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Welcome new members!

The President’s Odd Rally

Saturday, 17 August 2013 9:01 a.m.

Roger Harrison

Join the Pikes Peak Section for breakfast

Venus Moshrefi

street numbers and names. Also, look for anything definably odd, bizarre, or unusual along the rally route.

You don’t have to be odd to participate (although it helps!); just bring your odd (3)-pointed star car, a partner, a pencil, a clipboard, and a map or GPS. Answer the questions along the rally route, which ends, oddly enough, at an appropriately odd eatery where we will enjoy lunch. Prizes will be Recognize this oddity? awarded to the top three finSince this year is 2013, an odd ishers. Cost is $11 per car. year, the name and theme of this rally is “Everything Odd.” Think oddPlease RSVP to Andrew Nelson at 719numbered highways and roads, i.e., I-25, 634-7522 or Hwy 85/87, Highway 83 (Academy Blvd), Highway 21 (Powers Blvd), etc. or odd

at the Golden Corral at 5410 E. Woodmen Rd at 9:01 a.m. on Saturday, John Stauter 17 August. After a leisurely breakfast, we will commence with our annual President’s Rally. Those who don’t want Inside this to have breakfast, please issue: join us in the Golden Corral View From the Peak 2 parking lot at 10:29. Mercedes News


Drive-In Movie


Fall Drive


Off-Road Weekend


Nat’l Board Elections 4 Brewery Tour


D-I-Y Tech Session


Mile High Events


Circle Lake Erie


MHS Poker Run


Der Marktplatz




Tech Tips


July Fun Run Recap


Meet the Board


More Compacts Mexican-Made QR Code


Thank You Pikes Peak Section

other Nature took down one of our members in a most devastating way in June. Letha Robison’s ranch was destroyed by the Black Forest fire - she lost her childhood home, two barns and all of her belongings. Thankfully her horses, dogs, and 2 vintage Mercedes were saved. In the immediate aftermath of the fire, however, she was overwhelmed and in need of some friends.

The Pikes Peak Section rallied around and planned two work days to help her out. On 10 6 and 13 July, 28 members turned out in 10 their grubbiest clothes with shovels and 10

sifting screens at the ready. We labored to find anything intact and salvageable amid the rubble. We found some ceramic pieces, including

a nativity set, a family heirloom. We moved scrap metal into a giant pile and tried to help out wherever we could. It was two days of dirty, back-breaking, and exhausting, but rewarding work. Thanks to all of the Pikes Peak Section members who helped out. We will keep you abreast of the progress as Letha rebuilds.

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Section Officers

View From the Peak by Andrew Nelson


irst, I would like to heartily thank all the section Vice President: members who Judy Bennett attended two 719-576-9737 Saturday work Secretary: days on 6 and Mary Bixler 13 July out in the Black For719-597-1281 est. We were Treasurer: there to help Julie Nelson our fellow sec719-634-7522 tion member, Directors: Letha Robison, whose home was lost in the recent Stan Bixler fire. I know she really appreciates all the 719-597-1281 effort to help clean up and separate all the scrap metal and to dig out and sift for Gary Gagnon recoverable items. I urge everyone to do 719-282-9313 everything they can to help the victims of Glenn Hamill the Black Forest fire. President: Andrew Nelson 719-634-7522 719-575-7931

Dan Kerbs 719-594-6017 Henry Russell 719-599-5503 Sylvia Russell 719-599-5503 Dave Williamson 719-575-7976


Robert Boren


Judy Bennett 719-576-9737

Regional Director:

Charlie Bennett charlesibennett@comcast. net 719-576-9737 ‘ROUND



Second, I would like to thank our local dealer, Mercedes-Benz of Colorado Springs. Our 2000 ML320 needed a new

set of tires. I was able to get a really good quote from a local tire dealer, but Service Advisor, Steve Differding, along with Parts Manager, Lance Michaels, were able to match that price. So I would advise all Section members to consider Mercedes-Benz of Colorado Springs if you need tires. Remember, Pikes Peak Section members receive a 20% discount on all MB parts and labor (excluding tires) at the dealership. Third, don’t miss our Section breakfast and “Everything Odd” President’s Rally on Saturday, 17 August. I promise the questions will not be too difficult. Don’t miss the highlight event of the summer - our Drive-In Movie Night on Sunday, 1 September, hosted once again by Dan & Cheryl Kerbs. As always, drive safe, and I will see you down the road.


Mercedes News

Who says Mercedes don’t hold their

value? A classic Mercedes-Benz race car driven by Formula 1 legend Juan Manuel Fangio sold for $29.6 million at auction in England last month. The 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196 singleseater was driven by the five-time world champion racer when he clinched his second title in 1954. The Argentine drove the car to victories in the 1954 German and Swiss Grand Prix races.


ercedes-Benz has quietly added a new nine-speed automatic to its E-Class

range, though the option is not yet available in the U.S. The transmission, labeled a 9G-TRONIC, is selectable on the configurator of the automaker’s German website and so far is only available with E350 BlueTEC trim, where it replaces a previous seven-speed 7G-TRONIC. The extra gears are said to yield significant improvements in fuel economy and CO2 emissions. Advantages over dual-clutch units include lighter weight, better reliability, less complexity and cheaper manufacturing and repair costs.

‘Round the BENZ is published monthly by the Pikes Peak Section of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America (MBCA), Inc. Articles and ideas are the opinions of the writers and no authentication is implied as to the validity of any information contained therein. Explicit permission to republish any article with proper attribution is given to all sections of MBCA, Inc. Articles for publication consideration should be mailed to Pikes Peak Section, MBCA, Attn: Editor, 4335 Penhurst Place, Colorado Springs, CO 80906 or, whenever possible, emailed to: Deadline for receipt is the 18th of the month prior to the month of issue.

Pikes Peak Section members are encouraged to support the advertisers in our newsletter. They help to make this publication possible.

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by Cheyl Kerbs The rally ends at Dan and Cheryl Kerbs’ Sunday, 1 September 2013 house, 7183 Stinson Dr. We are holding 4:00 p.m. the cost to last year’s $25 per person,

Ready for a leisurely drive through the

countryside? After last year’s hectic run through the city, this year’s rally will be a relaxing tour of our beautiful area, with a few stops along the way. You will have to use your imagination, as the music and narrative guides you though the route. Meeting place: 4:00 PM Flying Horse Garden and Wine Shoppe 1617 Silversmith Rd.

Colorado Springs, CO The Garden Shoppe is just off of Northgate Road, between I-25 and Hwy 83. We suggest coming via 83 from Colorado Springs, to avoid the construction on I-25.

Fall Drive

Sunday, 22 September 2013 9:00 a.m.

Fall is coming and that means Oktober-

fest! What better way to celebrate than at a great German restaurant, Westfalen Hof, in Golden, CO. This will be a perfect destination for a Sunday fun run. Set in the picturesque Coal Creek Canyon, this trip will be a great way to close out the summer driving season. It will be particularly scenic if the leaves have started to turn. We’ll gather in the Safeway parking lot at 3275 W. Colorado Ave at 9:00 a.m. From there we’ll work our way up Highway 24 to Highway 285 and parts north. It will be a beautiful drive. From plate-sized weinerschnitzel to other traditional favorites like sauerbraten, stro-

which includes the rally, “gourmet” meal, movie, drinks, popcorn, and candy! Dinner will be served at 6:30. The movie will start at dusk. If you can’t make the rally, you are still welcome to join us for dinner and the movie! Look forward to a very easy rally, even though we know how “smart” you all are. Get ready for a “full-bodied” romp, and I do mean romp!

“Look forward to a very easy rally, even though we know how “smart” you all are.”

Don’t forget to bring your “Star” car with a CD player and radio to get the most out of our adventure. Please RSVP to Dan Kerbs, dankerbs00@ or 719-964-5956 by 23 August so we know how much food to buy.

ganoff, rindsroulade, Hungarian goulash, and kohlrouladen, Westfalen Hof has all your German favorites. Check out their menu at: Not only does it contain the extensive list of dishes, but it also provides some history of the most famous dishes. Did you know Queen Marie, wife of Ludwig XV, created the Koeniginpastetchen, or that Westfaelischer sauerbraten is a sweetand-sour dish, prepared from a traditional recipe, where the gravy is made with pumpernickel bread and raisins? Come along with us so you can try these menu choices for yourself. Call Judy for information at 719-576-9737

“Fall is coming and that means Oktoberfest!”




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Off-Road Weekend -


We’re hoping for some good weather

Friday, 27 September 2013

at the end of September as we head out into the mountains for our annual, 2-day Off-Road Weekend. Our destination this year is Salida, CO, located in the Arkansas River Valley. The community of 5,500 is surrounded by Forest “Remember, Service and Department of our motto is we Wildlife lands, a haven for don’t bend any bikers, campers, hikers, metal.” skiers, and hunters. It is a lovely natural setting with several converging mountain ranges that boast 15 peaks that reach over 14,000 feet in elevation...perfect for our off-road adventure. The Arkansas River winds its way through the valley and along the downtown of Salida, inviting rafters, kayakers, fishers, and “beach lovers” alike. Salida has a charming downtown area, the largest historical downtown district in Colorado, home to blocks of Victorian buildings with fantastic restaurants, inspiring galleries, tempting boutiques, and outdoor sports stores. There is an array

of shops for kitchens, kids, books, knitters and quilters. It’s a great place to stock up or find a unique gift to take home. Tom Croak is looking for trails to challenge but not intimidate our intrepid offroaders. Old Monarch Pass, Marshall Pass, Tincup Pass, and Whale Hill are some of the trails under consideration by our trailmeister. Remember, our motto is we don’t bend any metal. The occasional flat tire doesn’t count! We’ll be staying at the Holiday Inn Express in downtown Salida. Rates are $109 per night ($131 including tax & fees) for a king or double queen room. Please call them directly to reserve your room and mention MBCA. The phone number is 719-539-8500. Reservations must be made by 13 September to get our group rate. Direct any questions to Judy Bennett at 719-576-9737 or bennett912@comcast.

2013 MBCA National Election


he annual elections for the MBCA National Board of Directors is coming up fast. Active “Please vote!” MBCA members can expect to see election ballots in the mail on or after September 2, 2013. In order to be counted, the pre-addressed ballots must be received by Tuesday, October 15, 2013. The following members have been certified by the NBO as candidates for this election, ‘ROUND



based on the election petitions submitted: Directors at Large (vote for 3) Ed Johnson, Nashville Section Terry Kiwala, Chicagoland Section Jim Luikens, Western Michigan Section Laura Simonds, SF Bay Area Section Regional Director (vote for 1) Charlie Bennett, Pikes Peak Section Your participation in the MBCA election process is important. Please vote.

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PREVIEW OF COMING ATTRACTIONS! Brewery Tour - 19 October 2013

Following the October breakfast at the

Golden Corral, the Pikes Peak Section will travel to Fort Collins to visit the Budweiser Brewery and Clydesdale Hamlet where we’ll take the complimentary guided tour. The tour is a walking tour and lasts about one hour and fifteen minutes. Parts of the tour are outdoors. The Clydesdales can be viewed on this tour at the Clydesdale Hamlet. Cameras are always welcome, so be sure to take lots of pictures. Guests are welcome to enjoy their favorite beer samples on the outdoor patio where we can view the beautiful Rocky Mountains. There are two additional options for tours: 1. Beer School is a fun, interactive and informative experience that explains the steps for beer appreciation. The class is about 45 minutes long and introduces you to a variety of beer styles, ingredients, proper pouring techniques and food-pair-

D-I-Y Tech Session

ing suggestions. This program is limited to guests who are 21 years of age or older, and offered on a first come, first serve basis. The cost is $10 per person. 2. Stimulate your senses and satisfy your curiosity as you explore the art of brewing on the Anheuser-Busch Beermaster Tour. The tour provides a unique opportunity to experience a behind-the-scenes look at the brewing of Budweiser. You will visit the Brew House, Starting Cellar, Packaging Facility, Beechwood Aging Cellar and Clydesdale Hamlet. Reservations are required. This is a 2-hour walking tour; cost is $25 for visitors ages 21+ and $10 for visitors ages 13-20.

“...visit the Budweiser Brewery and Clydesdale Hamlet....”

If you are interested in the Beer School or the Beermaster Tour contact Gary Gagnon ASAP for reservations. Phone: 719-332-7501 or email at Gagnong4@

- 17 November 2013

It’s hard to believe but summer is draw-

ing to a close. While we’re sweatin’ to the oldies in the dog days of August, we should be thinking ahead to winterizing our vehicles for the coming months. What better way to do that than at our Fall DoIt-Yourself Tech Session.

Come on down to Mercedes-Benz of Colorado Springs on Sunday, 17 November. Put your car up on the rack, check the antifreeze, put on new brakes, change the oil or whatever repairs or maintenance you want to do. It costs just $10 plus parts. Call Dave Williamson at 719-5757976, to reserve your service bay.

“...we should be thinking ahead to winterizing our vehicles...

Mile High Section Events

For more information, visit the MHS website at

Saturday Drive Date: 10 August 2013 Location: Brainerd Lake and Ward, CO Cost: $5 per person + lunch, entry fee Contact: Norm Franklin, 303-789-3915

2013 Garage Tour Date: 24 Aug 2013 Location: TBD Cost: TBD Contact: Randy Williams, 303-799-4806 or ‘ROUND



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Experience Middle-America & Canada this Fall

Take the Circle Lake Erie Tour September 28-October 4, 2013

See breathtaking

NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO Dry off at the casino, adjacent to hotel

Sponsored by the MBCA Western Reserve Section Next stop, DEARBORN, MI Shuttle from The Dearborn Inn to Henry Ford Museum, Automobile Hall of Fame, or Greenfield Village


Explore day two at

Make way for



aboard Maid of the Mist

See Pelee Point; Leamington, Ontario along the lake; RM Classic Car Exhibit & Restoration Facility

Stop at the Pierce Arrow Museum

4 Drive to TOLEDO, OH via Marblehead Lighthouse & Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge. Relax on a two-hour cruise along the Maumee River

Your tour begins in CLEVELAND, OH Meet friends, old & new, at our Lake Erie Tour ”Welcome” dinner. Come early; visit the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame; the Museum of Art & more


Travel through


8 9







Visit the Presque Isle Lighthouse

END at


“Goodbye” dinner with friends at The Lodge at Geneva-on-the-Lake

For rates, dates and hotel accommodations please contact Ron Harshman, Tourmeister at or 218.213.4967




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Der Marktplatz GARAGE SALE! Time to thin out the herd. Pete Watson is putting some of his special collection of Mercedes on the block, including: - 1965 220S Finback 4-dr sedan

- 1966 250SE 4-dr sedan right-hand drive

- 1973 450SL - 2 to pick from

- 1979 450SEL rare 6.9 4-dr sedan

Mercedes Benz 300 CD, 5-cylinder Turbo Diesel. Sun roof, dark blue/beige interior. New tires, hoses, belts and Bilstein shocks. Mercedes serviced with abundant mechanical records. Third owner, with 236,000 miles. It was displayed at concours/charity shows. Needs nothing. $5,300 OBO. David Hester, 303-933-7610.

For more info on the cars as well as prices, email Pete at “Love the Drive” Windscreen. Fits Model R107 (380SL, 450SL, 560SL). A must for a quiet, top-down drive. Perfect condition. New $395. Asking $200. Call Charlie at 719-576-9737.

Kelly M. Shaffer, CSP

1981 Mercedes 300 SD. Single owner, 80,000 miles, Chinese red with tan leather upholstery. Excellent condition, runs like new. $8,500 OBO. Contact Tom at (719) 633-5185;

Vice President / COO

2118 Hollow Brook Drive

2000 SL-500 hardtop (black and perfect) with storage stand for $1,000. Plus I’m interested in purchasing a ‘04 or ‘05 SL-500, black-on-black or blackon-gray, the usual stuff perfect and low mileage for around $20,000 - $25,000. Rick Palmer 597-5241.


his just in from the latest edition of the MBCA e-newsletter, Click, a quick wrap-up of news, discounts & special events: U.S. Loyalty Rewards Program Change: On Friday, March 22, the National Business Office sent an email blast to every MBCA Member alerting them to the changes affecting this popular benefit, which took effect April 1. These changes were determined by MBUSA who solely designs and subsidizes the U.S. Loyalty Rewards Program. The (new) $500 cash discount can now be combined with European Delivery and other MBUSA incentives at authorized U.S. Mercedes-Benz Dealerships.

Colorado Springs, CO 80918 719.528.8888

Accounting + Administrative + Executive + Medical + Technical

MBCA Fast Facts: MBUSA is looking for MercedesBenz “Owner Stories” to share on MBUSA’s Facebook page. Dozens of MBCA Members have already been featured in photos, videos and in captivating stories. Visit for explanations on how YOU and YOUR MERCEDES can be spotlighted, too. Legends of the Autobahn, August 16: Thanks to its extreme popularity and swelling crowd size — MBCA’S Laura Simonds, along with leaders from Audi, Porsche and BMW Car Clubs — are upsizing Legend’s location in Monterey, California this year. Check out the impressive new venue on the MBCA website; you won’t want to miss it. . ‘ROUND



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Tech Tips

by Ken Sheehan


he summer driving season is here and that means we’re hitting the road. Here are a few tips on how to stay organized. When traveling I like to take a few items along, just in case.

“Here are a few tips on how to stay organized.”

I went to a local office supply store and bought a couple black plastic milk crates (you can see one in the background) to carry a few items when on a trip. They are light and cheap, and hold a lot. Some of the items I carry include a first aid kit and Armor-All moist glass wipes. These work really well for cleaning dead bugs from the windshield and other glass. Because they are moist, they can be used for other clean-up jobs. I also take along a roll of paper towels, RainX glass cleaner, a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner and a handful of new microfiber cloths. Everything fits nicely in the milk crate. The crate keeps everything together and easy to find. Normally I will also carry a digital multi meter. The meter is useful when doing electrical testing (battery voltage, fuses etc.). The plastic milk crates do not slide around

and I normally keep them near the rear door of my GL. They are very handy when you need to refill your grill gas bottle. As you can see the LP gas tank fits perfectly into the milk carton. The carton keeps the tank from falling over and rolling around.

Have a good summer. Until next month.


Check Us Out! Did you know that the Pikes Peak Section has an award-winning website? Well, we do! Our webmaster, Robert Boren, is a resident of New Zealand and works his magic via the Web. Check out the Mercedes videos and Section event photos that are posted regularly. Our newsletter is also available for your reading pleasure. We’re at:




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July Fun Run

We had a great time at the July Fun Run

to Victor, CO and the Gold Rush Days. Eighteen of our members met for breakfast at the Black Bear Diner before heading out to the mountains. It was a beautiful day for a drive - blue skies, cool temperatures, great mountain roads. When we got to Victor, the festivities were in full swing. We paused to watch a drilling competition before checking out the

Meet the Board

vendors. After a short shower, the belly dancers took the stage and we watched with ice cream in hand. After doing our part for Colorado’s economy, we headed out again, this time to parts south - via Hwy 11 and 9 to Hwy 50. The day ended at the Hen House in Pueblo West for some good conversation and better chicken. It was a great day. Many thanks to the organizers, Henry and Sylvia Russell.

“We had a great time at the July Fun Run to Victor...”

by Julie Nelson

One of my favorite experiences with a

Mercedes-Benz happened before I even owned one. While Andrew and I were dating, we traveled to Germany in 1990. We had a Mercedes-Benz rental car, a 260E. Because he knew his way around pretty well, Andrew did most of the driving, on the Autobahn, in the cities, out on country roads and in the little towns. As always, the M-B was comfortable and smooth. By the time the second Sunday rolled around, I was ready to give Autobahn driving a shot. At the time, most Autobahns were still only two lanes in each direction. The Berlin Wall had only recently come down, so there were a lot of Ladas, Trabants and other Eastern

Block vehicles—gutless—on the road. Lucky for me, most large trucks were not allowed on the Autobahn on Sundays, so the chances of my having to slam on my brakes while a Trabby was passing a semi were pretty slim.

even further.

“Rarely have I

The 260E wasn’t particularly fast, but it was fast enough for me. I was willing and able to drive at 220kph for a little while (about 137mph). What a rush! But that took a lot of concentration—no room for conversation, music, etc. So I settled in at about 160kph (about 100mph). Rarely have I had so much fun driving! Maybe someday, we’ll make it to Germany again, and I can expand my skills

had so much fun driving!”




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More Compact Models

by Viknesh Vijayenthiran

ercedes-Benz’s compact car range currently consists of three models, the A-Class hatchback sold overseas; the B-Class MPV, which launches here as an electric car next spring; and the stylish CLA sedan that’s just gone on sale. Next year, a GLA crossover will be launched along with a fifth model, a CLA Shooting Brake, though the latter won’t make it to the U.S.

the next generation of our compact cars,” Mercedes-Benz CEO Dieter Zetsche said to Automotive News (subscription required). “We have to define it and we may expand the portfolio.”

Further down the track, Mercedes-Benz is considering even more compact cars, the automaker’s CEO has just revealed.

Another possibility, and one that looks more likely, is a convertible version of the CLA. Such a car would target the likes of the upcoming BMW 2-Series Convertible and Audi A3 Cabriolet.


“We are considering the final portfolio of



Zetsche didn’t state what additional variants might be added but did reveal that the next generation of Mercedes compact cars was due from 2018 onwards. Mercedes has long been rumored to be planning a convertible sports car based on its front-wheel-drive platform that underpins its compact car range. In fact, the automaker first previewed such a car as early as 2000 with its Vision SLA concept.

by Viknesh Vijayenthiran

ercedes-Benz CEO Dr. Dieter Zetsche has revealed that a decision on production in Mexico will be made early next year, reports Automotive News. If approved, the CLA would be built at an existing Nissan plant in Aguascalientes, Mexico, beginning in 2018, Zetsche went on to reveal, suggesting a next-generation version of the car .

Nissan plans to upgrade the plant for production of an Infiniti compact car, which suggests a U.S. launch of its compact. Infiniti is yet to officially confirm the launch of a compact car in the U.S. The benefits of Mexican production are numerous. They include access to good infrastructure, competitive cost structures and lucrative free trade agreements with the U.S. The move would also help Mercedes hedge against currency fluctuations and aid logistics. The CLA is currently at a plant in Hungary alongside its A Class and B Class siblings.

QR Code

We have taken another giant leap into

the technology era with the inclusion of the QR Code on the back cover of the newsletter. What is a QR code, you ask? Well, the QR code is a mobile phone readable barcode. It is becoming more ubiquitous - you see it in magazine advertising and on billboards or web pages. To use it, just




scan it with a free app that is downloadable from iTunes. It will take you directly to the Pikes Peak Section website. There you can read the newsletter, check the calendar, or peruse event photos - all electronically. The app is available for android or iPhones. Download the app today and see what it’s all about.

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‘Round the Benz Editor 4335 Penhurst Place Colorado Springs, CO 80906 Return Service Requested


Happy Dog Days Calendar of Upcoming Events On the Web at www.mbca. org/pikes_ peak/

MBCA Pikes Peak Section

6 August 2013 Board Meeting - 6:00 p.m. Andrew Nelson 719-634-7522 17 August 2013 Monthly Breakfast - 9:01 a.m. President’s Rally Andrew Nelson 719-634-7522 1 September 2013 Drive-In Movie - 4:00 p.m. Dan Kerbs


10 September 2013 Board Meeting - 6:00 p.m. Andrew Nelson 719-634-7522 22 September 2013 Fall Drive - 9:00 a.m.

Judy Bennett


27-29 September 2013 Off-Road Weekend Judy Bennett


1 October 2013 Board Meeting - 6:00 p.m. Andrew Nelson 719-634-7522 8 October 2013 Section Elections - 6:00 p.m. Judy Bennett 719-576-9737 20 October 2013 Monthly Breakfast - 9:00 a.m. Ft Collins Brewery Tour Gary Gagnon 719-332-7501

The Pikes Peak Section Board of Directors meets the First Tuesday of Each Month at Mercedes-Benz of Colorado Springs, 730 Automotive Drive. Meetings start at 6:00 p.m. All Section members are welcome and encouraged to attend. ‘ROUND



August 'Round The Benz  

August newsletter of the Pikes Peak Section of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America.

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