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Spring Edition February 2010

New Year New Project Programme Management Dear Reader We at Project Programme Management Ltd are proud to announce the launch of our new website Log on and see the new services we have to offer. Also new to Project Programme Management is our training department. We offer a wide range of affordable, professional training courses details of which are outlined on page 5. Get prepared for the next boom now. We feel that there is no better time to upgrade your skills.

From The Project Programme Management Ltd Team.

Inside this issue: Main Feature: Programme Critical Paths: Critical or Non Critical? Part 2

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Sub Feature: Training Courses

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Focus: Software Nomitech CostOS

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Programme Critical Paths: Critical or Non-Critical? Part 2 ‌.This is not true. What is evident is that the project critical path is three weeks behind as the longest series of activities within the project are engaged partly within Block A. As for blocks B, C and D, these blocks may be in delay. The distributed average percent complete v critical path delay duration must always be compared during the course of the contract. Whichever is the greater will determining the real delay of the contract in terms of time, money and actions to be taken. The contractor will then need to focus his actions and efforts in bringing Blocks B, C and D back on programme with more resources than what was tendered for. What is demonstrated by the above exercise is the evidence that critical paths on a project programme can be susceptible to activity pattern and progress changes at any time within the project duration. The critical path must always be monitored on-site in line with the target programme for the works. This is done by weekly baseline monitoring and planned v actual percentage weighting and earned value analysis. Religious weekly monitoring of the programme will lead to accurate reporting against the project programme critical path. Frequent monitoring of the programme will lead to accurate forecasting of the finish date of the programme at any stage of the programme. Also, the critical path can be tracked by the Project Manager or planner for programme changes or differentiations against the contract programme. Some software will provide a report or have add-on software for critical path assessment and changes. Due to subjective changes in the critical path of the programme, the programme activities that become critical from non-critical due to critical path pattern changes will have to be monitored carefully by the planner or project manager in terms of risk assessment. This is a common factor on most projects whereby critical activity characteristics are often ignored. For example, a procurement lean-in period for lifts procurement can be at risk due to transportation issues or the riser platforms for electrical risers in an office block are delayed due to late procurement affecting installation of the busbar and building power on activities. If it is necessary to review the critical path at all stages of the programme and to ascertain risks that are/may be affecting these critical tasks. Other activity properties that need to be scrutinised are consumable and permanent resources and costing. For example, a part of abasement slab has become critical due to late design. This leads to the risk that not enough labour has been allocated for the activity. This may lead to programme delays and accelerating costs. Summary Unfortunately, most project programmes do not contain a correct logical critical path at the outset of the project. Having a critical path at the outset of a programme will help guarantee a successful conclusion to the project. Within programmes that do have a critical path, the monitoring measures that are required are not employed such as baseline and event monitoring. Some monitoring is only done on a percentage complete basis only. This is incorrect. With accurate critical path monitoring, the distributed average percent method has to be employed to allow for a concise comparison of the programme status. It must be noted that accurate weekly baseline monitoring of a project programme with forecasting of critical path changes is the most constructive way of monitoring a programme and the ever changing chameleon of the critical path.

Project Programme Management Training Project Programme Management Ltd is now providing a range of highly specialised training courses focusing on every aspect of planning and scheduling from Building Information Modelling to software proficiency. One can choose from a range of Planning Technology courses designed for all level of planning and programming competence including:

PT1: Project Monitoring and Progress Recording

PT2:Planning and Programming for Major Construction Projects

PT3: Design and Build Programming for Construction Projects

PT4: Forensic Delay Analysis for Claims

PT5: BIM Forensic Delay Analysis

We also offer a range of Asta Powerproject courses:

An Introduction to Asta Powerproject

Create and Manage Projects with Asta Powerproject

Managing Progress and S-Curve Reporting

Resource & Cost Management with Asta Powerproject

Asta Powerproject House Builder Training Course

Learn how to present plans to win and deliver projects

Reporting, Monitoring & Controlling projects with Powerproject


Our Synchro™ BIM Course is the only one of its kind in Ireland: •

Building Information Modelling using Synchro 4D/5D Software

We are also providing training for the latest estimating software Nomitech CostOS™: •

Basic Training The Basic Training course aims to enable the estimator to start working with the system.

Advanced Training The Advanced Training is offered to those estimators that require a more in depth knowledge of the system.

Corporate Training Corporate Training is offered to large organisations that have purchased the enterprise edition of CostOS and want to get the maximum benefits by giving their estimating team the opportunity to become experts in the system. Corporate training is performed within the Organisation's Offices. The training covers both the topics of the basic and the advanced training and also gives a hands on training while estimating a real project of the organisation.

Upcoming Course Dates 22nd February 2010 12th March 2010 26th March 2010

Forensic Delay Anaylsis for Claims An Introduction to Asta Powerproject Synchro Building Information Modelling

For more information on our training courses and for updates on our training schedule please go to our website or email

Focus: Software We are the Irish distributor for Nomitech software products. CostOS™ Estimating has been specifically designed to become the everyday tool of the Cost Estimator. Our belief is the fact that the estimators should be able to easily spend a substantial time of their working hours over our systems and being effective and accurate. Nomitech offers solutions for estimators whether their need is to price small projects on a stand alone PC or parts of a huge projects while being connected to the internet and share information with other Enterprise estimators in different countries. The three different versions of our product CostOS Estimating Standard, Professional and Enterprise Edition can fulfil all Cost Estimating needs. CostOS™ Estimating Standard Edition CostOS Estimating Standard Edition is the best solution for small construction companies and contractors. With CostOS Standard you can easily build a database with all the cost data needed to rapidly price your projects. CostOS™ Estimating Professional Edition CostOS Estimating Professional is the ideal solution for medium or big construction companies and corporations. CostOS Pro powerful database and friendly Graphical User Interface will “boost” your cost estimating department's productivity and increase your chances of winning more profitable projects. CostOS™ Estimating Enterprise Edition CostOS™ Enterprise Edition is specifically designed for construction companies that employ more than five cost engineers and want to increase their efficiency through team working. The system enables the cost engineers to have real time access on the cost data of the central database depending on their respective assigned roles. CostOS™ Estimating for Quantity Surveying While working with your Estimate in CostOS, you can now connect to the On Screen Takeoff to calculate quantities from PDF or DWG Drawings. This integration allows you to increase by 50% your estimating speed and most importantly avoid making Costly Mistakes. Nomitech Online Data of Cost™ & Commercial Databases Nomitech is the first company to offer online cost databases, via webservices. Now, through CostOS™ you can connect with our server and depending on the Cost Databases you are subscribed to, perform searches and use up to date cost data.

On-Screen Takeoff On-Screen Takeoff® is an easy to learn construction estimating and takeoff program that cuts your normal takeoff time in half. On-Screen Takeoff saves you precious time through the use of electronic plans. You can now quickly measure areas and lengths on-screen by just pointing and clicking the mouse. Digital Takeoff Table The Digital Takeoff Table™ is On Center Software’s latest solution to meet the needs of estimators who desire a more productive takeoff method. When used with On-Screen Takeoff® software, the Digital Takeoff Table provides an accurate, time-efficient tool for completing quality takeoffs directly on the screen—no paper plans, highlighters, or coloured pencils required!

On-Screen Takeoff configured ExpressKeys are located on either side of the display, providing estimators with quick access to shortcuts, modifier keys, and functions that were previously only available through the use of a keyboard. ExpressKeys allow users to continue working with the pen while simultaneously typing commands, saving estimators time, while ensuring accuracy.

For more information please go to our website or contact us at

Project Programme Management Ltd is an authorised reseller of Asta Powerproject Products and an authorised partner of Synchro. If you would like further information on the software featured in this months Focus Section or on the services provided by Project Programme Management Ltd you can contact us at: Project Programme Management Ltd Cappagh Inistioge Co. Kilkenny E-mail:

If you wish to unsubscribe to this newsletter or obtain past issues please e-mail us at

Š 2010 Project Programme Management Ltd .

Project Programme Management Newsletter No.3  

PPM Newsletter No.3

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