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StarShield &

Volume 40 Issue 9 October 2013

“A gentleman in every sense of the word, and a dear and true friend” – John Fleming


Camie Lee Jarvis

October 2, 1931 ­– September 1, 2013


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October 2013 | Star&Shield


PPOA Leadership: A Tribute to Camie Jarvis Brian Moriguchi PPOA President Lieutenant, LASD

What I truly learned from Camie’s words is to always do the right thing and to fight for the members — all members.


Star&Shield | October 2013


n September 1, 2013, we lost a dear friend, Camie Jarvis, who passed away at the age of 81. Camie was a very special person. He served in the U.S. Army and retired as a colonel. He was a deeply devoted family man, married to his lovely wife, Kathleen, for 57 years. He raised a son, Alan Jarvis, who followed in dad’s footsteps and recently retired from the District Attorney’s Office, Bureau of Investigations. Camie also raised two daughters, Connie and Pamela, and has four grandsons. One grandson, Casey Jarvis, is a deputy district attorney who delivered a heartfelt eulogy at Camie’s memorial services on September 18. Another grandson, Jason, is an L.A. County Sheriff ’s deputy. Clearly, Camie made an impression on them, as they sought careers in law enforcement just like Camie did. Camie was also very special to PPOA. You will read several articles in this issue of Star & Shield from those with fond memories of Camie. He held the position of PPOA president several times and had been very involved with PPOA for nearly 50 years. I had the opportunity to talk to Camie about his views of PPOA and being PPOA president. He told me that PPOA was founded to provide a voice for the deputy sheriffs of Los Angeles County. In PPOA’s infancy, they fought for better salaries, better benefits, and fair and equal treatment of the membership. Over the years, PPOA has been very successful in its mission and almost everything we enjoy today can be attributed to PPOA’s leadership over the many decades of its existence. While playing a round of golf with Camie, I asked him about the position of PPOA president. I was struggling with concerns about abuse of power by LASD management, interference and raiding attempts from another union, and internal strife within the PPOA board itself. He didn’t seemed shocked at all. He simply said, “Just do your best and always remember to be an advocate for those without a voice. Fight to protect and serve the members.” He told me that what I was experiencing was no different than every other PPOA president before me. “There will always be jerks [not the word he used] and these jerks will always try to hurt the organization. It’s in their nature,” he said. “But there will always be guys like you and me to step up and fight the good fight. Stay strong.”

In my 4 1/2 years as PPOA president, I have learned that Camie’s words were true in every union, as I watched the same problems and the same issues surface in these other organizations. Different names. Different leaders. Different “jerks.” Same problems. What I truly learned from Camie’s words is to always do the right thing and to fight for the members — all members. I have had to make some difficult decisions and have challenged those with power, but that is what PPOA does, and that is what the PPOA president is supposed to do. OKTOBERFEST On October 19, 2013, PPOA will be hosting the first Oktoberfest event for PPOA’s charity, the Star & Shield Foundation. This foundation provides financial assistance to members in need and to families of fallen officers. The Oktoberfest will be held at the Golden Road Brewing facility in northern Los Angeles, south Glendale area. We will have a variety of beers, games, music and, well, more beer. We even have special tours of the brewery for our VIP guests! Of course, we strongly advise everyone to drink responsibly. We even have special pricing for designated drivers to come and have a good time. Look for the advertisement on page 27 of this edition of Star & Shield. PPOA ON POINT We are receiving many inquiries about who PPOA will endorse for sheriff in 2014. It is far too early for PPOA to take a position in the sheriff ’s race until we know who all the candidates will be. However, to give our members a peek into some of the candidates and their positions on issues, we have reached out to the candidates to participate in one-on-one interviews with me to address these issues. To date, Sheriff Baca, Robert Olmstead and Lou Vince have all accepted the offers and have been interviewed. Paul Tanaka and Patrick Gomez have so far declined. The videos of these interviews should be available online in the next few weeks. Look for them under the title “PPOA On Point.” I plan on doing more of these interviews, so please contact me (bmoriguchi@ if you have a specific question you would like me to ask the candidates. I hope to hold a public continued on page 14

Camie Jarvis: A Lifetime of Dedication Paul K. Roller PPOA Executive Director

Camie Jarvis … was a member of a generation that believed you had to give something back if you lived in this world and he did that 10 times over, up until the day he died.


his issue of Star & Shield is dedicated to Camie Jarvis, who passed away last month. For most of you except the “old timers,” Camie’s name may be unfamiliar — but rest assured, he is one of the most important and influential union members in PPOA’s history. Camie joined PPOA in 1965 and has been a member ever since. In those 48 years, Camie was as important to PPOA as anyone. Almost immediately after joining PPOA, Jarvis was elected to the PPOA Board of Directors where he stayed for the next 20 years. During that time, Camie was the president (back then they called the president the chairman) of PPOA three different times. He was on the bargaining committee that negotiated the very first MOU (memorandum of understanding — our contract) with the County of L.A. after the MeyersMilias-Brown Act was passed, which allowed peace officers to bargain with the County over wages, hours and working conditions. Camie also became the editor-in-chief, publisher and principal writer for this publication — Star & Shield magazine — for 15 of the years that he was on the PPOA Board. But perhaps Camie’s greatest accomplishment for PPOA was being a founding member of our credit union. In 1977, Camie and 11 other PPOA members founded POPA Federal Credit Union. Camie chaired the original loan committee and for the past 25 years has been a Board member of the credit union — serving many times as their chairman. His contributions to the credit union were so great that in August of this year, the POPA Federal Credit Union and PPOA jointly dedicated the San Dimas branch of the credit union to Camie Jarvis and co-founder Seth Easley. The San Dimas branch is now known as the Jarvis-Easley Branch and a sign and plaque with their smiling faces greet you as you enter the PPOA lobby. It was great to have both Camie and Seth at the dedication on August 6, 2013. Camie was in fine spirits after a stay in the hospital and the room was packed with friends of both Seth and Camie. In retrospect, we are so thankful that we were able to honor these two men while Camie was still with us. The credit union has always been one of the best benefits of PPOA membership and we honor the foresight of these two men in its creation. Camie Jarvis spent 36 years as a deputy sheriff and D.A. investigator (retiring as a captain in 1988). He also spent 36 years as a credit union leader and 48 years as a

PPOA union leader and newsletter editor. In addition, he was in the Army, OCS, and Reserves, retiring as a full-bird colonel. Not many PPOA members in our 62-year history have a resume as full as that! Two of the major things that have always impressed me about retired PPOA members are the loyalty they continue to show to PPOA in retirement and the fact that so many retirees continue to do good work long after their retirement. Camie was the embodiment of both those qualities. In fact, that’s how I met Camie Jarvis. As the chairman of the credit union, Camie came into my office shortly after I came to PPOA in January 2000 and introduced himself. After that, Camie, Sunny Tan and I would occasionally get together for lunch — mostly dim sum. In San Dimas, Camie would come to the credit union almost every week and most of the time would come upstairs to visit me and to tell old war stories. His stories about our departed friend, Al LeBas, at the old San Dimas station and Camie’s frequent interactions with Sheriff Peter J. Pitchess were especially entertaining. Over the years, I came to know Camie’s son, Alan Jarvis (Retired D.A. captain), quite well as a PPOA delegate. Camie, Alan and Alan’s sons Jason (a deputy at C.J.) and Casey (an L.A. County D.A. prosecutor) make up three generations of L.A. County law enforcement. To them, Camie’s wife, Kathleen, and their son, daughters, Connie and Pamela, grandchildren and friends such as John Fleming, I offer my heartfelt condolences. Camie Jarvis was a great guy — quick with a joke and good conversation. He was a man’s man and a cop’s cop and we will miss him terribly. He was a member of a generation that believed you had to give something back if you lived in this world and he did that 10 times over, up until the day he died. His contributions to PPOA and the POPA Credit Union are immeasurable and even though he was too macho to admit it, he loved them both. Even after the grave, he continues to serve and contribute. He specifically asked that donations, in lieu of flowers, be given in his name to the PPOA Charitable Foundation and/or the CNOA Survivor’s Memorial Fund – both to support the families of officers killed in the line of duty. Camie: You showed us how to live (and how to die) with dignity, with integrity and with an eye always for service to your fellow peace officers. Rest in peace, my friend. 

October 2013 | Star&Shield


R e m e m ber i ng C a m i e L ee J a rv is

My Good Friend, Camie By John F. Fleming (LASD ret. ’87)


omeone once said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” In my case, the photo to the right doesn’t begin to tell the whole story. This picture will always remind me of countless memories we shared through our days at PPOA and throughout 50 years of friendship. We did have some heated meetings (we were cops, after all) but we always followed them with a couple of drinks, dinner and kidding around with the waitress. (We continued to do this even as a couple of old ducks long after our time on the PPOA Board.) Camie and I regularly tried to solve the world’s problems at our monthly luncheons. Since Camie was the world’s greatest Republican, he was generally right and very understanding of me (despite always thinking of me as a liberal.) Another side of Camie I appreciated was his thoughtfulness. While we were away at

Camie Jarvis and John Fleming at the PPOA BBQ

conferences, he would always take me to mass on a Sunday and bring me back when it was over. I really never realized how kind that was until now. Camie was always by my side when we were PPOA members. One time when Sheriff Pitchess (Peter J!) told me that the Department was not big enough for the both of us, Camie was right there for me at that moment. There were many instances like that. In fact all these years later, we made it a point to reminisce and laugh about them. Some of the memorable things we did included the establishment of POPA Federal Credit Union and the signing of the very


Star&Shield | October 2013

first salary/benefits contract (memorandum of understanding) between PPOA members and our employer, L.A. County. Camie was instrumental in all of that. I could go on and on about how much he contributed to PPOA’s strength and influence, but I’m sure I’ve said enough. In final summary, I can say with certainty that Camie was a great family man, soldier and cop. He was a gentleman in every sense of the word, and a dear and true friend. When my time finally comes, I know that Camie will meet me at the door with his usual greeting, “Is that you, John?” Adieu, my friend.

Accomplishments • Army officer • Full-bird colonel • 34 yrs, Army Reserve MP • 36 yrs, LASD/D.A.’s Office • PPOA Board member and threetime president • Star & Shield editor-in-chief

Camie and Sheriff Peter Pitchess

Scene from Camie’s graveside service with military honors

• POPA Credit Union co-founder • Husband, father, mentor, friend

Bottom left: John Fleming; bottom right: Camie; top, second from right: Sheriff Pitchess

Jason, Alan and Camie Jarvis at the PPOA Golf Tournament

October 2013 | Star&Shield


Camie, LAPD Chief Reddin and John Fleming

Camie (seated) and the PPOA Board of Directors

Camie, son Alan and Sheriff Pitchess

Alan Jarvis, Deputy Jason Jarvis and Camie


Star&Shield | october 2013

Camie Jarvis: Warrior, Mentor, Friend By Sharon Lawin (former PPOA Executive Director)


amie Jarvis was, above all else, a true friend. Once you gained that status with him, he never forgot you: never missed a birthday without sending a greeting; feted you with his traditional fruitcake or pecan cake at Christmas; happily cared for

Camie and Sharon Lawin

Camie with Seth Easley

your pets while you were away; shared stories, jokes and memories over coffee; taught you to golf; honored you with gifts (including his paintings); taught you by example what honesty, loyalty, honor and tradition really mean; and most of all, how important family is. He was a teacher, mentor, coach, and, if you were honored to be a friend of Cam’s, you were family. A true warrior on behalf of his fellow peace officers, Camie spent countless hours working to better their lot in life, whether through his efforts at the association or later at the credit union. You will read elsewhere all of the positions he held at PPOA. He didn’t serve for personal recognition or gain, as he was not paid. All his time was as a volunteer. He served because that was who he was: Whether it was in the Army, Sheriff ’s Department, D.A.’s Office, PPOA or the credit union, he gave his time to serve others. Camie was a complicated man — smart, if not brilliant, and quite the wordsmith. He always did the crossword puzzles in ink. And he could have been a writer for the

New Yorker, as he could write like few others, especially those sarcasm-laced pieces. You could read one of his flourishes and ask yourself, “did he just insult me or compliment me?” Sometimes, it was hard to tell which one. As editor of Star & Shield for many years, he not only wrote and edited, but did the paste-up and layout — spending many, many hours each month, mostly at home, to get it to the printer. There were many Board members who benefitted from his “assistance” when they didn’t make the deadlines. Although Cam had already negotiated a contract or two before he went to the War College, he brought his new skills and knowledge back to better serve PPOA members. He was a skilled tactician and negotiator. He was probably a pretty good poker player as he revealed little behind his customary mustache and glasses. He was subtle and usually quiet, almost stealth-like and always composed. In the 38 years of my friendship with Camie, there were few, if any, times when he raised his voice, even in some of the most heated of exchanges … and there were, over the years, quite a few of those. Thousands of peace officers will never know Camie, but have, and will continue to benefit from his efforts on their behalf. The world is indeed a better place for his having walked among us. He was always the defender, always in the background, always in our hearts, and, now, forever in our memories.

Dominic Rivetti, Alan Jarvis, George Mueller and Camie

October 2013 | Star&Shield


Tribute to a Good Man: Camie Jarvis Ray Leyva PPOA Board Member, Commander, LASD

Camie dedicated more than 36 years to the credit union and more than 48 years to PPOA. That’s quite a legacy.


Star&Shield | October 2013


amie Jarvis was born in the great state of Oklahoma, one of five children. His twin brother is named Connie and, I know, nothing like Cam, as there cannot be two of him anywhere. Cam eventually moved to California, and in spite of himself actually got through high school, Army boot camp and Officer Candidate School before joining the Sheriff ’s Department on July 1, 1954 (which I will add was one month and one day after I was born). Side note to the Army OCS: when Camie was in boot camp, he caught the eye of some folks who thought he was doing a pretty good job, and they offered him a spot at West Point. Ever the financial wizard, he declined, but took the offer to go to Officer Candidate School because it offered $20 more per month. West Point (future general?) versus $20 — go figure. Camie spent 36 years in law enforcement, split between the Sheriff ’s Department and the District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigation. While a member of the Sheriff ’s Department, he had the opportunity to work Biscailuz Center, transportation, two years at Wayside, and a year and a half in patrol at San Dimas Station. While working the Bureau of Investigations, he worked as an investigator in every section except for the Intelligence Division. He worked his way through the ranks until he was promoted to captain and then assigned as the commander of the Intelligence Division, where he remained until his retirement in February 1988. Camie became a PPOA member in 1965 and joined the Board of Directors shortly after. He went on to serve as president of the association in 1970-71, 1980-81, and 1984-85. He also served as editor-in-chief of Star & Shield magazine from 1972 to 1986. Shortly after becoming a member of the PPOA, he and several others began to look at providing additional services to the association members, and in 1977 became one of 10 members who bought into and established POPA Federal Credit Union, as account holder number eight. Upon its inception, Camie became chairman of the Loan Committee and served in that capacity for 11 years. In 1988, he became a member of the Board of Directors, and over the next 25 years, served as a board member, secretary, vice chairman and chairman. While he was serving in these many capacities, Camie continued his service to country as a member of the Army Reserves, and

retired after 33 years as a full-bird colonel. Impressive! He was also active in the LA District Attorney Investigator’s Association, helping in many capacities throughout his years of service. But it wasn’t all about just work and volunteering. In between his time with the Sheriff ’s Department, D.A.’s Office and the associations he belonged to, he had time to court his lovely bride Kathleen, and had three kids along that adventure. Son Alan recently retired as a captain from the D.A.’s Bureau of Investigation (like father, like son). Daughter Connie is a local business owner along with her husband Kevin, and daughter Pam is owner of her own travel agency. The Jarvis grandchildren are a source of pride, as well. Three generations of Camie’s family have served in law enforcement. Alan’s son Jason is a Sheriff ’s deputy assigned to Men’s Central Jail and his other son, Casey, is a prosecutor for the L.A. District Attorney’s Office. In all, Camie dedicated more than 36 years to the credit union and more than 48 years to PPOA. That’s quite a legacy. I’ll leave you with a few comments from a couple of my friends at POPA Federal Credit Union, both of whom knew Camie well. “Camie was an inspirational leader who had a razor-sharp wit and was never reluctant to let you know how he felt about someone or something. As vocal as he could be at times, he had a huge heart and always had people’s best interests in mind. He loved his family and dedicated his life to serving the law enforcement community, helping to improve the lives of others. He was a visionary and pioneer in helping to establish POPA FCU, another example of him giving back to help his fellow officers have access to low-cost financial services. I was always amazed with his ability to bounce back from medical issues. Even as his body began to fail him, he never lost his incredibly sharp mind that made every conversation with him a learning experience.” — Ray Bartus, President/CEO POPA FCU “Camie was a man with true dedication and was always concerned about the welfare of others. He was a tireless organizer and was totally committed to seeing things through until they were finished. Camie will always be remembered as a pioneer and great coordinator.” — Leon Brown, Board Member 

New Potential Contract for Unit 621 Jim Blankenship PPOA Board Secretary Law Enforcement Tech, LASD

…Unit 621 bargaining team has come to a tentative agreement with the County on a new contract that comes with putting money in your pockets.


ere we are in October, the beginning of fall and the holiday season. I am happy to report at the time of writing this article that the Unit 621 bargaining team has come to a tentative agreement with the County on a new contract that comes with putting money in your pockets. It is well overdue after almost five years of extending our contract due to the County budget problems. Finally, the County is in a good enough spot to offer every County employee a cost of living raise. As long as the membership ratifies the contract, you will see a 2 percent raise effective October 1, 2013; 2 percent on October 1, 2014; and 2 percent on April 1, 2015. The uniform allowance will continue to be paid. The team did ask for an increase in the uniform allowance, but as this is paid out of the Sheriff ’s budget, the Department did not want to agree to this, considering they are still struggling with year-to-year budget cuts. We were also able to increase the amount of save time Unit 621 members can accrue. Currently, 80 hours a year can be saved, but with the new contract you will be able to save 120 hours, which would add up to 180 hours you can use to take time off. The best part of this is that the Department has agreed to do away with the calendar year restriction in which, if you don’t use your saved time within the year, you would be paid out. So, now you can save it and use it when you need it, and not be forced to use it or be paid out. I would like to thank the following folks for being part of the 621 negotiation team and working for the betterment of their respective members: • Danya Hazen, Custody Assistant /Board Member • Gerry Garcia, Sheriff Security Officer/ Board Member • Michael Salazar, PRD II • Ron Curlis, Civilian Investigator • Joe Walker, Crime Analyst • Jesus Peralta, Court Services Specialist • Venise Wallace, PPOA Labor Representative I also want to take a moment to touch base with you on the subject of internal investigation. This really applies to all PPOA members. If you find yourself being called into a supervisor’s office, or sitting across from an IA investigator and they tell you that you are the subject of an investigation, do not talk to them without your PPOA labor representative present. Again, DON’T — even if you think you have nothing

to worry about. Politely inform the person that you cannot speak to them without your PPOA rep. I tell you this because I’ve seen several people calling for labor reps lately after they have already spoken to the investigator and find they are in trouble. Trust me, folks, you are making the labor representative’s job more difficult when they have to catch up. Plus, more importantly, you pay for this protection: Use it. If you were involved in a major traffic collision would you try and handle it all yourself? No, you would call your insurance company and have them handle it, because that’s what you’re paying them for. It’s not the investigator’s job to stop you and tell you that you should really call PPOA. Last month, Americans toiled over the possibility of the president wanting to militarily strike the country of Syria for the use of chemical weapons against its own people. It was surprising to see that so many Americans, while feeling bothered and sad at the use of chemical weapons, did not want America to involve itself in Syria’s two-year civil war. Many people were saying that we should stay out of that part of the world, or let China or Russia deal with Syria. If you look back in American history, there was a time that the United States was considered an isolationist country, not involving itself in world’s quarrels or struggles, especially those of Europe. It was easy to stay out the problems of Europe back in the 19th century, being protected by two oceans and a huge land mass. History will tell us that our country resisted entering World War I, and as soon as that was over we went back to isolation. Isolationism for our country finally ended with the attack on Pearl Harbor and thrusting America into World War II. Since then, America has been one of the leading forces for order, and since the collapse of the Soviet Union, America has been the sole superpower of the world. This gave America a major role in shaping major global policy, and being the world’s police. Now, come back to Syria, and the decision by this country on whether to involve ourselves or stay out of Syria’s civil war. This decision, in my opinion, could be a key indicator of our country’s future role in the world. Does America continue its duty as the decisive military power for maintaining global order? continued on page 14

October 2013 | Star&Shield


Custody Assistant News

Danya Hazen PPOA Board Member Custody Assistant, LASD

The inmates coming into the jail today are serious criminals and they do not play. Please keep in mind that we must protect each other.


s you all know by now, we will receive a full 6 percent raise over the next 18 months. It’s not huge, but I think we can agree that at this point, something is better than nothing. The save time issue is also something that many have asked about. Fortunately, both sides were able to agree on a positive outcome. There are things in the works, but as you know, everything can change. I have been pushing hard for custody assistants to get the recognition and respect they deserve. The election coming up could be the turning point for us all. Votes are what decide the election. The issue of custody assistants’ jobs has come up often. When we are working it should be a

team effort. In custody, we should all do our share. There is no single group that is special when it comes to getting up off your rear and doing the job. Safety first, get the job done together. There is no excuse for not doing your job. The inmates coming into the jail today are serious criminals and they do not play. Please keep in mind that we must protect each other. Keep your distance when talking to an inmate. Do not let them get too close. Know what you can and can’t do! Protect yourself. Last but not least, do not be afraid to get the job done if you are attacked. Make sure you don’t go home injured because you were afraid to act! 

Mystery Photo The first PPOA member to correctly identify the location where this photo was snapped will receive a PPOA prize pack. Email your guess to One guess per person. By the way, PPOA Facebook followers always get first crack at solving mystery photos, along with plenty more opportunities to win prizes. Check it out for yourself at


Star&Shield | October 2013

Updates for Security Assistants and Security Officers Gerry Garcia PPOA Board Member Security Officer, LASD

As we head into the final few months of 2013, we realize the year flew by. That happens, but if you want to change things, it’s never too late.


ello, troops, and welcome to all of the recent graduates from the Sheriff ’s Security Officer Academy. Hopefully, hard work and determination helped all of you persevere through graduation. Some of you will use this job as a stepping stone to other lines of work in the County. Others will stay put. It’s a great job. Sometimes we feel overlooked, but when talking to supervisory staff, know your work does not go unnoticed. So, make sure to give yourself a pat on the back. As we head into the final few months of 2013, we realize the year flew by. That happens, but if you want to change things, it’s never too late. Go back to school and/or pursue new interests. Most, if not all, are aware that the confidentiality plates issue has been addressed but if you are still

having problems or difficulties, be sure to notify PPOA and we will follow up. As you know, we are attempting to coordinate another uniform sale but we have come across some logistical problems, including accessibility and cost. Although the price of fabric and other supplies have increased, we are still working to get secure, affordable deals for our members. I have visited a few locations throughout the County to discuss contract negotiations and I’ve also received calls from PPOA members. I hope by the time you read this article you will have read the letter we sent to all members of Unit 621 and voted regarding the pay raise and increased saved time. That’s it for now. Make sure to practice with the tools given to you during training. 

Calendar of Events October 9-10: PPOA Insurance Agency Men’s Central Jail (break room) 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. October 16-17: PPOA Insurance Agency Homicide Bureau, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. October 19, 2013: PPOA Oktoberfest Golden Road Brewery, Los Angeles Benefits Star & Shield Foundation (See page 27 for more info)

October 24, 2013: LASD Ladies Night The Castaway, Burbank, 6 p.m. October 26, 2013: SCV Station Benefit Ride 10-33 Check-in: Glendale Harley, 9 a.m. Info: October 31, 2013: LASD Trail of Treats Jack Bones Equestrian Center, Castaic 4 – 8 p.m., Info:

November 15, 2013: PPOA Board Election Ballot Count October 20, 2013: Lupus Race for Life, La Mirada Regional Park PPOA Conference Center, San Dimas 10 a.m. Info:

October 2013 | Star&Shield



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Attention PPOA Members

debate/forum after the close of the filing period so our members can see and hear all of the candidates answer questions as to why they should be the next sheriff of Los Angeles County. PPOA BOARD ELECTIONS The PPOA Board elections are right around the corner. In this issue of Star & Shield, you will have the opportunity to read each of the candidate’s statements. It is important that each one of you vote for the candidate you believe is best qualified to represent you on the PPOA Board. Please get involved and cast your vote! 

We need your personal (non-LASD) email address! If you have not received an email blast from PPOA in the last six months (we’ve sent a handful), that means:


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1. Your email address is not on file with PPOA, or

Or will the United States gradually withdraw from this unpopular and expensive task, content to be one nation among many? If you think the U.N. will police the world, think again. The Syrian crisis shows that any hopes of the U.N. becoming the guardian and police force of the world were merely an illusion. It’s hard for the U.N. to take any serious action when China and Russia threaten to veto efforts to safeguard or deal with regimes that use chemical weapons. And if our own allies are not willing to back us or shoulder the burden, what are the American people supposed to think? I will leave you with one last thought on the issue. If it is not to be America’s duty to deal with people like Syria’s leader Assad and hunt him down or put him in check, then who will? Until next time, stay safe, my friends. 

2. We have only your LASD-provided email address (which is regularly blocked from receiving PPOA email blasts). Either way, we need your personal (non-LASD) email address so that we can disseminate important news to you as quickly as possible. Please email your address to and reference “email updates” in the subject line.

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Star&Shield | October 2013

Rookies Roost PPOA Salutes its Military Vets This list is continued from last month’s special Star & Shield Retiree Report. It is the result of surveys sent to retired PPOA members to gather data from those who served in the military. The information below was received by PPOA after the Retiree Report was sent to print. Our goal is to acknowledge our veterans and inspire our members to reach out to those who have proudly served our country. Armando Baltazar, LASD ret. ’06 Army, 1969-1972. 101st Airborne Div., Bronze Star, Army Commendation, Parachute Badge, Vietnam Service Ribbon.

Robert Green, LASD ret. ’88 Navy, 1951-1955. USS McKean DDR 784. Medals: National Defense, Korean Service, UN Service, China Service, Good Conduct.

Duane P. Rasure, LASD ret. Navy, 1950-1954. USS Bon Homme Richard. Korea. Crash crew (firefighter) on flight deck of aircraft carrier for two tours.

Leo E. Benavidez, LASD ret. ’76 Army-Air Force, two years. 123rd AAFBW Tailgunner, B-17. Counter Intelligence Corps, WWII Victory Medal and American Campaign Medal.

David M. Grijalva, LASD ret. ’03 Army, 1967-1969. 1st Aviation Brigade. Arrived in Vietnam three days after start of Tet in ’68. Medals: National Defense, Vietnam Service, Good Conduct and more.

Joseph M. Rosenderg, LASD ret. ’80 Navy, 1944-1946. CASU(F) 45, HEDRON FAW 4. Attu, Alaska and Whidbey Island, Washington.

Bob L. Briley Sr., LASD ret. ’86 Navy, 1947-1950. USS Jason ARH1. Inactive Navy Reserves when Korean War began. Robert W. Bodkin, Marshal’s Office ret. ’69 Army, 1942-1945. MP, broke back in Army jeep accident. Took part in funeral procession for President Roosevelt. Editor’s Note: End of Watch September 9, 2013. Bodkin was 100 years old. Leon Brown, LASD ret. ’02 Marines, 1964-1968. 3rd Marine Div., 3rd FSR, Bulk Fuel Co., Vietnam Expeditionary Medals. Rod Chapman, D.A.’s Office ret. Air Force, 1970-1974. Security Police. Louis D. Danoff, LASD ret. ’01 Marine Reserves, 1966-1971. HQ Battery, 1st Bn., 14th Marines. National Defense Service Medal. Leland S. Davis, LASD ret. ’71 Army, 1957-1959. Military Police Detachment. Processed and transported prisoners at Fort Ord, Post Stockade. Robert S. Davis, LASD ret. ’10 Air Force, 1970-1973. Vietnam, 483rd Security Police Squadron, Can Ehan Bay. Medals: Vietnam Service, Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm and more. Daniel R. Gilmore, LASD ret. ’79 Navy, 1948-1952. Amphibious LST 1110 and LST 1138. Korean Inchon invasion/withdrawal. Transported fuel to secret base in Pt. Barrow, Alaska.

Arturo Guerra, LASD ret. ’95 National Guard, Air Force Reserve, 1954-1961. Radio operator. Clyde Hill, LASD ret. ’81 Navy, 1944-1946. Stewart’s Mate, 2nd Class. Point System, Victory Medal, American Campaign. Dennis Howell, LASD ret. ’69 Army, 1965-1967. US Army Corps of Engineers Brigade HQ. Good Conduct, Expert Rifleman. Richard M. Jameson, LASD ret. ’78 Navy, 1960-1964. Medical Corps. Good Conduct, National Defense, Expert Pistol, Expert Rifle. Clyde E. King, LASD ret. ‘91 Army, 1955-1957 (active). 1957-1959 (reserve). 7th Div. (Combat Military Police) Korea at Camp Casey (10 miles south of DMZ). Robert McHaney, LASD ret. ’73 Army, WWII. 75th Infantry, 298th Combat Team. Fought in North Africa, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. Of 15 men in squad that landed in North Africa, only three survived the war. James E. Piper, LASD ret. ’78 Navy, 1945-1949. USS St. Paul. “F” Division Finn Petersen, LASD ret. ’92 Army, 1953-1956. Special Forces, Green Beret, Unit 77. James Plummer, LASD ret. ‘95 Army, 1963-1965. Korea.

William A. Sheaffer, D.A.’s Office ret. ’88 Air Force, four years. 5039th Base Flight Squadron, Elmendorf AFB. Crew chief on C-47. Harry W. Sigworth, LASD ret. ’81 Army, 1952-1954. Editor’s Note: End of Watch July 25, 2013. Jules A. Staats, LASD ret. Army, 1961-1963. Military Police, 1st Armored Div., 8th Army, Seoul Army Command. Gary W. Stephens, LASD ret. ’94 Marines, 1958-1961. 3rd Bn., 7th Marines and 1st Anti-Tank Bn. Good Conduct. Wayne Stickle, LASD ret. ’03 Navy, 1963-1966. USS Kitty Hawk CVA 63. Good Conduct, Vietnam Service. Eugene L. Swanston, Marshal’s Office ret. ’83 Air Force, 1943-1945. 370 Fighter Group, 485th Fighter Squadron. Presidential Citation, Good Conduct, Belgian Fourgere. Richard Tinsley, LASD ret. ’96 Navy, three years. USS Princeton CVS 37. Formosa Straights Campaign. Two tours in Southeast Asia. Claude C. Wright, LASD ret. ’83 Navy, four years. USS Redfish SS 395. Took scientists to North Pole on submarine in 1953 to conduct tests for nuclear submarines. Good Conduct. Anthony S. Yengich, Marshal’s Office ret. ’87 Marines, three years. 1st Marine Air Wing Band. Korea and Japan. National Defense, U.N. Medal, Korean Service with one star.

October 2013 | Star&Shield


Retiree Events PPOA Oktoberfest October 19, 2013 Golden Road Brewery Los Angeles Benefits Star & Shield Foundation (See page 27 for more info)

LA County Marshal’s Office Luncheon November 6, 2013 Marino’s Italian, Bellflower

30-Year Reunion: LASD Class #220 November 16, 2013 Sheraton Pasadena Info: Angie Wilkinson,

LASD Classes 70 through 79 Dinner Reunion April 8, 2014 (in conjunction w/ Laughlin Roundup) Riverside Hotel/Casino, Laughlin Organizers need help locating class members Info: Hershel Aron (702) 360-0484 and Richard Byrd (410) 623-3804

Retired D.A. Investigators Lunch First Wednesday of each month Frantone’s 10808 Alondra Boulevard, Cerritos,11:00 a.m. Info: Wes English, (714) 962-5862

Lakewood ROMEOs Luncheons Second Monday of each month

Los Angeles Retired Deputy Sheriffs (LARDS) Second Monday of each month Bella Italia Restaurant, San Gabriel (across from Northwoods Inn) 11:30 a.m./$10.00

Inland Empire Old Guys First Wednesday of each month B.C. Café, Rancho Cucamonga 11:30 a.m. Info: Dock Parnell, (909) 981-6217

Wuzz Fuzz/Victor Valley Second Tuesday of each month Hometown Buffet Victorville, 7:30 a.m.

Desert Heat Lunch Second Wednesday of each month Elks Club, Lake Havasu

L.A. County Retired Deputies First Wednesday of each month Carrows, Hesperia 11:00 a.m.

Star and Shield 4/13

The Motherlode Loafers Second Wednesday of each month Location varies among Grass Valley restaurants Info:

Robert “Bob” Berardi LASD Active

Sales and Leasing

(714) 916-4878


Star&Shield | October 2013

Santa Clarita Area Retired Sheriff’s Personnel Quarterly Luncheon Second Thursday in February, May, August and November Tournament Players Club restaurant, Valencia 11:30 a.m. Info:

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North County SEB Retirees Breakfast Third Wednesday of each month IHOP, Santa Clarita

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Compton Alumni Association Third Wednesday of each month Crystal Hotel & Casino 12:00 p.m.


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October 2013 | Star&Shield


Scenes from PPOA’s 13th annual

Pre-Labor Day Bbq August 2013


Star&Shield | October 2013

Photos by Greg Torres


October 2013 | Star&Shield


PPOA Board Candidate Statements Candidate statements are presented by unit, then alphabetically.

Unit 612 Michael Maher Sergeant, Sheriff’s Department

Unit 612 Andrew Meyer Lieutenant, Sheriff’s Department

As a faithful member of ALADS or PPOA for over 22 years, I now seek a more active role in serving our union membership. I have been fortunate during my career to have worked several challenging assignments, many of which have given me a unique, global view of our great Department, and provided me with experience that I believe would be beneficial for serving on the PPOA Board. As a deputy, I worked Custody for over six years, Field Operations for 10 years including station detective, Detective Division Narcotics, Administrative Services as the deputy liaison to the Board of Supervisors, and the Office of the Sheriff for two years. As a sergeant I worked Field Operations and am currently assigned to Detective Division. Each of my assignments has molded me into the deputy I am today. Working on the “Board Team” as deputy liaison to the Board of Supervisors, I had the uncommon assignment of dealing directly with the Board of Supervisors and their justice deputies. This was truly an up-close and hands-on experience in working cooperatively within an enormous government machine. I was privileged to work for two years in the Office of the Sheriff. This, too, was a unique experience and extremely rewarding both personally and professionally. It provided me an education on our great Department and its inner workings. These experiences, my belief in our Department’s mission statement and core values,

Pension reform advocates in Sacramento have focused attention on our paychecks. Their ill-conceived efforts will erode our livelihood and destroy lives. The only way to effectively mitigate these irrational reforms is to implement a cohesive teamwork mentality with other county unions in order to block this attack on our families. It is a well-known fact that PPOA and ALADS are not working together towards a common goal of protecting your rights and pay; this has been a problem for many years. I believe PPOA and ALADS should work together on major issues that affect the entire membership, such as pay, benefits and pension reform. Being that both are major players in the political arena, the lack of collaboration together as well as other major county unions could prove costly to our members and their families. The state of California has endured tremendous challenges these past several years, and our Department has gone through some major changes. It is vital that our Department work successfully through these changes, while continuing to grow during these difficult times. Often, the Department does not adapt well to these changes, while oftentimes exacerbating the problem in the process. Unions are quick to agree to these ill-conceived changes. As a result, sworn and professional staff are affected by these

continued on page 22

continued on page 22

Unit 612 Brian Moriguchi Lieutenant, Sheriff’s Department Serving as your PPOA president for the past five years and being part of the Board of Directors for an additional three years has been a tremendous honor. It’s been the most rewarding and challenging assignment in my almost-30 years with the Department. I’m running for another term as your president to build upon the success we’ve had together as well as represent the core values needed for our organization: leadership, integrity and vision. With rumors circulating that one of the Sheriff candidates is planning a takeover of PPOA, it’s vital that we keep PPOA independent from any candidates, Department cliques, political figures or management. We exist to serve individual members — not the agendas of those scheming for power or hoping to control our purse strings and endorsement process.

Unit 612 Tab Rhodes Lieutenant, Sheriff’s Department

LEADERSHIP Throughout my LASD career, I’ve worked a wide variety of assignments: Four Patrol, two Detective, four Custody and several administrative. This experience has given me a broad basis to draw upon as your president and I’ve shown a propensity for leadership roles throughout my life, at work and outside of the office:

My name is Tab Rhodes, and I am asking for your vote to continue serving on the PPOA Board of Directors. I do not want to presume that many of you know me, as I tend to my volunteer duties in a somewhat quiet manner. With 25 years on the Department, and active in union endeavors throughout my career, I do my best to preserve the integrity of PPOA, protect its members and our families. My experience, both in business and law enforcement, has familiarized me with many issues facing PPOA members. During my tenure as a Board member, the Board of Directors has recently: • Negotiated a two year contract with a 95 percent approval rating (6 percent raise) • Created a scholarship program to assist PPOA members and their families with the increasing costs of continuing education • Created an insurance company (PPOIA) to assist PPOA members with their insurance needs • Provided financial assistance to those in need through the Charitable Giving Foundation and • Fought, with every resource available, all of the pension reform attacks which threaten the future we have worked so long for and deserve.

continued on page 22

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Star&Shield | october 2013

Unit 614 Christopher Lee Senior Criminalist, Sheriff’s Department

Unit 614 April Wong Senior Criminalist, Sheriff’s Department

Members of Unit 614: It is with a great sense of humility and enthusiasm that I submit my name as a candidate for a seat on the PPOA Board of Directors. I have been assigned to the Forensic Biology Section of the Los Angeles County Sheriff ’s Department for the last 10 years and over that time I have seen the Scientific Services Division go through changes both minor and major. Political pressures combined with a growing interest in the forensic sciences have encouraged management to focus on quantity over quality. Stress levels and complaints have grown with the increased demands on the personnel of the Scientific Services Division. I tried to learn as much as I could about PPOA from past Board members and when PPOA Board of Directors Member David Vidal retired, he nominated me as his successor. I accepted his offer not only out of respect for him but also out of respect for all my coworkers who have shown faith in me over the years. My interest in unions started long before I ever joined the Los Angeles County Sheriff ’s Department. My father was in the United States Marine Corps, he worked for General Motors, and now he works in construction where he supervises a couple of work crews. I ascertained the role that

My name is April Wong, and I am submitting my petition and declaring my intent to run for the Unit 614 seat on the PPOA Board of Directors. I have been employed with the Sheriff ’s Department for 12 years. I started my career as a station clerk assigned to Century Station in 2001. Later, I transferred over to the Scientific Services Bureau as a typist clerk. I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from University of California Irvine and in 2004 I was promoted to the position of criminalist. As a criminalist, and subsequently senior criminalist, I have worked in the Blood Alcohol Testing and the Firearms Identification Sections. I’ve worked in a variety of capacities and assignments for the Sheriff ’s Department over the years, which gives me a balanced perspective on what it means to be fairly represented. My assignments within the Scientific Services Bureau have afforded me the opportunity of working alongside laboratory technicians, criminalists, senior criminalists and forensic identification specialists — all of whom are represented under Unit 614. I share your concerns regarding our pensions and benefit packages and if you give me the opportunity, I will represent everyone in unit 614.

continued on page 23

continued on page 23

Unit 621 Jody Clounch Security Officer, Sheriff’s Department

Unit 621 Gerry Garcia Security Officer, Sheriff’s Department

My name is Jody Clounch and I am running for the PPOA Board of Directors to represent the security officers and security assistants. My decision to run was simple. Over the past several years, the SO/SA classification has grown in size considerably and our responsibilities and duties have grown as well. We need strong SO/SA leadership at PPOA to ensure that we are properly represented. We need someone who will fight for all SO/SAs. I believe I am that person. Security officers and security assistants do an important job for the Sheriff’s Department and we are often neglected by management (and others). But because we do such an excellent job, some SO/SAs are being utilized in high-risk situations or assignments. That is a testament to our skill level and professionalism. We should be proud. But we need to ensure that we are provided with proper resources to do our jobs safely and that we are given the “respect” we deserve for the work that we do. I will fight for you on the PPOA Board to ensure that regardless of your work assignment, your voices are heard by Sheriff’s management and that you are given the “respect” we all deserve. Also, security officers and security assistants are spread out throughout

Members of 621 Sheriff’s security officers and assistants: As you know, I have been your director for over four years, two terms and would like to represent you another two years. As you know, we have been through numerous changes. One was the increase in members and another was the merging of the County Police. I was there to meet with the Sheriff ’s Department to make sure they addressed potential issues and personnel safety hazards. As the County Services is still an evolving and growing bureau, we make sure it’s taken care of. I get calls from members regarding issues of seniority and time off requests and all are taken care of immediately. Earlier this year, when the Sheriff ’s Department advised us of courts closing due to budget cuts and moving around personnel, we (PPOA), especially me, were personally there to make sure our members were taken care of and treated correctly and the M.O.U. was followed correctly. When they started the denial of the confidentiality license plates, I personally made an assembly bill with PPOA’s assistance, got it drafted and had it sent up to Sacramento to have it included in the California Vehicle Code Book. However, it was vetoed due to expected costs for state government. So we met with Sheriff Baca to reconsider the addition of our classifications and

continued on page 24

continued on page 24

October 2013 | Star&Shield


PPOA Board Candidate Statements (cont’d) 2013 PPOA Board Elections Sheriff’s Department Unit 612 (two seats) Michael Maher, Andrew Meyer, Brian Moriguchi*, Tab Rhodes* Unit 614 (one seat) Christopher Lee*, April Wong Unit 621** (one seat) Gerry Garcia*, Jody Clounch Sheriff’s Department/ District Attorney’s Office Unit 615 (one seat) Ray Leyva* District Attorney’s Office Unit 612 (one seat) Rogelio Maldonado* *incumbent **This seat is open only to security assistants and security officers. Maher, Meyer, Moriguchi and Rhodes will compete for two seats in an election to be decided by dues-paying LASD sergeants and lieutenants. Lee and Wong will compete for one seat in an election to be decided by dues-paying criminalists, senior criminalists, criminalist lab technicians and forensic ID specialists (I and II). Garcia and Clounch will compete for one seat in an election to be decided by dues-paying security assistants and security officers. Leyva and Maldonado are automatically re-elected to their respective seats due to uncontested races. Board election ballots will be mailed in late October. If any PPOA members in the affected units do not receive a ballot by October 28, please call Clare at PPOA, (323) 261-3010. They will be due back to PPOA by 5:00 p.m. on November 12 and will be counted on November 15 at 10 a.m. in the PPOA conference center. Questions about the voting procedures should be directed to


Star&Shield | october 2013

Candidate Statement for Michael Maher continued from page 20

and my dedication to our union membership, will serve me well as PPOA Board member. I would like to see our union work with ALADS and Department leaders on reviewing and improving the coveted testing process. I would like our union to help lead our Department away from perceived concerns regarding non- credible and anonymous blogging, imagined conspiracy theories and matters related to off-duty conduct, which is neither contrary to policy or law. I will commit myself to bringing our union together with ALADS and Department executives to work on “real world” problems, which affect each and every one of us, no matter rank, assignment or affiliation. My reasons for seeking a seat on the PPOA Board are fairly simple. I intend on being a strong advocate for membership. I have no axes to grind, no agenda to push, and will be unafraid when it comes to advocating for our membership, our Board and our Department. I will mend fences between ALADS and PPOA, recognizing that our collective voices will be stronger. I would like to see less “bashing” of our own Department and more cooperation in seeking solutions to the issues at hand. My voice will be guided by common sense, respect and fairness. I am a married “sole provider” with three school-aged children. My family and yours will motivate and inspire me when it comes to protecting our pensions, salaries and benefits. I can think of no other qualification more important as I ask for your vote for this PPOA Board position. 

Candidate Statement for Andrew Meyer continued from page 20

decisions for generations to come. Now, more than ever, PPOA needs the leadership willing to stand up and fight for sergeants and lieutenants who do the job each day. It is time to end the aura of using this union as a political pulpit for personal vendettas. This is one of many reasons why I think it’s time for new leadership, renewed energy and a fresh start in PPOA. I have been a member of the Los Angeles Sheriff ’s Department for 22 years and I am currently assigned as a lieutenant at Pico Rivera Station. Over the last 22 years I have worked a variety of assignments including Custody Division, Court Services Division, patrol, Detective Division and administrative. As a deputy, sergeant and now lieutenant, I’ve always supported my union and believed they had my best interest at heart. But recently I’ve felt different about PPOA and the direction it’s headed.

As a PPOA delegate, I have seen firsthand the deficiencies of our union. I have listened to your advice and have constructed a well-thought-out plan on how to correct those deficiencies and make things better. It is my hope that by being elected to the PPOA Board, I will serve as your advocate and be a catalyst for positive change. All people will be treated with respect, even when their opinions are different than mine. I believe it is extremely important to listen to both sides of every issue and develop the best solution for the benefit of all of our members. If given the opportunity, I will successfully defend the salaries and pensions of each and every PPOA member. 

Candidate Statement for Brian Moriguchi continued from page 20

• President at PPOA for five years • PPOA Board member for eight years • Board member for McKinley’s Children Center • President of LACOPS (Los Angeles County Organization of Police and Sheriffs) • Board member for SCALE (Southern California Alliance of Law Enforcement) • Board member for CCLEA (California Coalition of Law Enforcement Associations) • Chair of the L.A. County Commission on Human Relations’ Network Against Hate Crimes • Chair of Unit 612 negotiating team securing a contract with unprecedented 95 percent approval from membership • Led the effort to protect our pensions working with state legislators and governor • Built positive relationships with LASD management, state legislators, local city council members and L.A. County Board of Supervisors and CEO INTEGRITY Running PPOA requires integrity to ensure that our organization doesn’t fall prey to temptations, favoritism, or financial malfeasance. As president, I’ve reduced unnecessary expenses so we can maintain the lowest dues of any union at 1 percent (FYI — ALADS is 1.25 percent). I’ve ensured that all members are given the best representation possible, regardless of affiliations or alliances. VISION As your president, I’ve directed this organization to focus on compassion and benefits for our members. I created our own insurance agency to help members with their insurance needs as well as started a scholarship program to help with the

Candidate Statement for Brian Moriguchi continued from page 22

rising cost of education. PPOA charity events have expanded to raise money for members in need and fallen officers’ families. Under my leadership, the amount given to fallen officers has increased 750 percent. We also provide financial assistance/ planning for those entering retirement, mortgage and bankruptcy advice, and have investment professionals on-hand to help our members though tough economic times. Your support for me — and Tab Rhodes — is critical if we are to keep PPOA independent and heading in the right direction with leadership, integrity and vision. Vote for me and Tab Rhodes as your representatives on the PPOA Board of Directors. 

Candidate Statement for Tab Rhodes continued from page 20

My goals as a Board member for the next two years are simple: • Protect the rights of PPOA members during these tumultuous times of exorbitant discipline • Provide a positive relationship between PPOA and Department executives, balancing the human factor with the needs of the Department and • Continue to stem off the flood of legislative knee-jerk reactions regarding pension reform. While our pensions appear to be safe for the moment, those of us following these issues fully expect more political challenges to follow in the immediate future. We deserve to enjoy our retirement years, as all of us have made sacrifices in our lives to serve the people of Los Angeles County. Relationships … our world is full of them. Good and bad, no matter what occurs, more things are accomplished in a cooperative environment than an adversarial one. The relationship between PPOA and the Department must continue to strive as cooperation from both will be mutually advantageous. Recent scandals, political disagreements and rumors have caused dissention between Department members and the unions that represent them like never before. Many of us on the current PPOA Board of Directors believe continuity and experience in the composition of this Board is essential to its continued success. The PPOA president, Brian Moriguchi, and I share common views on integrity and fairness as we have talked at great lengths about: • Defending the rights of PPOA members

• Strategies to protect our pensions and • Holding the Sheriff’s Department accountable for treating its employees with respect and fairness. It is for this reason that Brian Moriguchi and I are now asking for your vote as we seek re-election. We will fight to protect the integrity of the association as well as utilize what we have learned to provide PPOA members with what we deserve. Thank you for your time, and please vote. 

Candidate Statement for Christopher Lee Headlines The following is a partial list of breaking news links posted at last month. Visit the PPOA website to stay up to date on the news affecting Los Angeles County’s current and retired peace officers.

Do Sheriff Baca’s Jails Need a Federal Consent Decree?

continued from page 21

Overseeing the Sheriff’s Department

unions or the lack thereof played in his working career. As a Marine, he was given orders and not allowed to question the motives of his superiors nor deny the request being made of him. An employee without a voice borders on that of a slave or an indentured servant. That concept seemed flawed to me even at an early age. When my father worked for General Motors he was protected by union representation. But the union’s increased inflexible demands and overaggressive bargaining made it appealing to General Motors management to cut ties with employees through shipping jobs overseas, early retirement packages, and replacing staff with robots. The union was not solely responsible for those changes but it appeared to overplay its power and in turn contributed to the loss of jobs for many hardworking individuals. That showed me that if the union loses sight of why they are in power they can help force the hand of employers against employees. My father currently works in construction where he has union representation. The balance between protection and mutual respect is such that both parties recognize the importance of the other and are able to focus on getting jobs done rather than trying to take advantage of one another. It is apparent to me that the value of the union, the employee and the employer needs to be clear amongst all three if commensalism is to prevail. If given the opportunity, I will embrace the challenge of pursuing that balance for the benefit of the Los Angeles County Sheriff s Department, POA and PPOA members (current, past, and future). Thank you in advance for your vote of confidence. 

Deputies Arrest Woman Who Hit Patrol Cars During Chase

Candidate Statement for April Wong continued from page 21

I have always been supportive of PPOA, and the service and representation it provides for its members. As your representative, I promise to be responsible and accountable to you, my fellow members. I will be your voice!  

L.A. County Homicides to Increase for First Time in 8 Years So-Cal Law Enforcement Mourns Famed Self Defense Instructor Violence-racked Weekend Claims 10 Lives in L.A. County President Obama to Honor LASD Captain Mike Parker Some L.A. County Jail Inmates Headed to State Fire Camps Gun Theft in Castaic Leads Deputies to Simi Valley Arsenal San Dimas Mountain Rescue Team Receives Grants From Disney LASD Patrol Car Involved in Crash in West Covina Man Shot by Deputies After Freeway Chase, Gun Battle CNN: Embracing the Police Force of the Future Man Reportedly Shoots at Sheriff’s Helicopter in Bellflower County Supervisors Disagree Over How to Hold LASD More Accountable Cerritos Sheriff’s Station Named “Top Performing” by Contract Cities Realignment Population Creeping Up in Recent Months october 2013 | Star&Shield


PPOA Board Candidate Statements (cont’d) Candidate Statement for Jody Clounch

Candidate Statement for Gerry Garcia

the county. No assignment is too small or too large to matter or make a difference. Throughout my 13-year career, I have been fortunate enough to work many assignments that have given me not only experience but the ability to hear issues from like-minded SO/SAs throughout the Department. If I am elected to the PPOA Board, I will make sure that I reach out to all of you and to make myself accessible to ALL SO/SAs. In fact, I encourage all of you to contact me at to introduce yourself to me so that I may do the same and introduce myself to you. What matters most is our collective voice and that each of us has someone they can trust to listen, be honest and give a sincere response. I believe I am that person. PPOA is a great organization. SO/SAs are an important and growing part of PPOA. I want to use my leadership skills and my compassion to advocate for ALL SO/SAs and to make positive changes in our lives and careers. I believe my role is to serve you, not the other way around. In the past, the SO/SA vote has been minimal as members often don’t know the candidates or simply don’t believe their vote matters. Your vote does matter! I hope that if you don’t know me that you either email me or call me or inquire about me with others. Those who have worked with me will have an opinion and I welcome that evaluation at every level. I urge you to take the time to simply make a difference by voting for me so that I can give you a true, unfiltered voice in our future.  

we have what are now confidential plates. When Transit Services Bureau personnel of Union 621 were having schedules changed without prior notice, I, alongside the labor representative, met with Sheriff ’s Department personnel and made sure all the requirements were adhered to. When College Bureau staff wanted to do riot control, I spoke on behalf of many members on the training. The biggest problem that was corrected was the issue of correct equipment, a ballistic helmet, and at this moment all field personnel have them issued to them, and also the use of personnel in the proper environment. Even now we have hurdles regarding the use of Avon (gas) masks for field personnel. I mentioned to Sheriff Baca in 2009, regarding the color of the uniform which was blue at the time and that started the wheels of the Sheriff ’s Department changing, and about a few months later we had what is now the current uniform for both Sheriff ’s security officers and assistants. As you receive your ballots for the Sheriff ’s security officers’ and assistants’ election, I ask you to vote for me, Gerardo “Gerry” Garcia. I worked as a Sheriff’s security assistant for over three years and now a Sheriff ’s security officer for over eight years. I still work as a full-time S/S/O assigned to Parks Bureau East, working and listening and fighting for each and every one of you since I do the same job. In addition, I was in the negotiating team, working for raises and saved time with no cap at the end of the year and also numerous issues. So make sure you to vote for experience and the heart that will fight for you. 

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continued from page 21

Contact the PPOA Staff Discount Tickets, Address Updates, Non-Job-Related Legal Consultation: Shannon Schreck Questions About Current Insurance Policies: Norma Gomez Membership, Dues Deductions: Clare Franco Notary (by appointment): Violet Perez Job-Related Labor Representation: Kevin F. Thompson


Star&Shield | October 2013

Star & Shield,, Social Media, Delegates: Greg Torres

Board and Foundation Inquiries, Political Action: Maricela Villegas

Contact the PPOA Board Executive Board Brian Moriguchi, President ( Jim Cronin, Vice President ( Jim Blankenship, Secretary ( Rogelio Maldonado, Treasurer (

Directors Danya Hazen (

Inquiries About New Insurance Policies (Life, Home, Auto, Disability, etc.): PPOA Insurance Agency representatives (909) 599-8627

Gerardo Garcia ( Noe Garcia ( Christopher Lee ( Ray Leyva ( Roberto Medrano ( Art Reddy (

(323) 261-3010

Tab Rhodes (

Editor’s note: Commander Ray Leyva will be automatically re-elected to the Unit 615 Board seat due to an uncontested race. Nevertheless, we are honoring his request to print his candidate statement along with the others in this issue.

Unit 615 Ray Leyva Commander, Sheriff’s Department As a long-time member of the Professional Peace Officers Association and presently a member of the Board of Directors, it is that time again where I ask for your continued support and for your vote at this year’s election for the 2014 Board of Directors. As a member of the Board, it has been my honor to work with the other Board members and management to provide the best service possible to you, our membership. I have been a member of the Sheriff ’s Department family for 32 years now, and a member of the Professional Peace Officers Association for over 25 years. I have served on other non-profit boards as a board member, and bring that experience, as well as an MBA from Pepperdine University, which has helped me to better serve you. The Sheriff ’s Department has had to deal with some tough and challenging times and ongoing scrutiny by a number of outside entities, which has impacted the level of service we provide to the many communities we serve. At the same time, this association has stood strong and withstood

challenges by some who would try to take away the hard-earned benefits that prior Boards have fought for and won for you, our members. I believe that much has been accomplished working with the team we have, but there is still much to do to protect your rights and benefits. I ask that you support the incumbents that are seeking another term on the Board of Directors and allow us to continue the work that is in progress, and provide a united front against those who would try to undermine our stated mission of serving you, our members. The coming year will be full of challenges for us as an organization, but one that I believe we can tackle head on and come through with much accomplished. There will be attempts made at impacting retiree health care benefits and other benefits that you currently enjoy, and that were fought for and won by this association. I believe that we can stand united and work with other law enforcement organizations to lobby our legislators and protect what we have in place and protect your rights for years to come. It has been an interesting year for the association, with negotiations for some groups completed and pay raises achieved after many years with no pay raises. Thanks to your negotiating team, we had no takeaways this year and gained a long overdue raise. There are still some groups in negotiations, and we look forward to successful outcomes for all of our members. I look forward to continuing to serve you as a member of the Board of Directors and humbly ask for your support and vote in this year’s election. 

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Online registration only. Please do not call the PPOA office to register for contest. This giveaway is open to PPOA members only. You must be 18 or older to win.

October 2013 | Star&Shield


Why Can’t I Get Treatment for My Work-Related Injury? By Robert J. Sherwin, Esq., Lewis, Marenstein, Wicke, Sherwin & Lee


ust when you thought you started to understand “utilization review,” agreed medical examiners, qualified medical examiners and all the other catch phrases from the last workers’ compensation reform, along came the legislature with a new workers’ comp bill in October 2012 that just made it more difficult to get treatment for a work-related injury. Late last year, the legislature passed a new “reform” bill that created a process called independent medical review (IMR) to resolve all medical treatment disputes. This process became effective July 1, 2013, for all dates of injuries, which means it applies to any injury regardless of when it occurred and even if you have an award for lifetime medical care from the workers’ compensation appeals board. So what is IMR and how does it work? How does it affect you and how do you navigate through the process? First, a brief summary of how medical treatment disputes were resolved before IMR became the law. A treating doctor would recommend a mode of treatment or diagnostic procedure and submit the request to the workers’ comp claim examiners on your case (Tristar Risk Management). The claims examiner would then submit the request to a “utilization review” (UR) company (Corvel Corporation), where a physician would review the request against medical guidelines and then decide if the request should be approved, modified or denied. If approved, you received the treatment or test. If denied, you would then be examined by an AME (if you were represented by an attorney) or a QME (if unrepresented). The doctor would then decide if you should receive the treatment and in the majority of cases, the doctor approved the treatment and reversed the UR denial. If the AME or QME agreed with the UR doctor in denying the treatment, the AME or QME could be deposed by your attorney and challenged on their opinion. IMR eliminates the examination stage after UR denies the treatment. UR still exists as the first stage of review, but if UR denies the treatment request, the injured worker appeals the decision by filing an application for IMR. The application (a one-page document) is completed by the claims adjuster and attached to the UR denial. The injured worker has 30 days to file the IMR application with the administrative director (AD) of the Division of Workers’ Compensation. The application will be reviewed by the AD for completeness and then assigned to Maximus, a company based in Virginia that has contracted with the state to conduct all IMRs. Once Maximus has been assigned the case, they notify the injured worker, his/her attorney and the claims examiner that the treatment issue has been assigned to IMR and each side has 20 days to submit all “relevant” documentation for review by the IMR doctor. The claims examiner is required to submit all medical reports from the treating physician pertaining to the treatment dispute and the UR decision. Maximus assigns the case to a doctor who specializes in the specific treatment request (i.e., orthopedics, cardiology, etc.). The Maximus doctor will review the material submitted, apply medical evidence guidelines approved by the Division of Workers’ Compensation, and issue a decision either upholding or reversing the UR denial.

The IMR doctor does not examine or interview you before rendering a decision but simply reviews all of the material submitted. The doctor is anonymous and may not be deposed by either party after rendering a decision. The IMR decision is final and essentially not subject to appeal. It is binding for one year and cannot be reconsidered unless you prove a change in circumstances in your condition. Because there is no contact between you and the IMR doctor, it is critical that the IMR doctor is provided all relevant medical reports and records. Most importantly, your treating doctor needs to submit a report that not only states you “need” the test or treatment, but the doctor must set forth the evidencebased guidelines which justify the treatment in question. Here are two examples involving different injured workers with similar shoulder injuries where the treating physician recommended an MRI which was denied via UR. After IMR, one was reversed and the other affirmed. The difference was the reporting submitted by the treating doctor and how the doctor justified his recommendation with appropriate guidelines. The IMR decision affirming the denial stated: “The most current note indicated 4/5 muscle weakness but did not indicate location. There was no mention of a shoulder deficit or lesion. The patient has not completed physical therapy. There are no concerning findings on physical exam and the medical records do not provide any consideration for surgery. The guidelines indicate that magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is not recommended for evaluation without surgical indications. The submitted records do not show that the patient has completed or failed a trial of conservative care. The criteria for shoulder MRI have not been met.” On the flip side, the IMR rationale in the decision overturning the UR denial stated: “The employee’s medical records showed persistent shoulder pain with repetitive motion, resistant to six weeks of conservative therapy with medicals and physical therapy. Since the employee suffered a traumatic injury with poor improvement after six weeks, an MRI is consistent with ACOEM guidelines.” These examples were taken directly from the Division of Workers’ Compensation website and are not fictional. They demonstrate that it is possible to win at the IMR level but it takes some help from your treating doctor. IMR decisions are based on evidence-based guidelines and not merely an opinion from your doctor that the treatment will help. If your doctor doesn’t justify his/her recommendation, the chances are slim you will succeed at IMR. If you don’t succeed at IMR, you will not receive the treatment necessary to get better and return to work. There is an expression in law that says, “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.” The legislature has made it more difficult for you to obtain appropriate treatment for your injury. IMR is another obstacle in your way to recovery from an injury. Be smart and use all the tools available to you in overcoming these obstacles. You trained hard for your career in law enforcement with the County. Don’t let that career be jeopardized because of your injury and inability to get properly treated. Consult with an attorney knowledgeable in representing safety members injured on the job. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy.

PPOA Insurance Agency All PPOA members are eligible to purchase valuable insurance coverage from the PPOA Insurance Agency (PPOIA). This agency was established in 2012 in order help PPOA members protect themselves and their families, while saving money and gaining peace of mind. Call (909) 599-8627 for information.


Star&Shield | October 2013

Star & Shield Foundation with Golden Road Brewing present


O ktoberfest

October 19, 2013 - 2-6 p.m. FOOD





Golden Road Brewing 5410 West San Fernando Road, Los Angeles, 90039 VIP Experience with Brewery Tour Recently named “one of the five coolest craft brew tours in America” by YAHOO! Travel.

Hurry and buy tickets online at or call (323) 261-3010.

Proceeds will benefit the Star & Shield Foundation. The Star & Shield Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization of the L.A. County Professional Peace Officers Association. Tax ID #95-4752410.

Letters to PPOA

August 13, 2013 Dear PPOA, Thank you so much for your interest in WWII veterans. I’m sure there are many younger people that don’t know anything about World War II. I sincerely hope that it is never forgotten. It’s a shame we have all of these wars, losing so many good men. I was very fortunate as were my two brothers — we all came back safely from the service. Thank you again, Jack Trull (LASD ret. ’80)


Star&Shield | October 2013

Star & Shield Contest Winners Congratulations to the PPOA members below for winning the “Find the Hidden Symbol” contest in Star & Shield. If your name is listed, that means your entry was drawn as one of five winners for that month’s issue. Please call Greg Torres at (323) 261-3010 to claim your $100 check. $100 Prize Winners (September 2013 issue) Rob Blunt, Sergeant Stewart Ladines, Security Officer Arthur Luna, Custody Assistant

10-22 by Claude Anderson (Ret. 1978) Retired PPOA member Claude Anderson has been drawing cartoons for Star & Shield since 1972. Claude says he was asked to keep drawing cartoons until he came up with a funny one — it has now been 40 years and he’s still drawing! Claude has now published three books of cartoons based on his training days at Firestone Station, and they can be purchased online at www.claudejanderson. com or by calling (888) 854-2341. Thank you for your dedication, Claude!

Duane Preimsberger, Retired Mike Dempsey, Retired

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October 2013 | Star&Shield


Discounted Ticket Prices for PPOA Members Venue



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Range: 6.25-8.25

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$39.99 adults and children. Ticket order link available at Purchase at Prices range from $38-$54, depending on date. Prices range from $44-$74, depending on date. Purchase at PPOA office.

All ticket sales are final. Prices and details on the PPOA website are subject to change. Always call first to confirm prices and availability. Please call the PPOA office at (323) 261-3010 for more information. Limited to six (6) tickets per member for Universal Studios, ten (10) for all others. All purchases are non-refundable. Make checks payable to “PPOA.”


Star&Shield | October 2013

PPOA Classifieds WHITTIER ROOM FOR RENT FEMALE ONLY. Master Bedroom w/bathroom near Sheriff’s Academy. Utilities included. $700.00/Month Contact Doreen Ellis (Custody Assistant) 626-419-4211 (0113)

Maui Condo Rental Luxury 2 bed, 2 bath. Sleeps 6. Kaanapali Resort. Pool, Spa, Tennis. Full kitchen, W&D. 40% discount for LASD/PPOA & families. LASD owned. For Photos & calendar e-mail: (661) 600-5600 (0212)

WANTED: VINTAGE REMOTE CONTROL CARS Seeking vintage remote control cars from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s. I buy and collect remote control cars. Please call Joey (714) 745-4963. (0413)

Montebello House for Rent 3 beds/1.5 baths, living & dining, plus bonus room. Remodeled 2011, upgrades all. Near 60 Fwy. $1,800/month. Contact Matthew 626-6257301. (0813)

55 GAL. EMERGENCY WATER BARRELS Store inside or outside, prepare your family. Cash/check upon delivery or pickup at Walnut/Diamond Bar Station. Contact (0113)

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Classic Cars for Sale

Two Smith & Wesson 38s for sale S/W 38 spl 2" $400, S/W 38 air weight 2" $400. Both re-worked, good condition. L. Boyce (623) 236-5335 (Phoenix, AZ) (0913)

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12/20/13 - 12/27/13. Ocean front condo, walk to beach, village, restaurants. 1 BDRM/2BA, sleeps 4, full kitchen. Email: or (360) 301-5509. (0913)

S&W Model 36, 5 Shot For Sale

12/27/13 - 01/03/14. Ocean front condo, walk to beach, village, restaurants. 1 BDRM/2BA, sleeps 4, full kitchen. Email: or (360) 301-5509. (0913)

Blue steel revolver in good condition with original wood grips and bobbed hammer. $400 or OBO. Call or text Allen Kunihiro, (909) 532-9294 (1013)

Guest House for Rent Small guest house on rear of property in beautiful foothills of Lake View Terrace. Prefer one retiree, male or female. $700 per mo. Call for details. Contact Dave (818) 445-4968. (0813)

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Redondo Beach Rental $1,800 per Month - Walk to Shopping, Park & Restaurants. 2 Bdrm - 1 Ba, Lg yard with storage shed. Refrigerator and Stove included. RV / Boat Access. (Address: 18320 Grevillea St.) Contact: Bryan  949-533-2047, (0713)

PPOA classified ads are free and available only to PPOA members (one per month, 25 words max). Private party only, no business ads allowed. Send your ad to: Star & Shield Editor, 188 E. Arrow Highway, San Dimas, CA 91773 or email to New submissions are added on first come-first served basis, each issue. Please send within first week of each month to ensure timely inclusion. Sellers are encouraged to list price of each item listed. No work numbers may be used in ads. Submissions must be in writing, not over the phone. Ads run for 3 months. PPOA is not responsible for any claims made in a classified ad. October 2013 | Star&Shield


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage

P.O.P.A., Inc. 188 E. Arrow Highway San Dimas, CA 91773


Tucson, az Permit #271

Change Service Requested


Our firm of 14 attorneys and over 50 support staff are dedicated to professional, personal service.

Workers Compensation

personaL inJUrY

State Bar Certified Specialist

DisaBiLitY retirement For saFetY memBers

We have successfully represented over 35,000 safety members. Our representation continues long after your case is concluded since your right to lifetime medical care may always be challenged.

We have a pension department that specializes in this area and have successfully obtained disability pensions for thousands of safety personnel under PERS, County 1937 Retirement Act and other county and city systems.

Our personal injury department has successfully litigated or tried over 5000 claims for automobile injuries, products liability, medical malpractice and other negligence areas.

(818) 703-6000

20750 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 400 Woodland Hills, CA 91364 Serving Ventura, Los Angeles and Orange Counties Making a false or fraudulent workers’ compensation claim is a felony subject to up to five years in prison or a fine up to $50,000.00 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or both imprisonment and fine.

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