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Private Letter of Recommendation Faculty of Decorative Arts, Interior Decorative Silpakorn University, 31 Napralarn Rd., Prabarom Maharatchawang, Pranakorn, Bangkok, THAILAND 10200 25 November, 2013 To whom it may concern: I wrote this letter to support the application of Miss Prapimpan Bowonphattharawadi who is currently doing Bachelor Degree of Interior Decorative Art at Decorative Arts Silpakorn University,3ndyrs. Miss Prapimpan Bowonphattharawadi is a very positively person with a good work fundamental strongly. I have observed her to be all situations. I am certain that her potential and initiative combined with a great for joining in your company will meet your strict requirements. Having the opportunity to working with international reputable company of international interior design and decorative would greatly enable her to improve on her skill of perspective, clear drawing, select supplyer, leader of presentation project for working in the future, and another skill. I believe that her intellectual ability, positively charged, friendly and endeavourly, knowledge, and related practical skill together with her social abilities will enable her to successfully and mutually beneft something for both. Your kindly consideration will be very much appreciated. Sincerely your,

Ms. Sukontaroat Kongcharoen Instructor, Faculty of Decorative Arts, Interior Decorative Art Silpakorn University, Thailand Ph.D. student of Department Administation Educational, Faculty of Education, Silpakorn University and Ps. Subject that I am lecturer student 3nd yrs. (2013) 1. Interior Design Concept. 2. Organization and Management for Interior Design. 3. Interior Design Seminar.

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