener-supported 88Nine Radio Milwaukee stood with us from the first day of planning our 75th anniversary. They continue to be a strong partner and remain committed to Planned Parenthood’s mission. Because of their commitment to the people of our community, we are proud that 88Nine Radio Milwaukee, in this 75th year, be awarded Planned Parenthood’s first Voices Award. The award was accepted by 88Nine board member Danae Davis and morning DJ Jordan “Madhatter” Lee. Upon receiving the award, Mr. Lee thanked PPWI for our commitment to health in Milwaukee. He also applauded the “diverse, unique and energetic crowd” at Party in the Park. Thank you, 88Nine Radio Milwaukee, for the critical work you’re doing in the community to keep youth safe, healthy and strong! And thank you, PPWI supporters across Wisconsin, for your ongoing commitment to our state’s women, men, teens and families.


“Do you hear us now?”

Coming soon...

75 House Parties

Across Wisconsin, spring 2011 Celebrate 75 Years Strong with PPWI! Stay tuned for more information on how you can host or attend one of 75 house parties that will take place throughout Wisconsin, on the same day, at the same time in Spring 2011.

community education

Community Education


Health Promoter


Resource Specialist


Bilingual Health Promoter



Public Ally


Teen program coordinator


community education Director


VP Public Affairs & Education

expanding to meet the need of Wi youth The Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin (PPWI) community education and training program is growing in this celebratory year! We would like to welcome several new staff members to the team, welcome an old staff member back to the team and announce a promotion from within to the new director of community education position. These individuals work together to provide the education and resources necessary for keeping Wisconsin’s teens and young adults safe, healthy and strong.

Adrian Adekola is the new community educator for PPWI in Dane County. She is based in the education office at the Madison South health center, and she will be responsible for providing direct sexuality education to adolescents and adults throughout Dane County. Additionally, Adrian is developing a Health Promoter program for PPWI, which involves training a diverse group of adult community members to deliver health education in school- and community-based settings. This program will closely mirror our successful Promotora program, which has been training Latino and Latina community members to provide community-based sexuality education in Spanish for several years. Adrian originally hales from Miami, Florida, but has been a Wisconsin resident for the past 15 years. She is an alumni of UW-Madison with BA in AfroAmerican studies and women studies. Her passion for quality sexual and reproductive health education began to develop during her undergraduate career as a student representative on the Wisconsin National Community Service board, working in the University Health Services Women’s Clinic as a student medical assistant and as a facilitator for the student organization, Sex Out Loud. In her spare time, Adrian also serves as the secretary for the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health board and will soon be serving on the advisory board for the Wisconsin Adolescent Health Care Communication Program.

Anne Brosowsky-Roth has been working for the past two year as the HIV testing and prevention specialist for patient services at PPWI to increase screening for HIV among high-risk patient populations. She has now joined the community education and training program as our new resource specialist. However, Anne is not new to community education at PPWI. Prior to working with patient services, Anne was the librarian in PPWI’s Maurice Ritz Resource Center for many years. Now that she is back with community education, she will be managing the library again along with other responsibilities, such as providing sexuality education for parents of young children, offering professional development opportunities to our community partners in Milwaukee, managing the community education section of PPWI’s website and developing educational resources and outreach materials. Esther Cristina Canales was recently hired as a bilingual community educator and will be working in the Milwaukee education department. Although she is new to PPWI as an employee, she has been supporting the community education department for the past five years. She started as a volunteer, then became a paid consultant and next became a health promoter. Esther has both professional and political experience from when she lived in her country of birth, Columbia. There, she was a lawyer, an alderwoman and a delegate representative. Working in these important roles became the base to her understanding of and commitment to working with the Hispanic community. In Columbia, Esther focused on the importance of educating the Hispanic community on civic engagement. She came to the United States 10 years ago and is now a U.S. citizen. “My dream as an immigrant is for all of us to live in communities where we respect each other and have guaranteed rights,” said Esther.

“I think my ideas and skills are most effective working at Planned Parenthood, where I can express my opinions freely and can make a difference.” —Esther Cristina Canales Bilingual Health Promoter

Margo DeNuccio is a recent graduate of Marquette University, and has been placed with PPWI through the AmeriCorps program, Public Allies. The mission of the Public Allies program is to advance new leadership in order to strengthen communities, nonprofits and civic participation. This is a yearlong placement from September 2010 through August 2011. Margo will be based at our Jackson Street offices in Milwaukee, and will also be providing clinic-based health education in some of our Milwaukee health centers. Margo will be working with other community education and training program staff to increase the number of teen patients we see at targeted Milwaukee health centers, as well as to enhance the health education that teens receive while visiting our health centers. The goal of these activities is to improve the sexual and reproductive health outcomes of Milwaukee teens. In the next few months, PPWI will begin holding weekly Teen Clinics at its Northwest and Mitchell Street health centers in Milwaukee. During these Teen Clinics, we will create a teenfriendly atmosphere in the waiting rooms with music, videos and other resources that appeal to teens. Additionally, health educators will be at the health centers to provide one-on-one health education to teen patients, which will complement and expand upon the information provided by our clinicians. Teen patients can also choose to receive follow-up calls from our educators one week, one month and three months after their visit to see how they are doing. Research demonstrates that additional health education and follow-up like this can improve desired health outcomes. Margo will also be helping to train a group of Teen Health Promoters, who will eventually be providing one-on-one peer health education to our teen patients during our Teen Clinics. Meet the new Teen Health Promoters and hear how the Teen Clinics are going in the next issue of Moving Forward. Jennifer Lewis has been completing her Masters of Social Work (MSW) internship with PPWI’s public affairs department since September of 2009. She will be graduating in December from UW-Milwaukee with her MSW with an emphasis in macro-practice. Jennifer recently started working for PPWI’s community education and training program as the teen program coordinator. She will be working alongside Margo DeNuccio and other staff to start our Teen Clinics and manage our Teen Health Promoters. Jennifer has had amazing experiences over the past year with public affairs, and is looking forward to graduating and beginning her new role as part of PPWI’s community education and training program.

Education Leadership In addition to our new and returning staff, Meghan Benson, MPH, CHES, the former Dane County education programs manager, has been promoted to director of community education. Meghan’s training in public health and community health education in addition to over a decade of experience providing sexuality education made her an excellent candidate for this position. An emerging leader, Meghan is excited about the prospect of helping the community education and training program grow into a robust, statewide sexual and reproductive health promotion program. Finally, Tanya Atkinson, MSSW, was promoted last year to the position of vice president of public affairs and community education. Tanya has been with PPWI for over six years, previously serving as the agency’s field director of public affairs. Tanya has years of experience working directly with youth, serving as the Milwaukee director of the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families and is an adjunct professor at UWM. She is thrilled to work with such a talented team to ensure that young people and adults alike have the critical information they need to make healthy decisions. As a team, these talented individuals will continue to provide medically accurate, age-appropriate sexuality education to young people, as well as education and support for parents to help them talk to their children about sexuality. We hope to expand this direct education beyond the areas surrounding Madison and Milwaukee, where it is currently offered. We will increase the number of trainings we offer to professionals who must address sexuality issues, including youth workers, social workers, teachers, clinicians and others. The new PPWI community education and training program is expanding to meet the need of Wisconsin’s youth. Without this important staff and your generous support, PPWI would not be able to continue our critical work in keeping Wisconsin safe, healthy and strong.

Learn more!


Google Grants Award A Powerful Advertising Opportunity Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin (PPWI) was recently awarded a Google Grants award for free Google AdWords advertising. The Google Grants program supports organizations sharing Google’s philosophy of community service to help the world in areas such as science and technology, education, global public health, the environment, youth advocacy and the arts.


Designed for registered nonprofit organizations, Google Grants is a unique, in-kind advertising program that harnesses the power of Google AdWords, Google’s flagship advertising product. Google Grants has awarded free AdWords advertising to thousands of nonprofit groups whose missions range from animal

welfare to literacy, from supporting homeless children to promoting HIV education. PPWI’s ads will be displayed alongside related search results on, for example, when someone searches for “birth control” or “planned parenthood.” When people click on an ad, they will be taken to our website, The Google Grant award will help inform potential patients about Planned Parenthood’s affordable, quality and convenient health care, and will inform, engage and connect with our constituents.


In the coming months, our communications department will work with the Google Grants Program, Planned Parenthood Federation of America and other Planned Parenthood affiliates to design campaigns and ensure that we get the most out of this wonderful opportunity.


Lubar Family Technology Grant Powers PPWI Health Centers into the 21st Century Lubar family Technology Challenge Grant Thanks to a generous $100,000 grant from the Lubar Family, PPWI is moving our health care model into the 21st century. A state-of-theart health care model will enable us to provide essential health care services, keeping Wisconsin’s women and families safe, healthy and strong. Understanding the importance and critical role of technology in delivering high-quality and efficient health care, PPWI will be implementing technology infrastructure upgrades over the next two years. These upgrades will allow for superior data collection and reporting, and will enable health center staff to better serve patients by enhancing appointment scheduling, shortening wait times and allowing for real-time insurance verification. A significant component of this plan includes purchasing and installing a new electronic practice management (EPM) and electronic medical records (EMRs), which will increase health center efficiency and quality of care. The PMS is currently in place, and EMRs will follow in health centers between 2011 and 2012. “The majority of our patients are young and tech-savvy. They come to us and expect that their health care delivery will also be tech-savvy,” said Dawn Balistreri, director of information technology. “In order to be seen as a quality health care provider, PPWI must deliver on our patients’ expectations. If they want services fast and now, we must have systems in place that will allow us to provide quick, efficient and quality care. Through the Lubar Family Technology Grant, our technology upgrades will truly bring us into the 21st century.” Training for our health center staff in preparation of our new EPM, which uses NextGen software, began in September. Each staffer, or “Xena” as they have come to be known affectionately in the agency, has spent two days in our Mitchell Street health center training room getting comfortable with the system and putting the system’s features to the test. Susan Odegaard, director of business operations, along with a dedicated crew of “super users” from across the state, have been doing the heavy lifting to ensure that our more than 150 Xenas are trained and ready. A staffer from NextGen even commented on how well-trained our users are, noting we must have exceptional trainers in place. PPWI’s dedicated information technology department has spent countless hours over the past year, replacing and enhancing every piece of hardware in our organization. “Everything was eight years old and had to be replaced,” said Balistreri. “Thanks to our strong and prepared staff, our technology equipment is up-to-date in all health centers across Wisconsin.” As a dedicated health care provider, PPWI will continue to invest in our technology infrastructure. If you’re interested in building upon the Lubar Family Technology Grant, please visit for more information, or contact Laura Emir at

Help us serve more patients, better!

Our NEXT 75 Years Edie Brengel Radtke, PPWI Board Chair As board chair for Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin (PPWI), I am proud to be celebrating 75 Years Strong. During this celebratory year, as we honor our past and continue to build our future, I am reminded of the overwhelming loyalty of our supporters throughout Wisconsin. Because of your commitment to PPWI, we have come a long way in 75 years. Over the years, I have watched with pride as PPWI expanded its health care to serve more than 73,000 people in 27 health centers across the state; as we’ve educated more teens, young adults and parents about safe sex through our community education programs; and as we passed more laws that expand reproductive health care in the last four years than at any other time in the history of the Wisconsin Legislature. When I look back on all that PPWI has accomplished, I know this is only possible because of the dedication and commitment from you – our steadfast supporters, volunteers and activists. You and I often hear stories about how Planned Parenthood has profoundly affected someone’s life. It is these moving stories and your continuous support that inspire me to dedicate my time to PPWI – I know that our dedication makes a significant difference in people’s lives. Together, we help keep Wisconsin’s women, men, teens and families safe, healthy and strong. None of PPWI’s work is possible without your sustained and generous support. You are the reason we celebrate 75 Years Strong today and will continue to be the reason we can

confidently build a strong future. Wisconsin faces a growing number of people in need of basic health care, and PPWI works diligently to meet everyone’s needs, regardless of their ability to pay. When we think of a mother, struggling to make ends meet, we can take pride and comfort in knowing that because of PPWI’s affordable and convenient health care, she won’t have to make a difficult decision between buying groceries for her family or refilling her birth control prescription. Thanks to PPWI’s health services, women across Wisconsin can manage their reproductive health. In this 75th year we have two obligations. One, we must make sure we protect our founding mothers’ dream of a day when everyone has easy access to reproductive and sexual health care, along with the ability to advocate for themselves and their families. And two, we must make sure that PPWI remains a prominent health care organization to ensure safe, healthy and strong lives for our future generations. When you consider your annual gift to PPWI this year, please consider increasing it, as my husband Dave and I are. Your generosity will help us advance our critical health care services, comprehensive sex education programs and fearless advocacy work. Again, I send my deepest thanks and gratitude to you – our donors, supporters and volunteers – for allowing us to celebrate 75 Years Strong. Please join me with your gift as we launch Planned Parenthood into our next 75 years. Together, we are tomorrow’s hope today.

Welcome Laura Emir,

Our new Development & Communications Officer Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin (PPWI) is pleased to welcome our new development and communications officer, Laura Emir, who joined us in May. Her primary focus is on major giving in the metro-Milwaukee area. Laura most recently worked at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Wisconsin where she managed the development department, including soliciting major gifts and writing grant proposals. Laura has over 15 years of experience in nonprofit management, and her background includes positions with the Women’s Fund of Greater Milwaukee, Junior Achievement of Wisconsin and the Children’s Health Education. “I’m honored and excited to be a part of the creative energy surrounding our 75 Years Strong celebrations and am eager to translate this passion into increased resources for PPWI,” said Laura. “This is an inspiring time to join the PPWI family as we launch into the next 75 years. Planned Parenthood has always been important to me because it provides such critical services in the community and truly models what it means to be safe, healthy and strong.” Laura is from Lindenhurst, Illinois, but has been a Milwaukee resident for over 16 years. She and her husband, Mustafa, have two children, Jem, age 7, and Leila, age 4. Welcome Laura! We’re excited to further our important mission through your fundraising efforts.


Education Intern – Milwaukee

A Shout Out

to Our Summer Interns! Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin (PPWI) is grateful to work with a group of dedicated, hardworking interns to help us with projects, events and administrative work. This year, between our 75th anniversary celebrations and an extremely important gubernatorial race, we greatly depended on our interns to help with the extra workload. A big thank you goes out to all of our interns who spent countless hours helping our staff carry out PPWI’s mission of keeping Wisconsin safe, healthy and strong. Our accomplishments are not possible without you! Development Interns – Madison


This summer, six dedicated development interns in Madison gave hundreds of hours of their time and talent to help PPWI forge through numerous projects, which otherwise would have been impossible to complete. Thank you, Emily, Laura, Olivia, Quincy, Samantha and Sinead, for all your hard work this past summer. Emily Moore has an infectious laugh and smile, which sets off her sharp intellect. Emily is a junior at UW-Madison and hopes to be a physician’s assistant. Emily continues to assist the Madison development office every Friday, while also going to school and working. Laura Breummer came to PPWI through a former intern, Thekla Brumder, PsyD Clinical Psychology, who to this day attributes much of her career interest to her internship with PPWI. Laura is a senior at the University of Dayton and hopes to pursue a degree in psychology. Laura impressed the Madison development staff with her deep commitment of PPWI’s mission, as well as her knowledge of issues surrounding women’s constant struggle for equality.

Margarita Avila, a junior at Wisconsin Lutheran College and originally from Durango, Mexico, is currently working toward a degree in communications with a minor in business. Margarita interned with PPWI educator Maria Barker this past summer. She helped develop a guide to facilitate a workshop on Latino culture as it relates to sexuality. “After helping to develop the curriculum for the health promoter’s focus in the Latino community, I realize how important comprehensive sexual education is for my community. One of my long-term goals is to become a role model for others since I learned valuable information and resources through Planned Parenthood,” Margarita said. “I appreciate all of the opportunities that I have been given and am very grateful for the experience of interning at PPWI,” she continued. “Appreciation is a wonderful thing – it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”

Olivia Foley returned for her second summer in a row as a PPWI intern. Olivia always brought energy and joy to the Madison development office. She is a sophomore at Williams College and loves taking science courses. It’s likely someday we’ll be saying, “We knew her when…” We are also grateful for the time Olivia dedicated to working at our comprehensive reproductive health center on North Stoughton Road in Madison. PPWI hopes she will be back with us again next year! Quincy Brinker never slept, as far as we could tell. He took fifteen credits this summer, worked a “paying” job and interned with PPWI’s development department in Madison. He is a senior at UWMadison, majoring in African American studies, with a minor in LGBTQ studies. Quincy enjoyed the “down time” of entering data in the development office.

Samantha Allweiss was also full of energy and enthusiasm and a very bright spot in the Madison development office’s day. Samantha had a passion for helping to lift up her sisters around the globe. She graduated from UW-Madison with a B.A. in both social welfare and women’s studies. She has moved back to Chicago this fall but promises to visit. Sinéad McHugh is another remarkable young woman who took on the extra project of compiling our 75th anniversary timeline. She took a break during the summer to help build a school in Guatemala. Sinead is a senior at UW-Madison, majoring in political science and gender and women’s studies. We must also extend a huge thank you to our former colleague, Nina Valeo Cooke, who is the UW-Madison Gender and Women’s Studies Student Advisor. Her support in getting the word out about opportunities to help PPWI allows us to work with many of these remarkable interns. These dedicated people are a force to be reckoned with now and an inspiration for our future. Thank you all for your incredible commitment to PPWI.

Advocates Interns – Madison Maddie Snedeker, a junior at UW-Madison, is currently studying special education. She connected with PPAWI through a pro-choice student organization on campus, Advocates for Choice. “Being involved with Planned Parenthood is one of the best things I have ever done. I really feel like I’m doing something to help better society and to help young women and men see the importance of women’s reproductive rights,” Maddie said.

Wren Keturi (left) and Andrea Bonaparte (right) pictured with Cecile Richards, President & CEO of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Wren Keturi, a senior at UWMadison, is studying biological anthropology and gender & women’s studies. Last winter, she became a regular volunteer at phone banks for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin (PPAWI). This summer, she began an internship in Madison for PPAWI.  The focus of her summer was implementing a patient advocacy program in which our staff spoke to patients in an endeavor to engage them in advocacy work in the community. Andrea Bonaparte, from the “windy city” of Chicago, Illinois, is currently a second-year student at UW-Madison, pursing a double major in Spanish and biology. This summer, she interned with PPAWI in Madison. (Quoted, bottom right)

11 Advocates Interns – Milwaukee Dana Dumbacher, a senior at Marquette University, is majoring in political science and English. She first interned with PPWI in the development department, helping with data entry and the annual luncheon, in 2009. This past summer, she began interning with PPAWI, working to recruit volunteers during the 2010 midterm elections. “My work during this election season is crucial to the women of Wisconsin. I hope that my efforts will help elect pro-choice candidates so that young women like me can continue to receive reproductive health care in a safe environment,” Dana said. Jennifer Kowalski is a recent graduate from Dickinson College with a degree in sociology and a minor in studio art. In her final semester at college, she completed an internship at the National Sexual Violence Resource Center where she was in charge of creating the center’s first podcast. She is excited to be working with PPAWI in Milwaukee. “With the current election, it is so important that we protect the rights of women and access to health care. I am really proud that I can be a part of that with Planned Parenthood.”

“This internship has taught me to appreciate the progression in women’s health and reproductive rights,” Andrea said. “Nevertheless, working in the public affairs department has also opened my eyes on how much further we need to go. I will continue to work to move Wisconsin forward!” —Andrea Bonaparte Volunteering, internships and more!

Gerd Muehllehner’s Generous Gift Creates the

Abortion Access Forever Justice Fund

Deborah Hobbins, PPWI Regional Vice President

Every so often, when you work in development, you are knocked off your chair. You are sitting at your desk, the phone rings, you pick it up and a kind, familiar voice says “Hello.” You chat for a few minutes, and then the person on the other end of the line says they would like to start a fund to help pay for low-income women’s abortion care. And they would like to seed the fund with a gift of $250,000. Now you are rendered speechless, overwhelmed and stunned. This very thing happened last spring, leading to the creation of the Abortion Access Forever Justice Fund (AAFJF). Although Gerd Muehllehner, our generous supporter, mentioned that there was much to celebrate in Obama’s health care reform bill, he was extremely disappointed that the issue of low-income women accessing abortion care was a very major casualty of the reform.


Mr. Muehllehner was inspired to create the AAFJF because he has long felt that, since there is no public funding for abortion care for lowincome women, they have greater difficulty accessing this care. This is a clear form of health care discrimination within our health care system. Women of means have always been able to access safe, legal abortions. Yet women with fewer resources often face more dire consequences for themselves and their children when they want to end a pregnancy, but cannot afford to do so. Mr. Muehllehner mentioned, “Restrictions on abortion care in health care reform represent an unacceptable imposition of a set of ideologically based values that is not shared by a large percentage of Americans.” So, he decided instead of complaining about it he would take action. The AAFJF will augment our established Justice Fund in perpetuity. Our current Justice Fund is a donor-supported annual fund that provides limited financial support to women who seek abortion care. PPWI has seen an increase in requests for financial assistance as more and more women are struggling to make ends meet. The AAFJF will help women across Wisconsin receive safe, legal abortion care.

Gerd Muehllehner

“Restrictions on abortion care in health care reform represent an unacceptable imposition of a set of ideologically based values that is not shared by a large percentage of Americans.”

Mr. Muehllehner’s goal is to build the fund to $1,000,000 to help further limit the burden many low-income women carry with respect to their health care. We are so honored to be the recipient of this extremely generous and compassionate gift. If you would like more information about making a contribution to the Abortion Access Forever Justice Fund, please contact Deborah Hobbins at 608-256-7549, x2138, or simply send a check made out to PPWI with “AAFJF” on it and mail to PPWI, Development Office, P.O. Box 2566, Madison, WI 53701-2566.

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The Votes Are In...

Wisconsin ♥s Planned Parenthood! Not only am I a proud supporter of Planned Parenthood, but they address important issues like teen pregnancy and STDs by giving teens resources to stay healthy, which is something I value given the work that we do with No Condom, No Way. Planned Parenthood’s presence is crucial to our community’s health. —Jeff, aka DJ Willie Shakes, No Condom, No Way We have been long-time supporters of Planned Parenthood so this is a very sincere and genuine happy birthday. We’re glad you’re here. — Kris Barrett, Milwaukee Why do I love Planned Parenthood? What other organization fights for and protects the health of women, men, and teens? What other organization does more to protect the rights of women and their families? If you can find another organization that does this, I’ll eat the clothes off my back. —Dominique Sutton, Eau Claire Family planning is a critical investment for the state’s fiscal and physical health. One dollar invested in family planning saves four dollars in public funding. — Judy Hartig-Osanka, Racine 14

Healthy sexuality starts with knowledge, and Planned Parenthood is the first to provide the accurate information people need to make healthy decisions. It’s not just about sex, it’s about the health of the entire community. —Grace Colas, Madison Planned Parenthood has been critical in my life and the lives of my friends and family. They offer incredible resources that are so necessary. —Natasha Sharp, Milwaukee Planned Parenthood is fantastic. They’re all about helping young people in the city live healthy lives and avoid unintended pregnancies. Let’s chip away at this teen pregnancy and STD epidemic. —D.A. Wallach, Milwaukee I love Planned Parenthood! I love all of the things they’re providing for young women and the community. I am a really proud supporter. —Megan Bartos, Eau Claire With struggling neighborhoods at risk of the STD and teen pregnancy epidemic in Milwaukee, Planned Parenthood is one of very few providers of preventive health services and information to keep people safe, healthy and strong. Our community needs Planned Parenthood. —Representative Elect, JoCasta Zamarripa, Milwaukee’s 8th district

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That’s right – Wisconsinites LARGELY support Planned Parenthood! So, it’s unfortunate that the recent election, while functioning as a national referendum on the economy and government, could also usher in policies that would have a harmful impact on a woman’s right to access health care. Rest assured, though, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin (PPWI) is here for women, men, families and teens, no matter what obstacles we might face in the upcoming years. PPWI is a remarkably resilient organization, and we will continue our important work in keeping Wisconsin safe, healthy and strong. Given our state’s economic realities, PPWI looks forward to identifying ways to partner with newly elected law makers to enhance fiscally responsible health care practices and to strengthen the health of Wisconsin families. Keep in contact with your representatives and remind them that the services we provide are vital to the health and prosperity of Wisconsin. This year, we celebrate 75 Years Strong as Wisconsin’s largest and most trusted reproductive health care provider. Next year, we will continue to support the women, men, teens and families who rely on us for basic health care and accurate information. Our success depends upon your dedication and involvement. Log on to and click on “Take Action.”

Congratulations, JoCasta! You’re off to the State Capitol! One of PPWI’s very own will be representing the city of Milwaukee in the Wisconsin Legislature in 2011. JoCasta Zamarripa (known as “Joey” to her friends), a PPWI community educator, handily won her election for Assembly District 8 and will become the first Latina woman to ever serve in the Wisconsin Legislature. Joey easily defeated her opponents in the primary election in September, but now with the win in November, we can call her Representative Zamarripa! Joey was born and raised on the south side of Milwaukee. She is a graduate of St. Joan Antida and UW-Milwaukee. Most currently, she has worked as an educator and community outreach coordinator at PPWI, ensuring that Wisconsin’s youth have access to education and resources that will keep them safe, healthy and strong throughout their lives. A long-time advocate, Joey has worked on campaigns including passing the Healthy Youth Act, winning paid sick days, defeating the ban on same-sex marriage and organizing the Latino vote for President Obama. Joey dedicates much of her life to the movement and will be a strong prochoice champion in the Wisconsin Legislature. As a staff and volunteer of PPWI and a volunteer with the Reproductive Justice Collective, her commitment to reproductive rights and health is unquestionable. Congratulations to Representative Zamarripa. We really like the sound of that!


302 n jackson street milwaukee, wi 53202

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Tell Us Your Story This story is just one example of the impact PPWI makes on people’s lives. Every day, our health center staff encounters people in need of critical health care services. They, in turn, offer compassionate, quality care for anyone who walks through our doors. We hope you enjoy reading these moving stories as much as we do. Are you willing to share your story? Why do you donate to PPWI? Are you a former patient or do you know someone who is? We’d love to hear from you. Stories are always published anonymously. Thank you for sharing your story. Hearing how PPWI positively impacts people’s lives encourages others to give. This cycle of sharing stories and continuing to support PPWI will ensure that we continue to offer quality, affordable and convenient care to the women, men, teens and families of Wisconsin.

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