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MISSION Planned Parenthood of Nassau County seeks to empower individuals to make independent, informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive lives by providing access to medically-sound health care and educational services, and by promoting public policies to make those services available to all.

This past year was one of the most challenging in Planned Parenthood’s history. But fortunately, thanks to people like you, 2011 was also one of the most inspiring. In the spring, anti-choice extremists in Congress threatened to shut down the government over legislation to defund our organization—a move that would have denied millions of women access to basic preventive health care. In response, we issued a rallying cry: “Stand with Planned Parenthood.” Supporters across the country answered the call by marching in rallies, making donations, posting messages on social media, signing petitions and sending emails. Together, our collective voices were loud enough and strong enough to defeat our opponents. We asked you to stand with us once again when we received word that New York State had slashed funding to PPNC’s prenatal program—and more than 200 moms-to-be risked losing access to free prenatal care. Your response was overwhelming and helped us raise the funds needed to save this important service. Today, our prenatal program is still going strong; we have not had to scale back the program or turn anyone away, and we are continuing to help

JoAnn D. Smith President & CEO

low-income women access the health care they need for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. By standing with Planned Parenthood, you not only helped safeguard women’s rights and protect access to health care—your support directly benefitted the 40,000 women, men and teens in Nassau County who relied on us in 2011. By standing with Planned Parenthood, you made it possible for our patients to receive affordable, quality health care. Our doors were open to everyone, whether they had concerns about their health or needed basic, routine services like cancer screenings and birth control.

JoAnn D. Smith President & CEO

By standing with Planned Parenthood, you helped teens, young adults and parents receive honest, accurate sex education. Our programs ensured that people in the community had the knowledge, skills and confidence to make smart, responsible decisions. Your passionate support of women’s health and rights made a real difference in 2011, for which we are truly grateful. Thank you again, and we hope that you will continue to stand with us in the coming year.

Miranda Meyer Board Chairperson

Miranda Meyer Board Chairperson

ESSENTIAL HEALTH CARE We provide life-saving cancer screenings, birth control, prevention and treatment of STDs, breast health services, pap tests, sexual health information and counseling. The economy may fluctuate and political battles may be waged, but no matter the circumstances, people in the community count on Planned Parenthood of Nassau County for a broad range of preventive health care services. We’re here for people of all ages and backgrounds: college students who need birth control, mothers-to-be who can’t afford prenatal care, teens with questions about their sexual health, men wanting to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases, and more. No matter the situation, Planned Parenthood is there to provide caring, compassionate and non-judgemental care.

In 2011, we provided our patients with...

Equally important, our doors are open to everyone, regardless of their income or ability to pay. So many of our patients are struggling to balance paying for birth control and health services with paying for textbooks, groceries, or gas for the car. But when they walk into one of PPNC’s health centers, the cost of their visit is one thing they never have to worry about. Our patients are able to count on Planned Parenthood for quality, affordable health care thanks in large part to the support of people like you. In 2011, your generosity made it possible for more than 13,000 women, men and teens to get birth control, HIV tests, breast cancer screenings and cervical cancer vaccines—essential services they need to lead healthy lives.



Male STI tests

HPV vaccine shots



Medical & surgical abortions

Prenatal care visits




Breast exams

Pap tests & colposcopies

HIV tests





STD tests

GYN exams & family planning visits

Pregnancy tests

Emergency Contraception kits



1% Other

31% Black

31% Hispanic

34% White

3% Asian

Prenatal Care

Access to Services

State funding for our prenatal program was slashed by 60 percent, but thanks to the support of friends like you, the program is still going strong. Through the prenatal program, every woman who walks through our doors—no matter how much money she has or what language she speaks— receives high-quality, compassionate care throughout her pregnancy.

Our mobile unit, the Plan Van, is now stationed on both Nassau Community College and Adelphi University campuses, allowing us to offer young people on-the-spot birth control, STD testing and sexual health information.

STD & Cancer Prevention

PATIENT AGE 5% 13% 13%



17 & Under

8% 18-19

Providing women ages 19 to 26 with free HPV vaccines was already a routine part of patient care at PPNC. In 2011, we expanded this service to include men, which will go a long way in helping to curb the spread of this common sexually transmitted disease (STD), as well as lower the rates of certain types of cancer.

Optimal Patient Care A major project for 2011 was adopting a new Electronic Health Records (EHR) and practice management system. Replacing paper files with this new technology helps ensure that patients are more easily treated, have improved health outcomes and receive high-quality care. In addition, we are betteraccommodating our patients by offering more same-day and nextday appointments.

27% 25-29

34% 20-24

PAYOR MIX 19% Insurance

9% Full Fee

37% Medicaid/ Managed Care

35% Free/ Sliding Fee PPNC helped enroll patients in the Family Planned Benefit Program, a state Medicaid waiver that provides free birth control and exams.

COMPREHENSIVE SEX EDUCATION Our evidence-based programs give young people the reliable, accurate information they need to make responsible decisions and stay healthy. At PPNC, we know that teaching people how to make healthy decisions goes hand-inhand with providing them with the health care they need to support those responsible choices—which is why sex education is an essential part of our mission.

Three out of four workshop participants are under the age of 18. The majority of programs help young people make safe, healthy decisions.

Our sex education programs equip participants with a lifetime of sexual health and responsibility. We empower teens to be confident and make well-informed decisions. We help parents turn uncomfortable conversations about sex into positive discussions about personal values. And we’re a go-to source for schools and community-based organizations that need comprehensive sex education programs from abstinence to birth control.

9% Pregnancy prevention/ birth control

Thanks to the support of people like you, in 2011 more than 36,000 people benefitted from PPNC’s educational programs. We facilitated 764 workshops on topics ranging from puberty, family communication, HIV/AIDS, breast and testicular cancer, and pregnancy prevention. And we provided more evidence-based programs than ever before; these workshop series allow us the opportunity to develop more personal, trusting relationships with students and are proven effective in reducing the incidence of teen pregnancy and STDs.

We facilitated workshops and outreach encouraging young people to get tested for STDs as part of a national campaign called “GYT: Get Yourself Tested.”

13% Male sexual health

60% HIV/STD prevention

5% Puberty

3% Parent/child comm.

10% Life skills

The Teen Advocate Project (TAP) peer educators spoke to more than 4,000 young people about healthy decision-making and access to family planning.

Through the Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (CAPP) program, a group of Hempstead high school and middle school students created a bi-lingual Public Service Announcement (PSA) focusing on teen pregnancy prevention among Latinos. More than 400 students and faculty viewed the video during in-school presentations and on our website.

HIGHLIGHTS Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Sisters United in Health

HIV/AIDS Education

PPNC is leading a community-wide response to the high rates of teen pregnancy through our state-funded Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (CAPP) program. In 2011, we received a five-year grant to continue providing prevention programming in the high-risk areas of Roosevelt and Hempstead, as well as to expand our reach into Westbury. As a result of this work, more than 3,000 people in the past year were reached through CAPP activities such as bilingual evidence-based sex education, facilitating teens’ access to reproductive health care, and promoting family communication.

This coalition of community-based organizations touched the lives of nearly 12,000 women of color in the past year, educating them about breast health and cancer prevention, as well as providing referrals to low-cost screening services.

At the 11th Annual HeartBEATS (Bringing Education about AIDS to Students) Conference, over 150 students from at-risk communities such as Hempstead, Roosevelt and Westbury attended workshops facilitated by our TAP teens and other peer education groups, participated in interactive educational activities and heard from a panel of young people living with HIV/AIDS.

Testicular Cancer Awareness In 2011, more than 2,000 young men took part in potentially life-saving male health and testicular cancer workshops. One of these programs at Seaford High School featured a guest presentation by a former student who discovered a cancerous lump after attending a PPNC workshop.

Get Yourself Tested As part of a national campaign called “GYT: Get Yourself Tested,” our Teen Advocate Project (TAP) teens and college student interns conducted a series of fun, creative and informative activities to teach their peers about STD prevention, and to let them know that they can always come to Planned Parenthood for affordable, confidential testing.

Parent/Child Communication A group of Spanish-speaking peer educators, the Promotoras, created and facilitated a program to help Latino parents overcome cultural barriers and be more comfortable in talking with their children about sex and sexuality.

Text Messaging Service PPNC piloted a text messaging campaign called “NowUKnow.” Teens who signed up for the service received weekly text messages with tips about their reproductive and sexual health. The teens could also text to find the nearest health center and access family planning services.


ADVOCACY Our advocates help protect access to preventive health care and fight back against policies and legislation that endangers women’s health and rights.

PPNC’S “I Stand with Planned Parenthood” activities: conducted

Congressional lobby visits participated in

phone banks to supporters across the nation ran

Over the past year, we saw an unprecedented assault on our organization and women’s health and rights.

that women would be able to access birth control with no co-pays under health care reform.

In the spring, anti-choice legislators in Congress attempted to bar federal funding for Planned Parenthood—a move that would have cut millions of women off from lifesaving preventive care. People like you, along with PPNC’s network of 7,500 advocates, joined more than one million supporters from across the country in the “I Stand with Planned Parenthood” campaign to speak out against this attack. As a direct result of our field, communication and political work, we stopped the threat, avoided a government shutdown and ensured continued funding for essential family planning services.

In New York, we rallied our advocates to ensure that our state remains a safe haven for women’s rights. We organized bus trips to Albany, educated legislators about the importance of state funding for family planning, hosted community events, and promoted the Reproductive Health Act, which will guarantee that women in New York have full access to contraception and abortion.

full page ads in local & college papers organized

200 advocates

Later in 2011—after months of action alerts, petition-signing and organizing on college campuses as part of a national “Birth Control Matters” campaign—we celebrated another victory when the federal administration ruled

Equally important, your support helped us oppose a growing number of dangerous laws, such as personhood amendments, mandatory waiting periods and ultrasound requirements, being proposed in other states. In 2011, PPNC provided opportunities for advocates to speak out against these outrageous restrictions through action alerts and phone banks.

to attend rally in NYC sent out

action alerts via Facebook & email attended

Days of Action in Washington, DC distributed

10,000 postcards asking people to sign open letter to Congress garnered

media coverage thru letters-to-the-editor & press releases College student and teen advocates spoke to their legislators about the importance of family planning funding, access to health care and comprehensive sex education at a Day of Action in Washington, D.C.

At a rally outside the Long Island district office of Representative Peter King, a spirited group of advocates voiced their disappointment with his history of anti-choice, anti-women’s health votes in Congress.

HIGHLIGHTS I Stand with Planned Parenthood In response to the Congressional attack on family planning funding, Planned Parenthood launched an aggressive grassroots organizing campaign called “I Stand with Planned Parenthood.” Locally, our supporters responded by volunteering for phone banks, lobbying legislators in Washington, D.C. and Albany, attending a massive rally in New York City, signing petitions, responding to emails and spreading the word via social media. PPNC mobilized additional support by running full-page ads in local and college newspapers, sending letters-to-the-editor and distributing 10,000 postcards encouraging people to stand with Planned Parenthood.

face with their legislators about women’s health and rights. During these Days of Action, we highlighted issues such as federal funding for family planning, birth control with no co-pays and access to women’s preventive services as part of health care reform.

Student Activism The next generation of reproductive rights advocates were educated and engaged through our Teen Advocate Project (TAP)—a group of peer educators who organize their peers to speak out in support of comprehensive sex education—and our college student interns, who speak out on behalf of women’s health and rights and maintain a constant presence on many local campuses.

Recruiting New Supporters The “I Stand with Planned Parenthood” campaign created significant momentum for the women’s health and rights movement and inspired 1,000 additional people in our community to join our Action Network. We also increased our social media presence and grew our Facebook fans by approximately 35 percent.

Educating Legislators PPNC’s advocates, including a group of passionate and vocal teens and college students, travelled to Washington, D.C. to speak face-to-

Birth Control Matters As part of a national “Birth Control Matters” campaign, supporters took action to ensure that, under the health care reform law, prescription birth control (an essential part of preventive health care for women) would be accessible and affordable to all. Our advocates contacted policymakers in Washington, D.C., mobilized students on the college campuses and patients in PPNC’s health centers, posted messages on social media sites and sent numerous emails and letters-tothe-editor. Because of this work, the federal administration announced that

birth control with no co-pays would be mandated in the Affordable Care Act.

Standing with the States Our advocates spoke out against antichoice legislation being pushed through in other states, such as an outrageous personhood amendment in Mississippi that would have essentially outlawed abortion and many other forms of birth control. PPNC supporters joined hundreds throughout the country during phonebanks urging the citizens of Mississippi to defeat this dangerous ballot initiative. Our efforts were a success—a major victory for women’s health not just in Mississippi, but throughout the country.

Trust Women Initiative With a grant from the Women’s Fund of Long Island, we launched the Trust Women Initiative to dispel myths about our organization and engage African American women in advocacy. Through this year-long effort, we increased knowledge about Planned Parenthood and the services we provide, brought attention to health disparities among individuals of color, established partnerships with key African American community stakeholders, and recruited new advocates. We are grateful to the Women’s Fund of Long Island for investing in this program, and we will be moving forward with these efforts in the coming year.

HELP PPNC is a non-profit organization, with patient fees and public grants covering only a portion of the costs of our clinical services, education programs and advocacy efforts. Access to family planning is a fundamental right, and we are so grateful to have friends like you standing with us as we work to secure this right. Your contributions are essential to ensuring that people in our community benefit from a wide range of services, from prenatal care to birth control, from health care counseling to sex education. You can be proud that your contributions truly make a difference for our clients, as 86 percent of our funds go directly towards supporting our programs and services. You can support PPNC by: • Cash, check, or credit card donations of any amount • Online donations made through a secure credit card transaction at donate

Supporter Lynne Gottlieb Blumenstock (center), with board member Betsy Blattmachr (left) and President & CEO JoAnn Smith (right), made a generous donation to underwrite health care for PPNC’s lowincome patients.

• Donations in memory or in honor of a relative, friend, or colleague • Donations of stock, bonds, real estate, or other property • Planned gifts, including gifts that return lifetime income and offer other tax benefits • New or existing life insurance policies naming PPNC as a beneficiary • Corporate matching gifts • Foundation and corporate grants • Bequests of cash, securities, or property For more information on any of these options, please call PPNC’s Development Department at 516-750-2660 or go to

Longtime friend Mary Phipps (left) was honored at PPNC’s luncheon, which also featured keynote speaker Frank Rich (next to Mary, along with JoAnn Smith, Noni Pratt and board member Karen Seltzer).

At our festive Carnevale de Venezia Gala, we recognized board members Norma Grill, Esq. and Dr. David Rosenfeld, pictured with JoAnn Smith (left) and Board Chair Miranda Meyer (right).




Revenue Patient Fees (Self-Pay, Medicaid, Commercial Insurance) Government Funding Other Total Operating Revenue Operating Expenses Patient Services Education, Training & Outreach Public Affairs Fundraising Management & General Total Operating Expenses

30% Government Funding

19% Contributions

$2,956,369 $1,914,092 $42,291 $4,912,752

$4,539,896 $655,634 $268,997 $386,416 $595,556 $6,446,499

3% Investments

47% Patient Fees

1% Other


Operating Deficit Contributions Other Revenues Investment Returns Net Surplus (Deficit) End of Year Net Assets

Education, Training & Outreach



$1,167,060 $168,738 $(197,949) $15,958,793

Public Affairs

6% 71% Patient Services


9% Management & General






Marilyn Monter Witthuhn TREASURER



Allison Bishop David Ackman, M.D. Joan Bernhard Betsy M. Blattmachr

Christine Chaplin Andrina Veit Cleveland Sharon Deans, M.D. Jordan Glaser Alice Kaplan Leslie Lindenbaum Valerie McCarthy Elizabeth Murov David L. Rosenfeld, M.D. Audrey Schein Judy Schwartz Karen Seltzer Ellen Tuchler PRESIDENT & CEO

JoAnn D. Smith

CONTACT US 540 Fulton Avenue Hempstead, NY 11550

Health centers: 516-750-2500 Administrative offices: 516-750-2600

110 School Street Glen Cove, NY 11542 •

35 Carmans Road Massapequa, NY 11758

Planned Parenthood of Nassau County, Inc.


PPNC 2011 Annual Report  

Report highlighting Planned Parenthood's achievements in health care, education and advocacy for 2011.

PPNC 2011 Annual Report  

Report highlighting Planned Parenthood's achievements in health care, education and advocacy for 2011.