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The Intricacies of EDM Hole Popper and 4 th axis EDM Precision Engineering Today Precision engineering today demands machines that can deliver products with fine tolerances. These machines therefore are generally Computer Numerical Controlled or CNC machines such as those required for either turning or milling operations. There are the CNC multi tasking machines too that can handle different operations simultaneously. Besides these there are machines that are capable of Electrical Discharge Machining or EDM. These are among the most accurate manufacturing processes that are available for the creation of either simple or complex shapes or geometries within parts or assemblies. EDM operates by the erosion of material in the path of electrical discharges formed between the electrode tool and the work piece. EDM manufacturing is quite affordable and is a desirable process wherever high accuracy is required. There are two features of the EDM. These are the EDM hole popper and the 4th axis EDM. The EDM Hole Popper There are three main types of EDM and each of them differs because of the type of electrode that is used. There is the wire EDM in which the electrode is a brass wire that comes off a spool. The wire is controlled with the help of a CNC control. The sinker EDM is the second type where the electrode is machined shape, made of a material such as graphite or copper among others. The EDM hole popper is the third kind in which the electrode used is made of brass or copper in the form of a tube that is used to blast holes through the work piece. You can use this form of EDM by drilling pilot hole through heat treated materials and carbide. Small Hole Drilling EDM Machines There are different applications that demand the use of an EDM hole popper. Small hole EDM is used for drilling rows of holes into both the leading and trailing edges of turbine blades used in jet engines. These fine holes permit the engines to be used at higher temperatures since gas flowing through the small holes cool the leading and trailing edges of the turbine blades. Small hole EDMs are also used to create microscopic orifices for fuel system components, spinnerets for synthetic fibres like rayon besides other applications. Some small hole drilling EDMs can drill through 100mm of either soft or hardened steel in typically less than 10 seconds.

4th Axis EDM 4th axis EDM machines allow the manufacturers to create extrusion machines that would not have been possible with the EDM. The 4 thaxis EDM allows each of the heads of the machine to perform its task independent of the tasks being performed by the other heads. This permits such EDM machines to perform tasks that are very complex. 4th axis EDM is used for the creation of smooth and straight drills that result in a superior finish as well as a surface that is perfect. For More Information :

The Intricacies of EDM Hole Popper and 4th axis EDM  

Precision engineering today demands machines that can deliver products with fine tolerances.

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