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4 Interview: Governor Ed Rendell 5 Through South African Lenses 6 Cracks in the Glass Ceiling 7 Is T.A.R.P. a Good Step to End the Recession? 8 Guantánamo: A Necessary Complication 9 Is Obama the Republicans’ Only Problem? By Rachel Thomas By Elena Stein

By Rachel Thomas

By Patrick Bradley

By Wenceslao G. Matos By Bill Shotzbarger

Global 10 Interview: Michael Doyle 11 Europe’s Russian War 12 Students Clash Over Middle-East 13 Poem: Dear Gaza Anne-Garland Berry & Bob Ma By Patrick Stedman

By Bob Ma & Nantina Vgontzas By Marwa Ibrahim

Social 13 Blue Blood: Foundations of Aristocracy 14 8 Reasons Why Prop 8 “Saved” America 15 Drunk Teenagers Don’t Melt the Ice Caps By Abdulaziz Al Mulla By Ned Shell

By John Gee

The Soapbox, March 2009 




March 2009 Volume VI Issue 4 Exclusive Interview: Governor Rendell A Satire on the Gay Marriage Debate ‘Change’ Through South African Lenses...