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Elise Boyan, Chair Merritt Clements, Vice Chair Catherine Payer, Treasurer Brian Steward, Secretary Kathy Armstrong, Immediate Past Chair


| From Our Patients...


| President’s Message: Jeffrey Hons


| Service Highlights by the Numbers


| Planned Parenthood South Texas Annual Luncheon


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| Ways to Engage in 2020


| Spotlight on Habla Con Tu Hermana


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Brooke Benson Laurie Greenberg, M.D. Alison Kennamer Ellen Lake Mina López Fernando Martinez Liz McFarland Don McRee Amber Medina Mayra Mendoza Sara Metersky Patricia Morales Daniel Walker STAFF LEADERSHIP

Jeffrey Hons, President & CEO Polin C. Barraza, RN, Senior Vice President & COO Angela Koester, Vice President for Community Engagement

Mission Statement: We provide and protect the health care and information people need to plan their families and their futures.

Special thank you to Dudley Harris for the use of his botanical photos in this issue of Horizons. | 800-230-7526

FROM OUR PATIENTS... “I always recommend Planned Parenthood. I have been coming

here since I was a teenager. I can always depend on Planned Parenthood to provide me with honest non-biased options. I never feel judged for being me and taking the right actions to protect not only my body, my future but also my family’s. Thank you.

“I was really happy to see that Planned Parenthood had

services able to help me with my gender transition. Knowing I can receive the gender confirming services I need here in Texas helped me decide to continue seeking employment within the state of Texas rather than seek a career elsewhere. Support provided by Planned Parenthood inspires me to find ways to give back to my community so others in need of Planned Parenthood’s services will continue to find help from this organization and others like it.

“Planned Parenthood helped me in the scariest moments of my life. From start to finish these ladies were the most polite and helpful and for that I am grateful.

“I first came to get my annual pap smear and Connie had noticed

my blood pressure was high and was very insistent that I go to see a doctor for my blood pressure. I would have never checked my pressure if it wasn’t for this person. … My blood pressure is good now. Thanks Connie!!!

2019 Fundraising Report HORIZONS | 1

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE It is easy to see the ways in which the world appears damaged and troubled. Don’t think about that too much or it will drag you down. Instead, think about this. Every day—many times a day, in eight different health centers—the staff at Planned Parenthood South Texas makes life a little brighter for our patients because of the quality care we provide with respect and compassion. That won’t make the world perfect, but I am so pleased when a patient walks out of our doors smiling, grateful, healed, and ready to take on that otherwise imperfect world.

There is great value in what happens at Planned Parenthood South Texas. Traditional for-profit businesses have long talked about their operations in terms of value creation—the products and services provided by the business exceed the value of the inputs (parts, labor, capital, what have you) that went into the business. More recently, value creation has been contemplated in ways that include the intangibles—innovation and ideas, brand strength and brand equity, the longer-term positives that won’t be seen in the current fiscal year. PPST may be a non-profit, but we operate like a business—a mission-driven business with heart, a business that is dedicated to people instead of profits. We may focus on family planning, sex and love, but we approach our work with strategy, resourcefulness and an eye for sustainability. How else could we succeed for eight decades amidst external challenges if we weren’t business savvy and fiscally astute? For more than 80 years (I do like the sound of that) Planned Parenthood South Texas has been creating value. We are valued for the fantastic health care we provide and for our unfailing defense of equality for women. In more recent years, we’ve expanded our advocacy role to include a wider range of issues that are of 2 | 2019 Fundraising Report HORIZONS

great concern to our patients and their ability to have the families and the futures they desire—issues including racial justice and environmental protection, and more. In 2019, PPST’s value to the community can be seen in several quantifiable ways:

• Visit volume is up 10.1% over the prior year—that’s more health care provided.

• Our participation in a new patient satisfaction survey platform is relatively new, but the trend line since we began in mid-2018 shows incremental progress. Currently, patient satisfaction exceeds 90%.

• Revenue from the clinical operation performed well—that means our patients like the sliding fee scale we offer.

• Our employee engagement score increased from the last survey taken 18 months ago, is in the top 12 of all Planned Parenthood affiliates, and is higher than the other health care organizations surveyed by Press Ganey. • Revenue from philanthropy also performed strongly—that means you believe in this work, too.

About two years ago we rolled out a new set of workplace values to employees. These values articulate how my colleagues and I approach our work:

I wanted to share this set of values with you because I suspect you already share these values. Further, I suspect that we understand the multiple definitions and usage of the word value. It is a noun and a verb. It is quantitative and qualitative. We understand value creation, like other businesses, but we also understand value creation in much more expansive ways. I know we’ve created a good thing here, and I know that would never have happened without you and your support. Let’s keep this good work going.

2019 Fundraising Report HORIZONS | 3

THANK YOU FOR MAKING IT A YEAR OF HEALTH & HOPE 20,722 patients served and $1,659,819 worth of charity care provided


people reached through the community education program in the Rio Grande Valley Contraceptives providing


cervical cancer screenings, diagnostic procedures and HPV vaccinations

29,588 tests for HIV and other sexually

transmitted infections

473,754 total weeks of protection against pregnancy


patients who obtained our newest service, transgender hormone therapy

Look out for our annual Service Delivery Report this spring to learn more about our work! 4 | 2019 Fundraising Report HORIZONS

“A fair and equitable future

This isn’t 1789, and it’s not 1982. It’s time we step into our new future.

that women have waited so long for.

we’re done waiting.”


On January 15, Virginia became the critical 38th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, paving the way for the ERA (which would prevent discrimination on the basis of sex) to be adopted into the U.S. Constitution—48 years after it was passed by the Senate. Hurdles remain, however, with detractors claiming the ratification deadline has passed. Many are opposed to the ERA because they fear it would help protect abortion rights and LGBTQ rights. These detractors are “the usual suspects”— the ones who just plain fear equality! Opposing lawsuits have been filed by states attorneys general, and it will be interesting to watch this situation unfold.

This is precisely what Patricia Arquette, a passionate advocate for the ERA and an Oscar-winning actress, will explore at this year’s Annual Luncheon on May 8. Your support for the Luncheon will help us provide more than $2 million dollars in charity health care this year— care that helps our patients have a more equal chance at building the lives they want for themselves and their families. Sponsored tables of 8 and 10 are available, as well as a select number of Champagne tickets ($1,000) and silver tickets ($350). Visit, email or call (210) 572-5278 for more information or to make a reservation.

We believe it’s Time for Equality! No more excuses.

2019 Fundraising Report HORIZONS | 5

FROM OUR SUPPORTERS... “Between the lack of sex education in our schools and a still overall reluctance

to openly talk about sex and sexuality in our community, Planned Parenthood fills a void in a way that is saving lives. As a community we must feel more comfortable discussing safe sex and or options regarding gynecological medical procedures. Information and community is the key. —Elisa Filippone, Brownsville

“Planned Parenthood was there for both of us when we were teens. We experienced firsthand Planned Parenthood’s invaluable care and education. Thinking of other teens—and anyone in need of the crucial services Planned Parenthood offers—we want to help to ensure that Planned Parenthood will also be there for them, today and in the future. —Katy Flato and Joan Wyatt Chairs, 2020 Planned Parenthood South Texas Annual Luncheon

“I’ve been a Planned Parenthood volunteer for a year.

I knew I just had to be a part of what they provide our community. I feel like no matter how much I give to Planned Parenthood, I’m always going to get back ten times what I’ve given them. Every hour I volunteer is so little in the grand scheme of what they’ve provided for me and thousands of people like myself. Volunteering is the least I could do to say “thank you.” The most rewarding part of the volunteer experience is speaking to the community and advocating for reproductive healthcare – and seeing just how many people believe in what we do. —Corina Zamora, San Antonio

6 | 2019 Fundraising Report HORIZONS

Since 1939, we have relied on community support to make high-quality health care accessible to all. With your help, we empower patients to take control of their bodies and reproductive futures — transforming not only their lives but their families and communities. Here’s how you can add to the momentum: Make a gift

Your donation helps pay for life-changing, life-saving care for people in need. Nearly 40% of our 2020 budget depends on philanthropy from foundation partners, organizations, individuals and families who share our values. Call 210-736-2244 ext. 317.


Whatever your talents, you can use them to support our patients and our advocacy efforts! Volunteers serve as safety aides for patients, represent Planned Parenthood at health fairs and other community events, help out at our reception desk, pitch in on clerical work and more. Call 210-736-2244 ext. 310.


Stay connected

Are you on our mailing list? Do you get our emails? Do you follow us on social media? Stay updated on the latest news and events! Join our list or update your contact information by calling 210-736-2244 ext. 318.

Spread the word about the Big Give

Planned Parenthood South Texas is participating in the Big Give on March 26. Go online to and make a gift to show your support and help us win cash prizes, which we can use to provide even more care, education, and affirmation to our patients.

Become a patient

Coming to Planned Parenthood for your health care is an easy way to help. (Besides contraception, STD tests, and cervical cancer screenings, did you know we offer the HPV vaccine up to age 45, clinical breast exams, menopause management, and fertility services?) When patients with insurance or the resources to pay for their care visit us, they help make those same services possible to those who might not be able to afford care. Call 800-230-PLAN (7526) or book online at

2019 Fundraising Report HORIZONS | 7


The program educates the community about sexual and reproductive health and navigates them to PPST health centers for care. Support from donors and foundations funds the vouchers that connect woman to life-changing, lifesaving health care. Many women who redeem vouchers have not visited a health care provider for years.

In fall 2019, a woman showed up at the Planned Parenthood health center in Harlingen for a well-woman exam. When Erika Jasso began the pelvic exam, she saw that there was something very wrong. “I could tell that the cervix didn’t appear normal,” said Erika, nurse practitioner at the Harlingen and Brownsville clinics. With 12 years of experience as a nurse practitioner, Erika knows when immediate action is needed. Not wanting to wait even a few days for the results of the Pap smear, she performed a colposcopy on the patient the same day. During a colposcopy, a clinician closely examines the cervix using a magnifying instrument and collects samples of suspicious cells for biopsy. The diagnosis: an invasive cancer called adenocarcinoma. The patient received a referral to a gynecologic oncologist.

“Often they are too busy taking care of their families, and they can’t afford care,” said Paula Saldaña, lead patient navigator for Habla Con Tu Hermana. “We educate them about the importance of regular check-ups and make sure they receive great care.”

HABLA CON TU HERMANA IN 2019 – by the Numbers:

135 educational

Without care, “I think she would have died,” Erika said. The patient did not have health coverage and hadn’t had a Pap smear in more than a decade. She received care at Planned Parenthood South Texas at no cost to her, thanks to a voucher from Habla Con Tu Hermana, PPST’s patient outreach program in the Rio Grande Valley. 8 | 2019 Fundraising Report HORIZONS


¿Necesitas un examen?

Parenthood en Harlingen o ¡Lleve esta tarjeta a Planned s de salud preventivos sin costo Brownsville y recibe servicio alguno para usted! ógicos, incluyen: exámenes ginecol Los servicios que califican de la natalidad (métodos pruebas de embarazo, control ento de las ETS aprobados), pruebas y tratami Brownsville Harlingen 870 E. Alton Gloor Blvd. 712 N.77 Sunshine Strip (956) 546-4571 (956) 423-8584 lo siguiente a su visita: Si puede, por favor traiga s (talón de • comprobante de ingreso za identificación con fotografía social • y la tarjeta de seguran cheque) • el número de seguro id) Medica de o (privado Fecha de vencimiento: Navegador:

Número de tarjeta: Teléfono:

del centro de salud. so determinados por el gerente sustituida Los servicios que califican La tarjeta no puede ser Una sola vez se puede utilizar. en caso de pérdida o robo.


health fairs and other health promotion events


people reached

245 vouchers

redeemed for health care

UPCOMING EVENTS: March 6 “Re/Devaluing Colorism: Intersections of Skin Color and Currency”

Curated by Aissatou Sidime-Blanton, this exhibition features works in a variety of media by women of color who are responding to their personal experiences with colorism. The evening will feature a talk by the Curator just for Planned Parenthood supporters, followed by a music-dance-voice performance by Amber Ortega & Andrea “Vocab” Sanderson. 6 p.m. at Southwest School of Art, 1201 Navarro St., San Antonio. Free admission. The exhibit is on view through April 5.

March 8 International Women’s Day March & Rally

The theme for the 30th annual march & rally in San Antonio is Our History, Our Future. Event begins at noon at Milam Park, 500 W. Commerce St.

March 24 Can we talk?…about Faith & Feminism

How does faith inform your feminism? What role has feminism played in your spiritual journey? Are faith and feminism compatible? Join us for a candid discussion hosted by Reverend Erika Wilson of the Texas Freedom Network. 5:30 p.m. at the San Antonio Garden Center, 3310 N. New Braunfels Ave. Registration costs $35 at or 210-734-2244 ext. 319. Register by March 13.

May 8 Lunch with Patricia Arquette

Join a thousand of your closest friends, raise hundreds of thousands for charity health care, and learn why the Oscar-winning actress and Equal Rights Amendment champion agrees it’s Time for Equality! NO more excuses. See page 5 for more information.

September “Forward! Marches that Move Us”

Featuring photographs submitted by the community and original art from local artists, this exhibition celebrates marches, activism and social movements and how they move us forward as a nation. On display during the month of September at the Carlotta K. Petrina Cultural Center, 1452 E Madison St. Brownsville. Free admission. For more information about any of these events, email or call 210-734-2244 ext. 318 2019 Fundraising Report HORIZONS | 9

Planned Parenthood South Texas

2140 Babcock Road San Antonio, Texas 78229.4424 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED


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