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Pawel Rachfalski

The City of Mass Mobility

In 2020 over 50 percent of the worlds population will live in cities on just 3 percent of the worlds land mass. Increasingly over crowded cities are becoming ever more congested and as a result living spaces are becoming smaller and our quality of life is becoming worse. To combat this we want to design a city of the future that improves flow and circulation to provide a freely mobile city that does not compromise public or private spaces. We shall consider all of the various circulation systems within the cities, including pedestrians, public forms of transport, along with any necessary support infrastructure.


Velocity Vortex Fall 2012 Marina Nicollier Architectural Design III ARCH 553

In the city, as a user goes from the exterior to the interior of a building their velocity changes; a pedestrian goes from a low velocity to a high velocity, and a car goes from a high velocity to a low velocity. This inversion of velocities creates a direct separation from the exterior to the interior. Within this project a user velocity is kept at a constant as one moves through the building and then as they leave their velocity is increased. This allows for the user to enter the building and experience it without a disconnect from the exterior.


Cars Heavy


Pedestrians Heavy


Buses Heavy

Stop Light

A spiral also simulating a vortex is a shape and form that is unlike any other; it is rarely referred to as geometry, but rather as energy. The form is also seen in plant growth patterns. This allows for the maximum number of petals to grow in the least amount of space. The spiral is not so much a shape as the evidence of a shape formation.


Site boundaries / Void

Active site

Optimized size for user

Extrude vortex

Connect with slab

Increase view away from city

Program Program orginization orginization

Rotate blocks to allow max street orginization interaction with circulation

Generic street Generic street

Raise up Rotate blocks toramp allowcirculation max interaction with circulation

on up Rotate around central circulation ate around central circulation by expo space.

Hotel and Retail Hotel and Retail

State streetState orginization street orginization

Rotate central Raise ramparound circulation up circulation

Sprial up and spiral ramp upSprial up and spiral ramp up by expo space.

Rotateby around expo s



Grad School Port  

Grad School Portfolio, First semester at UIC.

Grad School Port  

Grad School Portfolio, First semester at UIC.