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Providing access to high quality health care and education that empower people to make WI NT E R 2014

We’re Still At It In late October, the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) notified Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio that the license for its surgical facility on Auburn Avenue in Cincinnati was not in compliance because Planned Parenthood lacks a state-mandated transfer agreement with a local hospital. In 2013 the Ohio legislature prohibited state-funded hospitals such as the University of Cincinnati Medical Center (our longtime resource) from entering into such agreements. Hospitals with religious affiliations have declined to be enter into agreements with Planned Parenthood. In mid-November, Planned Parenthood filed a federal civil rights suit against ODH, opposing these efforts to revoke the license for our surgical facility that provides abortion services. In response to the suit, ODH agreed to take no action against Planned Parenthood’s license until the Court has rule on the motion for a preliminary injunction. CEO Jerry Lawson said, “We are satisfied with ODH’s decision to take no immediate action. The safety of patients is our number one priority. Legislation that puts safe and legal abortion beyond the reach of women in Southwest Ohio does just the opposite. In 2013 Planned Continued on Page 2

informed private decisions about their reproductive lives and sexual health.

Educating Ohio’s Most

Vulnerable Youth Teenagers in foster care or involved with juvenile justice agencies are often at risk of unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. They lead a chaotic existence, often shuttled between group homes, foster families, detention centers and their biological families. Their school experience tends to be irregular, and it’s unlikely that they have responsible adults in their lives. Kids in these circumstances in western and southwestern Ohio benefit from PREP (Personal Responsibility Education Program), funded by the Ohio Department of Health and administered by Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio, a program Erin Smiley, master trainer that trains staff responsible for young people in foster care and juvenile detention facilities. “This program works,” Erin Smiley, a master trainer who serves on PPSWO’s education team says, “because we train people who are trusted adults in the lives of these kids. Our training gives them the tools they need to counteract the myths and misinformation.” Smiley, who has a master’s degree in public health from Wright State University, got into sex education as an undergrad at Eastern Kentucky University, where she studied health promotion and education. She’s been with PPSWO for three years and now teams with three other master trainers at PPSWO — Shannon MartinMorano, Genevieve Pennington and Kristin Freeman — to prepare counselors and others to help youth, ages 14 to 19, better cope with everyday life. “So many of them don’t really even know how their bodies work,” Smiley says. “They don’t understand birth control. Some don’t even know about their own Continued on Page 2

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We’re Still At It

Educating Ohio’s Most Vulnerable Youth

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Parenthood submitted a plan with ODH to ensure that, in the rare case of an emergency, a patient would be transported immediately to a local hospital.”

anatomy. Our program gives them a better foundation for having healthy relationships and for avoiding pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.”

Planned Parenthood Attorney Al Gerhardstein described the situation this way: “First, Ohio requires a written transfer agreement, which Planned Parenthood had with a public hospital until 2013. Then the Ohio legislature prohibits public hospitals from having such agreements with abortion providers. Now ODH is taking action against Planned Parenthood for not having a transfer agreement. This is a Catch-22 totally created by the State, and it is unconstitutional. The entire problem would be solved if ODH would approve Planned Parenthood’s application for a variance, which has been pending for more than 14 months.”

Smiley and her colleagues went through their own intensive training in the statewide standardized PREP curriculum certifying them to deliver 16 hours of preparation to frontline staff at agencies that oversee young people. “We do lots of hands-on activities with them so they know how to reach these kids,” she explains. “We follow-up and monitor their efforts the first time they implement a PREP training at their institution and help them refine their skills. Sometimes we learn about additional practices that can be shared with others.”

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and other sources show that abortion has more than a 99 percent safety record. Ohio is among a growing list of states drastically restricting access to safe and legal abortion through laws that medical experts agree do not enhance patient health or safety. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has spoken out against such restrictions, stating, “The College opposes such requirements because they improperly regulate medical care and do not improve patient safety or quality of care. … In states with few abortion providers, [these] laws can make abortion essentially inaccessible.” Planned Parenthood remains hopeful that our variance agreement requested in 2013 will be approved. In the meantime, we continue to serve our patients’ needs.



PREP programs train adults to help teens develop positive self-esteem and understand how to have meaningful friendships and romantic relationships. The program also covers financial literacy, employment preparation and workplace productivity.

PPSWO receives federal funding for this program through the Ohio Department of Health, so there is no charge to agencies for the training. In addition to the in-person training events, PPSWO prepares a quarterly newsletter to keep those trained aware of refresher programs and other aspects of PREP. Stephanie Collins, a house manager at Clear Creek Farm, a children’s home in Sidney, Ohio, says, “Often these youth pick up misleading ideas about the ways of life from their peers. If they knew the facts about STDs and sex, they would have a better chance to make the right choices. PREP makes it easier for the kids to open up and feel comfortable to ask questions they wouldn’t have asked in another setting.” PPSWO’s trainers travel far and wide to deliver the program, covering 18 counties that comprise two of Ohio’s nine PREP districts. It’s not unusual for Smiley and others to make round trips of 200+ miles to cities such as Lima, Ohio. “We’ve done PREP trainings at 46 agencies,” Smiley says. “Because of what we do, more than 700 at-risk youth are better prepared for life on their own.” PREP is an excellent example of the many ways Planned Parenthood makes a difference to Ohio residents, preparing young people to be responsible adults.


Election Update … and Next Steps! The results of the November 4, 2014, general election were disappointing to many Planned Parenthood supporters. Nevertheless, in a number of competitive races candidates who were hostile to women’s health issues significantly moderated their views and disavowed their own records. They won as moderates, and citizens of Ohio and elsewhere will expect them to govern as moderates. It’s worth noting that there is a national consensus in favor of women’s sexual health and reproductive rights, which is why virtually no major candidates in swing races ran on platforms to restrict women’s health. In Ohio between July and November 2014, 127 volunteers supported 43 phone banks, making nearly 10,000 calls encouraging likely voters to cast ballots. Working with the AFL-CIO and other progressive organizations, volunteers with Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio (PPAO) the advocacy arm of Planned Parenthood affiliates in Ohio, filled 2,203 two-hour shifts, canvassing neighborhoods across the state and knocking on roughly 37,000 doors to turn out the vote. In the aftermath of the election, Planned Parenthood affiliates in Ohio and nationally, working with Planned Parenthood Federation of America, will work with elected officials in support of women’s health, keeping the Affordable Care Act intact, protecting safe and legal abortion and ensuring that fair-minded judges are confirmed. Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio (PPAO) is closely monitoring the Ohio Legislature’s lame-duck session in November and December regarding several pieces of legislation that are unfriendly to women. For more information and to become part of PPAO’s efforts, go to

Sharonville Surgery Center closed in August; PPSWO steps up Supporters of women’s reproductive health know that things got tougher for patients in mid-August when the Women’s Med Center in Sharonville (also known as the Lebanon Road Surgery Center) closed after the State of Ohio cancelled the license for the abortion provider. While not a Planned Parenthood facility, it was used by many women in need. Some of the patients served by that center can go to a sister facility near Dayton, but many are coming to our Elizabeth Campbell Surgery Center in Mt. Auburn.

Patients are the top priority at Planned Parenthood, and our surgery center remains open, despite this challenging environment. We are committed to high quality health care and education that empower people to make informed private decisions about their reproductive lives and sexual health.

Medicaid Outreach After spending two years with Planned Parenthood’s education team as an AmeriCorps member through the Public Allies program, Lauren Jones joined the public affairs department in a newly created position, Community Outreach Coordinator. She is focused on educating patients about the Lauren Jones opportunity to enroll in various forms of healthcare coverage, especially Ohio’s expanded Medicaid program and health insurance now available through the Affordable Care Act. In this capacity, Jones coordinates our participation in health fairs and other public events. She has recruited a corps of able volunteers to support her in this effort. Prior to Planned Parenthood, Jones worked as a facilitator with an after-school program for girls managed by the YWCA of Greater Cincinnati. Jones travels between our six family planning centers in Southwest Ohio to meet with patients and inform them about options available for better healthcare coverage through Medicaid or the ACA. She can connect patients with further resources to assist them with applications for these programs.

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Start Spreading the Word Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio is finding new and contemporary ways to inform patients about our services. Waiting rooms are now being equipped with Smart TVs that play a special YouTube channel programmed by the PPSWO communications team. The channel offers edgy, humorous clips produced by industry experts and other Planned Parenthood affiliates, as well as nine videos produced by PPSWO board member Jay Shatz and his production company, JayTV. These clips focus on birth control options available from PPSWO. The TVs have already been installed in the Elizabeth Campbell and Jean K. Spritz centers, and soon all seven of our facilities will have them in their waiting rooms. Thanks to a $7,500 grant from the HealthPath Foundation of Ohio, we will be able to produce more videos with patients sharing personal stories about using our services. We expect that patient testimony on display in our centers and distributed by social media, will encourage more people to remember the high-quality services we provide. Since 1999 the foundation, connected with the Greater Cincinnati Foundation, has awarded more than $14 million to address pressing yet neglected health issues faced by vulnerable populations in Ohio. We are very grateful for this support. In a new initiative, we are seeking to reach out to men. In May 2014, we conducted a series of focus groups to research whether men would come to Planned Parenthood for reproductive health services. We learned that testing for sexually transmitted diseases would be of interest, so we are now piloting marketing these resources to men. Our Mary Yeiser Center on Cincinnati’s West Side and the Kettering Philips Center in downtown Dayton are the starting points. Health center staff are being trained to serve men, and advertising about male services is being created and distributed via social media to men living in nearby neighborhoods. Both centers are being updated for use by women and men, adding inclusive signage, women’s and men’s restrooms and anatomy posters. New brochures and increased community outreach efforts are part of the program, too.

Creative Support for Planned Parenthood There are numerous ways you can generate support for Planned Parenthood and the services we deliver throughout Southwest Ohio. Here are three examples: Sarah Meyers celebrated her Bat Mitzvah earlier this year. She was inspired by her grandmother, Jean Spritz, a longtime supporter of Planned Parenthood and the generous donor for whom our Springdale center is named. Sarah needed a community service activity to fulfill a requirement of her celebration, so — even though she lives in Chicago – she raised funds with a bake sale and asked friends and family to direct gifts to benefit PPSWO’s Spritz Family Fund. The result? More than $6,300 was raised to help patients pay for services at the Jean K. Spritz Center. We’re very grateful to Sarah for her efforts on our behalf. In the Dayton area, Teresa Whitley a member of PUSH (Professionals United for Sexual Health), wanted to reach out to potential young supporters. She opened her home and hosted a dinner party and tequila tasting, asking attendees to pay what they normally would for dinner at a restaurant. The evening, attended by 19 enthusiasts, was both entertaining and enlightening. With some matching dollars from the hostess’s employer, the outcome was a gift to Planned Parenthood of $1,600! With one dinner this group will pay for an entire educational session in Montgomery County. Who knew having fun could do so much good? Finally, think about birthday celebrations. One donor marked her 85th birthday by asking everyone who came to her party to make a gift – suggested as $85, or whatever anyone could afford – to Planned Parenthood. Another makes his annual gift on his birthday by writing a check for the number of years he’s celebrating.




Study evaluates locations for family planning services

Clermont Center has closed

As called for in PPSWO’s strategic plan, we worked with a real estate advisory group that conducted an extensive analysis of our present health center locations as well as possible future locations. The group’s report enabled informed decisions about where our family planning health centers should be located. Special attention was given to current locations in Clermont County and Springfield, Ohio, as well as possible locations in other parts of the Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky service area. In addition to using demographic data available from public sources, the analyst also used data from PPSWO’s patient management system about patient incomes, education and travel patterns to our health centers. The study concluded that the most important demographic factors in the success of our health centers were the presence of 18-29 year old women and the density of that population near the health center. Other factors such as race, ethnicity, marriage status, student status, proximity to a university and family size were considered but did not play a significant role. Drive time is a factor; it appears that the average patient prefers a center that takes less than 15 minutes to reach by car. We have defined a successful health center as one that, at a minimum, is open at least five days each week (including some evening and Saturday hours) with a full schedule of visits for nurse practitioners. A center operating within those parameters generates enough revenue to cover its specific expenses as well as supporting the overhead costs of our network of health centers. The only immediate action taken as a result of this study was the decision to close our Clermont Center at the end of October. It was located in a strip mall on Ohio Pike (State Route 125) in Withamsville that had been vacated by most other tenants, and the surrounding area no longer included a strong patient base. We continue to evaluate this data to determine what other location decisions we should make, including the possibility of opening new centers in underserved areas. “We want to make these decisions based on solid information so we can move forward with confidence.” says CEO Jerry Lawson. “We are committed to providing access to high quality reproductive and sexual health care in a financially sustainable way.”

Patient Services Update Starting on September 1, 2014, PPSWO began offering walk-in appointments on Wednesdays. The first eight patients who show up without an appointment will be served. All procedures still require an appointment, but other services, such as STD testing, pregnancy testing, breast exams and annual exams are available. The numbers have increased for patients seeing both clinicians and non-clinicians: In August we had an average of 14 clinician walk-in visits on Wednesdays, while in September these increased to 25. Non-clinician services increased from an average of 40 per Wednesday to 60. A double clinic has been implemented at the Kettering Philips Center in Dayton. That means two clinicians now work simultaneously on Wednesdays and Fridays, doubling the number of patients who can be seen. Our simplified patient satisfaction surveys now capture considerably more evaluation from people using our centers for healthcare services. Tablet computers are available in each center near the checkout area, and patients are asked a series of quick questions about cleanliness, ease of forms, if all their questions were answered, friendliness of staff, wait time to get into an exam room and visit length. We ask patients how they heard about PPSWO; almost two-thirds say it’s from a family Continued on Page 11

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Diamond Gala Has Record Attendance At its annual Diamond Award Gala on Nov. 1, 2014, Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio Region honored volunteer and longtime supporter Dr. David B. Schwartz.

Board Chair Kathy Brinkman addresses the guests at the Nov. 1, 2014, Diamond Gala at the Netherland Hilton in downtown Cincinnati. With nearly 500 guests, it was one of the best attended galas in recent memory, generating close to $200,000 in gross revenue.

The evening at the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza began with a cocktail party featuring music by the Faux Frenchmen, raffle ticket sales by roving members of the Cincinnati Rollergirls, a photo booth and a silent auction. Total attendance for the evening was nearly 500, including 70 people who purchased tickets for the cocktail party and more than 400 who attended the subsequent dinner program honoring Dr. Schwartz. This was by far the largest crowd in recent memory for this event. The dinner program, emceed by board member Jay Shatz, featured impassioned remarks by board chair Kathy Brinkman, recognition of Employee of the Year Dr. Sharon Liner and a video about Dr. Schwartz’s career and his life with his family. Dr. David Schwartz began his involvement with reproductive care at Planned Parenthood in the early 1980s when he was a resident at the University of Cincinnati. He volunteered to work at Planned Parenthood during his residency because he thought it was the right thing to do after learning about the devastation of botched surgeries during the days when abortions were illegal. Later when he entered private practice, he continued his involvement with Planned Parenthood, providing surgical services and becoming an advocate for women’s health and access to reproductive care. He is a longtime member and chair of PPSWO’s medical committee. His work in caring for the health of women is his passion. After receiving the award, presented by his wife Abby, Dr. Schwartz offered brief remarks of appreciation and encouragement. He concluded by saying, “I am reminded of the words of the ancient Jewish scholar Hillel who said, ‘If I am not for myself, then who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, then what am I? And if not now, when?” Whether we are medical practitioners, concerned lay people, community activists or politicians, as we continue in our collective efforts to provide quality health care for women may we go from strength to strength. Now is our time.”



A photo booth provided an entertaining element to the evening. Here Board President Kathy Brinkman poses with members of the Cincinnati Rollergirls, who supported the event by selling raffle tickets.

Young Planned Parenthood supporters amplified the crowd at the 2014 Gala: (left-to-right) Jay Shifman, Jake Shifman, Lauren Houston and Josh Rothstein enjoyed the cocktail party before the main event.


Abby Schwartz played a big part in recognizing this year’s Diamond honoree, her husband Dr. David B. Schwartz.

Amy Kattman, second from right, chaired the very successful Diamond Gala. She was supported by many hardworking volunteers, including (left-to-right) Buff Leslie, Deb Schoolmaster and Ellen Reister.

Brooklyn Steele-Tate and Kathy Brinkman

Book Fair The Friends of Planned Parenthood spent the past year collecting more than 250,000 items for its annual sale on Nov. 7, 8 and 9 in support of PPSWO. For 44 years, this annual literary and cultural event has supported PPSWO, raising nearly $2 million for reproductive health care in the Miami Valley area. The group’s president is Sandra Combs (left); Larkin Vonalt (right) will chair the 2015 event.

Drag Show Parents & Professionals for Planned Parenthood (P2) hosted Summer’s Over, What a Drag Show at Below Zero Lounge in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. The event raised more than $4,300 for education programs. Since 2012, P2 has raised more than $16,000 for Planned Parenthood. Board Chair Kathy Brinkman enjoyed the event, along with emcee Brooklyn Steele-Tate.

Firefly Cocktails On the evening of June 21, 2014, Planned Parenthood supporters from the Miami Valley gathered at America’s Packard Museum in downtown Dayton to show support for reproductive health. Firefly Cocktails featured music, dinner by the bite and tours of the museum’s historic cars.

W I N T E R N E WS 2014




Donor Spotlight

Kimberly Hamlin When the Susan G. Komen Foundation announced its decision in 2012 not to issue grants to Planned Parenthood, Kimberly Hamlin just had to speak up. She contacted Planned Parenthood and offered to help bring likeminded supporters to our cause. She founded and led P2 (Parents and Professionals for Planned Parenthood), which has raised more than $16,000 for education programs and introduced hundreds of new, younger supporters to Planned Parenthood. Kimberly now serves on the affiliate’s board of directors. After graduating from Georgetown University where she focused on American Studies, Kimberly worked for Maine’s U.S. Senator Susan Collins for four years, supporting her successful campaign and then in her D.C. office. In 2000, Kimberly left Washington to pursue a Ph.D. in American Studies at the University of Texas in Austin. In 2007, she joined the Department of American Studies and History at Miami University in Oxford. She now directs the American Studies program and co-chairs Miami’s Gender, Science, and Technology Working Group. She received the university’s 2011 Sigma Alpha Pi Excellence in Teaching Award and was selected as an Altman Faculty Scholar at Miami the following year. Her book From Eve to Evolution: Darwin, Science, and Women’s Rights in Gilded Age America was published in May 2014. Kimberly Hamlin is one of many young supporters who are lending their talents and passion to Planned Parenthood.

Volunteer Profile

Tanja Resch-Jillson When Tanja Resch-Jillson showed up at PPSWO’s Springfield health center in the summer of 2013, she had no idea that she would soon be speaking for thousands of Ohio women who depend on the services Planned Parenthood provides. As she sat in the health center waiting room that day, she received an email about the proposed anti-women’s health budget restrictions being considered by the Ohio Legislature.

She decided to sign up to help fight the attacks, and she has been fighting ever since. Tanja has traveled the state talking about the need for Planned Parenthood in our communities. She has testified on behalf of Ohio women before legislative committees in Columbus. She has been a faithful volunteer at phone banks and election canvasses. And if that’s not enough, she also is now chairing Planned Parenthood’s Dayton Community Leadership Council. Tanja’s passion and skills are a gift to PPSWO. We could not ask for a better person to have joined the fight for access to reproductive health care. Volunteers such as Tanja take our mission from the health center to the community, and we are so grateful. For more information on becoming a volunteer, call 513-784-7824.





Employee of the Year

Staff News

PPSWO’s 2014 Employee of the Year is Sharon Liner, M.D., Director of Surgery.

New professionals have joined our patient services team:

Dr. Liner joined PPSWO in 2004 after completing her Sharon Liner training in family medicine at University of Cincinnati. As the chief resident in her final year of training, she received the Obstetrical Care Award. During her residency she was actively involved in reproductive health, training with Roslyn Kade, M.D., at PPSWO and working internationally in Honduras and India. She had planned to practice in a rural area doing family medicine, but eventually decided to devote her career to reproductive and women’s health, becoming the director of the surgical department in 2007. She also educates and trains resident physicians and medical students. Her hope is to cultivate a new generation of providers. Nominating Dr. Liner for this award, a co-worker wrote, “She embodies the mission of Planned Parenthood. She is kind, caring and thoughtful, and she takes the time to explain things to patients, to listen and answer their questions. They love her because she doesn’t treat them like a number. The staff feel comfortable in relying on her abilities because she is an amazing doctor and woman!” Dr. Kade commented, “She works tirelessly on behalf of our patients. Without her, many women would not receive the necessary and great care she provides.” We are proud to have Dr. Liner serving PPSWO’s patients.

Customer service training makes us better at what we do! By the end of October, virtually all PPSWO employees completed exceptional customer service training. The program was an outcome of the affiliate’s 2013 strategic plan with an objective to create a patient-focused culture offering outstanding care and service that will encourage patients to return. The focus of this training has been on internal and external service. We believe that if we give excellent service to patients, they will continue to seek us out and tell others. What’s more, if employees give excellent service to one another, we will strengthen our effectiveness as an organization. Topics included professionalism, respect, communication, cleanliness, delight (going above and beyond what is expected) and recovery (responding when something goes wrong, before a customer has time to complain). CEO Jerry Lawson says, “We are confident that this training will add to PPSWO’s overall success!” An employee observes, “Today’s education training on customer service was a great experience. I already love the team I work with, so learning communication skills will help my overall performance in my career.” Another chimes in, “It was a perfect time for a positive boost!”

• Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) Tracy Hamrick will support our northern health centers, while APN Amanda Winning will be engaged in our southern health centers. Five Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) have joined the staff, too: Valerie Gibson (Springfield), Marielena Guel (who is bilingual, Springdale), Suzanne Powers (Hamilton), Sheryl Shields (Dayton) and Danielle Williams (Springdale). Victoria Johnson, LPN, has been promoted to a full-time role in the surgery center. • PPSWO’s new Centralized Follow-Up team notifies patients about test results for Pap and breast exams, STI tests and medical referral. The lab is led by Tracy Dillingham, APN, and staffed by Marsha Benjamin and Edna Nicholson. • Teri Montemurro was promoted from a health center assistant to serve as the coordinator of PPSWO’s call center. • Michael Price, who has been a call center representative, has become a surgical assistant. • Marissa Carlson has been promoted to the position of patient services management coordinator. She was previously a health center assistant at the Campbell Family Planning Center. • Kaeden Kass, a recent Miami University grad, has joined PPSWO as a health education coordinator, and Kristin Freeman is a new health educator based in Dayton. • Rick Pender, vice president for development and external affairs, is retiring in December 2014 after three years with PPSWO.

W I N T E R N E WS 2014



Lives Remembered Over the past several months we lost a number of friends who were staunch Planned Parenthood supporters during their lifetime. You can read about them on this page. Several of them have made bequests to Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio from their estates. Many of them were remembered by friends and admirers with memorial gifts. To learn more about these opportunities, please go to or send an email to

Lois Rosenthal was a board member and a patient escort for women seeking services from Planned Parenthood in Cincinnati during the 1970s and 1980s. Her generous support for Planned Parenthood extended beyond Cincinnati to the national organization. She passed away on July 20, 2014. A tireless advocate for numerous causes, her vision for a better, stronger and more just community ranged across the arts, social services and other organizations. Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said, “Lois understood the big picture and the political battle we must wage, and she backed up her passion with generous support for our efforts. We will miss her fire and her commitment.” Bill Friedlander, named a Great Living Cincinnatian in 1999, played an integral role in establishing the Planned Parenthood Cincinnati Region Foundation, an entity that supports PPSWO’s operations in Southwest Ohio. He and his wife of 59 years, Susan Friedlander, have been significant contributors for decades. He spent his 57-year career at the investment firm of Bartlett & Co. Sue, a past chair of Planned Parenthood’s Cincinnati board, said, “He really felt very strongly about giving, and he did what he said. His greatest accomplishment was leaving Cincinnati a better place.” His lifetime of giving back made a significant mark on Planned Parenthood. Bill passed away on Sept. 10, 2014. Margaret (Peggy) Ruder Fuller, a native of Hamilton, Ohio, and a lifelong activist, died on Aug. 15, 2014. She was a passionate advocate for social change and worked for progressive political candidates including Eugene McCarthy and George McGovern. In 2004 the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center recognized her for her work on civil rights issues. A generous philanthropic supporter of many organizations, her generosity included Planned Parenthood, PFLAG and Community Shares. John H. Wulsin, M.D., passed away on July 20, 2014. Born in Cincinnati, he decided early in life to become a doctor rather than entering the family business, the Baldwin Piano Company. He served as a medical officer in World War II and the Korean War. Until his retirement in 1985, he was on the faculty of the Department of Surgery at the University of Cincinnati, working primarily as a general surgeon. He served on Planned Parenthood’s board in Cincinnati. For 61 years he was married to Rosamond, the mother of his five children. After her death he married Anne Durant Sanger, granddaughter of Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood. Joe Levinson, M.D., died on July 31, 2014. A native Cincinnatian, Dr. Levinson earned his medical degree at the University of Cincinnati. Focused on children, he was a pioneer in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, especially in children. In addition to being a board member for Planned Parenthood and its Foundation, he served on boards for Cancer Family Care, the Anthem Foundation and Seven Hills School. Leela Harkness Cook Brown passed away on Sept. 18, 2014. A native of New York City, she made her home in Cincinnati beginning in 1956. In addition to being a generous donor to Planned Parenthood, she was generous to the arts, Children’s Hospital, World Wildlife Fund, Cincinnati Museum Center and many other charities. She was a member of the National Colonial Dames in the State of Ohio, and The Camargo Club. Roberta B. Hockman, a generous supporter of Planned Parenthood in Springfield, Ohio, was born in Cass County, Indiana. She passed away on June 13, 2014. By example, her family stated, she taught others how to enjoy life, endure and preserve.




Leaving a Legacy When Chuck Yeiser passed away in March 2013 at the age of 92, he was already a legendary supporter. In fact, he hailed from a family with a multigenerational history of generosity for Planned Parenthood. Chuck liked to say he was “born into” Planned Parenthood, since his mother, Louise Yeiser Tate, was a president of the Cincinnati affiliate many years earlier. Chuck was a past recipient of our highest honor, the Diamond Award, and his wife Mary also served on our board. Our Western Hills family planning center, the Mary M. Yeiser Center, is named for her. Chuck’s generosity didn’t stop with his passing. He made a bequest to the Planned Parenthood Cincinnati Region Foundation which is just now entering our endowment. It’s the largest financial gift the affiliate has ever received, totaling more than $3 million that will be invested to perpetually support our operations. Chuck’s gift was extraordinary, but many others have remembered Planned Parenthood with such gifts. We urge anyone who is inclined to be a visionary supporter and make a difference for women in the future who need services from Planned Parenthood. It’s easy to include a bequest in your will or estate plan. Contact Crystal Justice, director of major gifts and planned giving, to learn what’s involved in establishing a legacy gift to Planned Parenthood (937.528.4678).

Patient Services Update Continued from Page 5

member or a friend; about one in five is from an online search. Asked whether they are likely to refer a friend to PPSWO, 95 percent say they are likely or very likely to do so. Patients also have the opportunity to provide comments about their care. “I love Planned Parenthood,” wrote one woman. “I’ve been coming here for years, and the staff is awesome. I appreciate what they do for the women and men in the community.” Another said, “I definitely feel comfortable coming back, as well as telling my girlfriends to come. Thanks again.” Patient recordkeeping has been converted to Electronic Health Records (EHR) at all six PPSWO family planning centers. As of August 2014, e-prescribing is now possible at all the centers, enabling prescriptions to be sent directly to the pharmacy of a patient’s choice. Soon to come is an online “Patient Portal,” allowing patients to access their medical records, to schedule appointments and to correspond privately with Planned Parenthood clinicians.

Support PPSWO with Your Kroger Plus Card It’s an easy way to support Planned Parenthood — it costs nothing to participate and does not affect your fuel points. Simply buy groceries at any Kroger location using your linked Kroger Plus Card, and Kroger will make a quarterly contribution based on your volume of shopping. To enroll, go to KrogerCommunityRewards. com and select Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio as your preferred organization. (Search by name, or use our organizational ID number: 82950). Once your card is registered, just shop at Kroger to benefit PPSWO!

Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio Regionis a not-for-profit community supported health care p  rovider and member of Community Shares. Please consider choosing PPSWO as your Community Shares beneficiary during their Annual Campaign.

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Ways to Donate

Board of Directors


C hair

Please make checks payable to PPSWO. The secure lockbox mailing address is: PPSWO c/o PNC Regional Accounts Receivable Processing Center ATTN: Lockbox Department 8251 Reliable Parkway Chicago, IL 60686-0082

Credit card We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. You may make your donation on PPSWO’s secure website, or call the Development Office at 513.824.7824.

Corporate Matching Gifts Many corporations offer matching gift programs that can double the value of your gift to PPSWO. What’s more, many employers will also match contributions of spouses, retirees and trustees. Please contact your Human Resource or Business office for eligibility and matching gift forms.

Appreciated Securities Securities such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds make a wonderful gift. If your broker holds your stock or mutual fund shares, you may request they be transferred via electronic transfer. To facilitate the transfer of stock gifts or if you hold a stock certificate you wish to donate, please contact our Development

Office for more information at 513.824.7808 or You may also contact Bartlett & Co. at 513.621.4612 or 1.800.800.4612.

Kathy Brinkman Tony Alexander V ice C hair

Dick Westheimer Treasurer

Workplace Giving Campaigns Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio participates in the workplace giving campaigns of Community Shares of Greater Cincinnati. If your workplace conducts their own giving campaigns and PPSWO fits in their guidelines, please list Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio Region as a beneficiary.

Planned Giving Our staff will gladly assist you or your estate planning attorney as you consider making a planned gift to Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio using any of the following methods. Please contact our Development Office for more information 937.528.4678 or • Will or Revocable Living Trust You can arrange a bequest gift of a specific amount, a percentage, or all or part of the residuum of your estate.

Deborah Schoolmaster S ecretary

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Elizabeth Campbell Medical Center

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513.287.6484 2314 Auburn Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45219

Elizabeth Campbell Surgical Center 513.287.6488 2314 Auburn Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45219

Kettering Philips Center | Dayton 937.226.0780 224 N. Wilkinson St., Dayton, OH 45402

Mary Stark Center | Hamilton

Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio Region relies on charitable contributions to provide its services.

Support us online at You can also support Planned Parenthood  by becoming a patient.

513.856.8332 11 Ludlow St., Hamilton, OH 45011

Mary M. Yeiser Center | Western Hills 513.574.4348 2016 Ferguson Road, Cincinnati, OH 45238

Jean K. Spritz Center | Springdale 513.772.2207 290 Northland Blvd., Cincinnati, OH 45246

Springfield Center 937.325.7349 1061 N. Bechtle Ave., Springfield, OH 45504

Call us at 1-800-230-PLAN or go online at to schedule an appointment. Find us on 2314 Auburn Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45219




Planned Parenthood Newsletter Winter 2014  
Planned Parenthood Newsletter Winter 2014