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Eat Drink & Be Merry Now Offering Casino Night for Private Parties in New York City People tired of going to the same boring private or Birthday parties in New York City will be pleased to know that Eat Drink & Be Merry is now offering Casino Night. This unique type of party will bring all the fun and excitement people see in the Hangover movies to real life. Some people even think this type of party is so fun, it should be illegal. But it isn’t, and it is ideal for birthday, bachelorette and corporate parties in NYC. People who choose to have Eat Drink & Be Merry host their private parties can always bet on a good time. With just one call to the event coordinator, people will be treated to a private room that offers ample space for the most exciting Casino-like festivities. The private party room will include a full top-shelf open bar and a large selection of casino tables for guests. Guests of the private party can try to hit it big by trying their hand at poker, blackjack, craps & roulette. Casino Night will be a special night where people of New York City can prove that they are big shots that run the town. While guests of the party are playing games at the casino tables, event staff members will be available to serve drinks and food. The party will also be served a special catered dinner with plenty of food options to choose from. Whether guests are planning to attend a fancy affair, or informal bash, Casino Night is a sure bet, for any type of private party in New York City. Guests can inquire about having Casino Night hosted at any of the main bars associated with Eat Drink & Be Merry. About the Company: Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, MTV, New York Mets, Pfizer, Wall Street Journal and many others, all have repeatedly used Eat Drink & Be Merry to host their corporate events and private holiday parties in East Village. The party planning company also provides expert event planners that can help guests organize everything from finding the ideal space, room, loft, or venue to arranging food selections and beverage packages. This party planning service is also easy to use and entirely free. For more information, visit

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Eat Drink & Be Merry Now Offering Casino Night for Private Parties in New York City