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Issue No. 3 - February 2013

Canada’s Premier Magazine for Professional Photographers


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VANCOUVER THIS APRIL Your Guide to Canadian Imaging 2013

It’s The Couple’s Story Wedding Photography with Marcus Bell Using Photoshop CS6 for video projects © Copyright PPOC

Cover photo by: Alexandra Morrison, CPA



Issue No. 3 - February 2013

Canada’s Premier Magazine for Professional Photographers


Your Guide to Canada’s Premier Photography Event | 8 - 29

It’s The Couple’s Story Wedding Photography with Marcus Bell | 6

Using Photoshop CS6 for video projects | 38 © Copyright PPOC

Cover photo by: Alexandra Morrison, CPA

Cover photo by: Alexandra Morrison, CPA Read more on Pg. 42



38 - 40

Executive Portraits with Ralph Romaguera

Video Project using Photoshop CS6 with Lesa Snider

Wedding Photography with Marcus Bell

9 - 29 Your guide to Canadian Imaging 2013 - 18 reasons you should be in Vancouver this April

My PPOC with Sasha Onyshchenko


33 Take Part & Take Pride - 2013 Image Salon

42 PPOC Facebook “Canada Imaging 2013”

In this issue A Message from the PPOC Chair................................................. 4

My PPOC....................................................................................... 35

A Couples Story - Marcus Bell...................................................... 6

Executive Portraits - Ralph Romaguera....................................... 37

Your Guide to Canadian Imaging 2013....................................... 9

Video Projects - Lesa Snider......................................................... 38

PPOC Calendar of Events............................................................. 30

Concept to Cover (About this issue’s cover photo)....................... 42

National Image Salon.................................................................... 33

Facebook “Canadian Imaging 2013”............................................ 42

Copyright Victory.......................................................................... 34


Welcome to Gallerie & PPOC From your PPOC Chair Ken Frazer, MPA, F.Ph.


he main topic of my message is to talk about the great convention we have coming up in a few short months! There is a fantastic lineup of speakers this year that make this convention a sensational learning opportunity for all of you. Two of the top speakers are Gregory Heisler and Marcus Bell. They are both in demand and highly respected worldwide. If the convention only had one of these giants of the industry it would be worth it. I look forward to inspiration from Gregory Heisler in my portrait photography. He takes the building of the relationship with the subject to a much higher level. He is also offering an early bird program for those who want to get more from him. Marcus Bell is one of the most famous wedding and portrait photographers in the world today and we are very lucky to have him come to Vancouver to share his photographic life and experiences. Marcus will be doing a wedding program that is bound to inspire you to achieve new heights in your image making career. For those who would like a more intense experience with Marcus, he is offering a full day workshop on Saturday and an early riser workshop Sunday morning. Either of these sessions would allow you to get deeper into the subject with him. Ralph Romaguara is a highly awarded and recognizable name on the speaking circuit from the big easy - New Orleans. His program will cover the unique skills required to do high end executive portraiture under the challenging conditions of a location. His early bird program will feature an aspect of his very large studio in New Orleans that specializes in high volume senior photography. Moose Peterson is a world acclaimed wildlife photographer and we are thrilled to have him speak at the Vancouver convention. He is well known around the world in publications and on the internet because of the large amount of teaching he does. I could go on to mention many of the other fine speakers but simply do not have the room in this article to go over all of them. Needless to say, Vancouver is going to be one “Needless to say, of the finest convention experiences you can Vancouver is going easily attend. I have always noticed that the people in our industry that rise to the top and to be one of the stay there are the ones who are constantly finest convention learning and growing. This decision to make learning a lifelong commitment is essential experiences you can to your success. Although we all have to be easily attend.� careful about our costs in business, I ask you to view this as an investment that will pay big returns. It just takes one good idea to generate thousands of dollars of net profit over the course of the year. I also realize we can all get a lot of education on the internet but nothing will ever match the experience of seeing a speaker live and being able to ask questions. Help us help you, by attending Canadian Imaging 2013 in Vancouver! I hope to see you there.

Sincerely, Ken Frazer MPA, F.Ph. -4-


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From The Editor Karyn Lee


i! Welcome to the February 2013 edition of Gallerie. I am so very excited to begin as the Editor for this special edition of Gallerie. Throughout the pages of this issue, you’ll find articles from some of the speakers that are being featured at this year’s Canadian Imaging Conference in Vancouver, as well as schedules, workshop details and information from our generous sponsors and trade show vendors. If you are planning on travelling to the Conference, you’ll find a small sampling of the great workshops you’re in for. Marcus Bell, Ralph Romaguera and Lesa Snider have all generously provided articles that briefly cover their workshop topics that you can look forward to. Now, you may have also noticed many changes over the last few months within Gallerie. On top of a complete overhaul in the looks department, you may have seen a shift in the content as well. The truth is, this is your magazine. While we strive to provide content that you may find interesting or helpful, we still need your input. Whether you want to tell us to keep up the good work, or you want to tell us how we can improve (don’t worry, we can take the heat!) please let us know how you feel.

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LOVE being a photographer. Passion drives creativity. ~ Marcus Bell

It’s The Couple’s Story For Marcus Bell, it comes down to the couple—it begins and ends with their story, their lives and their memories. He remains, simply, a romantic dreamer at heart.


arcus Bell, owner of Studio Impressions, has revolutionized wedding photography with a style steeped in raw emotion and supported by classical technique. He is part of a group of wedding photographers who bridge the gap between ‘Fashion’ and ‘Photojournalism’. The award winning Australian photographer Marcus Bell is unashamedly a sucker for all the romance of weddings. He drowns in the emotion of every wedding he shoots, and is drawn to the little moments that make the day special. He combines an innate ability to capture the emotion in a look—a touch or a moment shared—with years of experience and technical expertise to produce remarkable images.


When watching Marcus shoot, his passion for his craft, his respect for his subject and his technical expertise are evident. He is lightning quick, purposeful and completely absorbed by his work. Marcus has a remarkable ability to disappear into the background. Rarely orchestrating shots, he instead relies on experience, preparation and observation to guide him through the important moments, allowing the natural emotions and interactions to unfold. Having mastered lighting, composition and his equipment, he can deal with the technical aspects of his work quickly and concentrate on “seeing the decisive moment.” Genuine and courteous, Marcus begins to develop a bond with his clients from the moment they enter his studio or chat on Skype; learning how they met, why they fell in love and what is important to them about their wedding day. “I want to know my client really well before the wedding day. Understanding the client personally, knowing what and who are important to them, and building a rapport with them ensures I get relaxed, meaningful shots. It helps me to look for the things and the people that matter to my clients and be ready for those emotional moments. It’s not luck. Not shooting to a formula means that you have to be alert and work hard.” Allowing his clients to express who they are is paramount in his images. Marcus is constantly on alert for images that will capture the relationships he has already heard so much about. He watches for the grandmother who is glowing with pride as her granddaughter gets married, the special look that passes between the bride and groom as he hands her a Tiffany box away from the crowd, the flower girl who sheds a nervous tear before the ceremony. Marcus’ trained eye sees it all—not just how a grandmother hugs the bride, but also their family ties and long history together. Marcus views weddings as an opportunity to capture portraits that depict people’s spirits and the relationships between loved ones. He believes that this “will in turn provide more information about their lives than anything else.” “If you look at the work of industry leaders in photojournalism there is a sensitivity and humanity in the hearts of these photographers. Photographers like Henri-Carter Bresson would spend an entire day waiting for the decisive moment to unfold before him – as a new breed of wedding photographer it is no

different – we use every bit of skill laid down by the generations of photographers before us”. 1. He concentrates intently on “capturing how the bride and groom each feels about the person they’re marrying.” 2.  He studies and documents “how the couple loves.” He concentrates on the style and behaviour that make each couple unique. 3. He carefully records moments that reveal, “How much the couple care about their family and friends.” Marcus, like many photojournalists, decided to concentrate on telling the story of a couple. “There’s beauty in all of us, it’s just a matter of finding the right information or moment to tell. It can be subtle so you have to be alert all the time.” “My inspiration begins and ends with the couple. Creating and having a relationship with the subject is such a key.” Then your instincts can capture the essence of that person and the shooting environment, especially a wedding.” This is the secret of how he gets “an edge to produce fantastic moments with the people the wedding couple love.” Marcus’ advice for the inspiring photojournalistic photographer • Learn to See. Learn to Feel. Learn to Relax into your own style. Just keep aiming to see more than you’ve seen before. • Don’t work to a shoot list, but know your clients well enough to know what photographs are important to them.


S tudy the work of the great photojournalists and use it to influence your weddings. • Don’t bother if money is your main motivator. This style of wedding photography relies on the ability to enjoy shooting weddings and as romantic as it sounds, to be inspired by the love and emotion of the bride and groom. • Keep your eyes open. React immediately. • Know the event you’re photographing; understand weddings inside out. Think of it as a game of football in one way and you’re going to capture the magic moment of the game, weddings are just the same. Try to anticipate moments that could happen and are going to happen, even “will them” to happen. • Be unobtrusive. A good photojournalistic wedding photographer will capture things that even the bride and groom hadn’t noticed. You’re not the show - they are! • Focus on the client – their life, their wedding, and their interactions. • Display the final images so that they sell themselves. Present the story and make the most of the reaction. • Use equipment that supports the pace of the day, and can handle and produce large numbers of high quality images, you can only decide what equipment is right for you. • Produce albums that reflect the story you have captured, and do so on high quality paper. and finally…… • LOVE being a photographer. Passion drives creativity.


18 VANCOUVER reasons you should be in


Your Guide to Canadian Imaging 2013
















Check out the following pages to learn more about our 18 (and counting!) speakers and their fabulous programs. This is one of the best educational opportunities you’ll have this year and we don’t want you to miss it! -9-

Gregory Heisler The Evocative Portrait


Monday, April 15 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

hotographing people with a sense of intention. Deliberateness. Purpose. This is what separates the casual or candid portrait from the evocative portrait. In this stimulating presentation, Gregory Heisler will inspire you to change gears: to think more about “why” than “how” as you create your images. He will explain his philosophy and methodology of photographing people, balancing a conscious process of decision-making with the intuitive, unpredictable shifts that inevitably occur during the making of a portrait. But his choices are always in response to specific subjects, circumstances, and clients. Employing an incredibly broad array of photographic skills, he has always sought fresh and innovative approaches to his portrait assignments and commissions. As a “Canon Explorer of Light,” he’s worked with the latest 35mm digital cameras, yet he still loves his vintage Graflexes and Deardorffs. He has enjoyed working with formats from half-frame 35mm all the way to the 20x24-inch Polaroid, optics ranging from 19th-century portrait lenses all the way to the latest

multicoated glass optimized for digital photography, and every type of light available: sophisticated strobe setups, myriad combinations of tungsten, fluorescent, LED and HMI sources, gear from Home Depot… even the headlights of his car! While portraiture is a collaboration, the power rests with the photographer. Learn to use this power to create your best work; it’s what you owe your client, your subject, and yourself. It’s empowering, gratifying, and fun.

Early Riser Workshop

Arnold Newman as Influence and Mentor Tuesday, April 16 7:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. In this Early-riser session, Gregory Heisler will share his insights on the career and impact of the seminal environmental portraitist Arnold Newman. Heisler worked as Newman’s assistant and printer in the mid1970’s and possesses to this day a deep and abiding respect for the man and his work. He will also share his experiences working with the master and will show a rarely seen video from the 1980’s of Newman actually at work making a portrait.

- 10 -

Marcus Bell Wedding Stories


Monday, April 15 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

n this seminar international award winning photographer Marcus Bell, will share how he captures the emotive, storytelling images he is famous for. He will take you through some of his iconic images, explaining the story behind these images and how he was able to find and capture these stories in the middle of a hectic wedding day. He will explain why this is so important to being a successful wedding photographer, and simple tips for improving how you “see the moment”. Marcus will also share how he brings these stories to life in his final prints using Lightroom and Photoshop techniques that will revolutionise your workflow. He has consistently won awards since beginning Studio Impressions in 1996, and has been awarded the Australian Institute of Professional “Photography accreditation of “Master: four times. He is a Fellow of the BPPA. As both a Nikon and Adobe Ambassador he has a reputation for being a technical leader and

product innovator – for always looking for new ways to improve his work and deliver something great to his clients. Marcus began photographing on film and started business at a time when digital photography was changing the face of the photographic industry.

Early Riser Workshop Looking For Light

Sunday, April 14 7:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.

Marcus will guide you throughout the Hyatt Hotel to show you what locations he looks for that he can use on the wedding day. Learn how he prepares for the wedding day generally the day before, to scout for the perfect location and selection of the right equipment for the sites available.

Full Day Workshop

The Art of Capturing Unforgettable Moments and the Business of Lasting Impressions Saturday, April 13 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

- 11 -

Moose Peterson Wanderings of a Wildlife Photographer

Half-Day Workshop

Sunday, April 14 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.


Photo Walk

hotography is all about story telling and I love to tell stories! Life and the subjects that land in the viewfinder have much to share with us. In my 30yrs, I’ve been very fortunate to have had many stories unfold before my lens. Sit back, let me share some with you some of these stories and how I’ve gone about bringing them to life.

Saturday, April 13 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

The best place to learn photography is behind the camera! Join Moose on a Photo Walk where together, you can look at a scene, point your cameras and discuss the resulting image. In this process you can see what Moose sees with his eyes and then what he makes his camera see and communicate. The thought process of before, during and after the click will aid you in moving your own photography forward.

- 12 -

Ralph Romaguera Executives on Location!


Early Riser Workshop

Wednesday, April 17 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

n this exciting world of digital, what separates you from your competition? Having been successful for 42 years, Romaguera believes in giving back to the community. For 15 years, Romaguera has been making portraits each year of 25 community leaders and having a display. The images have all been 24x30-framed portraits unveiled at a black tie gala. Most of the portraits are made with one or no lights and are photographed within ten minutes or less of arrival on location. Romaguera will show how to turn a charity event into a great PR opportunity while creating a lucrative endeavor for the studio.

Volume is Not a Dirty Word Wednesday, April 17 7:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. If you love the photography business and want to be in a recession proof niche then volume is where you need to be! Romaguera will show you how to keep your creative high-end portrait studio as well as being in the lucrative school and event business. The two can work “hand and hand� to add extra dollars to your bottom line. Posing and lighting as well as sales, marketing and workflow will be topics covered during the seminar. Romaguera will show how he doubled his gross after the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina.

Sponsored by:

- 13 -

Steve Simon 10 Steps Toward Becoming Great


Sunday, April 14 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

n his best selling and critically-acclaimed book, The Passionate Photographer: 10 Steps Toward Becoming Great, Steve Simon tells us that finding a photo story or theme you feel passionate about will help take you to the next level in your photography. Through his innovative 10step approach he will inspire you to transform your passions into a unique personal vision, taking you out of your comfort zone and push photographic boundaries to new and exciting work you know you can make. Steve provides an overview of his working philosophy and deconstructs the elements that makes good photographers great. From finding inspiration to transforming your passion into a unique personal vision regardless of your specialization in photography, you will learn to trust your intuition and rid yourself of preconceptions that hold you back. Some of the topics covered include: finding direction and meaning in your work; the importance of persistence and practice and the 10,000 hours theory, taking an honest look

at our strengths and weaknesses to come up with solutions and action steps to get to the next level; and how to photograph people by establishing trust to gain access. Steve’s presentation combines humor and poignancy, as he takes you on an inspirational journey through his work. From the emotional impact of 9/11 to a dazzling road trip across America At The Edge.

Early Riser Workshop

Nikon Dream System - Tips Toward Mastery Sunday, April 14 7:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. Steve Simon, life-long Nikon shooter, mentor and author will guide you through the labyrinth of key camera menu items to fast-track even long time pro Nikon shooters to better images.

Full Day Workshop

Re-invigorating Your Work Through Personal Projects Friday, April 12 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

- 14 -

Brian DeMint Creative Fashion: Shooting on the Fly


Early Riser Workshop

Tuesday, April 16 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The Creative Mind

ull shoot from beginning to final edit. Covering a plethora of topics including creative thinking/makeup/ hair/accessories/mood-setting/ posing/lighting/trickery/image selection and editing in Photoshop... a very fun and informative program with techniques you can employ in nearly every aspect of portrait photography.

Wednesday, April 17 7:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. Learn a number of scientifically proven methods to expand your creative thinking... separate yourself from the crowd... example driven program that shows how to work new creative thought processes into your current style of shooting.

- 15 -

Sponsored by:

BEAU Photo Supplies has been proudly supporting professional photographers for 30 years. For the last 30 years, Beau Photo has been supplying professional photographers across Canada with the equipment and supplies they need to get their jobs done. We’ve seen many changes over the years, but one thing that has remained the same is our commitment to providing the best products we can, along with the advice you need to create compelling images. We are an independent shop that provides personalized service that can’t be found online. Come by or give us a call and let us help you out. Cameras - Lenses - Digital Video Albums - Rentals - Camera Bags Accessories - Equipment Rentals - Film Darkroom Supplies - and more...

We welcome you to Vancouver in April 2013 for the Canadian Imaging Conference and Trade Show.

Beau Photo Supplies 1520 West 6th Ave. Vancouver, B.C. 604.734.7771

- 16 -

1.800.994.2328 - toll free

Fusion 2013


Saturday April 13th, 2013

Hyatt Regency Hotel - Vancouver, BC

Attending the Canadian Imaging Conference in Vancouver in April?

20% disco unt on semina rs f PPOC mem or bers!

Arrive early and join us at Fusion 2013!

Plus get th e same great hote l rate.

Hear five great speakers and tour the trade show featuring the latest in cameras, rigs, recording devices, camera stabilizers, lighting, grip equipment and more.

Ian Ruhter - Friday Evening Keynote - “Silver and Light” Behind the Story. Ian Ruhter gave up a successful snowboard / sports photography career to pursue a dream; follow his art and passion wherever it leads. Ian and & his director / partner Lane Power will discuss the creative and production process they use, and share some of their latest work.

Nick Didlick - Intro to DSLR Video for Stills Photographers. Twice nominated for a Pulitzer by Reuters news pictures, Nick has covered many of the world’s major news and sports events over the past 30 years. From equipment and planning to shooting your “first video” his lecture will be full of tips and tricks.

Kharen Hill - Music Videos and More with a DSLR. An internationally renowned entertainment stills photographer for many of Hollywood’s stars and film & television studios, Kharen Hill has a history of directing video, and has recently shot a music video for Sarah McLachlan’s School of Music on her DSLR.

Life Studios - Capturing Weddings with DSLR Video. Vancouver based Life Studios Inc. is experienced with cinematography, photography, fashion, sound engineering and broadcast. They will discuss the complete process in utilizing DSLR’s for video: optimal settings, best practices, support equipment, story construction and the ever important post production.

Kirk Neff - Shooting Video Exclusively with a DSLR. Kirk Neff is a former Senior Photojournalist and a current Director of Photography for Global Television’s program “16 x 9”. Kirk will cover why and how he made his change to shooting DSLR exclusively as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using a DSLR to shoot long format news stories.

See us at the trade show 8:30am - 5:30pm David Hostetter Dominion Lending

- 17 -

Tamara Lackey Contemporary Children’s Photography


Early Riser Workshop

Tuesday, April 16 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

onsistently capturing images of children that are authentic, expressive and technically strong is often more challenging than it appears. Join Tamara Lackey who has shot over 1,000 children’s photography sessions, as she walks you through the specifics of how she photographs during the sessions, including behind-the-scenes footage of actual shoots, with an emphasis on shooting cleaner, knocking out problems before they arise-or as they occur-and connecting with your subjects more quickly, which is so important when working with children. If you are interested in the subject of children’s portraiture--one of the top three most popular subjects for professional photographers--then this event is not to be missed!

Portrait Photography: Building (or Rebuilding) the Portrait Business. Tuesday, April 16 7:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m In her tenth year of business, Tamara has honed her portrait photography studio into a business that fuses each personal client interaction with a consistent, focused and excellent series of photographic products. Learn how to build (or rebuild) a portrait business that maximizes your efforts *and* lets you sleep at night. And see how small shifts in the way you shoot can go a long way in creating your most sellable - and marketable - photographs yet.

- 18 -

Sponsored by:

Benjamin Von Wong The Unique Style of Benjamin Von Wong Wednesday, April 17 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.


uring Benjamin Von Wong’s 4 hour program, he will explore the process and preparation, the challenges and difficulties, that he works through to end up with the fantastic images

that he is well known for. He will cover equipment, techniques and style that he uses. While his images are more in the fashion genre, the same techniques can be applied to other commercial, portrait or even wedding images. Prepare yourself to be inspired! Benjamin will take members of the audience and create a unique setup on the spot. Watch how he builds the complex lighting layout mixing studio light with Speedlights and how he edits with tethered Lightroom.

- 19 -

Lesa Snider

Video Editing Power Hour | How to Make Money Shooting Stock Sunday, April 14 9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. hotoshop CS6 standard edition lets you edit video easily and efficiently in order to add more products to your photography business or to showcase your own photos.


Sunday, April 14 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

There’s money to be made in the realm of stock photography, specifically the super affordable royalty-free phenomenon called “microstock”. In this informative session, iStockphoto’s chief evangelist shares her tips for a successful career shooting microstock.

Cam & Linda Colclough Propelling your Business to the Next Level Sunday, April 14 Early Riser Workshop 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.


Exploring Corel Painter

am & Linda Colclough will take you through their journey that has transformed their business in a new direction through Art, Marketing and Relationships.

Sponsored by:

- 20 -

Monday, April 15 7:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.

Dave Cross

Edit Faster/Shoot More Monday, April 15 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. s photographers we want to spend as little time as possible in Photoshop and get back to shooting! In this program Dave will show how to take advantage of the automation techniques that are built into Photoshop.


Early Riser Workshop

Photoshopography: Creative Composting Sunday, April 14 7:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.

Sponsored by:

Larry Hersberger Accept the Present! Let it go! Get positive! Build your future! Wednesday, April 17 Early Riser Workshop


9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

o much has changed in the photographic industry! There are so many people with digital cameras. People complain about the cost of photography. The global economy is on shaky ground.

Be a Pro and Separate Yourself Monday, April 15 7:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.

Sponsored by:

- 21 -

Sam Sciarrino

The Fundamentals for the Portrait Photographer Tuesday, April 16 Early Riser Workshop 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.


his program will introduce posing dynamics and body language, direction of light and composition combining all to become a visually impact-full image.

Contemporary Bridal Portraits Monday, April 15 7:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.

Sponsored by:

Nick Didlick

A Look Ahead into the Future of Photo Technology Wednesday, April 17 9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.


ick Didlick’s extensive career in photography has spanned three decades and two continents. A leading photo consultant counting the International Olympic Committee as one

of his clients. Nick will be giving a behind the scenes view of Olympic Photography and a look ahead into the future of photo technology.

Sponsored by:

- 22 -

Jaron Horrocks Profitable Design for Your Business Monday, April 15 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.


here are 2 choices in the photography market these days - Sell data or sell art. Creating unique artwork for your clients can bring higher sales, but it also has its

own set of challenges; like increased time investment, greater technical skills and a smaller target market. In this program, Jaron Horrocks will demonstrate how to overcome these barriers. Sponsored by:

Trevon Baker

Using the 4 Dimensions of Portraiture To Set Yourself Apart


Monday, April 15 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

earn how to incorporate a camera room workflow that uses these dimensions to provide your customers with more variety while becoming more efficient and creative in your portrait ses-

sions. Explore each of these “dimensions� in depth and along the way, discover how this new approach can expand your posing and lighting alternatives, refine your skill and have you making more profits in your studio. Sponsored by:

- 23 -

Aura McKay Photo Safari Guide


Friday, April 12 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

pend the day on a chartered bus and visit the highlights of Vancouver & area. Aura will lead the group to the locations in and around Vancouver that are photographic hot spots.

This tour is suitable for all ages, spouses and families are welcome. The full day tour includes lunch and these highlights: Coal Harbour, Stanley Park, Lynn Canyon, False Creek, Vandusen Gardens and Granville Island.

Ian Ruhter

Silver and Light

Monday, April 15 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.


lchemist and photographer, Ian Ruhter has taken a decidedly different path for his career. Changing from the world of a freelance sports photographer to exploring stories, people and

places though the lens of the world’s largest portable camera and recording life using the wet plate process from the 1850’s. Sponsored by:

- 24 -

Professional Tools

for Professional Results

Toolkit, Preset Fx & BeautyBar Pro for Retouching & Production

Stylers for Creativity Simple to use, Creative Tools - No Plug In Hassles Ready when you are... Always.

FineArt Fx for Proots!

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19th ...................................PPOC Webinar, Lights, Camera, ACTIONS! with Craig Minielly 24th...................PPOC-AT Image Salon Judging and Jeff Babineau seminar, Moncton, NB


2 & 3rd.....................................................................PPOC-SK Spring Seminar, Humboldt, SK 6th ........................... PPOC-BC Northern Branch Coffee Shop Series, Prince George, BC 11th................... PPOC-BC Island Branch, Kent Wong Accreditation Seminar, Saltaire, BC 13th.......................................................................................... PPOC Salon Earlybird Deadline 18th............................................................................. PPOC-MB Open House, Winnipeg MB 27th ......................................................................................................... PPOC Salon Deadline


3rd .......................... PPOC-BC Northern Branch Coffee Shop Series, Prince George, BC 8th..................................................................................... Accreditation Submission Deadline 12 to 17th.............................................PPOC Canadian Imaging Conference, Vancouver, BC 29th................................................ PPOC-MB Education Event, BLF Studios, Winnipeg MB

1st ........................... PPOC-BC Northern Branch Coffee Shop Series, Prince George, BC 3 to 5th ..........................................PPOC-AT Convention & Awards Banquet, Stanhope, PEI 13th........................................................ PPOC-BC Island Branch, Meeting TBA, Victoria BC MAY 25th ....................... PPOC-BC Northern Branch Mentor Me Workshop, Fort St. John, BC 26th .......................................PPOC-BC Northern Branch Photo Safari, Tumbler Ridge, BC 26 - 27th .......... PPOC-SK New members Course “Spring Inspiration”, Lloydminster, SK 27th ...................................................................... PPOC-MB Education Event, Brandon, MB


5th ...........................

PPOC-BC Northern Branch Coffee Shop Series, Prince George, BC


15th................................................................................... Accreditation Submission Deadline 7th ..............................PPOC-AT Summer Get Together with David Beckstead Halifax, NS 7th.............................................................................. PPOC-MB Summer BBQ, Mitchell, MB


14th................................................................................... Accreditation Submission Deadline

For additional events added throughout the year please visit the PPOC website at

- 30 -

. .


PPOC Calendar of Events

The world is your canvas. This is your brush.

Introducing the Nikon D600 Full-Frame HD-SLR. Long awaited by passionate photographers everywhere, the new Nikon D600 is an innovative 24.3-megapixel HD-SLR in a size and weight never seen before in FX format. Equipped to shoot virtually any subject – from landscape to portraiture and from still life to action – the D600 renders each with stunning sharpness and all of the benefits the versatile FX format can offer. Its larger dynamic range, greater scalability and true 35mm field – higher sensitivity, lower noise and superior low-light performance – are all harnessed in a compact, streamlined HD-SLR. As well, the spectacular HD 1080p video puts cinema quality movies at your fingertips. One of the world’s most anticipated cameras has finally arrived. The Nikon D600. And it’s waiting for you at your Authorized Nikon Canada Dealer.

Stunning FX-quality images and HD videos • 24.3 MP for crisp, lifelike detail • 5.5 FPS continuous shooting • 39-point AF System delivers superior sharpness • Cinema-quality Full HD 1080p video with stereo sound* *Optional external stereo microphone required.

- 31 -


Kate McElwee Photography


wedding crashers removed: $10 Nothing spoils a party like busy work. Forget retouching. It’s boring, repetitive, and it robs time from more important things. Live in the moment—and let us handle your retouching. So you can practice your craft and get paid. RetouchUp streamlines your workday. Set your profile and send bulk orders fast. Get 24-hour results. Low cost. No contracts or minimums. No complications. So you can focus on profits. And simplify your life.

picture perfect workflow © 2013

Visit or call: 888.700.3686 - 32 -


FREE! visit us today!

The only way to qualify is to enter. ~ Nelson Simard

Take Part and Take Pride - Image Salon Nelson Simard HLM, MPA, SPA 2013 PPOC Chair of the National Exhibition Committee


re you ready to measure yourself against your peers? This is your chance! PPOC will host its 2013 Image Salon judging on April 5th & 6th 2013 at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. All members are welcome to attend. This is where the best of the best is determined. Who will be the 1st ever PPOC Wedding Photographer of the Year. Will you be a finalist? Will you win a Best of Category Award? The only way to qualify is to enter. Interest in the PPOC Image Salon is at an all-time high. The past two years have yielded record-breaking numbers of entries. More sponsors have agreed to participate in 2013 than in previous years. Registrations for Canadian Imaging 2013 in Vancouver already exceed last year’s attendance in Halifax. This should prove to be one of the best attended national conventions ever. Will your name be called to accept one of these awards during the Awards Banquet? Will you return home able to advertise your achievements to your clients, peers, friends and families? Our two judging panels are comprised of experienced photographers who have earned the title of National Juror through successfully entering Regional & National Image Salons and by having participated in the mandatory PPOC Judging Clinic. They come from all areas of the country and bring with them a variety of skill sets and expertise. It is my pleasure to introduce them here: 2013 IMAGE SALON CHAIR Gilles Sweet-Boulay (London, ON) JURY CHAIRS Andrew W. R. Simpson HLM, MPA, SPA (Abbotsford BC) Brent Edwardson HLM, MPA, SPA (Maple Ridge BC) JUDGES Claude Brazeau MPA (Orleans ON) Cam Colclough MPA, SPA (Calgary AB) Marlene Fast HLM, MPA, SPA (Mitchell MB) Carina Gartner Lamarche MPA (Regina SK) Robert Hewitt MPA (Victoria BC) Carmen Matthews MPA (Stonewall MB) Craig Minielly MPA, SPA (Vancouver BC) Mark Orenstein MPA (Lethbridge AB) Jill Shantz MPA (St. Albert AB) Steve Voth MPA, (Saskatoon SK) Ron Ward MPA, SPA (Moncton NB) Tina Weltz MPA (Elmira ON) All Active, Accredited, Retired and HLM members can enter the PPOC Image Salon Download your current rules from The challenge is on TAKE PART AND TAKE PRIDE. - 33 -

Nelson Simard Image by Robert Bray, MPA

Using a contract is just as important now as it has ever been. ~ Brian Boyle

A Great Victory for Canadian Photographers Brian Boyle, HLM, MPA, SPA, FPPO PPOC Copyright Chair


o. After years of work, Canadian photographers finally own first copyright on their commissioned work. The work is finished, nothing left to do, turn off the lights, lock the door and leave. Not quite. Now is the Brian Boyle time for education. PPOC needs to educate photographers about the Copyright Act, how it affects them and how to protect themselves. My mantra in this portfolio, whether lecturing to students, talking to pros or writing for PPOC has always been “use a contract”. Using a contract is just as important now as it has ever been. A contract in its simplest form is an agreement between two parties, which outlines what one party will do or provide and what the other party will pay for that product or service. Without the use of a contract, you lose all of the benefits a contract can provide. These benefits include the agreement mentioned above; a liability clause pertaining to cancellation, loss of images, property damage or physical injury, etc; a payment schedule; delivery dates; locations and dates for the sessions; in short, all of the things that you need to agree on to have a successful relationship with your client. One other thing a contract provides is the suggestion that you might be a PROFESSIONAL! When Bill C-11 was introduced, it contained a clause limiting the

rights of photographers and granting extra rights to commissioners of images for personal use, such as a portrait, wedding pictures, picture of a house, etc., being a commission by an individual for non-commercial or private purposes (not commissioned by or for a corporation), the person who commissioned the image(s) will have the right to reproduce the image(s) at will without permission of the photographer, to print as many as he or she wants as well as to post the image(s) on the internet without limits if it is for non-commercial use. The government felt that giving this right to non-commercial clients provided a better balance of rights in these images between the photographer and the client. The overwhelming feeling was that people should be able to use, as well as to control the use of, their images as long as they were being used in a noncommercial manner. The pertinent clause can be overruled, if a contract states: “No other reproduction is permitted without the written permission of the author and/or copyright owner” and is signed by the client and the photographer. I understand that there are many PPOC members who do not use contracts. Some feel that their clients might object, some think that contracts are an unnecessary distraction from the creative process and some feel that they really don’t need them because they trust their clients. I understand all of the reasons and I do sympathize with these photographers. It is, however, my responsibility as a member of a professional organization to remind our members that good business practice dictates the use of a contract to protect yourself and your business.

- 34 -


PPOC members share their stories. During my first year of membership in PPOC (2 years ago), I used to hear a lot, that to get something out of this association you need to contribute, to give something first. I couldn’t really understand what it meant. Image by Sasha Onyshchenko I just received an email from my album company - Renaissance Albums http:// saying that my album of the year (Halifax 2012) is being featured on their blog. I’m writing this because I want to thank our organization. I think that “to contribute” simply means to be active, to engage in life of the association. If we are active and participate in PPOC events, image competitions, etc, then opportunities are incredible. If I wouldn’t have submitted the album to 2012 Image Salon, if I wouldn’t have gone to the convention, if I wouldn’t have met Simon from Beau Photo who distributes Renaissance albums in Canada, I wouldn’t have won the award, and Simon wouldn’t have given my name to Renaissance when they asked if there’s anybody in Canada who uses their albums. I’m hopeful that this exposure will help me at least to nail a few more weddings for next year. And if not, it’s a huge boost for my confidence, which I know many of us struggling so much with. Don’t take this as bragging, please. I’m just very excited. Aleksandr (Sasha) Onyshchenko Nationally Accredited and Award Winning Wedding and Portrait Photographer Kravetz Photographics

- 35 -

- 36 -

I believe that you should dress as good or better than your client. I believe you should be professional in the way you handle the subject, you must respect their time as well. ~ Ralph Romaguera

Executive Portraits Giving Back to the Community Ralph Romaguera Sr. M.Photog.Cr. CPP, API, F-ASP Vice President-PPA


bout twenty years ago, Terry Deglau, then the head of the Kodak mentor team, suggested that we get involved with a charitable organization. He Ralph Romaguera said it was good to use our talents to give back and be involved in the community. I had just finished a course with Canadian Master photographer Al Gilbert on executive portraits. So I decided to work with an organization called the Young Leadership Council. The YLC is a local organization similar to Rotary or Kiwanis doing good works in the community. Their big fundraiser is a $100 a plate, black tie event that honors 25 executives. Usually over one thousand patrons attend this event. The good thing for me is that at their event I am able to display 25 framed 24”x30”’s. The first few years we did photographic prints, which were well received, but very few purchased. This type of clientele typically buys a big 5”x7” for their piano or the mantel. For the past ten years I have been having the final image worked through Corel Painter and embossed into canvas. What’s funny is at almost five times the price they bought more! Dealing with this caliber of clientele and their schedules was a challenge. Plus, I wanted to get it all photographed in less than a week. I also wanted the honorees to respect my schedule as well as our profession! The organization sent out a letter of introduction about the studio and me. They were told that I travel a lot and must be prompt with the scheduled time. Allowing the organization to schedule them on the allotted days – added to the experience. I think it’s best for you to put on (just a little) “airs” for these types of folks. My wife Cindy handles the confirmation of the appointment the day before. Cindy also researched to find out as much information on the subject as possible prior to our meeting them. I believe that you should dress as good or better than your client. I believe you should be professional in the way you handle the subject, you must respect their time as well. Most of the images are created in 10 minutes or less. I use one

Image by Ralph Romaguera Quantum Trio portable flash or no lights at all. The light is usually bounced into a corner or a wall. My Canon camera is on a tripod to drag the shutter. My favorite lens is the 24 f/1.4 wide angle lens. It is important to be close to the subject and keep the subject in the center of the frame to avoid distortion. Do not carry your equipment! I have an assistant that sets the camera and light, and then I come in, make adjustments, and push the shutter. This is all a very important part of the “show.” Doing this type of work is very rewarding. I consider it photo exercising, working good and fast. It also improves your “brand” in the community. Being involved in photographing these over 300 executives throughout the years, enabled me to build some lifelong business connections such as bankers, lawyers and principals, and awarded me my most valued photographic achievement. In 2007, I was the 96th photographer to receive the Fellowship degree from the American Society of Photographers. All of the images were from these executives and my thesis was on life in New Orleans throughout the years and the effects Hurricane Katrina had on the people of our area.

- 37 -

Ralph will be presenting the program: Executive Portraits on Location Canadian Imaging Conference, Vancouver, BC April 2013.

By incorporating still images with motion, you can produce beautiful video projects that you can offer to your clients. ~ Lesa Snider

Creating a Video Project


hotoshop CS6 standard edition lets you edit video easily and efficiently in order to add more products to your photography business or to showcase your own photos. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1:

Lesa Snider Gather all the video clips and audio that you want to use in your project. In this case, we’ll use two video clips, a sound effect and a background audio track purchased from iStockphoto (using copyrighted sound effects and music is illegal).

appears as a single video track (you can double-click the clip in the Layers panel and give it a more meaningful name). Click the large plus sign to the right of the track to add more clips and Photoshop adds them to the video track and in your Layers panel, it creates a group (folder) out of them. WARNING: When you import video, Photoshop doesn’t embed it into your document. Instead, it links to the original video file, which keeps the Photoshop document’s file size manageable and leaves the original video file untouched; if you move the video file on your hard drive you’ll break the link. This allows you to perform nondestructive video editing—Photoshop applies your edits to a copy of the original clip when you export your project (covered later).

Step 2:

Choose File>New and in the resulting dialog box, choose Film & Video from the Preset pop-up menu. Pick a size for your project, such as HDV/HDTV, which sets the width and height fields to 1280 x 720, respectively. Click OK and Photoshop creates the new document, complete with handy guides (if you simply open a video clip in Photoshop, you don’t get these guides though you can always create ‘em yourself). To account for poor broadcast conditions and unpredictable display settings, TVs always crop the edges of video frames (the edges are called overscan because TVs display scanlines). The amount of cropping varies from very little to quite
 a lot, so be sure to keep text and other important graphical elements within the Title Safe area, and any important action sequences within the Video Safe area so your audience will see it.

Step 4:

Using the Layers panel, drag the video clips into the order in which you want them to play. Clips at the bottom of the panel play first and clips at the top play last.

Step 3:

Step 5:

Choose Window>Timeline to open the Timeline panel. Import a video clip by choosing Layer>Video Layers>New Video Layer from File. In the resulting dialog, navigate to where the first video clip lives on your hard drive and click Open. Photoshop adds the video layer to your Layers panel and the Timeline panel, where it

Trim the length of each clip by dragging its start or end points in the Timeline panel. Position your cursor at the beginning or end of the clip and it turns into a bracket with a double-sided arrow; the direction of the bracket indicates which clip will be trimmed. Click and drag to shorten the clip and Photoshop also opens a

- 38 -

preview window that shows the frame you’re trimming the video down to. If you shorten a clip too much, click and drag its start or end point to lengthen it. Click the triangle at the top right of a clip and a panel opens allowing you to manually enter a duration and speed (say, if you want to speed the video up or slow it down).

Step 7:

Add intro and outro text to appear atop the solid color fades. Press T to grab the Type tool and then click to add some text to the document. Drag the resulting Type layer out of the video group and position it at the very top of your Layers panel and Photoshop adds another video track. Click the far left of the time ruler at the top of the Timeline panel to position the playhead at the beginning of the project so you can see the text. Format it using the Options bar and use the Move tool (V) to position it.

Step 6:

Add a solid color fade to the beginning and end of the video project. Click the half black/half white circle at the bottom of your Layers panel and choose Solid Color. In the resulting Color Picker, choose black and click OK. Drag the new Solid Color adjustment layer beneath the first video layer in your Layers panel. Duplicate the Solid Color adjustment layer and then drag the duplicate layer to the top of your Layers panel (within the video group).

Step 8:

Duplicate the Type layer and Photoshop creates another video track. In the Timeline panel, drag the duplicate Type clip into the video group containing the intro text and position it at the end of your project, aligned with the Solid Color adjustment layer at the end of your project.

- 39 -

Step 9:

Add transitions. Click the half black/half gray square in the Timeline panel to open the Transitions panel. Drag the Fade icon to the beginning of the first text clip and drag another Fade transition to the end of the text clip to make it fade in and out.

Audio Track. When the new track appears, click the plus sign at its far right, navigate to the sound effect on your hard drive and click Open. Position your playhead where you want the sound effect to occur and drag it to that point.

Step 10:

Drag the Fade With Black icon to the beginning of the first video clip (the clouds). Drag a Cross Fade icon between the cloud and falling man clips. Add a Fade With Black transition to the end of the last clip (falling man). Reposition the final text clip so it’s aligned with the final Solid Color adjustment layer. Add a Fade to the beginning and end of the last text clip. Ctrl/right-click any transition icon in the Timeline panel (circled) to see what kind of transition it is, and to change its duration (you can also click and drag the icons themselves to alter transition length).

Step 13:

Preview the video by clicking the 00 in the time ruler to position the playhead at the beginning of the project, and then press the Spacebar to play it (press the Spacebar again to stop playback).

Step 14:

Once everything is okay, choose File>Export>Render Video or click the Render Video button at the bottom left of the Timeline panel (it looks like a curved arrow). In the resulting dialog, choose the location, format and size of the video you want to create and click Render.

Step 11:

Add background audio. Locate the Audio track in the Timeline panel and click the plus sign at its far right. In the resulting dialog, navigate to where the audio lives on your hard drive and click Open. Position the audio clip where you want the sound to begin. If you want the length of your video to match, you may need to adjust clip and transition lengths. Click the triangle at the audio clip’s top right to open a panel where you can adjust volume and fade in/out duration.

Step 12:

Add sound effects. Click the music notes icon in the Timeline panel next to the existing audio track (circled) and choose New

As you can see, the process of creating an engaging video project in Photoshop is quite approachable, not to mention fun. And by incorporating still images with motion, you can produce beautiful video projects that you can offer to your clients, as well as create pro-level promotional pieces for your own studio. Lesa will be presenting the programs: Video Editing Power Hour and How to Make Money Shooting Stock Canadian Imaging Conference, Vancouver, BC April 2013.

- 40 -

COFFEE TABLE BOOK The Coffee Book is a bound Hard Cover book with photographs custom mounted to invisibly hinged pages. Panoramic binding allows for unlimited digital design. The Coffee Book, available cut or folded, comes with any of our standard cover materials including leathers, suedes, silks and linens. Exotic Cover Material collection is also available at an additional charge. All optional covers are available.

/albumcrafters | 800.338.7213 | 2693 West 76 Street, Miami, FL 33016

- 41 -

Concept to Cover The creative story behind the cover photo. By Alexandra Morrison, CPA


This image was created as result of an experiment - I would say it was a mix of 50% serendipity, and 50% imagination.

“Canada Imaging Conference”

The Serendipity: I was playing with new iPhone app called Average Camera Pro - it was developed to reduce noise in night photos made on the iPhone. (Yes, this started out as an iPhone image!). But I also discovered it is a multiple exposure app. My first shots using this app were of my glass coffee table and my laptop - purely experiments in multiple exposures, without a thought that there would be anything “usable” in the batch. However, what I saw in my Camera Roll made my heart leap! Looking at the results I immediately envisioned what became At The Gates Of Hell. The Imagination: Using a few other iPhone apps (Snapseed, Photoforge2) I adjusted the image and added contrast and saturation. Then I opened the image in Photoshop (the desktop version) and used the Adobe Pixel Bender plug-ins to iterate the image and create the “spiral” effect. The scene was taking shape as I imagined it, but I needed to “flesh out” the story - falling - descending, out of control... I added the figure of a person into the vortex, and I knew that the image was done. Photo By: Alexandra Morrison, CPA

Original photo before retouching

After retouching

- 42 -

Amazing New Heads With the new lineup of Elinchrom WiFi compatible RX flash heads, you enjoy more control than ever before. With EL-Skyport built-in, you can adjust flash/modeling light settings and trigger flash wirelessly using a Skyport transmitter. Or, with the optional WiFi module and a free downloadable Skyport app, you can adjust settings and test flash from an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. All that, plus Swiss precision, renowned dependability, competitive pricing, and access to the vast world of Elinchrom lighting accessories. For small business owners, such as wedding, portrait, and commercial photographers, Elinchrom represents an intelligent long-term investment.








quaDRa hyBRID RX

When it’s time to step up to the next level, D-LITE RX is the popular and affordable solution.

Built for demanding work, the multivoltage BRX represents the world’s most advanced medium priced studio flash.

Get the complete kit – all the lighting tools you need to set up a studio at home, at work or on-location.

Lightweight for over the shoulder comfort, this portable 400 Ws battery flash system is ideal for studio & outdoors.

Photo | Video | digital | SaleS | RentalS | SeRVice ToronTo • Mississauga • oTTawa • Calgary • EdMonTon • www.visTEk.Ca

The Visual Technology People

2013 Winter Gallerie English Version  

Canada's Premier Magazine for Professional Photographers. Featuring details of the Canadian Imaging Conference and Tradeshow.

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