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March, April, June 2012

Second Quarter Newsletter Armenta Learning Academy

Mrs. Armenta making a difference at ALA!

Spring Fever

by Julie M. Armenta M.A. Founder, Educational & Family Specialist

It happens about this time every year…spring fever! It plays no favorites as it infiltrates classrooms, office buildings, and homes. Here are a few thoughts about my favorite season of the year…spring.



Sunshine, sunshine & more sunshine! As the sun filters through open windows and flows through our veins, we become stimulated and invigorated to explore new possibilities. Procrastination can be seen in everyone. Children do not want to do their chores and homework. Adults do not want to do errands and go to work. Perhaps the letter “P” should really stand for PLAY!

R Refreshed

is how we feel after we have spent the day in the sunshine, playing and relaxing.


Imagination and creativity are awakened, and our focus is easily distracted by new and

exciting thoughts. Daydreaming takes on new dimensions!

V Vibrant

is the description of the colors seen all around us, from the sky, to the green hills, to the flowers blowing in the breeze.

N Nature

is alive everywhere! Birds are singing, insects are moving about, animals are sniffing all of the fresh scents of nature, and our sights are filled with precious flowers in heavenly bloom!

G Goals are revisited after the winter months have past. Children look to exams and projects as the end of the school year rapidly approaches. Adults feel more revitalized and think about getting healthier, cleaning out closets or the garage, and vacation planning.


Freedom from school, from responsibilities, from clothes, and shoes is one of the major symptoms of spring fever!


Exercise comes in all forms, and during spring, young and old are outdoors enjoying the sunshine, and the beauty of nature.


Emotions and passion are on fire!

R Romance

is in the air and the promise of love shines brightly on the horizon.

Be gentle with your children and with yourself during this special season. Goals and responsibilities still need to be accomplished; however, the reward of play and enjoyment makes the task easier and the motivation greater. Have fun, and take time to revel in the beauty of spring!

Our favorite teacher Mrs. Armenta

* * * * * * * * * * BE ALERT * * * * * * * * * * * Written by Julie M. Armenta, Educational Specialist & Founder of Armenta Learning Academy

Definition of “alert”: at the ready, mindful, using intelligence, on guard, conscious The ALERT System is a great way to live daily and create success and results in your life! Follow this daily and you will see wonders in your world. A = Action – Take action for what you believe in and are truly passionate about! Being busy is not necessarily taking action. It needs to be well-planned action. You can have a busy day, but no absolute productivity. You may be allowed too many distractions, interests, etc; don’t let this happen and get in the way of taking action. Don’t be distracted! Invest in what you do best! Action is the key to success! Discover and live your purpose and take action! The amount of action you put forth determines your amount of success.

L = Learning – Expanding knowledge doesn’t require extensive hours. Learn as the day unfolds: talk to people, read books, listen to tapes, watch videos! Did you know audio tapes are the most productive way to expand your awareness? Listening to tapes 20 minutes a day for 100 hours each year is equivalent to earning a degree – amazing! Develop the habit of reading for 20-30 minutes each morning – a great way to start the day and get your mind naturally working. Read what challenges you; read biographies and autobiographies of people that you admire and who inspire you.

E = Exercise – It creates not only stronger bodies, but also stronger minds. We need balance in our lives. Take a 15-20 minute brisk walk to start; work up to a 30-minute walk for the best results. If you walk for 40 minutes four times a week, you can lose 18 pounds each year. Exercise has so many advantages; it improves sleep habits, relieves stress and anxiety, protects against injury, promotes health and good posture, relieves digestives disorders, enhances self-image, and expands your energy.

R = Relaxation – Take time to recharge your batteries. Preserve your energy, take time to rest, relax, and rejuvenate your soul. Take a minimum of 15 minutes a day. Go out in nature, listen to birds sing, put your feet in the sand. Let others know you are doing this and don’t feel guilty; rejoice in you! Put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign at the office or at home to have your own set aside time that is yours. Exhaustion is not what we want. Choose 24 hour periods to do nothing but FUN – no phones, no work, etc. When work wins the battle over fun time with family, relationships, yourself, the consequences can lead to illness, depression, burnout, divorce, etc. Select at minimum 3-5 getaways per year that will help you relax. When you are rested and refreshed, you will be more creative, focused, and productive.

T = Thinking – This is not the thinking we do all day, but reflective thinking. This helps to reflect on what is working, what is not, what needs to change, what needs to stay the same. Look at what you did well during the day and what you want to continue the next day. Ask yourself if you need any adjustments to create better results. We all learn from our mistakes. Tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start – just a few minutes of positive thinking and reflection each day adds more opportunities, better performance, a stronger belief system, and better results.

Be creative and have fun with the ALERT system – it works! Our students at ALA using the ALERT!!

Student of the Quarter Kendall , Freshmen Student is our Student of the Quarter. Kendall is a brilliant student who is interested in everything in the world around her. She is a hard working student has all A and B grades. She plans for her future to be a lawyer. Kendall is knowledgeable about many subjects and is always willing to share what she knows with the other students and teachers. She is a star Volleyball player and a star student at ALA. Good job Kendall! We are proud of you !!!

ALA At Its Best At ALA we are your academic ally. We work with K – Adult on all subjects. Math, English, History, Science and More! We are available 7 days a week to meet the needs of the students and their families. We take the “whole child” approach not only academically, but in all areas of their life to become happy, confident, and responsible adults. We are also mentors and role models and assist with job, family, social and life skills. We specialize with all levels of learners from special needs to regular education students and for all students that need and deserve more attention. We will increase grades, enthusiasm, and confidence quickly for great results. We help students get ready for the big world and focus on test prep, subject material, time management, study and organizational skills. We want them to succeed in Page 3

Enroll NOW for ALA Summer School- All ages This year our Summer School program is focusing on Oceanography, but other enrichment classes are offered. Here are a few of the great activities we will be participating in this Summer as we learn about our Oceans:

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At Armenta Pet Academy we believe in establishing a rapport with

Upcoming Events

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you and your pet. It is important to


 Mar. 17 - St. Patrick’s

build trust and respect for a great

Day/ Deli Day

experience with your pet. Training should be stimulating and fun as well

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as enriching. We use positive reinforcement methods to get quick re-

 April 3 - Mrs. Armenta’s

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Armenta Pet Academy

 April 9-13 - Spring Recess  April 16- School Resumes  Apr. 22 - Earth Day & Activities

Where happy pets = happy families Through our unique school program, tutoring services, and educational programs, Armenta Learning Academy will make a difference in your child’s education and life! Guaranteed success!

On & Off Site tutoring, Semi Private and 1:1

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Volume 4, Issue 2

 April 23 - Science Fair Projects  May 7 - Independence Hall Field Trip

 May 9 - Mother’s Day

May 31 - Memorial Day No school

 June 4- Armenta Olympics & Games

 June 21- Last Day of School  July2 - Summer School Begins

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Attitude of Gratitude at Armenta Learning Academy Thank you Mrs. Julie for  star ng this school.  I love  school now.  You are the  best teacher ever and you  make me learn so fast.   Thank you for all your help.  I  love you very much"  ‐Maria Dzubian 

“…Thank you for making me accelerate through my classes faster…”

“Mrs. Armenta,

“ Thank you Mrs. Armen-

Thank you for reading with

ta & Mr. Smith, I really

me. I love you. I like doing math with you. I like writing my name and dancing with you. Thank you for being my teacher.”

To: Mrs. Armenta & Mr. Smith Thank you for having Joey attend Armenta. He's learning so much & growing as a student beyond our expectations! The Berry Family

to come to Armenta every day because you make learning fun and easy. You both are my favorite teachers. Thank you for

Zachary Woodard

bringing Hannah & Brody.

“…Thank you for this school; this is the best school ever…”

can’t wait to see them

- Brianna

ALA is a big help with my work. It would be hard to get through my work without Mr. Smith & Mrs. Armenta. - Landon McCorkle

love school now. I want

“Mr. Smith has  changed my life!”  ‐ Andrew Rey 

“This school is so fun!” - Britany Ellis “I like this school, it has helped me a lot and will continue to help me with my concentration and focus in high school. Most teachers through my life have never helped me, but Mr. Smith has helped me like no other. Thank you Mr. Smith” - James Sanchez

I love them very much. I again.” - Sara Parker “Thank you Mrs. Armenta & Mr. Smith for all you have done for Sara. She has been so happy and loves to read again. She loves coming to Armenta. Thank you for providing a safe & stimulating place where she can learn & grow. This place is the “home’ that we have been looking for all these years. You just know what to do. You just “get it!” - Mary Kay Parker

26041 Cape Learning Drive, Ste #270 Armenta Academy Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 (949) 367-WISE (9473) (949) Cape 367-0171 (fax) 26041 Drive, Ste #270 Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 (949) 367-WISE (9473)

My perfect Spring Break…. Maria Dziuban-

Mr. Smith -

“I would go to the movies and Disneyland”

“My dream vacation would be at a beach house in Morro Bay”

Paulena“I would go to Hawaii . I love beaches.” Hannah & BrodyI would love to have a beach house for a week so I can swim in the waves.

Mrs. Armenta “My dream for spring break would be to be in a tropical world under a waterfall eating sushi in the sun”

We wish you all a Happy and Safe Spring Break! As a reminder we will be closed April 9-13th

Recognition Corner

At ALA we are so proud of all our students efforts, achievements, and accom-

Honor Roll Students Danielle Gioul

Most Athletic

plishments. Keep up the

Dakoda Smith

great work and we look forward to another great se-

Kendall Walker


These 2 students are working hard every day to accomplish good grades with a high GPA.

-Mrs. Armenta & Mr. Smith

Congratulations !!!

Most Improved Maria Dzuiban First time reader at ALA! She loves her books and math.

Best with Dogs Jordan and Amanda They love our dogs and has had a huge impact with our ALA mascot dogs.

Congratulation Dakoda on getting your letterman's jacket as a sophomore in varsity football. Way to go Dakoda !!!

Spring newsletter  
Spring newsletter  

Spring newsletter