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/// An Evening to Benefit Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri

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Friendsbychoice welcomes you to ChoiceArt 2012! Your passion for Planned Parenthood and for the local arts is why we’re able to do this each year. All proceeds from ChoiceArt 2012 support Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri, ensuring we continue to provide essential and lifesaving reproductive health care. This year marks Planned Parenthood’s 80th year serving our community; Eight decades of promising our patients that we are here to support and protect their right to affordable and quality reproductive health care. Eight decades empowering women, men, and teens to make healthy decisions and take control of their sexual futures. Eight decades of working towards healthier communities and stronger families.

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We are so very proud of this milestone and share this accomplishment

Connie LaFlam

with you. Your generous support is essential in our continued ability to

2012 honorary chair

keep our promise to our community.

Deanna Chafin

A portion of the ticket price for ChoiceArt 2012 is tax-deductible, as

founding co-chair

well as a portion of the cost of each auction item. Detailed tax receipts

and curator

will be sent to each winning bidder no later than December 31, 2012. For more information, please call Lindsey Vehlewald at: 314.531.7526 x 344. Thank you for your continued support and welcome to Choice Art 2012!

Leon A. Braxton, Jr. founding co-chair

Darin Slyman founding co-chair

Todd Alan Villmer founding co-chair

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Our heartfelt thanks to each artist who generously donated their work and to the sponsors and partners who contributed to this event.

/// 5

What a year this has been of attacks on women’s health – from the now infamous Congressional Republicans holding all male hearings on contraception, to Rep. Paul Ryan’s proposed federal budget that would have allowed insurance companies to continue to charge women higher premiums than men and refuse to cover maternity care, and who could forget when Susan G. Komen for the Cure announced it was pulling funding for breast cancer screenings from Planned Parenthood. Through it all Planned Parenthood is still standing, stronger and taller. Planned Parenthood is here to offer life-saving cancer screenings, affordable birth control, and comprehensive reproductive health care. But above all, Planned Parenthood provides information and support. Our community relies on Planned Parenthood to protect and defend reproductive rights for everyone.

/// 6

Planned Parenthood is committed to empowering our community to make informed and responsible decisions about health and relationships. We are here to give our neighbors a voice, to make a difference in our community, and in the political process. Friendsbychoice is committed to supporting the work of Planned Parenthood. As teens or young adults, many of us experienced first-hand the compassionate care and excellent information Planned Parenthood offered us. Now it is our turn to give back to an organization that gives so much. On behalf of the more than 60,000 patients served each year, thank you for standing with Planned Parenthood and supporting ChoiceArt 2012. Your support makes a true difference in the lives of the women, men, teens, and families throughout our community who rely on Planned Parenthood. Emily Elbert, chair ,

/// 7

live-auction artists

Connie LaFlam photographer I am best known for my interpretations of the classic Nude, photo adventures into the world of fetishes, glimpses into the beautiful art of Shibari and evocative captures of the ever-changing definition of erotic. I find that within a very short period of time everyone just becomes themselves when in front of the camera with little to nothing on. For me, everybody is a work of Art.

/// 8

Ballerina Photography, 45” x 35”

estimated value $675

/// 9

Paul laflam ARTIST Living and creating large scale, fluid, one shot expressionist paintings in St. Louis, Missouri. Each painting is started and completed in my mind many times before it is even started. Once started there is no stopping, corrections or additions, each painting is completed in one session and stopping would interrupt the flow of the painting. Enjoy the adventure within each painting because small worlds are waiting to be discovered.

/// 10

From a ponds Edge Painting, acrylic on Luan, 36” x 48”

estimated value $850

/// 11

david langley ARTIST The work of David Langley consists of found objects and imagery plucked from the American landscape. Removal of these images from their original context allows us to see more clearly their true nature. The use of such ephemera, primarily from past generations, allows us the ability to establish a chronology through which we can assess our direction. Langley’s work has been featured in such publications as New American Paintings, Adbusters, and The Progressive.

/// 12

untitled* Mixed media with transfer drawing

estimated value $900

* Image featured is a representation of the artist’s work, not the actual piece in tonight’s auction.

/// 13

Julie Malone ARTIST As a painter, Julie attempts to contain energy on a surface for the unfolding imagination - unclear and poignant, where many thoughts are found and represented. Works are painted on hand-built frames, or directly on solid wood planks. She prefers the rigidity of wood, there is no give or bounce and wood has a smooth velvety feel on her brush. These surfaces also allow for carving and scratching and produce defined, sharp marks. Julie was born in Kansas City in 1971. She received a BFA in Studio Art/Painting from Central Missouri State University in 1995 and moved to St. Louis in 1996. She is an active artist/painter in St. Louis and also owns and operates SOHA Studio and Gallery in the South Hampton Neighborhood. SOHA was conceived in March of 2011 and opened in June of 2011. The space houses her painting studio and the gallery hosts monthly exhibits by local artisans of St. Louis City. /// 14

Ginger Oil on Panel 27” x 27”

estimated value $750

/// 15

silent auction rules

To Bid Fill out the requested information on the bid form that accompanies each piece. Please observe the minimum bids and increase amounts noted on the bid sheets. No bid starting below the minimum bid will be considered as a legal bid. No bid increase below the minimum bid increase will be considered a legal bid. Please fill out the bid form completely.

Your name on the bid form is a promise to purchase an item. There will be no crossing out or cancellation of bids. All sales are final. You may bid on as many items as you wish, as often as you wish, until the close of each auction. Please be advised that if your bid is the highest at the close of each auction, you will be considered the purchaser of the item(s).

Highest bids at the close of each auction will be determined by the ChoiceArt Committee. In the event of a dispute, the ChoiceArt Committee will have sole and final discretion in determining the winner. /// 16

payment and liability information Payment for items must be made by the close of the auction at the cashier tables. Cash or credit cards may be used to pay for auction items. Checks will not be accepted.

All items are sold “as is.� By his/her purchase, the buyer waives any claims for liability against Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri, the Art Committee, and the donor of the property or services.

Please note that we will only accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express or cash as payment.

/// 17

co 9, blue river Deanna Chafin Acrylic on panel 24” x 36”

estimated value $800

/// 18

Zeiss Ikon Wm. Kyle Davis Ink, digital on acid free paper 20� x 24�

estimated value $250

/// 19

Reflections Mindy Green Dennis Glass Mosaic 25� x 20�

estimated value $300

/// 20

Trumpet Western Doughty Photography 19” x 22”

estimated value $300

/// 21

sheila Craig Downs Acrylic on canvas 18” x 24”

estimated value $275

/// 22

Insertion John Elkins Photography 19” x 18”

estimated value $400

/// 23

Synaptic Misfire Thomas Fortenberry India ink on paper 31� x 26�

estimated value $250

/// 24

White Suit from the Spring/ Summer 2013 collection Paulie Gibson Couture Fashion Custom Fitted

estimated value $725

/// 25

choice tower Bob Hartzell Paper and Wood 72” x 21” x 21”

estimated value $600

/// 26

dress on green Jennifer Hayes Acrylic on canvas 36”x 18”

estimated value $900

/// 27

beast eats art dion hitchings Highlighter, color pens, magic marker, crayons, and spirograph 14� x 17�

estimated value $200

/// 28

circle wood, 3-d dog with fishbowl Charlie housk a Acrylic on board Circle with 32� diameter

estimated value $950

/// 29

eliminate the remedy Aunia K ahn Mixed media 29�x 25�

estimated value $300

/// 30

pair Jeff K apfer Acrylic on canvas 20”x 20”

estimated value $350

/// 31

westinghouse ken konchel Photography 36� x 40�

estimated value $900

/// 32

vegetable medley JR Laverty Lino prints 27� x 48�

estimated value $400

/// 33

Scooter with Pigeon Arlene Ligori Giclee print 25”x 18”

estimated value $150

/// 34

shaw nature reserve Jane Linders Infrared photo 23� x 28�

estimated value $350

/// 35

ai (Love) Matthew Malecki Acrylic on canvas 24” x 30”

estimated value $350

/// 36

Trout Study: A Hunting Close-Up Rich in Possibilities Mylifeasacollage Collage with vintage paper and acrylic on canvas 28�x 25�

estimated value $325

/// 37

Golden tumbler 1 Carmelita nunez Ceramic with gold detail

estimated value $50

/// 38

Golden tumbler 2 Carmelita nunez Ceramic with gold detail

estimated value $50

/// 39

holding back bryan pease Oil on canvas 24�x 20�

estimated value $425

/// 40

Purple Dots Thomas Matthew Pierson and Timothy Wagner Mixed media on paper 22� x 30�

estimated value $2,500

/// 41

notes Jordan Riegerix Mixed media 24� x 30�

estimated value $500

/// 42

Hot Shoe Mary Sue Rosenthal Photography 23” x 19”

estimated value $225

/// 43

Old time hockey Jeffrey sass Acrylic on canvas 30” x 24”

estimated value $400

/// 44

Heaven’s Inspiration Rob Schaefer Acrylic and silver glaze on canvas 20”x 16”

estimated value $250

/// 45

Untitled Jeanjoel spatafora Acrylic on canvas 20”x 20”

estimated value $400

/// 46

[title goes here]

Umbrella girl

Jeanna Szuch

Jeanna Szuch

Acrylic on stretched canvas

Acrylic on canvas

20” x 16”

20” x 16”

estimated value $300

estimated value $300

/// 47

owl Fern taylor Acrylic on canvas 13”x 11”

estimated value $225

/// 48

roots of love chris utrup Acrylic on canvas 24”x 30”

estimated value $400

/// 49

Contemplation Lindsey Vehlewald Photography 22” x 19”

estimated value $225

/// 50

untitled Todd ALAN Villmer Photography 25” x 18”

estimated value $325

/// 51

painted eggs catherine williams Photography 22�x 19�

estimated value $225

/// 52

entering vegas catherine williams Photography 22�x 19�

estimated value $225

/// 53

Libert y Terri Willits Mixed media 22�x 18�

estimated value $300

/// 54

Additional items not pictured

Scarlett garnet Mixed materials: metals, semiprecious stones Custom

/// 55

/// 56

Friendsbychoice is a group of young, motivated, professional women and men who are dedicated to supporting Planned Parenthood’s work in the community, and to protecting and advocating for reproductive rights and services. organizes and hosts multiple fundraising

Each year,

events– with an emphasis on having fun and networking. Each member has the opportunity to be hands-on in an organization that is dedicated to actively keeping our community healthy and safe. A

membership will give you a way to give back to

the community by supporting the vital work Planned Parenthood does for everyone. In addition, a discounted ticket rates to all upcoming

membership provides events like Sex

Trivia and more! For more information about becoming a friendsbychoice member, please contact us at /// 57

we’d like to thank our sponsors and partners:

/// 58

november 17, 2012 | contemporary art museum

ChoiceArt2012 Digital Lookbook  

Lookbook for the 2012 ChoiceArt auction in support of Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri

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